Chapter 104: Another Voyage iris.knight's Thoughts

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Soon, Gu Qingyu and the others arrived at the beach. They saw Qi Wan and Qi Yichen standing on the beach, as if waiting for them to come over.

"Why didn’t you continue?" Gu Qingyu slowly walked down and walked over.

Qi Yichen moaned with tears in his eyes. "It's really painful to use paper! I lost!"

Gu Qingyu was instantly at a loss, and at the same time looked at Qi Wan. "Did you cruelly destroy the flowers of the motherland?"

"No, boss! How could someone as kind as me destroy the flowers of the motherland? I would only hurt Qi Yichen!" Qi Wan spoke firmly.

Gu Qingyu felt a sense of helplessness. "Tell me, what have you done?"

"I really didn't do anything..." Qi Wan looked helplessly, "I just grabbed a little ink in the nearby swamp and scribbled on his fan!"

"I am Unparalleled?" Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Wan in doubt.

Qi Wan took the fan in Qi Yichen's hand and opened it. It wrote, "I am Invincible!" 

"This is okay." Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Yichen, surprised. "Why are you unhappy? Why is it so painful?"

"I suddenly want the original words back! Do you know that until now, the wind from my fan still smelled of the rotting swamp!" Qi Yichen grabbed his fan from Qi Wan's hand.

Gu Qingyu gave Qi Yichen a sympathetic gaze, and then looked at Ye Jin. "Let's go. Where's the ship?"

"Come with me." Ye Jin nodded and walked forward. Someone came from the shadows and took their horses away. Everyone walked with Ye Jin, and soon they came to a big ship.

"Xiao Zhezhe," Gu Qingyu stared blankly at the ship. "Do you have to be so...wasteful?" She searched hard in her mind for a most apt description.

"Huh? Is this wasteful?" Ye Jin asked, looking at Gu Qingyu with a puzzled look.

Even "extravagant" would belittle the ship's grandeur. It was truly a sight that could not be described with mere words...

"Let's go." Gu Qingyu nodded and boarded the ship with Ye Jin. The others followed behind Gu Qingyu, each with their own thoughts. The crew took their respective positions, and the ship set sail! They also took everyone to their respective rooms, leaving Gu Qingyu alone, leaning against the railing on the ship. Gu Qingyu supported her chin with a hand, looked at the distant beach, feeling a bit wistful.

When was the last time we went to sea? It always felt so long ago. How should I describe this? Is it the reassurance that all is well, despite everything disastrous that happened? Or is it the jubilation that we're about to face the unknown, with all its challenges?

Maybe I've begun to love this kind of adventure? An adventure where everyone goes through thick and thin together.  Xie Zang should have finally cured his sister’s illness... They should be travelling the world together right now, I guess?

Will he, at least, occasionally remember the time that he once adventured with me? He approached me for the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny at first, but in the end, didn't we become friends?


Gu Qingyu let out a gentle sigh, and suddenly someone patted her left shoulder and she jumped. She whipped back instinctively, but there was no one on her left. Qi Wan's voice rang in her right ear.

"Hey! Boss!"

Gu Qingyu patted her chest and tried to calm her pounding heart. "Hey! You scared me! I thought I saw a ghost..."

"You never saw one before?" Qi Wan looked at her with a scornful look, "Aren't you one yourself?"

"Scram!" She shouted mercilessly.

Qi Wan copied her and leaned against the railing beside her: "What's wrong, Boss? Are you in a bad mood?"

"Not really, I just can't describe what I feel..." Gu Qingyu looked into the distance, but the coast was no longer visible.

"Ah, I actually feel the same way." Qi Wan followed her eyes and stared at the horizon. "I’m looking forward to a new adventure, but I’m also afraid of losing you."

She tore her eyes from the horizon and stared at Qi Wan instead. 

It is truly a wonderful world, to think that there is a person who will know what you are thinking in your heart without you having any words, and feel the same feeling as you. No need to show anything, he doesn't even need to look into your eyes. All he needs to do is to stand beside you, and he could read your mind in an instant. Between you two, there is an understanding that goes deep into your bones.

"What, my guess is right?" Qi Wan smiled, his eyebrows curled, his eyes narrowed into half-moons. Qi Wan's smile was always sunny, without any impurities, not as charming as Ye Jin, nor as gentle as Mo Bai. But there was always something left unspoken in his smile. It was like a smile from the boy you grew up, as he tried to show you a different side of him, the best side he had to offer.

"Well, yeah, you guessed right." Gu Qingyu also smiled, "Well done."

"Thank you for the compliment." Qi Wan brushed the loose hair that framed his face. "Is there a kind of excitement and joy of finding your soulmate?"

