Chapter 127: Premonition

Adorable Creature Attacks!

"Ahaha Xiao Zhezhe, I'm really sleepy..." Gu Qingyu raised her head and looked at Ye Jin as she resisted the urge to hold her nose and stop her impending nose bleed. 

Ye Jin's appearance was very charming. "Oh? Then let's not wait anymore and go to sleep."

"Xiao Zhezhe, um, well, you see, we literally just got back together. And, we 're not married either, wouldn't it be weird if..."

Ye Jin's eyes sank, and then he smiled again. "Xiao Yu'er, are you eager to get married?"

"I..." Gu Qingyu froze, she did not know how to respond.

Surprisingly, Ye Jin nodded solemnly. "It's my fault, Xiao Yu'er, I forgot about this. I'll find a day and prepare everything, we'll have the wedding as soon as possible."

She gawked at him. "You're being serious?" 

"When did I ever lie to you?" Ye Jin grinned. "Take it easy, Xiao Yu'er, I'll make sure everything would be perfect. So, let's go to bed." 

"Then..." Gu Qingyu racked her brains, she was still trying to find a way to leave, but all of sudden, she was swept off her feet and into his arms. "Eh, hey, Xiao Zhezhe, let me go, I can walk myself..." 

Ye Jin placed her onto the bed, then laid down beside her. He wrapped his arm around her before pulling the quilt over them. "okay, go to sleep, my Xiao Yu'er."

Gu Qingyu stared wide-eyed as her head rested against his arm. "Eh?"

"Why do you look disappointed?" Ye Jin had a shit-eating grin on his face. 

"No, no, let's sleep." Gu Qingyu immediately buried herself in the quilt and closed her eyes. She fell asleep to the sound of his laughter.

She had been dreaming all night, although they weren't really dreams, they were bits and pieces of her memories. There were moments of her patients' consultations, having breakfast with Ran Ran, moon-viewing with Ye Jin during the Lantern Festival, how Mo Bai fussed over her when she was looking for the illusionary Spirit Grass; that reminded her of her colleagues in the hospital. There was also the time Qi Wan finally taught her how to fly, and Qi Wan and Qi Yichen's first major fight that grew to form the basis of their interaction. The two worlds seem to have overlapped with each other, and it felt as though it was only yesterday that she woke up in the woods, holding a drawing of Jia Qizhe. All of the joys and sorrows, the tears they shed, the laughter they shared rushed back to her that night. Tears trickled from the corner of her eyes, but someone had wiped them away softly. She was just nostalgic of her old life, and of the people that were part of it. How has Ran Ran been? Does she still miss her? But when she tried to think harder, to remember more, everything turned into a blank. 

Her head was throbbing when she woke up and she tried to reach up and massage her temples. But she could not move. And when she opened her eyes, she was staring right at Ye Jin, who still had his arms wrapped around her. He seemed to have felt her stirring, and gently released her. She sat up immediately and rolled her shoulders, loosening her stiff joints. When she turned back, Ye Jin was staring at her with his head propped up with one arm. His collar was slightly open, revealing sturdy pecs beneath those blue robes. His hair was a little tousled as it scattered over his shoulders. He even had a tiny cowlick, but that added to the seductive charm.  

"Hey, hello, can you not do this in the morning?" Gu Qingyu felt blood rushing to her nose.

"Huh? I'm not doing anything." Ye Jin's expression was extremely innocent. He blinked and then laughed, "Xiao Yu'er, you were so restless last night.""

"Me?" She stared at him as she tried to sieve through her memory. "Did I do anything...out of line last night?" 

"Ah, it was quite cute. I can get used to it." Ye Jin nodded. "It's not much, you would just kick off the quilt, then toss and turn. Halfway through the night, you placed your cold feet on my stomach, then you rolled over and grabbed onto me like a small animal. That's all, not much." 

Gu Qingyu felt tired as she listened to his explanation. Not much? It sounded like he hardly slept because of her.

"Alright, let's get ready for breakfast, Xiao Yu'er." Ye Jin stretched his back and yawned so wide his eyes narrowed to a thin line. He looked more like a lazy cat at that moment. 

Gu Qingyu immediately jumped out of bed, straightened her clothes, and ran out of the room. "Take your time, I'll be off, bye!" Ye Jin did not stop her, his low chuckles followed her as she left the room, causing a pink flush to creep up her neck. 

On the way to the dining room, she saw Xie Zang walking towards them.

"Morning, kitten." Xie Zang nodded with a smile.

"Morn..." Gu Qingyu also greeted him with a smile, but she felt a sharp piercing look staring at her back and remembered her promise from last night. She lowered her head immediately and hurried to the dining room with a shuffle. 

Xie Zang stared at her curiously, perplexed by her very sudden change in demeanor, before he slowly fell in step beside her. "What's wrong, kitten? Did something happen?" Gu Qingyu shook her head and kept walking straight to the dining room then plopped into her seat. 

Murong Zuoyu was already waiting for them at the table and nodded towards her. "A good morning to you, Brother Zhu." 

"G'morning, Brother Murong." Gu Qingyu glanced nervously behind her, Ye Jin was not following her.

Xie Zang sank into a seat beside her. "Kitten, why are you so panicky today?"

