Chapter 1007 - Descent of the Sun

Against the Gods

Chapter 1007 - Descent of the Sun

Huo Poyun’s entire body was completely covered in golden flames, only leaving behind a faint outline of his figure. But no one was paying attention to this as they were all too busy focusedly staring at the golden sun hanging in the sky.

Regardless of who it was, the first thing which came to mind when they first saw it was a sun which blazed amongst the blue skies!

“Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury.” These four words gave all of the Ice Phoenix elders an immense shock, yet were completely not understood by the young generation. However, as the juniors saw the faces of the elders and hall masters suddenly pale, they immediately realized how terrifying the four words had to be.


Huo Poyun continued to scream, his voice becoming increasingly hoarse. Intermittently, the cry of the Golden Crow would weave itself in between as amidst the intense screams and cries, the golden yellow radiance became an increasingly pure golden color. As for the “blazing sun”, it calmly remained where it was in the sky and seemed to not undergo the slightest change. Nonetheless, the terrifying aura continued to quickly increase with each breath as if it would never stop.

Yun Che’s eyes were also fixed on the sun in the sky, unable to move away. As turmoil went through his mind, Mu Xuanyin’s voice suddenly transmitted beside his ear.

“This is the power of the tenth stage of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. It is called Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury.”

The tenth stage!? Yun Che’s mind shook yet again.

“When cultivated to perfection, Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury does indeed summon nine suns to extinguish the world. Huo Poyun seems to only be at the most elementary level, the ‘one sun’ stage. However… in the tens of thousands of years which make up the Flame God Realm’s history, only four cultivators have managed to actually successfully cultivate Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury! Even the strongest cultivator in the Golden Crow Sect’s history, Huo Rulie, has yet to make it to this tenth stage of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World.”

Yun Che, “...”

“As for those four Golden Crow seniors who did manage to cultivate the stage level of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, the youngest was already more than six thousand years old. Huo Poyun, however… he has not yet reached thirty!

Yun Che’s mind trembled… The Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury released by Huo Poyun had a terrifying aura which was countless times greater than Yellow Springs Ashes, yet it was only at the most basic ‘one sun’ stage.

Just what kind of terrifying realm would a complete Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury reach!?

“This kind of power, can you resist it? If you can’t, just directly surrender and I shall bear the consequences. You must not force yourself.”

Mu Xuanyin’s voice was cold and devoid of emotions. Without hesitation, Yun Che gently nodded his head.

However, his gaze was still fixed on the sun hanging in the sky, as a look of deep desire emerged within his pupils.

From the Golden Crow’s Soul, he himself had received the first seven stages of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. Since then, because of just how powerful the Golden Crow flames were, they had replaced the Phoenix flames as his main ability. However, he had never expected that the higher levels of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World would actually be so powerful.

He thought to himself, if I could manage to learn the higher levels of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, with my power of the Heretic God, I should be able to quickly cultivate them without much difficulty. At that time, my own strength will be able to rise yet another level, only… as it was the core divine art of the Golden Crow Sect, they naturally would not be willing to hand it over to others.

Mu Xuanyin’s gaze inadvertently swept across Yun Che’s eyes and then continued on to look elsewhere.

Clustered drops of sweat fell from Huo Poyun’s body like a torrential rain, only to be instantly vaporized. Huo Poyun’s screams gradually calmed as the aura of the sun high in the sky finally began to stabilize and stop increasing at this time.

Under the gazes of everyone present, the previously pale white sky had become a dazzling mass of golden yellow which stretched as far as they could see. The blazing sun had seemingly become the center of the world as it released blindingly bright rays of light just like a true sun.

If they had not personally seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that all of this had been caused by a young profound practitioner who was only in the Divine Tribulation Realm.

At this moment, Huo Poyun could already no longer be considered just an unparalleled talent… it was clear that he was a monster who had gone beyond the realm of logic and knowledge! He was a monster who had caused all of the upper level members of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect to hang their jaws in shock.

In ancient legends, the source of the Golden Crow’s flames were the flames of the sun. As such, the flames created by Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury were true flames of the sun.

Huo Rulie’s head slowly turned as his pupils burned with a constant excitement. This was something he could only dream about, a realm which he would never be able to reach. This was why, when Mu Hanyi had suddenly jumped out to play “spoiler”, Huo Rulie hadn’t bothered to complain.

Forget about fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm’s Mu Hanyi, even Yan Zhuo who had also come today, with his eighth level cultivation, would not be Huo Poyun’s opponent. In Huo Rulie’s eyes, when Mu Hanyi had jumped out, he was merely delivering vegetables and would not be the slightest obstruction for Huo Poyun.

