Chapter 1005 - The Extraordinary Huo Poyun

Against the Gods

Chapter 1005 - The Extraordinary Huo Poyun

Yun Che’s brow slowly tightened, his gaze focused unwaveringly at Huo Poyun.

This feeling…

Bloodline suppression?

There were no less than nine drops of the Golden Crow’s divine blood in Yun Che’s body; moreover, these were personally bestowed upon him by the Golden Crow Soul. In addition to this, he also had some of the Golden Crow’s divine soul.

Yet when Huo Poyun released the Yellow Springs Ashes just then, he had clearly felt some sort of bloodline suppression… and quite distinctly so.

The only explanation for this situation was that Huo Poyun’s Golden Crow bloodline couldn’t possibly have been inherited; it had to be origin blood! Furthermore, it was origin blood even richer than his!

It was even extremely likely to have the Golden Crow’s divine soul!

Both his Phoenix and Golden Crow bloodlines came from origin blood and not from inheritance. Before today, only Feng Xue’er had been able to suppress him with bloodline.

And Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix bloodline came from the complete bestowal of the Phoenix Soul.

Vastly unlike the Blue Pole Star, the God Realm had a history that spanned hundreds of thousands of years and nearly all the inheritances left by the gods had been unearthed to exhaustion. The soul fragments left before the extinction of the primordial gods should have been discovered tens of thousands of years ago and it was impossible for any to remain until now, like those in the Blue Pole Star had done.

But Huo Poyun…

Could it be…

It took Mu Hanyi a dozen breaths before his complexion finally became a little better. After letting out a weak laugh, his right foot shifted backwards, “Brother Poyun, make your move!

Golden Crow flames, having the greatest combustive power of the Three Great Divine Flames, possessed might that naturally far exceeded that of the Ice Phoenix. But if one were to compare defensive capability, fire was naturally vastly inferior to ice.

Huo Poyun didn’t speak. A ray of flame flashed within his eyes as he lightly flicked his finger and a fist-sized ball of flame flew out like lightning while simultaneously increasing in size. When it had arrived in front of Mu Hanyi, the flame had already become taller than the height of several people combined.

Mu Hanyi’s brow furrowed as he swung his fist out. Blue light flashed and the ball of fire was swept far away, scattering and disappearing in the air.

“I’ve returned your ‘greeting’ just now.”

That one cold statement from Huo Poyun completely revealed the arrogant nature ingrained in his bones.

“You’re too polite,” Mu Hanyi replied somewhat stiffly.

At this time, Huo Poyun slowly raised his right hand, igniting a raging flame on his arm. This Golden Crow flame expanded extremely quickly, climbing to over a hundred feet tall in the blink of an eye. After, the flame suddenly began to contract rapidly as the color of the flame simultaneously turned from a scarlet gold color to an increasingly deep pure gold color.

Following the change in the flame’s color, its combustive aura began to rise tens times over.

In the end, the raging Golden Crow flames shooting towards the sky, impressively turned into a golden ray in Huo Poyun’s hand.

It was like it had become a hundred foot tall golden fire sword!

“Golden Annihilation!” Yun Che exclaimed softly, “It looks like Mu Hanyi will fall directly.”

Since Golden Crow flames had the greatest destructive power, it was useful not only for large-scale incineration but also for extreme power compression, allowing it to carry out concentrated burn kills. At the time when Yun Che was in the Emperor Profound Realm, he was able to seriously injure the Sovereign Profound Realm Duke Huai simply using Golden Annihilation. Later, when Xuanyuan Wentian broke into the Illusory Demon Realm and even the combined efforts of Feng Xue’er and Little Demon Empress couldn’t completely defeat him, it was also Golden Annihilation that had caused heavy injuries.

So Yun Che was incomparably clear that, on a level playing field, Golden Annihilation was something that simply couldn’t be defended against, head-on. Due to Golden Annihilation’s incineration range being very small and also requiring a set amount of time to compress flame power, it was relatively easy to avoid… but with the current rules, Mu Hanyi could only defend head-on and couldn’t choose to evade.

