Visions of the Future 2

Adorable Creature Attacks!

On a sunny day, Gu Qingyu opened her eyes, stretched lazily, and turned her head to look to her side subconsciously. It’s empty, without any wrinkles, which shows that... the bastard Yen Qiwan didn’t come back last night!

She pouted and sat up, her hands crossed in front of her chest as she huffed. 

How could he leave her alone all night!

Right then, her phone on the bedside table vibrated. Gu Qingyu reached out and grabbed her phone. She just got a text. 

My dear, something's keeping me in the office. Just wait for me for one day, and we'll spend the weekend together tomorrow. <3~ QWQ

The corner of her lips twitched in annoyance. They had been married for a little under a month. He spoiled her with everything. If she asked for it, he would even pluck the moon out of the sky and offer it up to her. She was still working as a psychiatrist, and only went to the hospital when she had appointments, or else she would stay at home. Yen Qiwan was the CEO of a company, and he was very busy, but this was the first time he had not returned home for the night. 

Gu Qingyu walked downstairs and ate breakfast with a sullen mood. Then an idea popped into her head. If he's stuck in the office, then she can just pop in and visit him!

She opened the closet, put on a long sky blue dress, slipped into a pair of heels and tied her hair into a single braid. When she got to the ground floor of their building,   the bodyguard at the door immediately stepped up to her and bowed respectfully. "Madam!"

"Well, I would like to go to Qiwan's company." Gu Qingyu nodded.

"Madam, please wait a moment, we will bring the car over at once."

Not long after, a luxurious car stopped in front of Gu Qingyu. She got into the car, and the car started to drive towards the company.

After a while, the car stopped in front of a skyscraper, and Gu Qingyu stepped out of the car.

"Madam, allow me to bring you to the young master." The bodyguard parked the car and lowered his head respectfully.

"No, I will go by myself." Gu Qingyu shook her head, "Thank you."

The bodyguard did not insist and led her to the front door.

Gu Qingyu walked into the spacious and extravagant lobby with slight unease. This was the first time she has come to Qiwan's company. Would he be upset once he sees her here?

"Is there anything I can help you with?" A good-looking woman came over, looked at Gu Qingyu with a gentle smile.

"Hello, I'm looking for Yen Qiwan." Gu Qingyu explained. 

The receptionist was taken aback for a moment:. "CEO Yen?" How dare she say the CEO's full name? Who was she?

She paused and continued to smile. "Do you have an appointment, Miss?"

"An appointment?" Gu Qingyu frowned slightly. Neither the bodyguard nor Yen Qiwan told her that she needed this kind of thing!

"...No?" The woman was a little bit puzzled. She showed up despite not making any prior arrangements, that meant that she must be close to the CEO. But if that was the case, why has she never seen her before? "May I ask, just who are you, Miss?"

"Ah, I am his wife." Gu Qingyu smiled nonchalantly. This was the first time she had introduced herself as his wife.

The receptionist’s face soured as soon as she said that. "Miss, if you want to pretend to be close to the CEO, you should at least pick someone more believable."

Everyone in the company knows that CEO Yen has always been super clean. He has not had any association with any women, all the girls in the company were vying for the chance to break his record!

"Uh...?" Gu Qingyu narrowed her eyes. "Why are you so sure that I am not?"

"Does this need to be said?" The woman raised her eyebrows, a little bored. "CEO Yen doesn't even have a fiancée, let alone a wife. Please get going, Miss. Or things would get more awkward and difficult once the CEO returns."

Gu Qingyu clenched her fists, pursed her lips, and said nothing.

"If you're not leaving, then I'm going to have to call security." The receptionist looked at the door.

"Hmph, I will go by myself." Gu Qingyu turned around, but heard the sound of footsteps behind her.

She turned her head, and the one who walked in front was Yen Qiwan himself. There was a woman next to him. She looked enchanting, very sweet and very delicate. Gu Qingyu stood rooted to the ground.

"CEO Yen, this woman lied to be your wife and wanted to find you. But I stopped her here." The woman said with a wide grin.

Yen Qiwan also saw Gu Qingyu and paused in his steps. "Why... why are you here?"

Gu Qingyu bit her lip and said nothing.

"My dear! Why didn't you tell me that you're coming! I could have arranged for the red carpet!" He rushed to her side. "Are you tired? Did you get in the sun? Quick, go to my office and rest your legs. I'll bring you a cup of tea right away!"

Gu Qingyu felt the corners of her lips twitch and she pulled them into a smile. "Haha, no need, CEO Yen. I'm just a nobody, you don't have to spend any time on me, none at all."

"My dear, you're angry!" Yen Qiwan said very positively, and then he wrapped his arms around her, his chin resting on her shoulder. Gu Qingyu stiffened at the sudden contact, and the receptionist froze as well. 

She had never seen CEO Yen like this! Wait, he called her my dear. Does that mean that the lady in the blue dress really was his wife? Then, can she still keep her job? CEO Yen's company is one of the top 5 leading companies in the country. Not to mention, his company spanned across all industries. If she was blacklisted... The receptionist shuddered at the thought. 

Not just her, all of the other employees nearly dropped their jaw to the floor. Was this really CEO Yen?

Only the woman who was standing next to Yen Qiwan raised her eyebrows and showed a satisfied smile.

"Yeah, I'm angry, what does it matter to you?" Gu Qingyu snorted softly.

"My dear! My wife! I'm a sinner through the ages! I'll immediately kneel on the washboard when I go back!" Yen Qiwan hugged her tightly, as if he would not let go until she forgives him. 

Gu Qingyu took a deep breath, and then pointed to the woman who was standing next to Yen Qiwan, "Who is she?"

"Hello, my name is Yen Li, his secretary." She smiled innocently. 

Gu Qingyu looked at her with a hint of hostility in her tone. "Oh? Really?"

To her surprise, Yen Li batted her lashes and looked at Yen Qiwan "Brother! Sister-in-law doesn't like me already, how would I ever make her like me?"

Gu Qingyu's face was instantly covered with black lines. Brother? Sister-in-law... Sister-in-law?

Yen Qiwan glanced at her sideways: "You'll just have to find a way, your sister-in-law is my world after all."

Yen Li immediately straightened her back. "Yes, brother!"

Gu Qingyu watched the siblings goof around in silence.

"Come on, my dear, hurry up and rest in my office... Next time, if you miss me, just tell me and I'll come flying home immediately! It must have been so tiring for you to come here." He held her arm carefully, almost like a eunuch in service of the queen.

There was no expression on Gu Qingyu's face, but her heart was full of joy.

"Right," Yen Qiwan seemed to have thought of something. He turned around to look at the receptionist, his eyes were full of coldness that was completely different from before, "I don't want to see you again ever. Don't set foot in this building again."

"CEO Yen!" The woman couldn't help crying out, and immediately two security guards stepped up and dragged her down.

"Let's go, my dear!" Yen Qiwan hugged Gu Qingyu's waist and walked to the office. "Actually, I didn't go home last night because I wanted to finish up some things and instruct my sister on a few things before taking you on a honeymoon around the world~"

Gu Qingyu went silent.

"Are you touched? Ahahaha, let's go! I've already bought the tickets!" 

"But you still made me angry. So you're still going to have to kneel on the washboard."


Yen Li and all of his staff watched them leave, completely speechless. 

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