“Mu Xuanyin, the disciple that you have just accepted is indeed not normal and indeed caused me great shock. However, compared to Huo Poyun… he is still greatly lacking!”

Huo Rulie stood beside Huo Poyun as he extremely arrogantly and proudly sneered, “Poyun is a hundred times stronger than his foolish master! In the future, he will be the first person in the Flame God Realm’s history… to reach the Divine Master Realm!”

Become a Divine Master!

In the God Realm, these four words contained an extremely sacred weight because “Divine Masters” were gods in the eyes of mortals. Yet when Huo Rulie said these words, none of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect members laughed…

Twenty four years old… tenth realm of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World…

Using “become a Divine Master” to describe such a monster did not seem exaggerated or ridiculous at all.

Following the appearance of a Divine Master in the Snow Song Realm, its status amongst the middle star realms had suddenly skyrocketed.

If the Flame God Realm were to give birth to a someone who could reach the Divine Master Realm…

Then it might even directly ascend to an upper star realm!

“Sect Master!” Mu Bingyun gazed at Yun Che for a while, then finally couldn’t take it any more as she spoke towards Mu Xuanyin. Mu Bingyun and Mu Xuanyin both knew that Yun Che’s body contained the power of the Heretic God. However, as they were not Yun Che, they naturally didn’t know just what level of power the limit of the Heretic God’s power could reach.

Facing such a high level of Divine Golden Crow flames, Mu Bingyun couldn’t help but feel fear for Yun Che.

Mu Xuanyin didn’t respond.

“Huo Rulie, although you have achieved nothing yourself, you have indeed taken on a good disciple!” Mu Xuanyin coldly sneered.

“Gah… gah…” Huo Poyun’s figure was still covered in flames. He stuck a single hand towards the sky as he intensely gasped, his expression and breathing seemingly filled with pain.

After all, although this was only the elementary level, ‘one sun’, it was still too much of a burden for his Divine Tribulation Realm cultivation. Although he had forcefully used it, he had also completely exhausted his strength in the process.

“Heh…” Huo Rulie snickered, “Hurry and tell your disciple to surrender. You should know that this Nine Sun Heaven’s Fury is not something which cannot be easily controlled. Once it begins its descent, your newly accepted disciple will definitely die!”

“Surrender?” Mu Xuanyin’s face showed disdain, “Can something like this even be considered the Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury?”

Huo Rulie’s eyes furrowed as he solemnly said, “As expected of the Snow Song Realm King, you sure are stubborn! You actually don’t even care about the life and death of your direct disciple, my eyes have truly been opened today!”

“Life and death? Hmph, why do you believe that this king’s disciple cannot defend against a mere Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury!?” Mu Xuanyin coldly asked.

“Good… good!” Huo Rulie’s entire body suddenly trembled. If Mu Xuanyin had insulted him, he could bear it but she had actually dared to insult Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury. “Then if your disciple, this Yun Che, dies to Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury… what will you do!?”

“Die?” Mu Xuanyin raised her brows as she extremely indifferently said, “Good, then this king will tell you what will happen!”

“If Yun Che were to be grievously injured or killed by this Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury, this king promises not to cause pursue the matter. If this promise is broken, may the heavens smite me! Huo Rulie, does this make you happy!”

These heavy words caused everyone to fall into a daze. Huo Rulie was especially shocked by these words as he pointed at Mu Xuanyin and said while gritting his teeth, “Mu Xuanyin, this… is something you said yourself!”

“Sect Master! This…”

“Silence!” A divine hall elder had just begun speaking when Mu Xuanyin coldly glared at him and reprimanded him, “Two disciples are competing, just where are you all getting all of this nonsense? If any of you dare to intervene while they are exchanging blows… don’t blame this king for being harsh!”

All of the Ice Phoenix elders and hall masters went pale as they no longer dared to speak. Meanwhile, Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai just looked at each other.

If Yun Che were to die, she would absolutely not cause trouble… not only that, but she had forbidden any others from intervening and saving him!

But it was the Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury! How could Yun Che receive it!?

“Poyun!” Huo Rulie shouted.

Huo Poyun raised his head with difficulty, “Master… but…”

“Now that the Snow Song Realm King has said such things, how can you retract it!?” Huo Rulie shouted, “Attack!”

