Chapter 170: An Eye for an Eye

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Between the gleaming blade of Rain's scythe and Gu Qingyu's glowing chains, as metal sang with each strike, Gu Qingyu noticed that Rain's attacks were getting faster. She was going to have trouble keeping up, so she changed from offense to defense. Her chains swirled and spun around her, forming a barrier as she fended off Rain's relentless assault. 

Rain's face twisted with rage as she growled, "Just die already!"

Gu Qingyu also shouted. "Let me tell you, this is only going to end with either you dead or me alive!" 

After hearing this, everyone felt a strange feeling in their hearts. She did not say anything wrong, but it inherently meant the same thing. 

Xie Li cradled her crystal ball in her hands with closed eyes. She looked as calm as a windless lake, but the tension on her fingers and betrayed her. Xie Zang couldn't help but worry. "Sister..."

"Zang. If it were possible, I don't want to be the priestess anymore." She sighed softly, her eyes remained closed. "If I can, I just want someone to take care of me, and let me just do whatever I want. I don't to live worrying about each and every decision I make, fearing that if I make the slightest mistake, it would cost thousands of lives. Do you know that, Zang?"

"I...know." Xie Zang answered, disappointed by the fact that he could not help her.

"If you have a chance, and if it's by your own volition, then don't stay in the city." Xie Li seemed to have come to some conclusion, her voice was invigorated with a sense of determination. "Just be yourself."

"Okay." Xie Zang nodded.

Qi Yichen sensed the pregnant pause between the siblings and walked over while waving his fan. "Long time no see, Brother Qi! You have been sorely missed."

Qi Wan looked at Qi Yichen without speaking.

"Brother Qi, what's up with you again?" Qi Yichen leaned into him with a wide grin.

"Work out your fantasies on your own, thank you." Qi Wan shifted away quietly. 

Qi Yichen sighed exaggeratedly. "Oh, I have turned my heart to the moon, and yet the moon shines onto a ditch. Truth be told, Brother Qi, I have gotten a few steps ahead of you these days, thanks to the close proximity." 

"What do you mean?" Qi Wan said slowly, his attention was finally directed at the scholar, but his eyes still drifted towards Gu Qingyu every now and then. 

Qi Yichen leaned in further. "Did you know? In these few days, while you were not around, I have done a lot of things with Xiao Qing Qing...Things that can be said, and things that cannot be said..."

Gu Qingyu had no idea what they were talking about, she was too far away from them and Qi Yichen spoke very softly. So she could only see Qi Yichen leaning against Qi Wan again and again, and Qi Wan avoiding him each time. Goodness, it looked like Qi Yichen still has not given up on Qi Wan!

"Xiao Qing Qing?" Qi Wan stopped avoiding him as he narrowed his eyes dangerously at Qi Yichen with his full attention. 

"Hahaha, like kissing, for example!" The scholar gloated. 

Qi Wan raised his eyebrows, held out his only hand and gently held Qi Yichen's chin, tilting him back slightly as he leaned in. His voice was lowered to a purr. "Hm, what else?"

Gu Qingyu gawked at them. She was so distracted that Rain almost got a hit through her shield. Her mind raced as she struggled to get her head back in the fight, just what in the world was going on?

Qi Wan was very handsome, with a mischievous charm hidden beneath his cheery appearance. The small streak of blood on his cheek added an air of danger. She thought they would continue, maybe one of them would close the distance between them but to her surprise, Qi Yichen shoved him away. "I'm sorry, but I've already given my heart to someone else!" 

"I'm sorry? Oh you're not sorry at all!" Qi Wan laughed then his face straightened and he smacked Qi Yichen's head with a heavy knock. "Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you try to touch her! I can tolerate Ye Jin, but you? No way!" 

"I'm your father!" Qi Yichen shouted his answer, which caused Qi Wan to clam up in shock, since when did Qi Yichen know how to use that line?

"Hong, are you sure this is the person you want to wait for?" Xuan Wu, who was fighting against Suzaku, finally broached the subject. 

"No, I'm not so sure anymore." Suzaku blocked Xuan Wu's attack with a shield as her lips twisted with doubt. She did not expect him to be like this either.

"Then, do you still wish to fight me?" Xuan Wu smiled, he did not seem to care about her answer. 

Suzaku didn't answer, but instead asked, "Do you still want to hurt him?"

"It seems that you would not give up on him so easily.” Xuan Wu sighed softly, lowered his hand, and stopped his attacks. Suzaku stopped as well and returned to Qi Yichen's side. 

There were only two pairs left, Gu Qingyu versus Rain and Yan Ruhuo versus Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi might have strong potential and sharp reflexes, but he was a mere sapling compared to Yan Ruhuo. The latter had been training for decades, like a large tree that reached into the heavens. It was no surprise that eventually Xuan Yi would ran out of steam. Meanwhile, Gu Qingyu and Rain were still going at each other, neither of them had any sign of letting up. 

"She seems to have become very strong." Xie Li looked at Gu Qingyu with a look of relief.

