Chapter 50: A Living Myth iris.knight's Thoughts

Adorable Creature Attacks!

The wave grew and swelled, it was about to slam onto the deck. Jia Qizhe flew into the air, his blue robes billowed behind him. Blue light swallowed the wave and stopped it, the light continued and hurtled towards the yellow stranger. 

The stranger observed as Jia Qizhe countered his attack, somewhat impressed and amazed. That amazement soon twisted into a mocking grin. “Interesting.” He gently waved his hand and wiped away the blue light as it was about to hit him. Jia Qizhe smirked, as if unperturbed by this. He only used twenty percent of his strength, it was just a test. The ship suddenly stopped, then the stranger leaped onto the deck of Qi Wan’s ship. Gu Qingyu studied the stranger. His black long hair was tied in a high knot, his eyes are narrow and thin, his lips are slightly curled. That stranger was pretty good-looking but as much as she liked handsome men, it was a different story with handsome men that attacked her.

“Who are you?” Gu Qingyu demanded.

“Huh?” The yellow-robed man turned slightly towards Gu Qingyu. “Who are you then?”

“Who cares about who I am.” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, annoyed. “Go, Qi Wan! Bite him!”

“Yes, boss!” Qi Wan stopped right before he dashed forward. “Wait, I’m not a dog!”

Gu Qingyu rubbed her neck as she flushed. “Um, take 2. Go, Qi Wan!”

“Yes, boss!” Qi Wan dashed forward, his ribbon flew towards the stranger.

That man stepped back and retreated back to the sea. He quickly countered Qi Wan’s attack. They exchanged blows, each hit was enough to set waves splashing onto the deck. 

“Oh my, even Qi Wan is so powerful…” Gu Qingyu widened her eyes as she watched, they were evenly matched. 

“That is because you have a lot of potential that you have yet to discover.” Jia Qizhe had landed beside her, he caressed the top of her head as he replied. His words were not some random patronizing comment, he actually had a faint feeling that Gu Qingyu indeed had immense potential. From the moment the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny chose her, to the roar she made in Xieli Castle and the unrecognizable form she transformed into.

“Thanks.” Gu Qingyu misread his intentions and stuck out her tongue. “Actually, should we help Qi Wan?” 

“No need, it would be better if he died in the fight.” Jia Qizhe said indifferently. 


Qi Wan heard Jia Qizhe’s comment. He secured a ribbon around the rails of the ship, then yanked it and flew back onto the deck using the recoil. “Since you’re so good, you do it!”


Meanwhile, Murong Zuoyu watched the yellow-robed man as he too landed on their ship. His lips twitched irritably. “Long time no see, elder brother.”

Elder Brother?

Murong Qize smiled. “In my memory, you have always been resolute and disciplined, my younger brother. What makes you decide to mix with a group of kids?”

A group of kids? Now, Gu Qingyu could agree with that.

Before Murong Zuoyu could reply, Gu Qingyu interjected. “What are you?”

“Um…” Murong Qize looked at Gu Qingyu, puzzled. They had to forgive him for not understanding her.

“You don’t understand? With your intelligence, you can’t even go out to the world.” Gu Qingyu tilted her head slightly. “Qi Wan, translate!”

“Yes, boss!” Qi Wan stepped forward and jabbed a finger in Murong Qize’s face. “You’re an idiot!”

Gu Qingyu’s lips twitched, “You can go on BB!” 

“If you actually can, then continue talking!” That sounded a little disjointed, Qi Wan turned back to Gu Qingyu. “Oh? Was it for me? Ok.” 

His focus returned to Murong Qize. “You’re pollution to the air and a waste for the earth! Your looks make all the clown laugh, your intelligence needs a national funeral of three years!”

...I heard the first line before, but what in the world are the ones that followed it?

Murong Qize retorted, “Who are you?” He pointed at Gu Qingyu.


“I am limpeh!” Gu Qingyu punctuated her words with a wave.

Qi Wan copied her action. “I am your daddy!”

Murong Qize’s face turned blank. Daddy? Even though he had never heard of ‘Daddy’, he did know ‘Father’. They should have the same meaning. But his father was the Emperor?

Murong Qize realised he was being made a fool and flew into a rage. “How dare you!” 

“Thank you, I will go on.” Gu Qingyu bowed, unflinching at his rage.

“Thank you for your compliment, there’s more where it came from.” Qi Wan bowed too, emboldened by his response. 

Qi Yichen could not hold his laughter any longer and sniggered.

Murong Qize wanted to take action but Gu Qingyu stopped him with a raised hand. “This kid, are you sure you want to fight us? Someone could complain about us bullying children!”

Murong Zuoyu kept a stoic face, but there was a twinkle in his eyes. Clearly, he and Murong Qize was not on good terms. But they did share a father, so Gu Qingyu and Qi Wan’s goading still rubbed him the wrong way. 

Murong Qize sneered. “Your eyes look familiar. ”

“Oh? Is that so? Who could have beautiful eyes like mine?” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes.

Murong Qize approached her and leaned close to her ear, his voice dropped to a whisper. “The third daughter of the Gu residence.”


A chill went down Gu Qingyu’s spine, but before she could react, Qi Wan had ensnared Murong Qize in his ribbons and tossed him into the sea. Murong Qize somersaulted backwards, broke free from the ribbon and barely regained his footing on the sea surface. It was clear that he was tired. Murong Qize looked at Qi Wan in disbelief. Their strength was on par, but now...

