Chapter 96: Divine Tune iris.knight's Thoughts

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The forest in the morning seemed to be shrouded in a thin mist, like ribbons of chiffon had danced through the air, hazy and elegant. Qi Wan rubbed the two red bumps on his head with watery eyes. "Boss! You are so cruel! Do you know how to care for innocent kids?"

"You forgot to read the terms and conditions. Idiots like you do not need my mercy." Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes. "Qi Wan, it's not that I like doing this, but it's not like you have all the time in the world!" 

"No!" Qi Wan was firm and determined. "I love studying! Studying loves me!"

"What do you have to study for!"


Half an hour later

Qi Wan rubbed the four red bumps on his head. "Boss! You are so cruel! I still have lots of time! I'm not even 25!"

"Are you sure?" Gu Qingyu raised her eyebrows. "Okay, something still bugs me, Xiao Qi is so nice, why are you... Ah, I can't even."

"Let me ask you, Boss, when you already have a person in your heart, can you accommodate another person?" Qi Wan looked at her seriously, without a hint of amusement. 

This surprised Gu Qingyu. "What? Who do you like?" Qi Wan didn't say a word, he just stared at her intently. 

She sighed, reached out and patted Qi Wan's head. "Oh, Qi Wan, if you really don't like Xiao Qi! Just tell me, which girl do you like? I'll be your wingman, I'll even help to kidnap her! "

Ahem! Qi Wan coughed unnaturally. "That... um... we should do things one at a time!"

"Okay, let's plan that out first!" She nodded. "You tell me who she is, I will ask her out, and then we... hehehe..."

"Boss, please put away your wretched smile, thank you." Qi Wan rolled his eyes. "And, put away your wretched thoughts."

"Okay, okay," Gu Qingyu patted his shoulder and continued walking. "You know, I'm serious..."

Qi Wan rolled his eyes. "You can shut up now."


"On a different note, this is a really nice place..." Gu Qingyu looked around and nodded. "Not bad."

"Eh? Boss, do you like these kinds of places?" Qi Wan blinked, quite surprised.

"Yeah." She nodded, "It's quiet, calming, really serene."

"Hm! I like it too!" Qi Wan grinned. "Boss! If there is a chance, I will take you to a really awesome place!"

"Here? In this world?" Gu Qingyu turned to look at him.

"Yes, here!" Qi Wan nodded. "You will like it."

"Sounds good. I think somewhere along the way, I have fallen in love with this world." Gu Qingyu showed a helpless smile.

"Then stay here!"

"What?" Gu Qingyu stopped and turned to look at Qi Wan, her expression all surprised. "Stay here?"

Qi Wan frowned. "What's wrong?"

"If I remember correctly, you stuck with me to be able to go back to our world..." Gu Qingyu gestured suspiciously.

Qi Wan sighed. "Well, Boss, do you want to stay?"

"Yeah." Gu Qingyu nodded.

"Then why did you start your journey?"

"To... go back."

"That's right," Qi Wan laughed, "People always talk about how you should remember why you start things, but sometimes, things change and that heart, that fire that you started with might be better off as memories. What if the decision you made right now is the best for you?"

"Yes!" Gu Qingyu also nodded, and then smiled, "Thanks, Qi Wan!"

"Don't thank me." Qi Wan raised an eyebrow. "Boss, it's almost time. We should probably wrap up the morning walk~”

"Yeah." Gu Qingyu turned around and walked back.


Back at Ye’s Tower

Gu Qingyu saw Nightingale again. Nightingale didn't seem to expect to see Gu Qingyu, she was stunned for a while, and then her gaze soon settled on Qi Wan.

"Miss Gu!" Nightingale lowered her head slightly, her voice was still cold, but it was clearly a greeting. 

"Good morning." Gu Qingyu also nodded with a smile and seemed to have forgotten the unpleasantness of the night before. 

"Boss, you know quite a lot of people around here!" Qi Wan sighed and looked at Gu Qingyu. Gu Qingyu smiled back at Qi Wan, then continued to walk forward. Qi Wan glanced at Nightingale, then kept pace with Gu Qingyu. 

"Where are you going next, Boss?" He watched Gu Qingyu curiously. 

Gu Qingyu thought for a while. "I want to see Xiao Zhezhe!"

"Okay, I will go with you!"


"Wait a minute." Just then, that cold voice rang again. 

Gu Qingyu turned back and locked eyes with Nightingale. "What's wrong?"

"The leader is busy with important matters at the moment, it would be best if Miss Gu avoids visiting the leader." Nightingale lowered her head slightly, but she was very determined and resolute.

"Important matters?" For a strange reason, Gu Qingyu always felt that Nightingale was looking for trouble. "What sort of important matters?"

"Sorry Miss Gu, but I cannot tell you." Nightingale's face was still stone cold. 

"Can't tell me?" Before Gu Qingyu spoke, Qi Wan hmphed, "I remember what your leader told Qingyu that he would show up at her request, anytime, anywhere."

