Chapter 99: The Qi Brothers iris.knight's Thoughts

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Ye Jin was sighing, but for some reason to Gu Qingyu, those sighs came off as gloating instead. 

"Then I should go..." Gu Qingyu mumbled. She was about to set down her chopsticks when Ye Jin's devious voice came. 

"Xiao Yu'er, relax, I've sent someone to deliver lunch to him. It's very nourishing, so I don't have to trouble you anymore."

"Huh?" She eyed him suspiciously and wanted to ask if he was really that kind, but she changed her words after considering the gap in strength between the two of them. “That’s nice of you.”

"Xiao Yu'er, if only you saw how grateful he was!" Ye Jin smiled enchantingly.

"Really." A faint voice came from the door, and Mo Bai watched Ye Jin with a smile on his face. "Why don't I recall?"

Gu Qingyu immediately wanted to jump up and ask Ye Jin if his face hurts, but taking into account the power gap between the two of them yet again, she silently gave up.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Qi Wan trying to hold his laughter. Obviously, he wanted to ask the same thing as Gu Qingyu. But he arrived at the same conclusion, neither of them was strong enough to challenge Ye Jin. 

"Oh? Do you feel better?" Ye Jin didn't seem to have any embarrassment, looked at Mo Bai, and smiled evilly.

"Thanks to Leader Ye, no, not at all." Mo Bai smiled and sat across from Gu Qingyu. "Yu'er, did you sleep well last night?"

"Huh?" She raised her head from the tiny mountain in her bowl and looked at Mo Bai inexplicably. "Yeah, I slept well. What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing." Mo Bai turned to Ye Jin and asked, "I don't know if Leader Ye could accommodate one more at the table."

"Of course," Ye Jin paused, and then showed a fascinating smile. "I wouldn't mind at all." He clapped his hands, and someone immediately brought a set of table settings for Mo Bai. 

"Hurry up and eat." She smiled at Mo Bai and said, "Rest up tonight, and we will begin the journey to Nanyou tomorrow."

Mo Bai nodded and picked up the chopsticks without a pause. "Is that where the next Spirit Gem is?"

"Yes." Gu Qingyu nodded and continued to eat. Only a few words were exchanged at the table. Qi Wan and Qi Yichen both focused on eating diligently, afraid that Gu Qingyu would say that they were 'flirting' again. 

After lunch
Gu Qingyu returned to her room, the rest had dispersed as well. Watching Ye Jin work bored her, and she couldn't keep up with what he was working on. The books in his library were interesting, but she felt guilty reading them. The sky was still blue, Gu Qingyu sighed as she watched Yan Zun float through the air. "Master, I remember you said that there are two Spirit Gems in Xiqian. Why are we heading to Nanyou now?"

"I don't know where the second Spirit Gem is in Xiqian, I can't sense it at all." Yan Zun shook his head. "The only clue I have left is the one in Nanyou."

"Oh, alright." Gu Qingyu sighed.

At this moment, someone knocked on her door. Mo Bai's gentle voice followed the knock. "Yu'er."

Gu Qingyu immediately opened the door. "Please, come in!"

Mo Bai nodded and walked in. "Yu'er, what are your thoughts about the next Spirit Gem?" His tone was rather worried.

"The Spirit Gem should be something like a national treasure again? It’s obvious that we have to bargain with the Emperor of Nanyou. I just hope that he will be cooperative..." She let out another sigh. "But I don't have high hopes."

"Well," Mo Bai nodded. "You can settle down in Nanyou first, and then play by ear, adapt accordingly."

"That's right!" Gu Qingyu also nodded and smiled at Mo Bai. "Aren't you feeling unwell? Hurry up and get some rest."

"Okay." Mo Bai gave her a faint smile, turned around and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, she saw Qi Wan standing at the door with a white fan in his hand.

"Qi Wan? What's wrong with you?" Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Wan in doubt, waving her hand and saying goodbye to Mo Bai.

After Mo Bai left, Qi Wan immediately ran into her room and closed the door with a snap.

"What are you doing? Why do you look like you're being chased by a ghost?" Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Wan with more doubt.

Qi Wan leaned against the door and gasped: "It's not a ghost! It's Qi Yichen! That guy is much scarier than a ghost!"

She gave him a stink-eye then rolled her eyes. "You stole his fan again?"

"Am I like that kind of person?" Qi Wan rolled his eyes and turned on the fan. There were six characters on the fan, I am Unparalleled!

"Fine, whatever." Gu Qingyu strained her ears, there was some shuffling of footsteps outside. "Then why are you hiding from him?"

"Ah! It's a really long story..." Qi Wan shook his head and sighed. Right then, someone knocked on the door. Qi Wan glanced about frantically and immediately ducked into her closet, but he dropped the fan in a hurry.

"Er... please come in." Gu Qingyu still opened the door. As expected, it was a fuming Qi Yichen. 

"Brother Zhu! Did you see that clothes thief, Qi Wan?" Qi Yichen looked at Gu Qingyu.

