Chapter 74: Your Logic or Your Wife? iris.knight's Thoughts

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Gu Qingyu was so embarrassed by his sincere compliment that she quickly escaped Mo Bai's room after chatting with him a little. She glanced at the clock, it was almost lunchtime. Why isn't Jia Qizhe back yet...?

She pouted as she picked up lunch and came to Qi Yichen's room. She knocked on the door first, and pushed open the door after hearing Qi Yichen's "Please come in".


At the moment, Qi Yichen was reading the book that Gu Qingyu bought him when she was shopping yesterday, while snacking on sunflower seeds. Knowing that it was Gu Qingyu, he opened his mouth without looking up from the book. "Ah-"

He's so pampered that he barely registered her, and expects everything to be handed to him on a silver platter. Well, at least he's recovering well. Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes angrily and plopped down at the edge of his bed. She held up the bowl of rice. "Here, eat up, Mister!"

Qi Yichen finally seemed to have realised something was wrong in his periphery, he looked up and froze immediately. Then, he shuffled and shrank to the corner of the bed, wrapped up in his blanket, and looked absolutely terrified. But what he said next was what really made Gu Qingyu want to vomit up blood. "Begone, demon!"

Gu Qingyu put the bowl down angrily, and was about to explain things, but her eyes met with Qi Yichen's anxious gaze. "What happened to you, Qingyu? Are you being possessed by some demon?"

"You're the one that's possessed!" Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes again angrily, "I just want to change back to my normal clothes! Each of you treats me like a monster instead, you might as well burn me on a stake!" 

"No," Qi Yichen blinked and blinked. "Qingyu, it's really beautiful. I believe it's just that I haven't gotten used to it."

Gu Qingyu hmphed as she picked up the bowl again. "Finish your food!"

"Yes!" Qi Yichen smiled with the spoon in his mouth.

"How do you feel?" Gu Qingyu watched him eat. He looked fine, nothing that indicated psychological issues. 

Even if there is an issue, I should be able to help... I am a psychiatrist!

In other transmigration stories, there are killers and geniuses, a little weaker would be at least a doctor or healer. We do have a doctor now, why am I just a psychiatrist! Gu Qingyu complained internally.

"Well, I feel much better!" Qi Yichen nodded while eating. "You can go sightseeing now!"

The second line should be the main point...

Gu Qingyu nodded. "Alright, take a short break, we will set off in the afternoon and stop by Wukong's village before we leave this place."


"Okay." Qi Yichen finished his last bite, closed the book, and pointed to the ground. "I'll leave this to you, Qingyu!" She followed his finger and looked to the floor, only then did she notice the sunflower seed husks that littered the floor.

"Qi Yichen, don't push your luck!" Gu Qingyu gritted her teeth and squatted down to sweep the shell.

"Hahaha!" Qi Yichen laughed heartily, he opened his fan and fanned. Gu Qingyu was startled by the sight of his fan. Qi Yichen still doesn't know that he can no longer use his powers right?

He gave her a cheeky grin. "What's wrong? Do you think it is too difficult? I'm sorry, I can't help you. After all, I'm injured."

Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, picked up the sunflower seed husks, and nodded at Qi Yichen. "Rest first, I'll let you know when we're ready to leave." 

"Okay!" Qi Yichen was clearly excited. "See you!"


Gu Qingyu ran head-on to Jia Qizhe when she stepped out of Qi Yichen's room. She immediately turned to hide in a corner, adjusted her clothes, and took out the handkerchief. When Jia Qizhe got closer, she came out of the corner and beamed at him with her signature smile. "Hero Jia!" 

Clearly, Jia Qizhe had only seen her at that moment. He was slightly surprised, but then he smiled. "Xiao Yu'er, very good!"

Gu Qingyu covered her lips with the handkerchief and smiled without showing her teeth. "Thank you for the compliment!"

"You're welcomed." Jia Qizhe asked her with a little excitement, "Am I the first to see you like this?"

"Dream on." She rolled her eyes. "On the contrary, you are the last one to see this."

Jia Qizhe's face darkened for a moment, and he walked forward, right past her. Gu Qingyu was pretty sure that he was angry, she immediately followed him and grabbed him by the sleeve. "Don't be angry, Xiao Zhezhe~ Xiao Zhezhe, calm down...."

Jia Qizhe merely hmphed, yanked out his sleeve from her hand, and continued to walk to his room. Just as Jia Qizhe was about to close the door, Gu Qingyu immediately stuck out her arm and blocked the door. But Jia Qizhe opened the door completely, pulled Gu Qingyu in, and then shut the door firmly.


In Jia Qizhe's room

Gu Qingyu panicked for a moment, and then she summoned all of her bravery and began her speech with a resounding sense of justice. "Well, tell me what I should do? You have no right to get mad at me when you weren't even there to collect the clothes with me. Obviously it was the clothes that you customized for me, but in the end it was Qi Wan who went to get it! Do you know that I... " She paused suddenly.

"What? What about you?" Jia Qizhe's anger slowly disappeared with her words, "Go on."

"I, I ..." Gu Qingyu stuttered. Finally, she stopped that train of thought and yelled with her eyes shut tight. "In short, it is your fault!"

