Chapter 1016 - Tenth Stage of Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World

Against the Gods

Chapter 1016 - Tenth Stage of Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World

While Yun Che’s imagination was running wild, an intense pain suddenly came from his left ear. Mu Xuanyin’s jade hand which was tapping on his collar, flipped, and it was now pulling onto his ear, directly raising him out of the heavenly lake.

Mu Xuanyin’s move was extremely heavy, painful to the point where Yun Che had instantly gnashed his teeth. His mind was shaken awake from the pain in an instant, as he shouted in a fluster. “Disciple… Disciple doesn’t dare… Szz… This disciple… only has respect… for Master… He would definitely… never have such thoughts…”

Mu Xuanyin however did not have any intentions to release him at all. To be capable of making Yun Che’s face distort in pain, even though he possessed the physique of a dragon, it could be imagined just how punishingly powerful the snowy hand that was pulling Yun Che’s ear was. She smiled cheekily and said, “That’s good, I don’t mind forgiving…”

While Mu Xuanyin was speaking, her eyes inadvertently shifted towards Yun Che’s lower body. Her voice instantly halted. Her beautiful eyes were wide open, before slowing narrowing once more. Within her long and narrow eye slits, a dangerous, bewitching glint flashed.

“My good Che’er, I have truly underestimated your audacity.” Her voice instantly turned even softer and even slower, yet Yun Che’s heart was rapidly pumping from hearing her words. “You actually dare present this grotesque thing before your master’s eyes… So audacious~!!”

Mu Xuanyin flung out her arm which was pulling Yun Che’s ear and Yun Che was thrown far off as he screamed, heavily smashing onto the bank of the lake. This throw contained only a bit of Mu Xuanyin’s strength and Yun Che rolled quite a distance at the lakeside before finally coming to a halt. However, his face was pale from the pain, his throat coarse, and he was unable to stand up even after a long while.

At least a dozen bones were broken.

His imagination had, even more so, been scattered completely.

“Haah, this is truly misfortune for my sect,” Mu Xuanyin softly sighed, completely disregarding the fact that the responsibility laid within every single inch of her own jade body that was emitting out a bewitching aura that no man could ever resist. “You were unwilling to touch Feixue even under the influence of the horned dragon’s blood and I had initially wanted to praise your extraordinary self-control. I never expected that you were actually a disgusting disciple who possessed such an insolently lustful heart to even dare think of your master in such a manner!”

“...” Yun Che was finally able to take up a stable sitting posture. With a lowered head, he did not dare to talk back, nor did he dare to give Mu Xuanyin another glance.

“Nevermind, it seems I will have to nurture you further in the future.”

Mu Xuanyin seemed to have let out a soft, dispirited sigh. Raising her hand, a jade scroll that was sparkling with blue lights landed next to Yun Che. She then turned her back to him. “This jade scroll is engraved with the complete Moon Splitting Cascade. With your comprehension ability, you should already be capable of comprehending it on your own. My instructions shouldn’t be needed.”

“I shall temporarily shut you inside this Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. In a few days, I will return to test your progress on the Moon Splitting Cascade. If it’s passable, I shall not pursue your sin of great disrespect, there might even be a reward. If you, however, disappoint me…” The light in Mu Xuanyin’s eyes slightly stirred as she revealed a faint smile. “The consequences will be dire~”

When these words fell, Mu Xuanyin left. The barrier of Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was tightly shut as well.

“Craack, craack.” A few crackles resounded, as several bones that were misaligned were quickly put back by Yun Che. As for the few dozen bones that were shattered, he had no choice but to wait for them to slowly recover on their own. Only then did he stand up, gnash his teeth and say, “Not having any reaction… would be even more abnormal, alright!?”

He had very few embarrassing moments in front of Jasmine but in front of Mu Xuanyin… It seemed like there had not been a single time where he was not embarrassed.

If he hadn’t experienced their first encounter at Ice Phoenix Palace, Mu Xuanyin’s immense change would have definitely shocked Yun Che even now. Even if that was the case, from recalling the Mu Xuanyin of a few moments ago, he was still a little absent-minded. He was unable to connect her with the Snow Song Realm King who possessed heavenly might that could silence the masses.