Gu Qingyu also looked at Qi Yichen frankly, with an understanding look. "Yes! Did he steal your clothes again?"

"No, no." Qi Yichen's eyes saw the fan on the ground and immediately picked up: "Ah! Flora!"

"...Flora?" Gu Qingyu turned around unexpectedly.

"Yes!" Qi Yichen nodded and held the fan against his chest. "Ah! How many springs, autumns, winters and summers has it accompanied me!"

"Isn't this Qi Wan's?" Gu Qingyu blinked doubtfully. "There's something written on it..."

"Oh, he's dead! He actually dared to write on my fan!" Qi Yichen sounded wretched and Gu Qingyu couldn't bear it anymore.

"Okay, let's see if we can remove the ink." Gu Qingyu touched Yichen's head, "Don't be too sad..."

"But it looks quite nice." Qi Yichen suddenly examined the fan carefully.

Gu Qingyu. "..." I take back what I just said! If I can't take it back, I’ll lick it back!

"Then... are you still looking for Qi Wan?" Gu Qingyu raised an eyebrow and looked at Qi Yichen.

"Of course! He asked me for a fight, then grabbed my fan when I arrived at the venue and locked me up!" Qi Yichen gritted his teeth and snarled. 

"Locked? Where? And how did you come out?" Gu Qingyu glanced doubtfully at the wardrobe.

Qi Yichen's expression seemed to be crying and crying. "In the chicken coop! I only managed to get out after the screaming chickens attracted the attention of an old lady."

"..." Gu Qingyu nodded sympathetically and pointed to the closet. "He's..."

Before Gu Qingyu could finish her sentence, Qi Wan tumbled out of the closet and fell flat against the floor. "What in the world are you talking about!" 

Qi Yichen was stunned for a while, and then sighed. "You actually went to such lengths to beg for forgiveness. Very well, in light of such sincerity, this scholar will forgive you! However, you can stay like that for a while longer."

"X!" Qi Wan immediately jumped from the ground, pointing at Qi Yichen, “Hey you, listen up!"

"Oh I’m listening, go on." Leave it to Qi Yichen to come up with a comeback that leaves Qi Wan speechless!

Qi Wan coughed. "First of all! Your fan is so plain! It’s just white! So I decided to help you, out of compassion!"

"So you lured me to the chicken coop under the pretense for a fight?" Qi Yichen looked at Qi Wan with a smile.

"Rubbish! I asked an old lady where the most spacious, most lively, and the best place to fight in this building. Then she showed me a room, how would I have known that it was a chicken coop!"

"Tch!" Qi Yichen rolled his eyes. "That's why you locked me in?"

"I didn't think about locking the door at the time, I just grabbed the fan and bolted out. But the chickens were all flying and jumping, I was afraid that the chickens would run out and cause trouble. Then I saw the stool next to the door, so I blocked the door with it." Qi Wan's words tumbled out.

Qi Yichen seemed to be stunned, staring at Qi Wan with wide eyes, presumably he had never seen anyone shameless than him. Gu Qingyu glanced at Qi Yichen sympathetically, then walked to Qi Yichen's side, raised his hand, and groped in his sleeve. Qi Yichen blushed, and just wanting to say something, Gu Qingyu slowly took out a handful of sunflower seeds, brought over a chair, sat down and munched away. “Sorry for the interruption. Continue!"

Qi Yichen was speechless. 

Qi Wan rolled his eyes. “You didn’t even thank me! And you pinned everything on me instead! That’s not right, it’s immoral!"

"Morals? Do you think I need that kind of thing?" Qi Yichen looked at Qi Wan with sympathetic eyes instead. "Where is your IQ?"

"How would I have known? It just took off one day." Qi Wan also unkindly reached out and grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds from Qi Yichen's sleeve.

"Your sense of shame?" Qi Yichen flicked his sleeve. "What about your ethics?"

"That kind of thing should be locked in a safe, how dangerous is it to carry it with you!" Qi Wan sighed as he popped the seeds into his mouth. "That kind of thing is fragile and not much. It should be kept well, otherwise, it will break! "

Gu Qingyu once again looked at Qi Yichen sympathetically and ate her own stash of sunflower seeds. 

"You..." Qi Yichen calmed down, finally opened the fan, his face indifferent "This scholar has been reading the stars, and I have seen that you will face great perils today! If you wish to resolve this danger, you must come with me!"

"And I flipped a coin last night, your morals and ethics would shatter today! If you want to resolve this danger, you must call me 'Old man'!" Qi Wan also looked at Qi Yichen very indifferently.

Qi Yichen smiled slightly, then threw away his fan and lunged at Qi Wan, grabbing his neck. "I x you, ‘Old man’! I told you that your great peril is right here! I will show you what great perils look like, don’t think you can survive past this day!”

"You think I’m afraid of you!" Qi Wan is also on the ground with Qi Yichen. "Come on! Who is afraid of who! Let me come and teach you just what ‘longing for a beautiful life’ feels like!”

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And Chapter 99 is up! I really like how this two banter and fight, and I tried to capture their very childish qualities.