Chapter 130: Cry, Ghost Howl

Adorable Creature Attacks!

"Boss..." Qi Wan clenched his fists tightly, his eyes redden. Xie Zang's eyes sank, the faint red light in his hands had appeared again. Murong Zuoyu's sword was forming in his hand as well. The masked man seemed a little surprised and turned to Gu Qingyu. "It seems that you have collected more than just power."

"Maybe." Gu Qingyu smiled, "I'm glad to have met all of you.” She lifted her hand as a white light formed in her palm. 

"Come." The masked man's voice dripped with desire. "Lord of all divine, your servant offers up this sacrifice!" 

Gu Qingyu closed her eyes as she brought the white light in her hand to her chest.

"Asshole!" Qi Wan cursed and threw caution to the wind. The ribbon flew out of his robe and coiled around her hand, stopping her. Then, he pulled her back and grabbed her by the shoulders. "You idiot!"

The red light in Xie Zang's hand shot at the masked man, but he blocked it with one hand. Meanwhile, Murong Zuoyu swung his sword, a purple wave flew out from the blade and swept towards the masked man. The masked man blocked Murong Zuoyu's attacked with his other hand, but the attack pushed him back a few steps. "All of you are actually going to sacrifice your family to save her?" 

"Don't do this!" Gu Qingyu struggled in Qi Wan's arms. "Xie Zang! Murong Zuoyu! It's not worth it!"

"At least I won't regret this. And, I would be heartbroken if you died like that, kitten." Xie Zang's eyes narrowed slightly. 

"Brother Zhu, I believe we will rescue Ranyue." Murong Zuoyu also nodded, his voice calm.

The masked man let out a belt of laughter. "Very good! Each and every one of you is just begging for death! Then, I shall grant your wish!" 

Black light burst out from him and enveloped the area in a dark fog. Qi Wan immediately formed a light green shield around him and Gu Qingyu. Xie Zang and Murong Zuoyu did the same, red and purple light glowed through the darkness. 

"Wait! Ye Jin's still there!" There was no sign of Ye Jin, the dark fog was too thick to see through. She tried to run to find Ye Jin, but Qi Wan had trapped her in his arms. 

"I'm never gonna let you go." Qi Wan said. 

Suddenly, there was a burst of blue light in the darkness! But unlike the usual pale blue, it was a deep marine with dark swirls. The change in colour was worrying. 

"Xiao... Xiao Zhezhe...?" Gu Qingyu anxiously watched the light grow bigger and bigger, until it rivaled the black light from the masked man. Qi Wan was also staring in shock, his arms loosened in his distraction. Gu Qingyu grabbed that chance and broke free. She summoned Yan Zun's power and ran out of the shield. The red light escorted her all the way as she sprinted towards the masked man. 

"Boss!" Qi Wan screamed.

The Soul Chain in her hand flew out and struck the masked man accurately in the darkness, the chain wrapped around the masked man, tying him up. He amplified his power and wings spread from his back, snapping the Soul Chain! 

At this moment, in the dark fog, a figure emerged. In his hands was a blue light shaped like a sword that towered over him. 

"Cry, Ghost Howl." Ye Jin whispered, and swung his sword. It screamed like a banshee and sent a blast surging towards the masked man.

Gu Qingyu stepped back and waited for the perfect timing, the red Devouring Lotus cradled in her hand. "Bloom!" 

The sound of explosions boomed from left and right, she squeezed her eyes shut and covered her ears. Someone had wrapped their arms around her. The world around her suddenly went dark. There was a voice, singing in the darkness. Who was that? That song sounded like a chant, the lyrics sang of the first encounter with the divine. The most precious offering, from the most devout believer. 

Gu Qingyu's eyes flew open that moment and stared at the canopy of a bed made from red sandalwood. Her head was spinning, and the ringing in her ears had not gone away. What happened? Weren't they in the woods fighting that masked man? And...Ye Jin, is he okay? She tried to push herself up from the bed, but when she moved even just her arm, her whole body felt like it was tearing apart. She took a sharp breath. It seemed that she was quite badly hurt.

"Don't move, your injuries are very serious." A familiar voice advised. Gu Qingyu's eyes widened and turned slightly to the source of that voice. It was Mo Bai. The gentle smile, the beautiful face, and fragrance of medicinal herbs, it was really him.

"Mo Bai..." Gu Qingyu was a little surprised, "Why are you..."

"Yu'er, I'm back." Mo Bai smiled softly, "Am I still welcomed?"

"Of course!" Gu Qingyu nodded immediately, "Is Ye Jin alright?" 

"He's fine." Mo Bai's look remained the same. He glanced out of the window, it was already dark outside. "He'll wake up soon."

Gu Qingyu coughed lightly. "What about...Qi Wan?" She did not even have time to make up to Qi Wan. He was always looking out for her, but she went against his advice every time. The situation just kept escalating, and it got so dire that she had to do what she did.

"He is more seriously injured than you, and he is still in a coma." Mo Bai sat at the edge of her bed and checked her pulse. "Because you are too close to that person, you were caught up in the explosions. Qi Wan shielded most of the damage for you. It did damage some of his vital organs, but he's still alive."