Why was there such a huge disparity in her personality...

Which one was the true her?

Yun Che moved into the heavenly lake and calmed himself for about two hours within before finally being able to relieve his injuries and inner turmoil. He then left the waters of the heavenly lake, landed at the lakeside, and sat in the lotus position. However, he did not pick up the Moon Splitting Cascade jade scroll which Mu Xuanyin had thrown at him. Instead, he took out the jade scroll which was glowing with a crimson golden light.

At the appearance of this crimson golden jade scroll, the temperature in the air rose, startling the surrounding ice spirits to scatter off.

The complete… Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World!

Though the Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury released by Huo Poyun was unable to harm him, it had shaken his heart and soul tremendously. However, he did not forget that this jade scroll could only be read once and that it would immediately disappear after.

Yun Che calmed his heart and focused his mind. With his eyes closed, like thin and fine streams, his senses enveloped the crimson golden jade scroll. His senses quickly plundered through, immediately landing on the eighth stage of the god arts.

In the span of a few dozen breaths, the resounding cry of the Golden Crow rang in his mind and a blazing Golden Crow danced in the depths of his soul. On the surface of his body, a layer of increasingly rich Golden Crow divine flames slowly appeared.

As one progressed through each realm of the Golden Crow‘s Record of the Burning World, the might of the Golden Crow flames would rise once. Furthermore, every single one would be an explosive increase of a large degree and the color of the flames would tend closer to gold. Not to mention, with every increasing realm, there would similarly be a corresponding Golden Crow annihilative skill.

Eighth Realm—【Blazing Sunray】 was a point-based fire attack skill which far surpassed 【Golden Annihilation】in power. The concept behind Golden Annihilation was the suppression of Golden Crow flames into a single line, while Blazing Sunray was even more extreme—a single point. Though it required several times more condensing time than Golden Annihilation, the moment it was successfully released, it would be akin to extreme flames coming from the blazing sun itself. It was capable of burning through all matter in the world. 

Ninth Realm—【Illusory Realm Domain - Red Butterfly】was not an annihilative domain like Yellow Spring Ashes, rather, it was a soul domain like the Dragon God Domain! However, it was different compared to the Dragon God Domain’s unbeatable stun. Though the Red Butterfly Domain could not achieve the extreme stun which the Dragon God Domain was capable of, it could bring about the terrifying incineration of one’s spirit!

It would be akin to the terrifying Golden Crow divine flames burning the depths of people’s souls, destroying their souls while their bodies were left alive.

Tenth Realm, and also the highest realm recorded in the jade scroll of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. It’s corresponding annihilative skill was the 【Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury】!

The Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury demonstrated by Huo Poyun was in the most elementary “one sun” state. Even though it was in the most elementary state, its terror had still shaken the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. Furthermore, with every addition of a sun, its power would not just increase by one but several times. The complete Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury would bring about the descent of nine suns… The terror of its might was simply unimaginable.

Most likely, that would truly be divine might that could annihilate the world.

In the hundred thousand years of the Flame God Realm’s history, though there had been four people who could comprehend the Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury… Not a single one of them was able to achieve the realm of nine suns. Huo Poyun being capable of reaching the realm of one sun before the age of thirty, was already a never-before-seen miracle in the Flame God Realm.

In his focused state, he was basically unable to sense the flow of time. When the unmoving Yun Che opened his eyes once more, seven days had already passed. The flames on his body were still present, while the crimson golden jade scroll before him burst into flames at this moment, instantly turning to ash.

Raising his right hand, a small ball of Golden Crow flames ignited soundlessly above his palm and then it quickly turned dense. On his first cast, he had already reached the eighth flaming realm and it was in but a few seconds. The aura and color of the flames had both undergone a clear change.

He also had the confidence that in half a month, he would be able to achieve the lower tier of Blazing Sunray.

However, with the flames in hand, his brows slightly furrowed.

“Is the tenth stage… truly the peak? Why do I have the feeling that it’s still incomplete…”

“Nevermind, let’s train the Moon Splitting Cascade.”


