Chapter 64: Both of You were so Noisy Last Night iris.knight's Thoughts

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Late at night

Everyone had fallen asleep. Gu Qingyu and Xiao Qi shared a room, while the boys all shared another room. Sha Wukong and his wife were really kind to them.

"Xiao Yu, are you still awake?" Xiao Qi broke the silence softly.

Gu Qingyu's voice soon followed. "No, what's the matter?" She was not really sleepy, as she had gotten used to the exhaustion of the journey, and took a long nap in the afternoon.

"Xiao Yu, I ..." Xiao Qi paused for a long time. She seemed to be thinking about something, Gu Qingyu waited for her patiently. Finally, Xiao Qi's voice came again. "Xiao Yu, you will always be with me, right?"

"Of course, silly! What are you thinking about?" Gu Qingyu blurted out. 

"I always thought it would be impossible for me to know my past." Xiao Qi spoke in a low voice. "But Xiao Yu, you know, the moment you took me to the Imperial Palace in Beiying... No, To be precise, it should be the beginning of my adventure when I followed you. I never thought that my brother was actually the Emperor of Beiying, and I would not know that I was a princess. Thank you, Xiao Yu, for letting me have an elder brother who loves me, and you who are so good. "

"Silly girl." Gu Qingyu rolled over to look at Xiao Qi.

But what Xiao Qi said next stunned her. "But, are you really my Miss?" She said "Miss", not "Xiao Yu"

"In the past, you've always needed someone to look out for you, to watch your back, to protect you. And you never listened to what anyone said, you've always done things your way. Then everything changed that day." Xiao Qi's voice paused. "But you look the same, you sound the same, so who are you?"

Yeah, for someone as sensitive as Xiao Qi, she must have realised that the person with her was not the real Gu Qingyu. In the entire group, Xiao Qi was the one that truly knew the original "Gu Qingyu". I merely transmigrated over with my soul, so "Gu Qingyu" is still "Gu Qingyu", cat demon and all. So Xiao Qi had to treat her as "Gu Qingyu". And now, she has finally asked what has been on her mind. 

"I am Gu Qingyu." That was true. Whether it was in modern times or ancient times, her name was always Gu Qingyu.

"Xiao Yu..." Xiao Qi chewed her lips, as though she wanted to ask something else. 

"Go on."

Xiao Qi slowly asked, "Qi Wan, what is his relationship with you?"

Qi Wan... I can't exactly say that I came from another world, in which thousands of years from now, I was murdered and he choked to death, then both of us transmigrated over together after we died.

"A friend." Gu Qingyu thought for a while and finally decided not to scare her.

"Really?" Xiao Qi was understandably doubtful.

"Silly girl, it doesn't matter who I am. Just know I'm Xiao Yu, ok?" Gu Qingyu took a deep breath.

"Um. Xiao Yu." Xiao Qi repeated obediently. Then, there was silence. Gu Qingyu listened to Xiao Qi's breathing gradually slow and smoothen, and she released a breath she did not know she was holding. The relationship between Xiao Qi and Gu Qingyu should be quite good, right? Therefore, in this world, it's not surprising that only she would care about the true "Gu Qingyu". Jia Qizhe or Mo Bai, Qi Wan is even less so, they all know her now… Gu Qingyu let out a soft sigh, closed her eyes, and entered the spiritual world.

Yan Zun sat on a chaise longue as he played with a few nails in his hands. Gu Qingyu soon recognized that it was the Soul Nails.

"Master?" Gu Qingyu called softly, and Yan Zun raised his head slightly.

"I was looking to see if I can unlock its seal." Yan Zun shrugged indifferently. "But it's just a look."

"That's very laid-back of you. " Gu Qingyu sat down beside him. After spending time with Yan Zun for a while, she found that Yan Zun is not as scary as she thought, as is Xie Zang, Jia Qizhe, and Murong Zuoyu. They also laugh, and they also get angry.

"Speak for yourself? Aren't you quite laid-back yourself?" Yan Zun glanced at her. 

Gu Qingyu smiled sheepishly, and he continued. "Want to know the real power of the Soul Nails and the Soul Chain?"

She nodded. Yan Zun explained as he twirled the nails between his fingers. "They are two souls bound together. The Soul Chain and the Soul Nails, only when they are used together can their true power be awakened. If the dark power of the Soul Chain was awakened, it can ensnare souls and drag them into a bottomless abyss. While the Soul Nails can nail people's souls, they would go through excruciating pain, as though they were being burnt alive, but they will not be able to break free.” 

"Dark Powers?" She stared at the Soul Nails in his hands.

"Yeah, they are all weapons of sin, so they were sealed up long ago." He nodded.

Gu Qingyu is even more puzzled. "Why is there such a thing in that arsenal? Shouldn't all weapons like this be hidden in a coffin then buried in the ground until the chosen one comes by to free it?"

"Did you read too many novels?"

She cringed at his question. "You read them too?"

"Ah, it helps to kill time." He answered. "I believe someone found them and brought them to the arsenal. After all, few people know the true nature of these two weapons. Maybe they were treated as ordinary weapons. "

She nodded, that was a sound theory. "Well, maybe. But can I not use them completely? Or, how can I try not to touch their dark power as much as possible?"