"Use some logic." Jia Qizhe sat down at the table and picked up a teacup. 

The way he demanded logic pulled out something from the recesses of her memory and she shouted without thinking, "Do you want your logic or your wife?"

She wanted to take back those words the moment they left her lips. "Erm, I, well..."

"I want my wife." Jia Qizhe slowly put down the teacup and calmly replied, his eyes stared directly into her soul.

Are you bloody serious? Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes. "I misspoke!"

"Spoken words are like spilled water. It is difficult to take them back, Xiao Yu'er." Jia Qizhe raised his eyebrows and gave her a knowing smile. 

Gu Qingyu bemoaned. "Can I lick it back?"

"No." Jia Qizhe is also very simple. "I have absorbed it. You can never recover it."

Gu Qingyu had no comeback. Do you need to be so serious?

"Okay, the dress is very beautiful, but your hair is a little messy." Jia Qizhe sat her down in front of a bronze mirror and gently pulled out the wooden hairpin. Her hair tumbled down like a waterfall.

"Very beautiful hair." Jia Qizhe took out a comb from somewhere and slowly combed her hair.

Gu Qingyu's heart raced. Combing my hair? Oh please just let me go! You know, in ancient times, men combing a woman's hair was an act of extreme love, and he's combing my hair right now? 

"What's the matter, Xiao Yu'er?" Jia Qizhe smiled. "Or should I say, my dear?"

"Go away." Gu Qingyu smacked her burning cheeks as she quietly waited for Jia Qizhe to comb her hair. There was silence between them, but the atmosphere was not awkward, instead it was soft and warm. 

Jia Qizhe fiddled with Gu Qingyu's hair. "All done."

Gu Qingyu looked up at herself in the mirror—

"Wow! This looks amazing! Teach me how to do this, Jia Qizhe!" Gu Qingyu immediately fell in love with her reflection. 

Jia Qizhe hmphed, "You still want to learn how to do this when I'm around?"

"Yeah!" Gu Qingyu said immediately and then muttered under her breath, "It's not like you can do my hair for me every day..."

"I can. If you like it, I will do your hair for you every morning." Jia Qizhe casually leaned back on his bed, his hair was a little loose and scattered around the pillow. His robe was also a little loose, it folded and pooled against him. Suddenly, there was tension in the air. 

Gu Qingyu blushed and she immediately turned away. "If you are tired, go to sleep, and if you are not tired, get ready. We're leaving in the afternoon to visit Wukong." 

"Sure, okay." Jia Qizhe's voice was extremely devious. 


After walking out of Jia Qizhe's room, Gu Qingyu felt a little idle. Her footsteps gradually stopped—Qi Wan! Qi Wan is still locked in the storeroom! I completely forgot! 

She immediately turned around and ran to the small firewood storeroom in the backyard. 

The door was still a door and the lock was still a lock. Gu Qingyu twisted and pulled, she broke the lock by hand. (Actually, this was just a random lock).

Qi Wan was lying on a pile of hay in despair. He stared out of the door with empty eyes. His gaze was completely unfocused. 

"Qi Wan?" Gu Qingyu called tentatively. No response, he's still in a daze. Could it be...

Gu Qingyu feared the worst and dashed to Qi Wan's side. She squatted down, grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him as hard as she could. "Qi Wan! Qi Wan!"

Still no response.

"Qi Wan!" Gu Qingyu cried as she hugged him tightly.

After she wrapped her arms around him, she could feel a slight warmth from him. His body was still warm. She blinked profusely and looked at Qi Wan in wonder.

Qi Wan also blinked. "Boss, you have locked me here for three hours..."

Uncontrollable tears poured from her eyes, she squeezed her lips into a tight line, and could not say a thing. The tears startled Qi Wan, and immediately hugged her back. His hand reached up and wiped away the tears for her in a hurry. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't cry, Boss. It's my fault, you can beat me, don't cry... "He hugged Gu Qingyu tenderly. 

Gu Qingyu thought that her heart was going to stop, she simply did not know what to do. Eventually, she stopped her tears. She grabbed Qi Wan's sleeves and wiped her face, only to realise that her tears had created a huge puddle on his chest. 

"Boss, you're a real crier." Qi Wan pulled his clothes helplessly. "It seems that I'm gonna have to change."

"Yeah." Gu Qingyu nodded, her voice still sounded nasal. 

Qi Wan lowered his head. "I'm sorry, Boss, I shouldn't be like this."

"You can still say that?" Gu Qingyu stared at him fiercely with red, puffy eyes, "I did not cry here, not today!"

"Yes, yes, you didn't cry~ Well done~" Qi Wan rubbed Gu Qingyu's head.

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Ok, I would like to make a disclaimer, I really don’t like how Gu Qingyu scolds and brings down Qi Wan so much. With how she treats the other characters, I believe that she can treat Qi Wan with more kindness in her words, and less beating and yelling. I want to make it clear that her way of treating Qi Wan is not normal, and people should not treat their friends, family, or anyone like that. However, I do see that it can be perceived as friendly banter and that Qi Wan is not particularly bothered by it. However, if any of you are being treated like this in real life, and are bothered by it, please let the other party(ies) know and protect yourself. Stay safe!