Huo Poyun had already reached his limits as he fiercely clenched his teeth and let out a loud roar, the flames on his body instantly exploding as the “blazing sun” in the fiery sky began to descend amidst cries of shock.


The Ice Phoenix disciples had still been able to endure the earlier heat but now, as the sun descended, the entire world seemed to have suddenly been thrown into a sea of flames as the Ice Phoenix disciples with the lowest cultivations all suddenly began to shriek in pain.

The seventy two elders and thirty six hall masters all abruptly flew into the sky at this time, condensing an enormous barrier of crystalline ice to contain the heat. As a result, however, the heat within was naturally given nowhere to go… Yun Che, who was in the center of all this, was now facing the brute force of the Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury.

The blazing sun left streaks of flames in its wake as it fell. Even on the other side of the barrier of ice, all of the Ice Phoenix disciples could still sense the unparalleled and terrifying aura of the attack.

Yun Che raised his head, his entire body illuminated a golden yellow color. As the sun slowly descended, it became clear that it was not locked onto Yun Che’s energy. It seemed like Huo Poyun had left Yun Che with the opportunity to escape. However, Yun Che did not move as he just stood there, his gaze fixed on the blazing sun as it fell towards him. It seemed like he was analyzing it.


Countless screams and shouts of shock overlapped with each other as everyone intently watched the blazing sun finally descend and envelop Yun Che within…


A dull explosive sound accompanied the explosion of golden light as the sky tens of thousands of meters above was illuminated by the fiery glow. Everyone watched as the sun in front of them completely exploded.

The space where Yun Che was had been completely turned a golden color. There were only golden, world incinerating flames burning and raging. Layers of ice separated everyone from the golden flames, preventing them from rampaging everywhere. Nonetheless, all of the Ice Phoenix elders and hall masters maintaining the crystalline ice barrier were horrified.

Because the power they felt clashing against the ice barrier… had nearly reached the level of the Divine Spirit Realm!

A person at the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm… releasing power comparable to a Divine Spirit Realm cultivator!

Considering how terrible the most basic Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury was, if nine suns had truly descended, then perhaps it truly would have been a world annihilating “heaven’s fury”.

Only, Yun Che…

“Ah!” Yan Wancang’s gaze was bright as even he had been affected by the extraordinary sight of the blazing sun descending. He heavily sighed as he truly couldn’t determine why Mu Xuanyin had disregarded her disciple’s life and not allowed him to forfeit while also taking the initiative to make such a heavy promise.

His sigh had just ended when his expression suddenly changed.

Through the layers of Golden Crow Flames… he could still clearly feel Yun Che’s aura!

Moreover, this aura was not only present but it was extraordinarily clear… it did not seem to have weakened at all!

This sudden discovery caused this number one expert of the Flame God Realm to directly go blank as his gaze firmly fixed on the area in front of him. He was completely unable to believe in what his own spiritual perception felt.

“So… so terrifying… the Flame God Realm actually… has such terrifying people,” an Ice Phoenix disciple said, shivering. Mu Hanyi, whom they had worshipped so much in the past, truly could not compare.

“Yun Che… he… he… sss! Facing such terrifying power, he must have immediately died… Sect Master, she…”

“Don’t speak nonsense!”


The Ice Phoenix disciples were all astonished and terrified. Amongst the entire young generation of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, there was absolutely no one who could release this level of power. As for Yun Che… they were certain that he had died. Perhaps in the very first moment it hit, he had immediately turned to ashes.

However, none of them noticed the expressions of the elders and hall masters suddenly undergo an immense change at this moment as their gazes were all still fixed on the spot where Yun Che had formerly been standing… with their shocked expressions and completely fixed gazes, they seemed to have all lost their souls.

A long while after the sun’s explosion, it finally began to calm back down as the flames slowly began to extinguish.

As the dense clusters of golden flames gradually thinned out, a figure which had been enveloped within the flames gradually emerged.

Yun Che was still standing at his original position. However, all of the ice beneath his feet had long since disappeared. Moreover, an enormous hole of unknown depth had been created below him. Yun Che’s expression was solemn. Around his body, a blue colored barrier of crystalline ice stood out amongst the remaining flames, reflecting and releasing golden and blue lights.

Some golden flames were still burning but they were all on the outside of the barrier, unable to touch Yun Che’s body regardless of how hard they burned. Yun Che’s entire body was completely devoid of injuries and the snowy Ice Phoenix clothes he wore did not have the slightest traces of being burned.

The moment Yun Che’s figure emerged, outside of the sound of flames crackling and burning within the realm, everything was silent.


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