Chapter 19: Lord of Bloodglass City (Xue Li City)

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 19: Lord of Bloodglass City (Xue Li City)

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“...” The corners of her mouth curled up into a smirk, “By the way, Hero Jia. Did you feel the strange presence that has been following us throughout the journey?”

“Hmm, about that...” He paused, then smiled gently and added, “I don’t think there has been anyone following us.”

No? If he says so then...

It must mean... that I might’ve been overthinking it!

Gu Qingyu nodded, her smile restored like an unveiled sun.

However, there could still be an inkling chance that even Jia Qizhe can’t perceive it, which only means that my senses are amazing!

Jia Qizhe didn’t comment this time, but instead, he sank into deep thoughts.

Truthfully, he had felt someone trailing them ever since they left the bamboo forest. He did not know its identity, but he sensed a very powerful force of energy, equal to him, harbouring in the other presence...

Who could it be? Xiaoyu Xiaoqi Xiaochen

A further distance away from them, a red robe peeked through the darkness.


Jia Qizhe stopped and turned to Gu Qingyu as they arrived outside the palace walls. “Hey, slowpoke. Don’t slow us down.”

“I know!” Gu Qingyu pouted. A pair of snow white ears slowly grew out on her head, and a fluffy white tail peeked out under her dress, swinging side to side. “It might not even be me who’s going to slow us down!”

They ran up on the wall together.

“...” Jia Qizhe became taciturn as he looked out over the palace. After a while, he looked back at her, “I’ll survey the inner palace and see how it is. You can investigate the outer palace.”

“Eh? Understood.” She nodded.

She knew she couldn’t match up to him in strength nor speed, so if she still insisted on coming with him inside, rather than helping, she would instead just bring him more trouble and drag him down.

Gu Qingyu watched Jia Qizhe jump down, slowly submerging into the shadows. A moment later, she lightly tapped on the wall with her foot and flew gently down into the tall bushes around the outer palace.

She waded through the bushes when suddenly a pink petal fell down before her. She looked up and saw a young man dressed in a red velvet robe sitting on a tree branch. He seemed to be sleeping.

Wow... Isn’t he a brazen one. He’s actually taking a nap on a tree in the Imperial Palace...

“Go up to him and try to find some information about him,” she heard the voice of the Jewel of Desired Fate say to her.

Um, I trust you’re not baiting me.

Gu Qingyu thought to herself that he better not be a dangerous person as she quietly approached the tree. “Helloo~! May I ask who you are?”

“Hehe,” the red robed man gave a low chuckle. The way he looked down at her from above reminded her suddenly so much of the other red-robed man who dwelled inside the Blood Jade. “You may call This Lordship, Xue Zang.”

This Lordship... of course. Even their pompous titles are the same... One is a Lord, another is a Venerable.

“Xue Zang... Blood Tomb...” She repeated the name over to herself. “You have a very powerful sounding name! However, I must ask... Why are you sleeping here? Aren’t you afraid of the consequences?”

“Why can’t I?” The red robed man jumped down from the tree branch. The corners of his mouth curled up into the most alluring and beautiful smile, “Is this your home?”

“Oh, nono. Definitely not.” She shook her head. “This is the Imperial Palace!”

The red-robed man stepped forwards, coming closer to her. “Not your home? But I followed you here~”

“What did you just say?” Gu Qingyu was stunned at first, her eyes were blinking, puzzled. Then it suddenly hit her, “I knew it! I told him I sensed someone following us! So it was you!”

He smiled and nodded, “It’s been quite the fun and interesting ride so far~” He took a step closer to her.

“Wh-what do you want?” Gu Qingyu took a step back. “Before you do anything bad, I’ll have you know that I have the one and only, the infamous and mighty, Hero Jia of the Martial World, Jia Qizhe, with me.”

“Who?” The red robed man tilted his head to the side and frowned slightly. He looked like he was trying to dig through his mind’s memory.

Oh my gosh! He’s clearly never heard of Jia Qizhe before! I mean look at him!

But how? Could it be that... Jia Qizhe isn’t as famous as I thought?

Gu Qingyu didn’t know that the man in front of her was an extremely prideful and arrogant individual, someone who looked down on the rest of the world, and someone who never inquired about matters of the Martial World, the City Lord of Bloodglass City.

“Uh... Um...” She pondered a moment, then asked, “Why... Are you following us then?”

“Because I thought...” His smile deepened. “That the Third Young Lady of Gu Family ought to be great fun?”

“Haaa?” His words gave her a great shock. “How did you——” she paused and corrected herself, “Why are you so interested in her?”

“No particular reason. I just am~!” Xue Zang put his chin on his hand and looked up at her in wide-eyed innocence. “And as it turns out, I found myself in great enjoyment being in your company. Don’t you think so too, Miss Gu~?”

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