Chapter 137: Revenge

Adorable Creature Attacks!

They reached the Gu residence just as the sun dipped below the horizon. Right before they entered the building, the tiny white tiger in Ye Jin's arms twisted around and pawed at his chest with a meow. "Wait! Listen, I have a really good plan. But, that depends on your cooperation." 

Ye Jin looked at the little white tiger in his arms and rubbed her head. "How would I dare not cooperate with my dear's orders?" 

The tiny white tiger turned a little pink, and then placed her mouth close to his ear. "Ok, here's the deal, we'll..."

Ye Jin's face grew darker as he listened, and his lips pulled into a slight wince. "Xiao Yu'er... are you sure?"

After seeing the tiny white tiger's firm eyes, he sighed helplessly. "Okay, okay. Your wish is my command, my dear."

Gu Yi blew out the candles and stood in front of the window, looking wistfully at the silver water of the lake outside the window. Once upon a time, someone stood by his side and watched the scene with him. However, he killed her, only for his revenge. He clenched his fist and hit his chest. He regrets it! If he could turn back the clock, he would definitely not kill his wife! But it is impossible to turn back time, no matter how much you wish for it. "My lady, will you resent me? You must hate me now, right?" Gu Yi muttered as his clenched fist opened, a single earring resting at the center of his palm. 

"I do hate you."

Suddenly, a cold, sinister gust of wind blew through the room, and the door opened with a creak. Gu Yi was shocked, turned around, but someone was standing next to him! That woman was dressed in white, and her long black hair draped over her shoulders. Between the dark tresses, a single earring gleamed in the moonlight, the same earring as the one held in Gu Yi's hand.

"Xue... Xue'er..." Gu Yi's voice trembled as he stepped back. That woman looked exactly like Gu Qingyu's biological mother in this world, Hua Qianxue. 

"Brother Yi, why?" The woman's voice was hollow, lonely. It sounded like despair. No living person would sound like that. The woman looked out the window and did not turn to look at Gu Yi.

Gu Yi was a little at a loss. "Xue'er... I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

The woman still did not turn her head to look at Gu Yi. "Brother Yi, I loved you so much, I loved you with all my heart and soul. Why... why did you hurt me... why did you hurt your Xue'er...You even hurt my Yu'er, our Yu'er!"

"Xue'er I'm sorry! I..." Tears seemed to flow from the corner of Gu Yi's eyes. At this moment, the old general who once stared death in the eye was filled with regret. "I should not have been consumed by hatred..."

"But my heart has. I hate you, I hate you so much. All of my love for you had turned into hate." The woman turned to Gu Yi sharply as she glared at that man. Her icy glare made him shudder. 

Gu Yi was so frightened by the woman that his legs gave out and he fell back on the ground. "Xue'er...Xue'er don't do this...It's my fault...Are you Xue'er's ghost? Are you back to..."

"Yes, I came back and have you join me." The woman smiled slightly. Her smile was eerie and morbid, with a deep despair.

"Xue'er... Xue'er, I don't want to die yet..." Gu Yi panicked. "Please..." In the bitter end, General Gu Yi was nothing but a cowardly person who feared death.

The woman floated towards him as blood and tears streamed from her eyes. "Brother Yi...Look at me...I am Xue'er...Come, stay with me, keep me company..."

She laughed, and tears of blood continued to slide down her face. "Brother Yi... come with Xue'er...I am so cold, so lonely here...Won't you stay with me? Brother Yi once killed a lot of innocent people, right? Everyone misses Brother Yi...They all want to meet you..."

"Don't... don't!" Gu Yi kept crawling back and backed up against a corner. "Xue'er! I was wrong, I'm sorry! Please, forgive me..."

"Brother Yi...Brother Yi..." The woman cackled in a frenzy as she bent down and strangled Gu Yi.

And Gu Yi could not fight back, his powers were sealed away at that moment. All he could do was grab her hand as he struggled to breathe. ""

"Brother Yi, you will join me very soon...and, all the other people who have been waiting for you. They would be delighted to see you as well." The women watched as Gu Yi's breathing grew weaker and weaker, until his hand dropped to his side for the last time. 

The woman smiled with satisfaction, stood up and wiped away the blood and tears from the corner of her eyes. "You can come out now."

The little white tiger jumped in from the window and leaped into the woman's arms. "Xiao Zhezhe, you're the best! You could get an Oscar for that!"

Yes, the woman was Ye Jin. Ye Jin helplessly rubbed the tiny white tiger's head, and answered with the same voice he used to play Mrs. Gu's ghost.

The little white tiger pawed at Ye Jin, rubbing the two soft things on his chest that he had somehow conjured up to better fit the role. "Oh, this is fun!"

Ye Jin stroked the tiny white tiger with a sigh. "My lady, can I change back now?"

She protested, "No! Let me play for a while~ How did you do this anyway? It's so soft! Did you stuff this with cotton? Wow, this would be great as a pillow."