"That's what the leader had promised. However, my job is to not let unnecessary individuals disrupt the leader." Nightingale sneered. "Also, Miss Gu, the leader is currently away. And yet you went on a stroll with other men, he even addresses you so casually, don't you think that you're being too friendly?"

"Hey, you..." Qi Wan started, but Gu Qingyu raised her hand slightly and beckoned him to stop. 

"Nightingale? Do you think I am an unnecessary individual?" Gu Qingyu slightly smiled. It was clear to her that Nightingale has something to pick with her. 

Gu Qingyu didn’t give Nightingale a chance, and continued, “Also, do you think that I am too intimate with other men? Ha ha, who are you to even comment on this? Even if it’s too intimate, you still have to wait for Xiao Zhezhe to decide for himself. Your leader has not said a single thing, so on whose authority did you assume judge, jury, and executioner? It looks like you are also a person with a cold appearance and a hot heart!" 

Nightingale opened her mouth, yet not a word came out. 

"Hmm, have you heard of the neighborhood committee?" Gu Qingyu stared at Nightingale's blank face with kindness. "That is also an organisation, I think you are very suitable for that sort of organisation, given that you enjoy gossip and policing other people’s behaviour! The people inside are all proficient in martial arts, it's perfect for you!"

"Pff!" Qi Wan didn't hold back for a while, and let out a short laugh.

Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes at him. "Why did you laugh? Was that bad?"

"No!" Qi Wan nodded seriously, "This is really the most profound and philosophical word I have ever heard in my life!"

"Great minds think alike!" She spoke with reverence and almost shouted "brother" while holding Qi Wan's hand.


Nightingale frowned. "Miss Gu, are you making me betray Ye?" 

Gu Qingyu was stunned for a moment, she never expected Nightingale to twist her words that way!

"Not a bad comeback." She rolled her eyes. "But when did I make you betray Ye? Have I ever said something like this?"

"No!" Qi Wan was also puzzled. "Why would you even say anything like that, Boss?"

"Okay, okay, my time is very precious!" Gu Qingyu waved her hand. "So, Nightingale, or whatever, if you feel comfortable standing there, then stay there. I still have to find Xiao Zhezhe, if you would like to seek more of my advice, consultation fees are at a bag of gold per hour." 

Nightingale's face darkened. "No need!"

"Oh, fine then. Qi Wan, let's go~" Gu Qingyu turned away, looking like she was about to bypass Nightingale and go upstairs. 


Nightingale pulled out the whip around her waist.

"Nightingale will not let you go to disturb the leader!" Her face was rigid.

"Oh yeah, try and stop me! I will bring her up no matter what!" Qi Wan's ribbons flew out from his sleeves and entered a stance.

Gu Qingyu held Qi Wan's hand and sneered. "Who said I'm going up?"

"Boss?" Qi Wan looked at Gu Qingyu confusingly.

Gu Qingyu gave him a comforting smile, then reached down her neck and pulled out the obsidian whistle from her clothes. Nightingale was startled as she and Qi Wan both watched Gu Qingyu bring the obsidian whistle to her lips and blew it. Silence. Yet, it made Nightingale's eyes widen in horror.

"This whistle is broken?" Gu Qingyu shook the whistle. "That guy dared to give me a broken whistle to blow whenever I'm looking for him!"

"Yeah! What the hell!" Qi Wan nodded angrily. He knew that the obsidian whistle was the famous Divine Tune. Divine Tune and Ghost Howl were another pair of weapons bound to each other. If one of them sends any signal, the other will immediately receive it. But there was no way that he would pass up such an opportune moment to fan the flames!


At this moment, a voice rang from the top of the stairs. "Why, Xiao Yu'er, miss me?"

Gu Qingyu followed the voice and saw Ye Jin falling from the upper floor in a striking dark blue robe.

Nightingale immediately knelt on one knee. "Leader Ye!"

"Don't call me the leader in the future." Ye Jin answered in a chill tone. 

"Xiao Zhezhe ~" Gu Qingyu happily pounced on him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Xiao Yu'er, you miss me that much?" Ye Jin caught her with a laugh.

Qi Wan looked at Gu Qingyu's smiling face and turned away silently. All this was seen by Nightingale, and her eyes sank.

"Yeah!" Gu Qingyu nodded and pointed to Nightingale, "She won't let me go up to find you!"

"Oh?" Ye Jin's eyes didn't look at the Nightingale all the time, but looked at Gu Qingyu indulgently, "Is that so, then how does Xiao Yu'er want to deal with her?"

"Um..." After seeing Ye Jin's eyes of absolute trust, Gu Qingyu hesitated and shook her head.

She was not a scourge, nor does she want Ye Jin to amass an infamous reputation. She could already see the headlines in the tabloids, 'Leader of Top Intelligence Organisation, Ye Jin, Kills Sister and Fires Subordinates for Beauty"

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Neighbourhood Committees are small, self-governing bodies in China. They form the most basic level of governance/management and cover small districts in cities and towns, despite not being related to the government itself. There is also something similar in Singapore (Resident Committees) and Taiwan (Villages) though the specific amount of power they each wield varies quite a lot. Hit me up on discord if you want to know more!