Chapter 107: True Colours iris.knight's Thoughts

Adorable Creature Attacks!

His words did remind Gu Qingyu. Yeah, why did Ye Jin stay behind? His biggest concern is the crew here...

Gu Qingyu gritted her teeth and followed everyone else to board the escape raft. But after everyone else had boarded, she stopped again. 

"Brother Zhu, come on board quickly." Even Qi Yichen became anxious. 

"Well, okay." Gu Qingyu said, but she remained rooted. A sudden urge to run back swept over her and she turned back. But before she could move, the floor beneath her feet shook and a large crack opened up. Water gushed through the cracks, sending chills down her spine.

"Boss!" Qi Wan frowned, and wanted to pull Gu Qingyu onboard, but even the escape raft was sinking. 

"What's the matter?" Gu Qingyu asked, shocked.

"I don't know, it seemed to be bound by something..." Murong Zuoyu frowned as he tried to plan what to do next. 

Gu Qingyu immediately used the railing as support to keep a firm footing. "Everyone! Can you use your wings?"

"Yes." Mo Bai nodded.

"I'll take Qi Yichen." Qi Wan also opened his mouth, and at the same time he looked at Qi Yichen with a smile. "Are you moved, Brother Qi?"

"Well, moved to death." Qi Yichen rolled his eyes.

Murong Zuoyu thought a little. "Then I will bring Miss Xiao Qi."

"Thank you, Mister Murong." Xiao Qi nodded.

Gu Qingyu nodded, and everyone spread their wings and flew into the sky at the same time. She tried to summon her wings as well, but a sharp pain pierced through her right shoulder. Her left hand clasped over her shoulder in pain, and she nearly lost her balance. In the nick of time, she grabbed the railing and kept herself upright. By then, the water had reached her knees.

"Yu'er!" Mo Bai immediately landed and grabbed Gu Qingyu, and at the same time, a wave crashed over the ship. The ship had sunk completely. 

"Boss!" Qi Wan shouted as he lost sight of her. He wanted to dive into the water, but there was another wave coming towards him. He hoisted Qi Yichen further into the air and they somehow managed to remain in the air. 

The wave grazed Qi Yichen and he was completely drenched, even his hair was dripping. That did not bother him in the slightest as he yelled. "Damn it! Brother Zhu!"

"Then Mister Mo is also..." Xiao Qi frowned, wanted to continue, but saw the seas swell and rolled. Right then, they spotted a white robe floating in the air. Mo Bai held the unconscious Gu Qingyu. The tip of his boots lightly touched the sea, his white robe flaying in the storm.

"Mister Mo?" Xiao Qi was shocked, but heard a cold sneer from Qi Wan.

"I knew something was wrong with you for a long time. Are you finally showing your true colours?" Qi Wan’s grip tightened, Qi Yichen could feel his rage. 

Mo Bai chuckled, ever so gentle, his white robe danced with the sea breeze, his black hair fanned out behind him, giving him an air of divinity. 

"What, you have nothing to say?" Qi Wan got closer, his ribbons fell out from his sleeves and surrounded him as he got ready for battle. Mo Bai raised his head, looked at Qi Wan and murmured something. Suddenly, a giant wave emerged behind him. Qi Wan could only hear Mo Bai's voice mixed with the sound of waves reverberating through the air as he commanded the waves.  

"Oh, this is the power of a Spirit Gem!" Qi Yichen frowned and folded his fan.

"Run." Murong Zuoyu also turned his head. "This is his territory."

"But Ye Jin..." Qi Wan cast a look at where the ship was sunk. After a while, he let out a growl and escaped. 

Mo Bai watched them fly away as his lips curled into a beautiful arc. His mood seemed especially good. His smile was still warm and soft, but there was something else mixed in that smile. He glanced at the girl in his arms, her eyes still closed, her brows furrowed. He reached up to rub away the tension between her brows, but his hand stopped, his fingers barely brushed against her. 

Are you still worried about Ye Jin?

His eyes turned cold, he lifted his white robe and turned around. The sea beneath them had calmed. His white robe brushed against the water surface as he landed softly on the endless mirror, and a soft ripple swept across the surface. A single line separated the clear sky and the sea, as a man walked on water with white wings folded against his back. In his arms was a girl in a pink dress. The sea glistened and sparkled under the warm sun as he walked towards the horizon. 

They were only out at sea for half a day, so Qi Wan and the others quickly arrived on the coast. His eyes were slightly red as he punched into the sand, his fist was buried by the sand. "Damn!"

Qi Yichen stood by and looked at him, his eyes full of worry, but he remained silent. 

Murong Zuoyu sighed. "Find a way to go to Nanyou first. We can discuss more there."

"It’s the only thing we can do now," Qi Yichen nodded. "But Ye Jin is..."

"Ye Jin will not die so easily." Qi Wan suddenly stood up. "The people she chose will not be so useless. Let's go."

"Yes! We must rescue Xiao Yu!" Xiao Qi nodded, her eyes were red too.

"I will return to Dongxuan," Murong Zuoyu paused. "To bring troops."

"Thank you." Qi Wan gave him a strained smile. 

"No need, saving Brother Zhu is the right thing to do." Murong Zuoyu's hand settled on the hilt of his sword out of habit and he spread his huge wings. "I'll take my leave."

