Chapter 38: Not That Song!

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Ever since travelling here, there had been more things resting on Gu Qingyu’s heart. The people in modern times were once important to her, but now it seemed like she could do without them. Gu Qingyu poked the flame with a stray stick. “Hey, what did you do?”

“Me?” Qi Wan looked at Gu Qingyu wistfully. “I was one of those that the adults always complained about. I stayed at home all day, doing nothing except maybe play a few games.” 

“Then, why would you be approached by them?” Gu Qingyu propped up her chin with one hand as she pondered. ‘Them’ referred to the black-clothed men, obviously.

"What about you?” Qi Wan returned the question.

“I was a psychiatrist.” Gu Qingyu answered. 

“Oh, a psychiatrist?” Qi Wan raised his eyebrows. “I couldn’t really tell, boss!” 

“This is called being deep and complex, what do you know.” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes and scoffed, “I think we’re already at the valley. Let’s rest for a while and rendezvous with the rest tomorrow morning.”

Qi Wan concurred. “Yeah, Brother Mo’s herbs are really useful.”

“He has always been a superb doctor.” Gu Qingyu glared at Qi Wan.

“That’s right...Gu Qingyu,” Just as Gu Qingyu was about to fall asleep, Qi Wan asked softly, “...Do you want to go back?” 

Gu Qingyu replied vaguely, “I do...Bring you all along and...Go back.” 

Go back... together. Is that even possible?


The next morning, Gu Qingyu opened her eyes. She turned to the cave entrance and realised the sun had just risen. She had not slept well, probably due to the location. She checked her surroundings, Qi Wan was no longer at his spot. 

Where did he go?

Just as Gu Qingyu was about to stand up, Qi Wan walked in from the entrance. “Yo, you’re awake? Good morning, boss!”

“Yeah, good morning. What did you do?” Gu Qingyu looked at him as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. 

Qi Wan waved the water bag in his hand. “Looking around for water.” He passed the water bag to Gu Qingyu, “Drink up. The water here is pure, there’s no pollution whatsoever.” 

Gu Qingyu took the water bag. “Hmm, you woke up very early.”

“Yeah, I became such an early riser ever since losing the alarm clock.” Qi Wan whined. “Hurry up and drink, we have to go after a short break.” 

“How are your wounds?” Gu Qingyu took a sip and set the water bag down.

“Recovering very well.” Qi Wan stretched his limbs. “Let’s go.”

Gu Qingyu stood up and stretched as well. “Let’s go!”

They walked out of the cave and leaned over the cliff.

“How do we get down?” Gu Qingyu exclaimed.

Qi Wan thought for a bit. “Summon Wings.”

“...Huh?” Even though I don’t know what you’re saying, it sounds quite powerful!

“I remember that Qian Cheng did teach you? Sigh, boss, it’s not that he didn’t teach well but your intelligence is indeed worrying!” Qi Wan sighed.

“Urgh, screw you!” Gu Qingyu gave him a harsh glare, then asked impatiently. “How do I  summon them?”

“First, stretch out your small hands.” Qi Wan said in seriousness. 

Gu Qingyu was affected by the sudden change of his tone and followed his instructions diligently. 

“Then, put them behind your head.” 

“Yes, that’s right, very good, then slowly squat down.”

“Yes, that’s right, then get up, squat down again, and repeat.”

Gu Qingyu repeated the actions, the sequence of movements became increasingly familiar. Where did she hear this before? Then, it hit her like a brick, she stood up immediately and clamped her hands together, cracking her knuckles.

“Boss…” Qi Wan knew something bad was happening. “Um...we can talk this out…”

“Don’t worry, you and I have nothing to say.” Gu Qingyu calmly pushed up her sleeves. “I’ll give you three seconds to remember the happy moments of your life.”

“Boss…” Qi Wan suddenly had an idea and pointed behind. “Look! A shooting star!” 

Gu Qingyu flinched, then turned back gullibly. Before she figured out it was another trick, Qi Wan gave her a hard kick. Gu Qingyu lost her balance and fell down the cliff.

“What kind of shooting star shows in the bright daylight! If you want to hurt me, have some subtlety!” Gu Qingyu shouted but she saw Qi Wan jump down as well.

Qi Wan was shouting too, but his voice was muffled by the wind, so it came in bits and pieces. “Quick! Summon your wings! Focus and concentrate! Imagine you flying in the sky!”

Gu Qingyu calmed down, she looked at Qi Wan, “I’ll try…” 

She paused before she gave up. “Sometimes I feel like a little bird. I want to fly and fly, but could never fly high!”

“Not that song! How can you not fly high! Change it!” Qi Wan was quick to the chase.

Are you for real? 

