Chapter 91: Big Brother! iris.knight's Thoughts

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"So ... Uncle Crow, are you free now?" After Ye Jin walked away, Gu Qingyu coughed lightly. "I would love to hear some of your pointers on skills and magic."

"Naturally, I have time." Crow accepted her request. "Miss Gu... Madam, please come with me."

This is really a fast change in monikers, but...

"Don't call me that, just call me Miss Gu or Gu Qingyu." Gu Qingyu blinked.

Crow shook his head. "Madam, the leader has already instructed us, the subordinates to take care of you, please come with me."

Does hospitality have anything to do with my name? And you've even started addressing yourself as 'subordinate', hey!

Gu Qingyu sighed helplessly and patted Qi Wan's shoulder next to her. "Go, Xiao Qi is in that room. I'll go for some practice first."

"Okay, Boss, be careful." Qi Wan nodded as he watched Gu Qingyu leave.


Gu Qingyu followed Crow down the stairs and came to a hall. There was a black flame pattern on the central floor of the hall, which piqued her curiosity. Crow noticed that she was staring at the pattern and explained. "This is the symbol of Ye."

"Symbol..." Gu Qingyu nodded. "So, let's start?"

"Okay." Crow looked at the Lightning and Thunder, and they immediately stood beside him and set up a barrier. The Soul Chain gradually appeared around Gu Qingyu, black patterns glistened and glowed along the chain. Crow stiffened at the sight of her weapon, and then he waved his hand, suddenly a scythe appeared in his hand.

A cloaked man with the black smiley mask was holding a scythe. Crow looked like the grinning grim reaper, whose smile remains unchanged as he harvests your soul.

Gu Qingyu shuddered. His weapon looks even more ruthless than mine!

"Please." The crow waved the scythe, and the tip of the blade sliced through the air with a crack.

Gu Qingyu steadied herself and nodded. She was about to strike when a jingling, bell-like laughter came from behind. She stopped and turned back subconsciously. 

Crow sighed and the scythe disappeared in a burst of smoke. "The Young Miss is back."

"Young Miss?" Gu Qingyu repeated as she put away her weapon.

Crow clarified "The Young Miss is Ye Ya, she is the leader's young sister."

"Eh? He has a sister?" That surprised Gu Qingyu.

"Yes." Crow nodded, without much explanation.


"Brother Crow!" A crisp voice came from behind Gu Qingyu's voice. Before Gu Qingyu responded, she felt a gust of wind sweep over her, and then there was another person on Crow. A girl wearing a light blue dress had wrapped her hands around Crow. Her hair was a pair of twin plaits, the braids were long enough to reach the ground and she had bell bracelets on her wrists and her ankles, so the jingling sound of bells surrounded her.

But... if Gu Qingyu is not wrong... Brother Crow?

Crow looked a little bit at a loss. "Young Miss, your subordinate thinks that you still need more rest when you just came back."

Ye Ya pouted unhappily. "Really, Brother Crow. You didn't even come to fetch me when I came back. But I heard that there are a few outsiders here?"

Outsiders? That sounds a little sharp and thorny... Gu Qingyu sighed slightly.

Crow shook his head. "No, the Leader had brought back Madam."

Ye Ya looked very upset. "Madam? Isn't Madam me? Big Brother Ye Jin likes me the most, ever since we were kids!"

Gu Qingyu instantly felt the very uncomfortable emotion spreading across her body. Fine, continue to ignore me, I'll let it slide because you are a kid! I'll even let go of the 'outsider' comment. But... Big Brother Ye Jin? likes you?

Gu Qingyu hmphed as she whipped around and walked away. As if I would pick a fight with her directly! The best way to handle this is to talk to Ye Jin face to face.


A cunning glint flashed in Ye Ya's eyes, but it was quickly concealed. She turned around and hopped to Gu Qingyu. "Big Sister!" Her voice was sweet, it was hard not to like her voice.

But Gu Qingyu was disgusted when she heard it. She raised her eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

"I heard that you came from somewhere far away. You are our distinguished guests. Since you guys are already here, then as a good host, I need to take good care of you!" Ye Ya smiled and tugged on Gu Qingyu's hand intimately. 


Crow watched the interaction between Gu Qingyu and Ye Ya. Unbeknownst to either of them, he had a deep, worried frown on his face. The Young Miss was about to start working the Madam. Even since the Young Miss was old enough, she would demonstrate her power and prank and bully every woman that dared to step inside Ye. Even the only female member of the top four executives of Ye, Nightingale, would avoid Ye Ya like a ghost. The leader has always been very indulgent of the Young Miss. So who was more important to him now, the Young Miss or the Madam? Crow was also curious to find out. But he has had a good impression of Madam, he couldn't just wait for things to happen...


Crow gave Lightning a small nod, he immediately understood and quietly left the hall. Ye Ya saw Lightning leave the hall, and she smiled. Exactly, isn't it better to let Brother Ye Jin show up? He has always liked her the best, isn't it? Gu Qingyu also noticed how Lightning slipped out of the training hall, and she was not bothered by it.  To be honest, she was also curious about what Jia Qizhe will do.


Ye Ya is really good at this game. She has hidden her sarcasm and mockery in subtlety, Gu Qingyu is a "guest", but she is a "host". Gu Qingyu smiled indifferently. "Xiao Zhezhe has never treated me as a guest~"

"Xiao Zhezhe?" Ye Ya froze for a moment, then smiled happily. "You mean Brother Ye Jin's alias? He hasn't told you his real name?"