"Safe travels." Qi Wan nodded. 

Qi Yichen took out his fan and fanned himself. "Ah, then I'll go back to Xiqian and bring some troops too."

"I... I'll go to the Beiying Kingdom to ask my brother to pitch in." Xiao Qi clenched her fists.

Qi Wan was stunned speechless. This is the feeling of having overpowered teammates!

After a while, he nodded. "Then I will go to Nanyou first. Take care, all of you. We'll rendezvous in three days."

"Good." Murong Zuoyu nodded, flapped his wings and flew away.

Qi Yichen sighed. "Miss Xiao Qi, let's go to see if there is a horse nearby!"

"Okay." Xiao Qi nodded and looked at Qi Wan again.

"Qi Wan, take care." Qi Yichen patted Qi Wan's shoulder and pursed his lips. Qi Wan's lips barely twitched. He turned around, spread his wings, and flew towards the ocean.

"Let's go." Watching Qi Wan go, Qi Yichen snapped his fingers. "Hurry up."

"Do we need to contact Ye?" Xiao Qi blinked.

"Ah," Qi Yichen curled his lips, "Ye Jin shouldn't be that useless." Xiao Qi nodded, not very sure what he meant, and left with Qi Yichen.

At the same time, a cloud slowly appeared above the sea. In the center of the sea, a whirlpool slowly formed. A man in a blue robe stood in the middle of the whirlpool. Bloodthirsty rage swallowed his enchanting eyes. A group of people in black surrounded him, all of them bowed respectfully. “King!” 

"I command you to capture Nanyou within three days." The voice was filled with an evil charm, an unique cruelty and a bone-chilling coldness.


Qi Wan glanced at the changing clouds, he understood something and smiled.

Ye Jin, since you can't protect her well, then let me do it.

Sorry, Boss, I have put you in danger again. But don’t you worry, just wait for me.


Cold. So cold. Everywhere feels cold. My limbs are so heavy, I think-I think I’m sinking. I can’t breathe, water was rushing into my lungs. Someone was here. They wrapped their arms around me, and pulled. All of a sudden, I could breathe again. Was that Qi Wan’s voice? He sounds so far away…I can’t make out what he’s saying, but he sounds... angry. Everything turned into a blur.

I could hear him again, and this time, it was crystal clear. 

"Wait for me."

Ye Jin... Where is he? He’s so powerful, is he okay? And everyone else, Mo Bai, Murong Zuoyu, Xiao Qi, Qi Yichen, and Qi Wan. 

Suddenly, in the endless darkness, there was a faint red light. A man in a red robe held a kerosene lamp in his hand, and his smile was devious.

"Why, you forgot your master?" Yan Zun tilted his head slightly.

Gu Qingyu woke up with a shock. "Master!"

There was a red world in front of her. Yan Zun nodded. "Ah, you seemed to gotten in some serious trouble, stupid apprentice."

"Serious trouble?" Gu Qingyu blinked. "How is Ye Jin?"

"Do you think something will happen to him?" Yan Zun smiled but she could not see whether joy or anger lie beneath it.

"Um ..." Since Yan Zun said so, then Ye Jin should be fine. This made Gu Qingyu sighed with relief.

Yan Zun raised his eyebrows. "Worry about yourself, stupid apprentice."

"Me?" Gu Qingyu was even more puzzled. "What's wrong with me?"

"You were fine a second ago, so why did you lose consciousness? If it weren't for me, you might have already fallen into a complete coma." Yan Zun sighed, "Stupid apprentice, you put your trust in so many people that doesn’t deserve it.” 

"I trusted people that I shouldn’t have..." Gu Qingyu murmured and repeated after him with a wry smile. "Got it, who is it this time?"

Yan Zun raised the corner of his lips with interest, without any sense of danger: "Who do you think it is? Take a guess."

"Ye Jin has no need. It can’t be Qi Yichen and Xiao Qi, they won’t do this again. Qi Wan would never betray me. Murong Zuoyu is unlikely too, and Mo Bai won't do this either, I guess..." Gu Qingyu sighed, no answer came to mind. Sadly, I was never able to guess who "betrayed" me. Is it because I trust too much? Or, was it the fact that I was already mentally prepared for it since the beginning. 

"Well," Yan Zun paced about aimlessly. "What are you going to do this time?"

"What can I do?" Gu Qingyu asked back, "Is it the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny? Os the Spirit Gems?"

Yan Zun smiled mysteriously, and leaned in. "Not necessarily, actually... you are also very attractive."

Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes. "Come on, are you talking about the divine beast? Ever since I swallow that spirit gem, I can’t turn into a white tiger anymore."

"Is it?" Yan Zun turned around, "Well, what should happen would always happen. Go, your master will stay here and watch you quietly."

Gu Qingyu was stunned and confused, her consciousness fell into darkness before she could react.

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Ooof, Mo Bai. Divine Doctor Mo. I guess he finally decided to strike. I do not agree with his actions, kidnapping is never the solution, but Ye Jin’s goading did not help with the tenuous situation. On a funny note, the walk scene feels kind of badass and ominous, but I do hope he doesn't walk the whole way. It's definitely not within walking distance.