"Yeah... Go away!" Gu Qingyu immediately realized what he was saying, waving her hands as if to chase away a fly. "What soulmate!"

Qi Wan laughed. "Boss, you are so cute!"

"Cute?" Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Wan with a blank expression. She gently lifted up her sleeves and toyed with her crossbow sleeve. "I give you a chance to rephrase that."

"Boss, calm down..." Qi Wan's eyes widened immediately. "Actually, this trip will take about three days. Do you think Murong Qize will return, with a vengeance?"

"Oh? Are you talking about that 'legendary being'?" Gu Qingyu tilted her head, "Yeah, I know, he’s next to you right now, and looking at you with a strange curl in his lips."

Qi Wan immediately looked sideways and turned back when he saw nothing. "It's scary, Boss! Please don't tell ghost stories, okay?"

"What are you afraid of? Aren't you a ghost yourself?" Gu Qingyu sneered with the same tone Qi Wan used before.

Qi Wan rolled his eyes. "Boss, you really don't want to lose any arguments."

"Correct!" Gu Qingyu smiled. "It's best to not lose any arguments at all! But especially when against you!"

"Tch." Qi Wan pretended to faint at that reply.

But Qi Wan's words reminded Gu Qingyu. According to Ye Jin, Murong Qize was successfully assassinated by his men, so she was not worried about this, but… 

The man who claimed to be "Xuan Di". He seemed to control electricity. Electricity is a natural element... and his magic was so powerful that for the first time, Gu Qingyu felt powerless. It seemed that in front of him, everything couldn’t help but bow before him, everyone were just his supporting actors. 

"Boss, still unhappy? Is something wrong?" Qi Wan couldn't help asking when he noticed her pensiveness. 

She hesitated, and finally broke the silence. "Remember the last time I was caught?"

"Yes, I do." Qi Wan nodded. "It wasn't Murong Qize? True, it would be impossible for him to steal you in front of so many of us."

"Yes," Gu Qingyu said and nodded. "It's a person who calls himself Xuan Di."

"Xuan Di?" Qi Wan looked at Gu Qingyu in doubt.

"Yes, he is very powerful. In front of him, I couldn’t move at all," Gu Qingyu lowered her eyes. "In front of him, I only have a sense of powerlessness, even struggling was in vain. I wanted to escape, but it felt delusional."

"Boss ..." Qi Wan suddenly turned and embraced Gu Qingyu, "I'm sorry."

"You don't need to apologize." Gu Qingyu patted Qi Wan's back comfortably.

"No, obviously when I saw you from the beginning, I made up my mind to protect your..." Qi Wan immediately interrupted Gu Qingyu's words, "I always thought I was strong, but I saw people like Ye Jin, Mo Bai, and Xie Zang. I feel that I am too weak and have always wanted to become stronger... Otherwise, I won't be qualified to stay by your side. "

Gu Qingyu frowned, "What are you talking about, you know? You are very strong, so I was motivated to continually hone myself. ... I always wanted to say thank you, Qi Wan."

Qi Wan pursed his lips and said nothing. At this moment, they listened to each other's heartbeat. The world suddenly became so quiet that the only thing that could be heard was their heartbeats.

Thump, thump. Powerful, like the only thing to depend on.

Isn't the other person who knows you best? The person closest to your heart is not necessarily a loved one or a lover. Nothing can describe this bond that goes deeper than family and love.

"What are you doing?" Suddenly a cool voice came.

Gu Qingyu was shocked, and immediately trembled to release Qi Wan. "Xiao Zhezhe!"

Qi Wan lowered his eyes, concealing the complex emotions in his eyes, and pretended to smile indifferently. "Boss, we have been caught red handed, what should we do?"

Hearing this, Ye Jin's cold eyes hardened.

"Catch what, you traitor!" Gu Qingyu stared at Qi Wan fiercely, "Don't make it worse!"

"Eh? Am I not telling the truth?" Qi Wan looked at the sky and then looked at the ground, and finally looked at Ye Jin's murderous eyes before he turned around. "Ahahaha! Boss, have a good chat, I will take my leave. Hahaha..."

Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Wan desperately as he walked further and further, then swallowed hard and turned her head to look at Ye Jin. "Um, Xiao Zhezhe, listen to me..."

"Yes, you should explain." Ye Jin smiled angrily. "If you can't give a satisfactory explanation, you can work on your will, for him.”

Qi Wan, who was far away, shuddered immediately as a sudden chill went down his spine. 

Gu Qingyu said with a laugh. "We ... we are just... um..." What would be good here...

Ye Jin suddenly came over in a stride, picked Gu Qingyu up in his arms and together, the pair left the deck. "Eh, Xiao Zhezhe... Xiao Zhezhe, it's my fault, please calm down... Xiao Zhezhe, walk slower... Where are we going..."

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