Chapter 93: Tension iris.knight's Thoughts

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Gu Qingyu and Qi Wan made their way back to Ye's tower. From a distance, she noticed that Crow was waiting for them at the entrance. 

Crow slightly bowed to Gu Qingyu. "I have come to pick you up."

"Thank you." Gu Qingyu smiled generously.

"Please, the Leader is already waiting for you." Crow turned around and gave way to Gu Qingyu.

"Thank you." Gu Qingyu nodded slightly, motioning for Qi Wan to keep up.

Qi Wan slowly followed her. Crow turned around and glanced at Qi Wan, but he did not say anything. 

Crow led them to a large door in the tower. The door opened to the dining room. The dining table was covered with all kinds of delicious food, all of which looked like home-cooked dishes, but all looked like they were rich in fragrance and flavour. 

Ye Jin, Mo Bai, Xiao Qi, Qi Yichen and Murong Zuoyu all sat around the table.

Ye Jin's lips curled when he saw Gu Qingyu. "Xiao Yu'er, come, sit." He pointed to the chair beside him. Gu Qingyu was no longer discreet and took her seat without hesitation. Qi Wan sat down next to her, so Gu Qingyu was sandwiched between Ye Jin and Qi Wan.

"Wow, it looks delicious!" Gu Qingyu looked at the dish and swallowed her saliva.

"Then dig in." Ye Jin chuckled as he filled her bowl. 

"Alright!" Gu Qingyu nodded and began to eat. Everyone else also picked up their chopsticks and started on dinner. 

"Ah, I didn't expect the food here to be so good!" Qi Wan sighed as he ate, "Maybe I should join this organisation too! Brother Jia, are meals covered here?" 

Ye Jin's lips twitched. "Yes, they're covered."

Qi Wan was elated. "Great! Is there an application form? Brother Jia, can you help to expedite the application process too?"

Ye Jin was speechless, that was the first time that anyone wanted to join Ye because of the food… He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

"Me too!" Gu Qingyu raised her hand, and her mouth was still stuffed, so her words slurred as she exclaimed. "Xiao Zhezhe, give me an application form too! The food here is too good!"

Ye Jin winced once again. Application form? It should be something from their world, but the name was quite self-explanatory. 

"Alright, fine." Ye Jin held his head helplessly with his hand. "Xiao Yu'er, please, your food is gonna fall out."

"Hm?" She paused for a moment, immediately covered her mouth, and glared fiercely at Ye Jin, "Meanie!"

Ye Jin stroked her head. "Okay, okay." Mo Bai suddenly lowered his chopsticks with a snap.

"Eh? What happened to Mo Bai?" Gu Qingyu raised her head and looked at Mo Bai in surprise.

"I just feel a little unwell." Mo Bai glanced at Ye Jin lightly, then gave Gu Qingyu a faint smile. 

Gu Qingyu frowned. "Then you shouldn't force yourself! Go and rest up if you don't feel well. Give yourself some medicine, don't suffer in silence. You ought to treat it as soon as possible. What if it's something serious?"

"Yeah." Mo Bai nodded, got up, smiled softly at Gu Qingyu again, then pushed open the door and went out.

"Alas, I guess even the divine doctor can fall sick!" Ye Jin sighed just when Mo Bai reached the door. Mo Bai's fingers tightened, then he smiled lightly and closed the door.

After Mo Bai left, Gu Qingyu glanced at Ye Jin. "What's so strange? Even the Divine Doctor is only human. "

"Yeah." Ye Jin smiled meaningfully. "Of course, the Divine Doctor is only human."

Gu Qingyu was even more puzzled, but she stopped worrying about what Ye Jin had said and continued to eat. She also made a mental note to bring some porridge to Mo Bai later. 

And soon, the dishes that covered the table were all cleared. 

"With so many foodies, you never have to worry about wasting food again!" Qi Wan shook his head while rubbing his stomach. Burp!

Burp! Gu Qingyu also rubbed her belly, "Qi Wan, how heavy are you, why do I always think you are so thin... burp! I didn't expect you... to be able to eat so much...burp!"

Qi Yichen opened the fan and fanned himself "Hiccup! I'm so full... Brother Zhu, you don't know... burp! Actually, Qi Wan is really heavy...burp!"

"Burp! Speak for yourself? Burp!" Qi Wan glared at Qi Yichen.

Murong Zuoyu reluctantly propped up his head with his hand. To be honest, because the three of them were such big and quick eaters, he, Xiao Qi and Ye Jin all ate much less.

"Xiao Yu'er, are you full?" Ye Jin's left hand propped his head to the right, his charming eyes stayed on Gu Qingyu's face, and the corner of his mouth had a radiant charm.

Gu Qingyu nodded as another burp escaped her lips. This was undoubtedly the best response...

"Okay, then I'll go first." Ye Jin ruffled her hair, then got up and left the dining room. Gu Qingyu sat on the chair with a blank face, and it took a long time for her to finally realise Jia Qizhe barely ate, he only stayed in the dining room to keep her company. 

"Well, okay, it's getting late, everybody should go to bed." Gu Qingyu got up.

"What about you, Brother Zhu?" Murong Zuoyu raised his head slightly.

"Mo Bai is unwell, right? He barely ate too. I'm going to bring him a bowl of porridge." Gu Qingyu nodded as she said.