Gu Qingyu then sang, “Spread my wings, soar and shine bright! At this moment, I’ll fly freely! Never giving up is my hope, the torrent in my heart will now be released forevermore! Spread my wings, strong and brave…”

“Just like that!” Qi Wan encouraged her. Just as they were about to hit a branch, Gu Qingyu took off and flew high up into the sky.

“I summoned them!” Gu Qingyu was ecstatic. Then, Bam! That sound came from below. 

Oops! I got so excited that I forgot about Qi Wan! 

Gu Qingyu then stiffened her shoulders and landed softly. “Qi Wan? Qi Wan?”

A cough came from the bushes. Gu Qingyu immediately rushed over and indeed, there was little Qi Wan with twigs and leaves stuck in his hair. 

“Damn! I helped you summon your wings to save myself! Not to fool around!” Qi Wan regrettably undid his silver hairband and released his dark green hair. 

“Hey, hey, you’re fine, aren’t you?” Gu Qingyu laughed sheepishly. “Then again, now I have my own wings, I can use them in a pinch…”

Her words slowly came to a halt and she finally registered Qi Wan’s surprise at whatever was behind her. She looked behind and was shocked too. It was not the wide bird-like wings like Jia Qizhe. Instead, she had light and clear wings, like a butterfly, the edge of her wings were lined in gold and shimmered in the sun.

“It’s beautiful!” Qi Wan exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Gu Qingyu agreed. It was absolutely beautiful. Gu Qingyu kept her wings. 

They walked out along the small path, and right there, at the end of the valley was the rest of the party. 

“Brother Zhu, are you alright?” Mo Bai looked in concern, his tone as gentle as always.

“Yeap!” Qi Wan replied on her behalf. He had tied his hair back, straightened his clothes and returned to his usual handsome and flamboyant persona. He walked over to Mo Bai and tapped his shoulder. “Brother Mo! Your herbs are really good! Only one night and I recovered from all the wounds I got from yesterday’s battle!”

A murderous intent flashed in Mo Bai’s eyes but he concealed it, Gu Qingyu was watching their exchange. Thus, Mo Bai smiled as he silently shifted Qi Wan’s hand off his shoulder. “Is it? Then I would prepare a few tonics in my spare time, Brother Qi must drink them all.”

“Ahaha, Brother Mo is too kind, it’s okay!” Qi Wan knew when to stop and walked away.

“Hubby!” Xiao Qi pounced, “I was so worried for you!” Oh God, when did she get used to such a strange name, hey!

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Everything’s ok now!” Gu Qingyu patted Xiao Qi’s head. “Jia Qizhe, how are you all?”

Jia Qizhe, who was singled out, replied with a smile, “They will never come back.” 

What a humble yet badass reply…  Hero Jia indeed…

“Oh dear, my master said that scholars should focus on studies, not violence.” Qi Yichen bemoaned like a widow. 

Scholar? You’ll have to behave like one first!

Murong Zuoyu gave his usual chilly response. “Brother Zhu, since you’re alright, then let’s go.”

“Yeah! Do you know where those people came from?” Gu Qingyu suddenly asked and exchanged looks with Qi Wan. 

Looks like we’re on the same page.

“They had tight lips.” Murong Zuoyu shook his head. “They end their own lives before interrogation.”

Gu Qingyu sighed. “Let’s go, Xieli Castle is just after this valley.”

Jia Qizhe walked in front of Gu Qingyu. “Stay behind me, everything will be fine.” Gu Qingyu did not refuse and agreed silently.


Yan Zun appeared, floating in the air again. Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes and asked via telepathy, “Why did you come out again?”

“Your master wants to chill.” Yan Zun was clearly in a good mood, he winked and looked at the bright sun. “It’s been so long since I bathed in this sunlight…” He looked like he was reminiscing about something. 

Reminiscing about what? It’s not like he would tell me, neither am I interested. It’s his decision, and I honestly don’t care about that sort of gossip. 

Gu Qingyu followed his gaze and looked up at the sun too. She closed her eyes and bathed in the warmth of the sunlight. 

“Brother Zhu, what are you doing?” Qi Yichen asked curiously.

Gu Qingyu opened her eyes and looked at him lazily. “I was going through photosynthesis!”

“Photosynthesis? What’s that?” Murong Zuoyu interjected curiously.

“Photosynthesis, as its name implies, is an effect that happens after absorbing light, is my analysis right?” Qi Yichen analyzed, tilted his head. “But, isn’t that done in plants only?”

Qi Yichen was indeed a smart scholar, Gu Qingyu nodded in respect. “Yes!”

Qi Wan nodded too. “Brother Qi may not know, our Brother Zhu, as his name implies, came from bamboo, so he can absorb sunlight too, break down carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. He is a key player in our ecosystem, so…”

Initially, Qi Wan was just playing along. But later he spilled more and more trivia on biology. 

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