Chapter 7 - A Rather Undesired Meeting. Continuation. (4)

Above Your Head

Tranquil music sounded. Judging from the deep and full sound that's characteristic of stringed instruments, it was probably a violin.

There was only one instrument; it was a solo. To the modern people who are accustomed to music made from countless instruments and electronic devices, the melody sounded flat and monotonous.


But still, I stopped in my tracks. It was a faint melody. It wasn't anything grand and the performer hadn't made use of any special techniques. Even so, I felt tears welling up in my eyes just from listening to that melody. I wasn't boasting but I'm one of the many modern people who are lacking in the emotional aspect. No matter how sad a movie was, or a piece of music, or book, I would turn my nose up at them.



My body trembled as I heard the sound that sounded like rolling sand grains. That was the epitome of music - A melody that seemed to be out of this world and its beauty indescribable other than it touching the hearts of men. I dare say, even if Beethoven, Mozart or Schubert were here, they could only struggle fruitlessly in defeat before this melody. Though it can be said that I don't have a great understanding of music, as an amateur, I would still know a little.

The melody gradually hastened. It reached the climax. And finally, it ended.

The melody lasted for quite some time but I couldn't move until the piece ended. I stood dumbfoundedly at the porch and stared at my father as he wrapped up his performance and slowly opened his eyes.

"Ah, you are back?"

"Yeah. That piece… What's the title?"

It was an amazing piece. It wasn't solely the performance that was spectacular, the piece itself felt like it was full of soul. Of course, if the piece was performed by someone else other than my father, the effect would be greatly discounted, but it would still unmistakably be an outstanding piece of music. There was no way this wasn't a renowned piece.

But, my father replied, "This piece? I just composed it in the morning so I haven't named it yet."

A self-composed piece?!!!!

"Ha… ha…"

Dejected, I could only force a smile. Really? How could such a human exist? God is so unfair. Isn't it too much to let one man have it all?

I felt that if his talents could be divided and given to others, a thousand 'historical geniuses' would have emerged from various fields.

"What's wrong?"

"Nope, nothing. Nothing much happened, right?"

"It was peaceful like usual. It's been a long time since I thought about the past; time just flew by so quickly." As my father spoke, he placed the violin-like instrument into a case and put it away. The smooth outline of his well-trained muscles were visible under his casual T-shirt.

Sometimes I would think, this guy, no matter what he does, he has this uh… How should I phrase it? Tension? Aura? Anyway, he has something like that. Even if he donned an apron and was in the midst of cooking, just looking at him would spur the sudden thought, "Wouldn't this dude win a fight against Fedor?" [1] Hence, I blurted out. "Dad, do you know anything about magic, extraterrestrial beings, martial arts or something of that sort?"

"Hmm… Sorry."

"Huh?" I was taken aback by my father's sudden apology as he continued.

"I am not that up to date with recent jokes. Was that from a TV show?"

"...No, I was just saying." I waved my hands to placate him. It was a nonsensical question in the first place. Actually, it would also be a ridiculous situation if my father replied, "That's right. To be frank, I'm a 9-circle great magician and an ultimate expert who uses dual blades!!!"


Regardless of that, I still have this thought once in a while.

'Is Dad not a normal human being?'

I would often have this thought. Was Dad some sort of special existence? Was he someone or an existence that was beyond imagination; like an alien from somewhere, a warrior who had once saved the world, probably the devil himself, or the manifestation of a star born with the power of a planet?

Occasionally, when I saw some sides of my father, they felt so extraordinary to the point of being absurd that it was tough to see him as a normal person. However, when we were eating or when I had the time to do Classification on my father, such titles had never surfaced.

When I look into his age, he was definitely 36 years old and his race was human. There was no title that hinted at him being a magician or superhuman; he didn't even have a title that hinted at any sort of internal energy.

But of course, there were many strange titles. There was no one human who held as many strange titles as him. Honestly speaking, most of the titles my father held are incomprehensible. Other than the permanent title which my father usually had above his head, he had all kinds of other strange titles too.

Performer from the Heavens

The one that draws the world

A Miracle Cook

God’s Blacksmith

He had a string of permanent titles when others would just barely have one. What was more terrifying was that the standard of each permanent title he had would take others their whole lives to achieve. 

But should I say that he is really a genius?

Human Representative

I mean, what does that even mean? Human representative? My father is the representative for the human race…!!

"Well, it doesn’t seem like there will be or there has ever been anyone better than him."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Nothing. Ah, do you perhaps know of a person named Kang Bo-ram?"