“Stay away from her.” Qi Wan’s eyes shot cold daggers at him. 

Suddenly, a blue gale swept towards Murong Qize. Jia Qizhe floated in mid-air, his eyes shining in a light blue.

“Wow! He's even more pissed off than me!” Qi Wan’s eyes were about to pop out. Indeed heroes are not to be trifled with! 

Murong Qize was shocked and immediately protected himself with a barrier, but waves swept up by the gale broke through his defenses. He dodged, looking more and more disheveled.

Gu Qingyu was taken aback at first, then started laughing, “That’s what you get for acting all high and mighty! I thought someone noteworthy has actually shown up! But you’re actually such a fool!”


“Nice one, Jia Qizhe!” Qi Wan whistled and cheered along. Meanwhile, Mo Bai sprinkled some powder into the sea. 

Jia Qizhe landed from above and asked Gu Qingyu, “Are you hurt? Should I end this?”

“No need, thank you all!” Gu Qingyu winked. “We should all get along together!” 

The waves splattered and hit Murong Qize. He then stumbled backward and coughed up some black blood. One of the waves had carried Mo Bai’s poison to him, though that could have also been caused by his rage or Gu Qingyu’s words of ‘getting along’?

He flew onto his ship’s deck and gestured to his minions. “Go!”

The ship turned around and went past Qi Wan’s ship.



“Well done, you all!” Gu Qingyu grinned as she watched them retreat. 

“Don’t forget me!” Xie Zang lifted his arms into the air, his red sleeve flapped in the wind, revealing a giant fireball in his hands. Followed by… Bam! 

“Um…” Gu Qingyu looked at the sea, seeing Murong Qize’s ship disappeared without a trace, “You’ve sunk his ship?”

“Yeap.” Xie Zang looked at Gu Qingyu grinning, like a good kid waiting for his compliment.

“Will he die?” Gu Qingyu looked at Xie Zang.

Xie Zang shook his head, “Don’t know.”

“He won’t.” Murong Zuoyu said calmly, “He is Murong Qize, powerful in both the martial arts and the mind. His powers are practically a living myth at this point.”

Gu Qingyu gulped, “So you mean, we ganged up and beat up a living myth?”

“Yes.” Qi Yichen replied.

“Incredible…” Gu Qingyu’s face turned from shock to jubilation, “Ah hahaha! To think I would have such a day!”

Everyone thought. We never thought you would get such a day too.


Soon the storms had ceased and the waves had calmed. Gu Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief, she glanced towards their unfinished, half-destroyed meal and walked back to her room. Before long, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Gu Qingyu laid on her bed with her eyes closed and her arms folded behind her head. She nibbled on the foxtail she got from Qi Wan, it looked like she was taking a nap.

Xie Zang walked in, “Hey, Kitten.”

“Hi.” Gu Qingyu did not even open her eyes.

“Don’t be so cold.” Xie Zang pouted. He sat down in a chair and leaned back, balancing it on two legs. “What? Are you unhappy? What are you thinking?”

“I was thinking,” Gu Qingyu spat out the foxtail. “This is our first day at sea and we already met such a big problem, then in the future…”

“In the future, no matter how many troublesome figures, we will fight them all.” Xie Zang finished her sentence for her. “You see, even that living myth would think twice before attacking us again. Little Kitten, we’re all here, don’t worry.”

“Thank you.” Gu Qingyu sat up, “Honestly, I wonder why you would follow us.” 

“Not ‘us’, but ‘you.” Xie Zang’s lips curled into a grin, “Who would not want the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny! Also, following you can lead to the seven Spirit Gems.” He paused, then teased, “Little Kitten, everyone here actually has thoughts like mine. We just never said them. Don’t trust anyone so easily.”

“But all of you have protected me this whole time.” Gu Qingyu shrugged. “You are all my friends, this can’t be helped. If such a day would come…”

“Okay, okay.” Xie Zang stood up, waved and gave a smile, “It’s getting late, I’ll go back first. If that day comes, you should think about what you’re going to do first.”

Gu Qingyu was dumbstruck and watched him slowly leaving the room, “If that day comes…”

If there is really such a day that all of you want to kill me, want to get the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny, want the Spirit Gems, and start killing each other. Then, what shall I do?

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That's an ominous message from Xie Zang. Clearly, something is brewing on the horizon. I would actually consider this point to be the conclusion of Act 1, now that the main cast has been introduced and their dynamics quite clearly shown. 

Just to recap, here is the list of main characters (in order of appearance): 

  • Gu Qingyu, our MC who travelled from the modern world on a stormy night. 
  • Jia Qizhe or Hero Jia, Fighter and Fierce Protector
  • Xiao Qi, Gu Qingyu's former servant girl, now best friend. 
  • Mo Bai, Doctor and Fierce Protector
  • Qi Yichen, Scholar and Strategist
  • Yan Zun, spirit that resides in the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny, teaches Gu Qingyu spells and skills
  • Murong Zuoyu, Duke/Prince of Dong Xuan, sworn to protect the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny
  • Qi Wan, business owner and another person from the modern world.
  • Xie Zang, Lord of Xieli Castle