"No, he said he prefers me calling him Xiao Zhezhe." Gu Qingyu also narrowed her eyes and smiled. "Are you his sister? Well, it's nice to have a younger sister."

She emphasized the word "sister" and reminded her of her identity.

As soon as Ye Ya heard it, her eyes darkened. The spiciness in her eyes was well concealed. She turned away and smiled sweetly at Crow. "Brother Crow, can you please go outside for a while with Thunder? I just want to spar a little with my big sister, and I don't want you two to get caught up in it."

"This..." Crow hesitated.

"Go, go." Gu Qingyu waved her hand and smiled at him, her smile was relaxed and not strained at all.

Crow was aware that Madam is not the kind that would allow herself to be steamrolled, and the leader should be coming soon. So he agreed. "Well, your subordinate and Thunder would be waiting outside. Do call on us if you need anything, Madam."

As soon as Ye Ya heard the words "Madam," she immediately looked at Gu Qingyu, and then she smiled again. "Okay."

Which means she answered it as the Madam of Ye.

"Is this little girl unable to see who Crow is talking to?" Gu Qingyu blinked and blinked, "Obviously, he was talking to me!" Ye Ya didn't expect that Gu Qingyu would be so straightforward, she froze and was at a loss for words for a while. 

Gu Qingyu continued. "If you can't even tell that he was talking to me, you can ask a teacher to come by and teach you for a few more decades before you play with your big sister."


Crow heard her and stopped at the door, in that moment he was convinced that the Madam was more than capable of handling the situation on her own. 

"Alright, you can head outside." Gu Qingyu smiled at Crow. "By the way, tell my husband to come by the training hall soon."

"Yes, Madam!" Crow retreated immediately, he was also relieved. He knew that Gu Qingyu was using her actions to reassure him. 


After Crow went out, Ye Ya watched Gu Qingyu, her eyes showed contempt. Gu Qingyu looked back into her eyes with an unflinching gaze, her eyes full of sympathy, as if looking at a teenager who had gone astray.

"Why are you looking at me like that!" Ye Ya's demeanor had changed completely, the sweetness and cuteness disappeared in a second.

Gu Qingyu blinked. "Can't tell? It seems that you, little sister, also have problems with your vision! In addition to hearing problems."

According to Gu Qingyu's observations, Ye Ya was about a year or two younger than her, but she dressed cutely, as though she was a teenage girl. 

Ye Ya glared at Gu Qingyu. She hmphed. "The woman who is clinging onto Big Brother Ye Jin better to get out of here soon! Because I, Ye Ya, is the real Madam of Ye!" 

Gu Qingyu looked at Ye Ya with a more sympathetic look, as though she was out of touch with reality. 

"Ah!" Then she sighed before Ye Ya could speak. "Little sister, there must be a limit for self-deception!"

Ye Ya snorted. "Who is the one that’s deceiving themselves?"

"I don't know if you have ever heard a song?" Gu Qingyu's eyes swept around Ye Ya's blank face, and then sang affectionately, "What a beautiful white lotus flower~ What a beautiful white lotus flower~"

"What do you mean?" Ye Ya obviously couldn't keep up with her.

"Do you know what a white lotus looks like? It's very beautiful and perfectly apt to describe you! It's just as beautiful and as kind as you!" Gu Qingyu looked at Ye Ya sincerely.

Ye Ya looked at Gu Qingyu suspiciously. "Then why did you burst into song? Are you afraid of me?"

"Such mental gymnastics, I could barely keep up with you." Gu Qing sighed and shook her head.


"You!" Ye Ya frowned and decided to get on with the fight. She raised her hand and was about to slap Gu Qingyu. 

Gu Qingyu grabbed her wrist and stopped her. "Oh, it's not good to hit people at a young age. Or else, you might offend the wrong kind of people soon."

Ye Ya looked at her in surprise. "You dare to fight back?"

"Or what, just let you slap me?" Gu Qingyu looked at Ye Ya with even more astonishment. There was a sinister glint in Ye Ya's eyes, and then she raised her hand and slapped herself.

The sound echoed through the hall. Gu Qingyu watched her with a mixed sense of admiration. "Is your face itchy?"


Ye Ya's lips twitched, and then she pulled Gu Qingyu's hand. Her eyes welled up with tears instantaneously. "Big Sister, it's Ya'er's fault. Ya'er should have treated her sister better, but Big Sister, why did you hit Ya'er?"

When Gu Qingyu watched Ye Ya’s performance, she immediately knew who just walked through the door and she felt an unnamed sense of pressure behind her. Gu Qingyu no longer held back, she immediately raised her hands and slapped Ye Ya again and again, with her palm and the back of her hand. With tears in her eyes, Ye Ya looked at Gu Qingyu inexplicably. She only stopped when Ye Jin stormed over and grabbed her by the wrist, forcing her to stop. His eyes chilled her to the bone, while Ye Ya had a victorious smile on her face. 

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Oh, it’s that trope isn’t it? Ugh. Personally, I don’t enjoy the possessive little sister trope, mostly because it pits women against each other and makes them fight over a man. However, it is cathartic to see Gu Qingyu go toe-to-toe against Ye Ya. It reminds me a lot of The Story of Yanxi Palace.

FYI: White Lotus is a name/category for characters who look innocent and cute but are anything but, they usually use their cute and innocent appearance to get away with sabotaging and bullying other people.