Ye Jin sighed and removed his disguise in an instant. "Enough, Xiao Yu'er, we should go." He glanced at the corpse at his feet that was still warm. "What do you want to do with this? "

Gu Qingyu thought about it for a while. "Let's just bury it in the wilderness."

"Okay, someone will clean this up later." Ye Jin's eyes narrowed as he smiled. Moonlight shone on his face. His eyes were like silver lakes, glowing with the pale moonlight. He stared at her with a soft gaze. In front of her, he was no longer the indifferent and intimidating Hero Jia, nor was he the murderous, bloodthirsty Leader of Ye. He could even forget that he was also the Shadow that controlled the royals of the kingdoms, whose existence could only be heard in hushed whispers and outlandish rumours. He is just a man who loves her deeply.

Gu Qingyu blushed a little, and lowered her head with a mew. "Okay, I'm sleepy, let's go quickly..."

"Okay." Ye Jin rubbed her head and walked out.

The night might be cold, but she was warm in his arms. She lay quietly on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. It belonged to her alone.

Amongst the trees in the distance, the corner of a white robe peeked out from the dark. The man was holding the jade flute and his eyes were extremely desolate. He may never have her heart but the least he could do was to watch over her from afar.

Back to Murong Zuoyu's Mansion

Gu Qingyu was already asleep. Ye Jin went back to their room, laid down on the bed, gently covered the tiny white tiger with a quilt, and then rubbed her head with a smile. A cloud of red smoke gradually appeared on the tiny white tiger's head, and Ye Jin's face instantly turned icy.

"Haven't you had enough?" Ye Jin smiled, but the smile didn't reach his eyes, and his piercing gaze was bloodthirsty and cold.

The red smoke gradually formed a human figure, dressed in red robes, the man smiled at his question. "What's the matter? It's always better to have more."

"If I am not mistaken, Xian Di is your old friend." Ye Jin narrowed his eyes slightly. "And you, have been using Xiao Yu'er."

Yan Zun chuckled. "Yeah, you are truly the Shadow. I do wish to use her power and release myself, but I didn't make her suffer, right?"

Ye Jin snorted. "Yeah, she didn't suffer. She just almost died, several times."

"If it weren't for me, do you think she can live to this day?" Yan Zun raised an eyebrow.

"Yan Zun, you are my greatest enemy now." Ye Jin smiled, "However, you are still Xiao Yu'er's master. If you died, she would be heartbroken."

"Good, at least you understand that." Yan Zun answered with an elusive smile. 

Ye Jin's lips flattened to a line as he closed his eyes, it was clear that he did not wish to continue their conversation, while Yan Zun turned into a red mist and disappeared in the air.

It was late at night after all.


The next day

Gu Qingyu was awakened by a burst of firecrackers. She rubbed her eyes. Today should be the New Year, and yesterday seemed to have been New Year's Eve. It seems that no one reminded that she didn't even have the chance to ask for red packets.

"Happy New Year, Xiao Yu'er." Seeing Gu Qingyu woke up, Ye Jin, who was sleeping next to her, reached out and rubbed her little head. The tiny white tiger rolled onto her back, with her legs dangling in the air, and continued to sleep.

A peal of laughter escaped his lips as he watched the adorable cat next to him. Just as he was about to say something, another burst of firecrackers came from downstairs. Ye Jin frowned at the noise and he moved to get up. But the tiny white tiger rolled over again and four small paws hugged his arm as she whined. "Happy New Year! Red Packet please!" 

He laughed at the pleasant surprise as he ruffled the fur on her head. "Okay, I'll give you all of my gold."

"What about the silver?"

"Yes, all yours. Even me." Ye Jin added to the list as he continued to pamper her. 

"Hmph, that's more like it!" 

Ye Jin smiled brightly. "Are you hungry?"

She was about to answer when he said that, but her stomach was a step ahead of her and growled loudly.

Ye Jin's soft chuckles turned into a full-bellied laugh. "My Xiao Yu'er. I knew you'd be hungry, go to dinner." Then, he picked her up, got up from the bed and walked out of their room. Gu Qingyu meowed lazily, as she watched with sleepy, half-lidded eyes. 

They soon arrived at the dining room. Ye Jin held the tiny white tiger with one hand and gently pushed the door open. Three people were already sitting inside.

Qi Yichen turned and smiled at Gu Qingyu. "Oh, good morning Brother Zhu, and Hero Jia."

Ye Jin's real identity was relatively confidential, so everyone still generally called him "Jia Qizhe".

Ye Jin nodded, walked in and sat down.

To Gu Qingyu's surprise, Mo Bai was also sitting there, dressed in a white robe. He looked elegant and beautiful as always. 

Mo Bai raised his head slightly at the sound of the door and then gave her a faint smile. "Morning, Yu'er."

The tiny white tiger nodded. "Good morning~"

Xie Zang was watching Gu Qingyu with his trademark smirk. "Good morning, kitten. What happened, how did you end up as your original form again?"

Gu Qingyu glared at him half-heartedly. "Hey, don't tease me. I already feel bad enough."

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