"No, it's nothing." Gu Qingyu shook her head and practically pounced onto Xiao Qi when she walked into the dining room. "My dear, you're finally here!"

Xiao Qi was surprised by her sudden shower of affection. "Xiao Yu?"

Qi Yichen walked in as well, waving his fan. "Brother Zhu, this scholar has made some calculations, coupled with the darkening of the point between your brows, you will face a great catastrophe today! In order to resolve this disaster, you would need to..."

"Rubbish!" Qi Wan had somehow appeared right behind Qi Yichen and he smacked the back of his head fiercely. "Keep your mouth clean, and stop talking in riddles! Say something more auspicious, jinx!"

As soon as he looked up, he saw Gu Qingyu and stood at attention. "Morning, Boss!"

That was a very obvious contrast. 

Gu Qingyu nodded, and Qi Yichen immediately turned around and pulled Qi Wan's collar after being smacked. "I'm telling the truth! You can doubt me, but you cannot question my calculations!" 

"Tch, come on." Qi Wan looked at Qi Yichen with disdain. "Alright, then how should the boss resolve this catastrophe?"

Qi Yichen shook his head and continued, "In order to resolve this disaster, you would need to stay home today. You cannot go out."

Gu Qingyu laughed at his suggestion. "Qi Yichen, how did you get to that answer? Is it a catastrophe or a blessing in disguise? And if it's a catastrophe, I would never be able to outrun something of this scale. Not to mention, even if I stayed home, wouldn't trouble just show up at the door?"

Qi Yichen paused as the gears in his head turned, that somehow makes sense. But he dismissed it with a wave of his fan. "In short, Brother Zhu, just trust me once."

Gu Qingyu hardly saw Qi Yichen become so serious, so she nodded. "Okay."

"Xiao Yu'er." Ye Jin's voice drifted through the door. "What are you doing?" Gu Qingyu's heart dropped as her entire body tensed up. 

She looked back at Ye Jin with a nervous laugh  "I...I...I am going to eat..."

"Oh? Eat?" Ye Jin teased, "Tell me the truth, Xiao Yu'er."

"Ahem, ahem."  Gu Qingyu coughed unnaturally, "Well...I..."

"Looks like the punishment last night was too light." Ye Jin wiggled his eyebrows. 

Qi Wan immediately looked at Gu Qingyu in disbelief, as did everyone else.

She stared at him, then swallowed nervously. "Xiao Zhezhe, let me explain..."

"Oh, no need, I get it." Ye Jin nodded as he took his seat at the table, picked up his chopsticks in a fluid motion and began to eat. She sighed, he clearly did not wish to listen to her at all. She scooted over to sit next to him and ate silently. The others also sat down quietly and began their meal. Breakfast became an awkward ordeal.  

It didn't take long for Ye Jin to finish eating, he put down his chopsticks, got up and left the dining room. Gu Qingyu immediately stopped eating and followed him. He went straight to his room without even glancing at her. She ran in before he closed the door, and shut the door behind her.

"Xiao Zhezhe, listen to me! I really didn't look at them, more than the absolute necessary!" Gu Qingyu raised his hand to the heavens. "The only reason I was looking at Qi Yichen was that he was warning me that a catastrophe was going to happen to me today."

"Oh?" Ye Jin raised his eyebrows slightly. 'But I'm here, what sort of catastrophe could happen to you?"

She went silent. Actually, I think that catastrophe is you!

"Anyway, have you had your fill?" Ye Jin took her hand into his, his thumb rubbed against the back of her hand. He simply did not have the heart to ignore her. 

When Gu Qingyu heard this, she shook her head with a pout. "No! Xiao Zhezhe, I left the moment you did. I was so worried that you were angry. Obviously, I barely ate."

Ye Jin patted her head with a tinge of guilt. "Let's go, we'll grab something outside."

"Sounds good!" Gu Qingyu nodded and the pair stepped out from the room together.

Qi Wan was waiting at the door, and he pounced the moment he saw her. "Boss, you're finally out!"

Gu Qingyu ducked and avoided him. She stole a glance at Ye Jin, then kept her eyes glued to the ground. "What?" 

"Why are you staring at the floor?" Qi Wan looked at her suspiciously, "I just thought we could hang out, so I came to find you."

She could feel the chill coming from Ye Jin, and shook her head as she shivered. "No, no, no, I'm fine. We're just gonna go out for a walk."

"Go out?" Qi Wan frowned. "Didn't Idiot Qi say that you should not go out?"

"Erm, Ye Jin's going with me. And I've gotten much stronger, we'll be okay." Gu Qingyu waved. "Okay bye, we'll be back soon. It's just around the area, not dangerous."

"Okay." Qi Wan sighed softly, "Come back soon."

Gu Qingyu opened her mouth and tried to continue, but Ye Jin dragged her away before she could even say another word. She kept stealing glances at him as they walked out of the duke's mansion, she was still worried that he was angry. He didn't seem to be angry. Instead, he was scanning their surroundings instead, as his grip on her hand tightened. "Xiao Yu'er, what do you want to eat?"

Gu Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief. "Anything, as long as it's good." Ye Jin nodded and they crossed the street.

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