Ice Phoenix City, Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace.

“Yun Che was the one who rejected Feixue?”

Mu Xuanyin sat sideways on the ice chair. With hazy eyes and her soft breasts half-exposed, her overlapping legs formed a slender, sultry outline. A small part of her white calves was exposed beneath her dress, her glossy skin was even more lustrous than a room filled with flowers of ice.

Mu Bingyun was standing next to her, her slightly furrowed brows revealed her perplexity.

“What else could it be? Feixue has such an obedient personality, no matter what, she couldn’t be the one who was disobedient.”

Mu Xuanyin’s voice was soft and gentle, capable of tugging people’s hearts and minds. A layer of bewitching pink lightly surfaced on her jade-white face.

An entrancing scent was floating in the air and Mu Bingyun’s eyes inadvertently landed on her overly large and half-exposed breasts and then shifted away immediately after. Her heart instantly began to beat a little unnaturally. She lightly said, “That shouldn’t be the case. Though elder sister’s method is a little brazen, it’s indeed the most likely way for him to achieve the Divine Tribulation Realm before the Profound God Convention. Furthermore, with his personality and the instincts a man would have, there shouldn’t have been any reason for him to object.”

“Who knows? Most probably, Feixue doesn’t catch his fancy.”

The ice-cold snowy light outside seeped in. Mu Xuanyin lazily laid down, her dress pulled up her jade legs. With their delicate pink gloss, her legs rose above the ice chair, each and every single one of her toes were small and lustrous like ice crystals. The front and back of her feet were silky smooth, it was as if they were smeared with a layer of cream, as smooth as jade and as soft as satin...

And only in front of Mu Bingyun, would she appear this unscrupulous.

“Doesn’t catch his fancy?” Mu Bingyun shook her head. “With Feixue’s looks… That shouldn’t be the case.”

“That’s completely different~”

With her slender snow hand, she swept the side of her endlessly bewitching blue hair behind her ear. Mu Xuanyin suddenly smiled, with her focused gaze on Mu Bingyun, a beautiful bewitching color appeared within her eyes. “Since he isn’t willing to have Feixue, then only a single method remains.”

“What method?” Mu Bingyun’s eyes swept over, however, the moment they met Mu Bingyun’s entrancing smile, she unconsciously shifted them away again.

“Of course, the only method left… is my good little sister personally offering her vital yin in order to raise his profound strength and repay him for saving her life.”

The moment she said that, Mu Xuanyin was already letting out a tender laugh.

Mu Bingyun’s beautiful icy face was unmoved. “Sis, don’t fool around.”

Outside, Mu Bingyun had to behave respectfully in front of Mu Xuanyin. However, privately, the two of them were sisters which could share any secret and there was not a single impurity in their feelings for each other. They were both each other’s only relative in the world. However, there was an extreme difference in their demeanors and personalities.

One of them was a fairy who was as cold as snow, while the other was a bewitching enchantress who could bring calamities to the world.

“Geez, can’t you give a little playful reaction and entertain your big sis a little?” Mu Xuanyin lightly pursed her lips. “Though, taking in a male disciple was more fun than expected.”

“Fun? You’re talking about Yun Che?”

“Not only is he fun, his comprehension ability is simply extraordinarily high. In just a single day, he comprehended the Moon Splitting Cascade. A comprehension ability like that…” Mu Xuanyin’s eyes lightly narrowed. “Most likely, no one in those king realms can be used as comparison either.”

“...This is also the main reason why elder sister suddenly has the desire to raise him quickly, right?” Mu Bingyun said.

“I’m preparing to have him make a trip to the Ice Wind Empire with Mu Hanyi.” Her delicate peach-colored lips slightly curved, the bewitching glow in her eyes gradually turned deep and profound. “In order to have him personally retrieve that Ice Qilin’s horn.”


Author’s Note:PS: Even if Yun Che were to completely comprehend the Golden Crow’s Record of Burning World, he wouldn’t be able to release the Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury. Let’s put it this way: The minimum MP needed to cast Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury is 5,000,000, while the maximum being limitless. Yun Che’s current max MP is 54,250, so…

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