Zang and Li

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Silver-white moonlight cascaded from the sky like a waterfall and illuminated a city. A splendid castle stood in the center of the city. Scarlet flowers adorned the castle walls with blooms and vine. Aside from the occasional breeze that visited with a soft whoosh and the light rustling of leaves, it was a quiet night. 

Outside the castle, a young girl in a red dress stood silently in the darkness. Her head was tilted upwards as she gazed at the building, enthralled by the brilliantly red blooms. A thick red robe was draped across her shoulders as a man behind her said softly, "Li, it's getting cold. Let's head inside."

Li nodded as she turned back to the man with an innocent light in her eyes while drowning in the gifted garment. "These flowers are so beautiful, elder brother Zang. But, I keep getting the feeling that I have seen them a long, long time ago. Just where have I seen them before?"

"Silly." Xie Zang rested his large hand on her head and patted tenderly. "Don't worry so much, just enjoy this." 

You once told me, "Zang, if I can, I don't want to live like this. I’m so tired.” 

You said, “I just want a home for the two of us, away from all the conflict in the world, and the scheming in the royal family."

You murmured, as if you were in a dream. “I once saw a flower in my dreams. It was as red as flames, very beautiful. And it had a sweet, lovely smell. The flowers were so many, they grew all over the city. They even grew and wrapped around a castle. It was so beautiful...” 

So I hugged you tightly and replied. "Sister, when we get to surface, I’ll take you and we’ll run away together.” 

When I said that, you gave me a wry laugh, but I heard you wish for it in your heart. You wished your life would not be so difficult. You wished you could spend the rest of your life with me. Right then, you believed that your wishes would not come true. 

But I have turned your wishes into a reality. 

You have a home, a home that truly belongs to us, and only the two of us. 

Away from the conflicts in the world and the scheming in the royal family.

I want you to live happily forever, and I will stay with you and live happily forever.

Now, the flowers in your dreams are in bloom for all eternity. 

Now, they bloom across a city, our city. They bloom over a castle, our castle. 

You were right, they are beautiful. 

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