Gu Qingyu felt her eyes dampen. "Thank you, Mo Bai."

"It's what I should do, Yu'er." Mo Bai's expression was gentle. He turned sideways and picked up the bowl. "Take your medicine first." He helped her sit up and lean against a pillow. Gu Qingyu opened her mouth very obediently and drank all the medicine. The medicine is not bitter, even with a light aroma, and a sweet and sour taste -as always.

Gu Qingyu asked hesitantly, "Can I... go and see Qi Wan?"

"Yu'er." Mo Bai frowned slightly, but he sighed at the determined look in her eyes. "I will help you."

"Okay." Gu Qingyu reached out and gently placed her weight on his shoulders. Mo Bai carefully supported her and kept her movements small and to the minimum. 

Qi Wan's room was next to her, and she gently opened the door. The room was only lit by the moonlight. 

"Thank you, I'll go in myself" Gu Qingyu held onto the door and looked at Mo Bai.

Mo Bai held out his hand, but it stayed frozen in the air. After a while, his hand dropped to his side and he sighed softly, "I'll be outside.

"Yeah." Gu Qingyu walked in and closed the door gently.

Moonlight flowed in through the window and spilled quietly on Qi Wan's face. He looked so peaceful. He was so persistent. Gu Qingyu endured the pain from her body, step by step, walked to his side, and sat by the bed. Tears slowly slipped down her cheeks. 

I'm sorry Qi Wan. I can't give you anything, but I've so selfishly demanded you to give my everything. I'm sorry Qi Wan. I'm really sorry. I couldn't do anything. 

Suddenly, Qi Wan coughed slightly.

"Qi Wan?" She immediately took his hand and turned to the door. Her mouth opened and she was about to call for Mo Bai when Qi Wan said with barely a whisper, "Don't... call him... cough!"

"Okay, I won't. I won't" Tears kept pouring from her eyes, it pained her to see him like this.

"Are you all right?" Qi Wan gave a strained smile as he gazed at her. His pale green eyes sparkled under the moonlight, like a calm lake on a warm summer night.

"It's okay." Gu Qingyu shook her head and held his hand tightly, "I'm sorry Qi Wan, you were so seriously injured... But if this were to happen again, I would still make the same decision."

"I know." Qi Wan raised his hand slowly, his hand shook as he reached up to cup her cheek. With a brush of his thumb, he gently brushed away her tears. "I understand how you feel. So, if this were to happen again, I would also make the same decision."

"I think we should get Mo Bai to check on you, hold on." Gu Qingyu glanced at his wounds. The quilt covered up to his chest and his shoulders were bare. Blood was seeping through those thick layers of bandages that wrapped all over him. Qi Wan did not refuse, and closed his eyes gently. Mo Bai walked in, holding a bowl of medicine in one hand and wound dressing supplies in the other.

"I'll do it." Gu Qingyu rubbed her eyes and took the items from Mo Bai.

Mo Bai pursed his lips, nodded slightly, and went out.

"Drink the medicine first." Gu Qingyu gently helped Qi Wan up, scooped up the medicine with a spoon, and placed it on his lips. Qi Wan opened his mouth obediently and sipped that spoonful of medicine. They continued this rhythm, until the bowl was empty. 

"You're also injured, go and rest." Qi Wan looked at her with worry.

"Rubbish, I was very well protected by someone." Gu Qingyu said rudely, and she began to unravel his bandages without much warning, but her movements were light and gentle.

Qi Wan gave her a shit-eating grin. "Boss, you're gonna have to take responsibility, I'm not wearing anything underneath."

"Wait till you're pregnant with my child." Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes and removed the bandages completely. Streaks of bloody, red cuts were all over his solid chest. 

"...Does it hurt?" Her fingertips softly brushed at the edge of his wounds, and he grabbed her by the wrist and stopped her. 

Her brows furrowed. "It hurts a lot? I'll dress them immediately."

"No, it doesn't hurt. Not at all." Qi Wan smiled.

"Then why are you holding me like this?" Her furrowed brows went from worry to confusion. 

Qi Wan slowly let go of Gu Qingyu's hand. "It's ticklish, Boss."

"Yeah, I had no idea you're ticklish!" The tension in her brows disappeared as she wiggled them and teased him instead. Then, she began to dress his wounds. First, she needed to disinfect his wounds. She poured some medicinal alcohol onto some gauze and dabbed the gauze on his wounds. As soon as the gauze touched his wounds, Gu Qingyu immediately pulled her hand back and looked nervously at Qi Wan. "Does it hurt?"

Qi Wan laughed with short huffs. "No, it doesn't hurt. Boss, you're a psychiatrist, right? You at least went to Med School. Have you seen how nurses reapply dressings for patients? You don't need to be so delicate, just wrap it any way you like. It doesn't hurt anyway."

"I have seen how they do it, but those patients did not like it. At all." Her hands moved gently as she continued, "If you want, I can let you experience it." 

"No, no, no, never mind..."

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