"Sister?" Xie Zang looked at Xie Li with some doubts.

"Ah, it's nothing." Xie Li shook her head.

Gu Qingyu leaped backwards and avoided Rain's sweep with her scythe, her back gliding along the side of the blade. As she leapt through the air, her make-shift shield opened and formed a tunnel as she threw the Soul Nails through the hole. Rain was caught off guard and the nails stabbed into her skin. A chilling pain spread through her body as her power was slowly sapped away. 

"Yu'er!" Xuan Wu immediately stepped forward, but was stopped by Qi Yichen. Xuan Wu gritted his teeth and looked at Suzaku, who stood behind Qi Yichen. 

Rain staggered backwards as blood bubbled from her lips. She had already been injured at some point in their fight, and now that wound had reopened. 

"Rain!" Yan Ruhuo heard Xuan Wu and called out to her when he saw the blood pouring from her lips.

Xuan Yi took his moment of distraction and drove his sword into Yan Ruhuo's shoulder. Yan Ruhuo needed to end the fight as soon as possible. He ignored his bleeding shoulder as he gathered his power into his palm and smacked Xuan Yi, who was sent flying for a distance and fell to the ground. 

Yan Ruhuo immediately rushed to Rain's side. "Are you alright?"

"Ha, ha ha..." Rain looked at the ground and suddenly laughed, "Ha ha ha..."

"Rain, stay with me." Yan Ruhuo frowned.

"I'm very awake right now." Rain suddenly hugged Yan Ruhou, "Let's fall into hell together! Brother Yan!"

Yan Ruhuo was puzzled and caught off guard. "Rain?"

A large, black hexagram appeared beneath her feet, the Soul Nails were about to seal her away. 

"We'll die, together!" Rain cackled maniacally as she grabbed onto Yan Ruhuo. 

"Why, Rain..." Yan Ruhuo did not struggle against her grip, he merely muttered under his breath, "Why..."

"Because you're just too strong!' She burst into tears. "Did you know, the Black Tiger that you killed when you first began your training, the one that you thought was a malevolent monster? That was my mother!”

"So... you stayed by my side for so long... just to take revenge?" His voice barely shook as he said that.

"Yes! That's right! Everything was for today! Every night, I have to endure the burning pain of transforming my skin. So even dragging you to hell with me would be enough. Just die!" Rain screamed as a dark aura enveloped her. She had released all of her powers and used them to enhance the Soul Nails. Even though the pain was unbearable, but as long as she could bring Yan Ruhuo down with her, it would all be worth it. 

Yan Ruhuo's eyes suddenly turned cold. "No. I can only blame myself for this." 

Gu Qingyu watched as they sank into the hexagram. The pure innocence in Yan Ruhuo's eyes had vanished, replaced by consuming darkness of hatred and resentment. 

"Rain, don't!" Cloud ran forward with his hand outstretched.

Rain and Yan Ruhuo were already disappearing into the hexagram. She turned around and smiled faintly at Cloud, her lips moved slightly right before she and Yan Ruhuo disappeared into the ground. Even in a distance, Cloud could clearly hear what she had said. "Thank you, Cloud. Farewell."

"Rain!" Cloud let out an anguished scream of despair. 

Rain, Rain. You are so cruel. How can you bear to leave me here, all on my own? You knew that you were my whole world. What shall I do if you leave?

Cloud sank on his knees, the fire in his eyes had faded. 

Gu Qingyu looked away at the sight, he looked too similar to Qi Wan for her to bear. The woman that he had loved for so long had just thrown away her life to drag herself and another man to hell. All of his devotion meant nothing to her quest for vengeance. No one would be fine after experiencing something like this. He must be in such despair and heartbreak. 

Qi Wan silently walked behind Gu Qingyu and put his hand on her shoulder gently. "Boss..."

"Is it over?" Gu Qingyu turned around and met Qi Wan's amber eyes. He pursed his lips and remained quiet. 

Ye Jin's hand was against the wall, and he suddenly opened his eyes. "I found it, the Spirit Gem." 

At this moment, Xuan Wu laughed loudly and stepped back. He did not defend against Suzaku's attacks, red slash marks marred his skin and blood poured from those openings. 

"Rain... Rain..." Xuan Wu murmured. Suddenly, he roared, "All of you will join her!" 

I will avenge you, Rain. I will kill each and every one of them, then myself. Don't worry, you won't be alone there. I will send all of them down to keep you company. Wait just for a moment, they will all be there soon. 

A black light suddenly radiated from Xuan Wu's body, and Gu Qingyu felt her chest tighten and she coughed up a mouthful of blood. 

"Boss!" Qi Wan immediately held her. "Are you okay?"

"The Divine Beasts each strengthens and weakens the other. Xuan Wu's Heart Devouring Stone is the perfect counter for the Pure Blood Stone, which is the White Tiger's heart." Xie Li looked at Xuan Wu with knitted brows. "He's making his last stand."

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