"Good idea~" Qi Wan leaned into Gu Qingyu's side, "I'll do it for you!"

"Save it." Gu Qingyu slapped away his hand and walked out.

Qi Yichen looked at Qi Wan with a face of schadenfreude then also got up and trotted to Gu Qingyu's side "Brother Zhu, Brother Zhu! I ..."

"You can stay with Qi Wan." Gu Qingyu nodded, looked at Qi Yichen with a forgiving expression, and patted him on the shoulder.

Qi Yichen stared at her blankly, Brother Zhu, was it really ok for you to behave like this?

Gu Qingyu walked out, and Qi Wan was about to follow her but someone tugged on his sleeve and stopped him. He turned around in surprise and saw Xiao Qi.

"Please wait!" Xiao Qi lowered her head, her hands tightly clutching Qi Wan's sleeve. Her face was flushed and even the hand on her side was shaking. 

"What's wrong?" Qi Wan tilted his head.

"I ..." Xiao Qi nibbled on her bottom lip. "Mister Qi, may I invite you to take a walk together?"

Qi Wan frowned, deep in thought. But Xiao Qi clenched Qi Wan's sleeve tightly, she kept her head down and didn't seem to plan to let go.

Qi Yichen was surprised. After all, Xiao Qi was not as audacious like Gu Qingyu. Therefore, for such a girl, inviting a man to take a walk together should be a difficult thing to say. And after all, Xiao Qi also put a lot of courage into it, it would be rude to turn her down without giving her a chance. The most important thing was that if he refused, it will also cause trouble for Boss...

"Okay." Qi Wan smiled slightly, and at the same time opened the door, he bowed very gracefully. "It's an honor to walk with Miss Xiao Qi, please."

Xiao Qi raised her head and looked at Qi Wan in disbelief. She was a little bewildered when she saw his smile, but soon a warm smile tugged on her own lips. "Yes!"

Thus, Xiao Qi and Qi Wan went out together. But Qi Yichen sighed as he watched them leave the room. This time, Qi Wan would inevitably explain things to her. Qi Wan’s heart was also very clear, but based on Xiao Qi and Gu Qingyu's relationship... So Xiao Qi's choice is also very important. If, Xiao Qi she...

Seemingly reading Qi Yichen's mind, Murong Zuoyu got up. "We should believe the people around her like she believes us, don't we?"

After all, they are all people around her.

Qi Yichen froze for a moment, then smiled calmly. "Yes."

Just like how she believed in us, we too should trust the people around her, and believe in the faith she placed in people. 

Crow led Gu Qingyu to the main kitchen in Ye. Well, even the kitchen was super luxurious, it was stocked with all kinds of ingredients.

"Madam, please use this space as you please." Crow bowed.

"Okay, thank you!" Gu Qingyu started to wash the rice. Speaking of which, this is her second time cooking in person?

"Forgive your subordinate for speaking out of line, but the Madam wants to cook porridge for Mister Mo?" Crow looked at Gu Qingyu's clumsy technique.

"Ahahaha yes ..." Gu Qingyu laughed sheepishly.

Crow pointed to the counter. "The leader has already instructed the cooks to prepare the porridge."

"Eh? It's cooked?" Gu Qingyu leaned over to the counter in surprise. Sure enough, there was a small bowl of delicious-looking rice porridge. 

Crow nodded. "Yes. This bowl of porridge is very nutritious and has many nutritious things. The leader is very attentive and kind."

The last sentence... shouldn't it be a lie? Won't you be struck by lightning?

"Yeah." Gu Qingyu tugged on her lips and dropped the subject. She just picked up the bowl of porridge. "Then I will go first. Uncle Crow, rest well. You have been following me around all day, you must be exhausted. It's not easy for someone of your age to run around so much."

"Cough cough cough cough!" Crow could barely breathe. 

Gu Qingyu didn't ask why Ye Ya called him "Brother Crow". She walked to the door and turned back with a big smile.  "Thank you for today, Uncle Crow." Crow nodded.

Gu Qingyu left the kitchen and went straight to Mo Bai's room. She knocked gently on the door, and after hearing a soft "please come in", opened the door with a light push. 

"Yu'er, what's the matter?" Seeing the person was Gu Qingyu, Mo Bai showed a gentle smile.

She nodded. "Well, are you feeling better?"

"Much better." His eyes rested on the bowl in her hands. "Is this...?"

"You didn't eat anything tonight, so I bought a bowl of porridge. It's not much, but it's something." She walked up to Mo Bai and handed the bowl to him.

His eyes lit up. "Yu'er, did you make it yourself?"

"I wanted to do it myself... But I'm not really good at cooking, plus Ye Jin had already done it, so no, I didn't cook it myself." She clarified with a shrug.

"I see." Mo Bai still smiled slightly, without showing much of his emotions. He picked up the bowl with one hand and picked up a spoon with the other hand, and began to eat the porridge. As he ate the porridge, Gu Qingyu silently turned away and covered her nose with her hand.

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Tension! I would like to point out that when Mo Bai lowered his chopsticks with a snap, it is the first time we have seen him display anything other than calm and gentle. Sigh, I know Gu Qingyu and Jia Qizhe are official to some extent, and they are very new to this, but I really hoped that there was some level of self-awareness from the both of them. Then again, if characters acted perfectly all the time and made no mistakes, there would be no conflict and no tension.