"You won't tap into their dark powers if you don't want to." He said with curled lips. "As long as they don't let them fall into the hands of people with ulterior motives. And, as long as you don't reveal your inner darkness to them, or else you will be consumed and controlled by them instead."

"Got it." Gu Qingyu nodded solemnly. She was reminded of that rainy night at the mention of inner darkness. "That ..."

"Do you want to ask, why did you have that nightmare that night?" He looked as though he read her mind. "Actually, that's what you have been worried about? You act as if everything is fine, but the moment you turn your back you're afraid that they would be at each other's throats. You knew they would never be true friends, but you still wanted to try."

His words were spot on, Gu Qingyu gave a slow nod. 

"Don't be so eager that you wear it on your sleeve. Your inner demons can take advantage of that." Yan Zun sighed and put his hand on the top of her head. "I doubt they would fight amongst themselves anytime soon, even if it's over you."

"I see!" Gu Qingyu said with a smile, "Thank you, Master!"

"Do you still want to go back to your world?" Yan Zun dropped his hand and asked suddenly.

"It doesn't seem that important anymore." Gu Qingyu shook her head. "Helping Master is the first goal. It's just ... Master, can you tell me why you want to come out? This sounds like a stupid question, it's obvious that everyone would want to stand at the top of the pyramid. But I don't think Master is someone that is power-hungry. So why are you so desperate to get out?"

"Why?" Tiny wrinkles appeared at the corner of his long, narrow eyes as he recalled something from his distant memory. "For revenge."

His voice was lonely and forlorn, with reluctance and sorrow. Yet, there was a sense of resolve in that declaration. 

"Revenge?" Gu Qingyu never expected his answer.

She simply could not wrap her head around the level of hatred that was carved onto his soul, that he would resent it for tens of thousands, or even millions of years. 

"Want to learn more?" Yan Zun smiled.

Gu Qingyu nodded immediately.

"Dream on." The words spat out of Yan Zun's thin lips without hesitation. He leaned back on the chaise lounge. "I'm tired. You should get some rest too."

Since Yan Zun said so, she did not press further. She silently withdrew from the spiritual world. When she opened her eyes, it was dark. Xiao Qi's even breathing was still in her ear.

Gu Qingyu tossed and turned but she couldn't sleep. Yan Zun's forlorn but resolute 'revenge' echoed in her ears.

What could possibly cause him to become so hateful?

Gu Qingyu blinked suddenly, she suddenly felt really drowsy. 

Did Yan Zun read my mind? Is that why he's sending me to sleep? 

Gu Qingyu closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Gu Qingyu woke early. Xiao Qi was still fast asleep, so she decided to let her sleep in. She slipped out of bed, put on her shoes, and walked out of the door. As soon as she arrived in the living room, she saw Sha Wukong's wife cooking in the kitchen. Gu Qingyu stepped into the kitchen.

"Huh? Brother Zhufan, why are you here?" His wife flinched when she saw her, but she smiled. "Take a seat outside, breakfast will be ready soon!"

"I'll help you!" Gu Qingyu smiled politely.

"No need! These are what I, a woman, should do, what a nosy boy you are! Go, go!" She gently pushed her out of the kitchen. Gu Qingyu relented. 

Jia Qizhe came in from the front door. "Morning."

"Jia Qizhe? Did you go for a morning run?" Gu Qingyu looked at Jia Qizhe with a confused expression.

Jia Qizhe shook his head. "No, what's wrong?"

"Then why did you come in from outside?"

"I slept outside last night." Jia Qizhe sighed. "Ah, Little Yu'er, you have no idea how loud Mo Bai snores. And..."

Jia Qizhe's current mission: Do everything possible to ruin Little Yu'er's image of that pretty face Mo Bai!

"What?" Dress proudly in full white, Mo Bai approached the pair from outside,

"Mo Bai? Why did you come in from the outside too?" Gu Qingyu was even more confused. "Did you two go out again?"

"What are you thinking, Yu'er." Mo Bai touched Gu Qingyu's head and smiled softly. "What a surprise, Hero Jia, to think that you have fungal feet."

Mo Bai's current mission: Do everything possible to defame this asshole in front of Yu'er!

"Pff!" She did not believe for a moment that Mo Bai snores and Jia Qizhe has fungal feet, but it was hard to not laugh when two beautiful men said this to each other.

"Morning, boss." Qi Wan walked in, waving Qi Yichen's fan. He glanced at Jia Qizhe and Mo Bai with an innocent look, "Brother Jia, Brother Mo, both of you were so noisy last night! I could barely sleep!"

Gu Qingyu went from confused to shocked. Her eyes darted between the three men before her. Jia Qizhe's face was frozen, Mo Bai's warm smile stiffened. They gritted their teeth and said. "You and Brother Qi were quite active last night as well."

Gu Qingyu inhaled sharply. There is no way...right?

"Get off my back!" Qi Yichen came out of the room and snatched his fan back from Qi Wan. "The three of you can go enjoy yourselves. Don't think I don't know what you three were doing last night!" Gu Qingyu stared at them in horror, her hand covered her mouth as she fought the smile tugging at her lips. 

The two men who were not caught up in the defamation circle, Murong Zuoyu and Xie Zang, slowly walked out of their room. Qi Wan greeted them with an innocent look. "Ah, the two of you are finally here!"

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