Chapter 30: Anomaly (2)

Adorable Creature Attacks!

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Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 30: Anomaly (2)

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Gu Qingyu stayed in Mo Bai's room and continued to stare at him. “Then hurry up and change your clothes.”

“...” Mo Bai became slightly stiffer. “... Cough, Yu’er, could you possibly wait for me outside?”

“Eeeh, why? Are you chasing me out? It’s scary outside!” She furrowed her brows. “I don’t want to, I’m just going to stand here and wait.”

Mo Bai let out a gentle smile. “All right.” He picked up his white robe and walked behind the partition screen. He finished changing his clothes very quickly and walked out again.

His long, silky black hair draped around his beautiful white robe. He looked so tender. He was like spring water in a scorching hot desert.

Gu Qingyu could only think of a single phrase at this moment.

His grace and elasticity of bearing, his elegance of manner, unrivalled in the world. A beauty from heavens.

Mo Bai smiled at Gu Qingyu, then he was startled. He quickly took out a white handkerchief and handed it over to her.

“...?” Gu Qingyu looked at the handkerchief confused.

“Yu’er, you’ve got a nosebleed.”

She panicked as she swiftly grabbed the handkerchief from him, trying to staunch the nosebleed with it and turned around.

Shit, shit, shit! Heavens, I actually got a nosebleed just from looking at him...

“Yu’er, is it fine? Would you like me.. to have a look?” he asked concerned.

“No, it’s fine~” She quickly wiped off the blood. “Hehe, I think I’m suffering from internal heat after all the food. Mm, yeah, internal heat!”

“Um, Mo Bai? We should get going before it gets too late——” Before he could answer, she just grabbed his arm and pulled him downstairs.

The two of them walked through the streets. It was as lively during the night as on the day.

Gu Qingyu glanced curiously left and right until she saw an interesting sign.

Three large letters——

Happy Spring House!

“Let’s go there!” She seemed to be full of spirit. “C’mon, Mo Bai!”

Mo Bai hesitated. “Yu’er... are you sure? You’re...”

A lady.

“Ayeow~ Don’t be so shy!” She gave him a bashful look. “Although none of them can compare with me in beautiful, it’s just once in a while! It should be fine~”

How dare I say that I’ve come to Ancient China if I don’t even check out the legendary brothels and pleasure quarters?

He chuckled and nodded. “All right.” He patted her on the head. “If Yu’er says so, then we shall go.”

“Yes!” She pulled him together with her and entered the building.

A young woman greeted them warmly as soon as they entered. “Greetings, young masters. I hope you’ve been well~”

Gu Qingyu took out a fan from who knows where and cast a faint glance at the young woman. She put on airs and pretended a sophistication she didn’t have, “Beauty, this young m——master wants you to bring out your best wine and meat!!”

Instead, the young woman turned a charming smile on Mo Bai as she clung to him. “Young master, you haven’t said a single word towards this lowly servant yet. Could I have done something wrong~?”

You dare disregard this young master!

The whole time Mo Bai was looking at Gu Qingyu. His eyes were filled with warmth and gentle kindness, but also a hint of confusion. He seemed at a loss to do against the young woman’s distasteful behaviour.

He must’ve forced himself to come here because he’s afraid that I’ll get angry? That I might get embarrassed so he hasn’t already shaken off that girl?

She began to regret coming here at this point. So she walked up and pulled the woman away from Mo Bai, then hooked her arms around his. “Young lady, may I ask you to bring us some food?”

The young woman’s face was filled with embarrassment. She saw Gu Qingyu put her arm around Mo Bai’s. “You two...”

“Is it strange?” Gu Qingyu raised her eyebrows. “Forgive us. We have no interest towards women. Did we let you down?”

“Oh... no, absolutely not!” The young woman frantically stepped back. “Liu’er shall take her leave. Young masters, please help yourself——Ah!”

Gu Qingyu pinned the woman against the wall before she could leave.

She said slowly, “Serve. Your. Young. Master. Wine. Now!”

The young woman nodded frantically and ran away.

Gu Qingyu turned her head and bumped into Mo Bai’s smiling eyes.

“Mo-Mo Bai——” She gave him a big smile. “Are you all right?”

He was slightly stunned by the bump, then shook his head. “I’m fine. But I let you get angry, Yu’er.”

Frankly, Gu Qingyu didn’t enjoy this kind of glamorous and flamboyant place. But she had to stay because Venerable Flames told her yesterday that there was another method if she wanted to conceal the presence of the Blood Jade. That is to find a certain person.

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