Previously, Mu Hanyi’s three attacks had been completely blocked by Huo Poyun, which also proved that his comprehension was far inferior to Huo Poyun. If he wanted to block this Golden Crow flame head-on…

Yun Che could directly assert… that it was fundamentally impossible!

At this time, Huo Poyun gave a low cry as the golden fire sword chopped down from midair, drawing an enormous golden arc that hacked towards the top of Mu Hanyi’s head.

“Oh no!” Mu Yizhi, Mu Hanyi’s master, cried.

Mu Hanyi had never exchanged blows with anyone from the Fire God Realm or seen this fire-turned sword move before but once the frightening aura had almost arrived all the hairs on his body suddenly stood up straight. This frightening feeling caused his entire body to go taut. Too afraid to hold anything back, Mu Hanyi violently released all the profound energy in his body, erecting ten thick and heavy layers of ice in front of his body in an instant.

In another instant, another ten layers of ice appeared.

It was at this time that the golden fire sword hacked open the first layer of ice.


Ice and fire collided. The first layer of ice split in a flash; the resulting sound wasn’t one of shattering but an oppressive noise of direct incineration.

Under the destruction of the layer of ice, the might and aura of the golden fire sword practically didn’t weaken in the slightest. The second layer… the third layer… the fourth layer… the fifth layer…

The ninth layer… the tenth layer!

This was a frost defense erected with the full power of Mu Hanyi, the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect’s peak disciple of this generation. Under Huo Poyun’s fire sword, his defense had been broken apart like tissue.

Only after burning apart ten layers of ice in a flash did the might of the golden fire sword weaken to about twenty percent. Mu Hanyi’s profound strength had already been channeled to its very peak; his pupils enlarged and he could only look on helplessly as the ice shield created from the extreme limit of his strength was destroyed as easy as one broke dried branches. That rich, almost to the point of dazzling, golden fiery light seemingly completely disregarded the existence of the layers of ice in front of him, approaching abruptly within his pupils…


The last ice shield in front of Mu Hanyi broke and the golden fire sword directly fell down, ripping apart the blue light surrounding his body with no difficulty… suddenly stopping right before his left shoulder.


The snow robe on Mu Hanyi’s left shoulder was instantly incinerated. If the stagnant fire sword fell just a little more, his left shoulder would directly be severed from his body.

Mu Hanyi didn’t seize the opportunity to retreat; rather, he stood there blankly and didn’t recover his bearings for a long time.

If he had faced someone whose profound strength far exceeded his, he would be able to calmly accept such a defeat. But opposing him was someone that had a comparable profound strength and was even younger than him. To Mu Hanyi, someone with extreme talent and nearly no true equal at the same level, this was unprecedented and an enormous blow he was unable to accept.

“You lost,” Huo Poyun said lightly. Following the casual retraction of his hand, the golden fire sword immediately flew upwards, sprinkling the sky with embers.

“...” At this time, Mu Hanyi finally sat on the floor, his complexion gloomy.

“Ah… how could this be… Senior Brother Hanyi actually… actually…” This result was something none of the Ice Phoenix disciples, much less Mu Hanyi, could dare to believe or begin to accept.

Nearly all the gazes of the Ice Phoenix elders and palace masters concentrated onto Huo Poyun. Within every person’s eyes, a sense of extreme shock flashed.

“Hanyi, step down,” Mu Xuanyin said coldly.

“...” Mu Hanyi rose, inhaled deeply, then cupped his hands at Huo Poyun and said, “I, Mu Hanyi, concede defeat. My previous words were a slip of the tongue to maintain morale; I meant no malice, please forgive me.”

Huo Poyun blinked, then nodded and deeply returned the courtesy.

Mu Hanyi turned, glanced at Yun Che deeply and faintly shook his head at him, revealing an apologetic yet cautioning expression. Then, he returned to Mu Yizhi’s side with heavy footsteps.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Huo Rulie clapped heavily, then let out his usual deafening laugh, “Hahahaha, I heard long ago that your respected sect produced a disciple this generation named Mu Hanyi, whose talent and strength were both astonishing beyond compare. After witnessing this today, his reputation truly is well-deserved. This fight was truly extremely brilliant and thrilling. Though this inferior disciple of mine won, his victory was hard-fought and something to be ashamed of!”