"Kang Bo-ram? Hmm. I remember every name that I have heard before but I'm not too sure. Can you give me more information?"

Surely, the way my father phrased his words was peculiar. Asking me to give him more information; he wasn't even a computer. But this wasn't something that had just happened today or yesterday, so I just nodded.

"She's one year younger than me and she said that her sister worked with you before."

"Ah. I know who she is then."

Right, he would know if he had heard of her. My father has such a great memory that he could recount news from three years ago. And not just its content, but also the newscaster's face and the color of the shirt they were wearing on that particular day, down to every single event that scrolled past at the bottom of the screen.

"Who is she?"

"When I was working in NASA then, there was this girl named Eun-ha. She said her sister's name is Bo-ram. I merely helped them out for a little while but that girl should still be there. What's the matter?"

I was astounded by my father's words.

By NASA, he was referring to the establishment that's known at the First Space Outpost, right?

Well, Mr Yuan Rong from NASA (He said he was Chinese but he was so fluent in Korean that I didn't even notice initially. He could probably speak 5 languages too) would often call to ask my father about this and that. My father would rather die than to carry a mobile phone with him so I had no choice but to pick up the calls from all kinds of influential people. Because of that, I became uselessly more daring… so much that I was worried that when I get a job, I might see my boss as someone insignificant.

"Anyway, she's stopping by because her sister asked her to deliver something. And did she say she has something to ask too?"

"Eun-ha… She was afraid of me for some reason then and couldn't look me in the face when she talked to me."

I'm sure it wasn't because she was afraid of you. I'm certain of that. I can even bet my head on it…

Well, I don't have to explicitly state it out loud. I shook the distracting thoughts out of my head and asked, "By the way, did Hyung contact you?"

"He said he would be back late. Do you want to eat dinner?"

"I'm not that hungry."

"Okay. But I will still make a sandwich just in case and put it in the fridge. You can reheat it when you get hungry later.”

My father was such a considerate person. He would always anticipates all situations and respects our decisions. He would give a stern warning when he saw us going down the wrong path. It was hard to be led astray while growing up with a father like him.



Right, let’s be honest. I felt sort of an inferiority complex towards my father. But well, there should also be a certain limit to it. The gap between my father and I was almost like that of a whale and an anchovy. It would be funny for the anchovy to be jealous of a whale and feeling a sense of inferiority.

"Forget about being an amazing person. I should just live a peaceful life."

No matter what I did, I wouldn't be able to surpass my father and no matter what I became, he wouldn't be surprised by it. What am I struggling for if it was futile no matter how hard I try? Of course, it would be possible to use this bizarre ability, which even my father didn't have, to go around committing every crime that one could think of, but I was just feeling too tired about life to do so.

"Tired about life?"

I let out a snort at that thought that appeared in my head.

Tired about life… 

Those were heavy words for a high school student.

How many years had I lived and how many hardships had I gone through to say that I was feeling tired about life?

'But at the same time… It's funny that this is really the truth.'

Anyway, this wasn't how I really felt but just an instance of me mumbling to myself.

-Impressive. Really impressive! Ten million, as much as ten million people… Kyahahahaha!!! You really are a genius!


I grabbed my head and groaned as the pain seized me.

-Father, Master. My creator.

I saw countless Somethings kneeling before me.

-Just give us an order. One word and we will do anything!

-Don't be used like a fool! We can solve everything for you if you just say it!

I saw a man begging; he looked strong and sturdy. There was also a woman throwing a fit; she was extremely beautiful with limitless strength.

-Oh, great wisdom, give us an answer…

-You know it! You know everything!

-Oh, being that embraces the knowledge of all things. Please give us…

I could also see others. In their eyes, I could also see their overwhelming mad desire for me.

“Ugh... damn it. They had been quiet for a while, so why are they making a fuss again?”

I staggered with my hand on my forehead. Parts of the influx of images, knowledge and power tormented me. The disgusting rage and sadness, fear and suffering, endless regret and obsession made me nauseous and wanting to vomit.


Fortunately, the pain subsided soon after. It only lasted briefly but cold sweat was dripping from my forehead and my limbs trembled. I thought it was all over when it didn't relapse for close to half a year, but it seemed like I was wrong.

"What an annoying day."

I casually tossed my uniform onto the ground and threw myself onto the bed. I thought it would be an enjoyable first day at school but I met an extraterrestrial being and a magician girl. On top of that, these awful memories struck again.

"This is the worst."

I fell asleep in my grumbles. It was still early, but it didn't matter.

1. Fedor Emelianenko, Russian heavyweight mixed martial artist.

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