“I presume the Snow Song Realm King’s newly accepted high disciple certainly must be even stronger. Poyun, you must fight with all your strength. The least you can do is make sure your loss isn’t too unsightly, hahahaha.”

Every one of Huo Rulie’s words carried deep satisfaction and reckless ridicule. Those in the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect all revealed expressions of anger, yet all were unable to respond.

“Sect Master?” Mu Huanzhi could only direct his gaze towards Mu Xuanyin.

“Che’er, you go up,” Mu Xuanyin directly coldly, then added softly, “At any rate, they’re guests from afar. Let’s comply with the Sect Master Huo’s desire and make sure his loss isn’t too unsightly.”

This statement immediately caused Huo Rulie to almost choke on laughter as the entire ice sect stared on speechlessly.

“...Yes,” Yun Che answered. He walked up to Huo Poyun with a slow gait, stopping when the distance between them was about a hundred feet.

“Just then, our side attacked first. This time, you should make a move first.” Yun Che’s tone carried a sense of helplessness. Up to now, he still wasn’t clear what Mu Xuanyin’s true intentions were.

Just as Huo Poyun was about to decline, Huo Rulie already roared with laughter, “Since this is the Snow Song Realm King’s high disciple, then there’s no need to modestly decline. Poyun, just properly experience the strength of this Snow Song Realm King’s high disciple. You must not lose your master’s face, hahahaha.”

“...Yes.” Though it was really hard to accept, voluntarily attacking someone at the first level of the Divine Origin Realm, it was difficult to disobey his master’s order.

At this time, a sound transmission from Yan Wancang sounded by his ear, “Poyun, make sure to control your profound energy well. If you slip up and cause him a serious injury by any chance, with Mu Xuanyin’s temperament, you’re bound to immediately be in trouble. In this situation, it’s extremely likely this is the result she wants to see the most.”

“But you must also make sure not to underestimate him. In order to become the Snow Song Realm King’s direct disciple, he must be something extraordinary.”

Huo Poyun nodded slightly, his gaze directly at Yun Che, “I’ll be careful.”

Huo Poyun’s footsteps stopped. He grasped out with a hand and a lump of scarlet golden flames suddenly condensed in front of Yun Che, blossoming into a luminous fiery light. Following the light retraction of his five fingers, the lump of golden flames exploded in midair, engulfing the region near Yun Che.

“Be careful!” Mu Huanzhi yelled worriedly.

This was Burning Sun Rupture, the third realm of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. It was also the most fundamental Golden Crow incineration technique. Looking only at the strength aura, Huo Poyun simply used only ten percent of his strength but he still believed Yun Che absolutely wouldn’t be able to block it.

The hearts of everyone from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect immediately clenched tight. Yun Che’s steps, however, didn’t move in the slightest. Only his hand extended unhurriedly, welcoming the pouncing Golden Crow flames… upon his palm, bright blue light floated.


Heat waves surged forward. When the Golden Crow flames carrying formidable combustive power neared Yun Che’s body, they were suddenly split into two portions like a current being sliced, scuttling to the left and right of Yun Che and towards the region behind him.


The flames exploded and the layer of ice behind Yun Che soared towards the sky. He put his arm down and the blue light surrounded his body simultaneously vanished.

Besides his hair being whipped up by the heatwave, his entire body didn’t have the slightest injury… so much so that the Golden Crow flame simply hadn’t even touched a single hair on his body.

“That was the first move.” Yun Che’s tone was flat.

Yet the Huo Poyun opposing him had been startled frozen. Even Huo Rulie, by his side waiting to watch the show, had his smile plastered rigid to his face.

Huo Poyun was extremely afraid he would cause heavy burn injuries to Yun Che, so his first strike only carried very weak force, weak to the point that Yun Che could directly deflect it. As for the blue light and frost profound energy… it was nothing more than a pretense used to create the facade that he had used frost profound energy to dispel the flames.

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