Chapter 1027 - Killing with Poison

Against the Gods

Chapter 1027 - Killing with Poison

“Me, insane?” Mu Hanyi indifferently cackled, “You are even more naive than I had thought. All I am doing is something which a truly able person needs to do. Even if my royal father or royal brothers were to die under the fury of the sect master, they would definitely understand me as they traveled along the path of the Yellow Springs. After all, this was all taught to me by my royal father.”

“At the same time… I was forced to do all of this by you!!!”

Mu Hanyi’s originally calm and indifferent voice abruptly turned sharp at this moment as a terrifyingly hideous and fierce expression emerged on his face. At this place and time, he was finally able to completely strip himself of all of his miens without any qualms. “Do you know just how much I’ve given up to be able to become Sect Master’s direct disciple?!”

“I have an innate talent which causes all to envy me, yet I have never dared to be the slightest bit lazy because of it. In fact, while others would cultivate for six to eight hours a day, I would cultivate for at least eighteen hours a day! And I started this when I was five years old! Every day, I would train until I became battered black and blue to temper my body as well. I have already lost count of how many times I have nearly frozen to death in the Wintry Spring!”

“After entering Divine Ice Phoenix Sect later on, I became even less daring to slack off! Even though I was a prince, I kneeled thousands upon ten thousands of times in front of others within the sect to ask for teachings. To gain a spot in the hearts of people, I showed favor countless times to those untouchables who could be of use to me! Then, in order to gain more blood essence from Mu Yunzhi to thicken my bloodline, I even… I was even willing to humiliate myself and become a plaything for her in bed!”

[email protected]#¥%...” As Yun Che thought about the robust Mu Yunzhi and her masculine face, his eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped as an overwhelmingly uncomfortable feeling emerged in his stomach.

The route that Mu Hanyi had taken to become the number one disciple of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was truly not an easy one!

Mu Hanyi’s breathing became increasingly heavy as his expression became increasingly grim and hideous. His pupils, full of rage and fury, moved erratically as he said, “I had already succeeded… my success was nigh! I was about to become Sect Master’s direct disciple, gaining a most distinguished status and a future which everyone would be envious of! Sect Master would pass Feixue to me, and my homeland would once again rise to the pinnacle. Because of my talent, my wisdom, my effort, and also my prestige, I could have also possibly become the successor of a Great Realm King, ruling over the entire Snow Song Realm and becoming a person who all had to bow down to. My name would have forever been recorded in the history of the Snow Song Realm, and I would have achieved a state of omnipotence within it. I would have been able to kill that old bitch Mu Yunzhi using the most wicked methods without any care…”

Yun Che, “...”

“Everything had already appeared right in front of my eyes. As long as I continued working hard, everything would have become mine. You wouldn’t need to die, nor anyone else! But you… it was you… who ruined all of it!”

Waves of grief, resentment, and madness emanated from Mu Hanyi as his voice became hoarse and twisted. Like an evil beast, he roared, “You have robbed me of the rewards for my lifetime of effort. You have taken away Feixue, you have taken away everything!”

“But thankfully, this entire matter is but just a test given to me by the heavens. Not long has passed, yet an opportunity for me to snatch everything back has been delivered straight to me… and it is an incredibly perfect opportunity!”

Mu Hanyi’s breaths were ragged as he slowly raised his closed palm towards Yun Che, “Do you know just how perfect this is? You, yourself, threw off your guards, and no one knows where you have gone or who are with. As for me, I exited through a secret passage within the palace. This means that no one knows I have left the palace. Thus, everyone will believe that during the critical moments of your death after ‘breaking into’ the treasury, I was sleeping calmly in the palace.”

“I have even helped you think of how you entered. Only… I will need to sacrifice my poor royal sister.”

“You!” Yun Che fiercely gnashed his teeth. From Mu Hanyi’s words, it was clear that after killing Yun Che and leaving, he would send a sound transmission to Feng Hanjin and call her over, before then killing her too!

Because the blood of a Ice Wind Imperial Family member was needed to unlock the profound formation of the secret passageway, Mu Hanyi wanted to make it seem like Yun Che had killed Feng Hanjin and then used her blood to enter the treasure warehouse!

“If I become a Great Realm King in the future, what’s wrong with this bit of a sacrifice?”

Mu Hanyi slowly walked forward as an icy blue light surrounded his hand. “Ask me how much I hate you. These last couple days, I have dreamed about cutting into you with thousands of blades. But now… I feel like you are so pitiful. You got everything I dreamed about, but just a short half month later, you are about to lose everything, including your life. Heh, your losses outweigh your gains.”

More blue light quickly converged over Mu Hanyi’s hand and rapidly reached a level where it would be able to take Yun Che’s life in one blow. Mu Hanyi was only ten steps away from him, “Truth be told, you are still quite an intelligent fellow. I constantly thought about killing you to snatch everything back, but there were several times where I wondered if it was possible that I would never find an opportunity to kill you in my entire life. I never expected that the heaven’s would pity me and bestow such a perfect opportunity upon me so quickly.”

“Since arriving in the Ice Wind Empire, you must have been bitterly thinking about how to find the whereabouts of the Qilin horn, right? At a time like this, I just had to slightly lead and you would naturally become euphoric. After all, how could you let such an opportunity go? And thus, you obediently brought yourself in here.”

“In your next life, you would do well to remember one thing. Do not be too impatient when doing things. You should use your brain a bit more!”

Yun Che, “...”

“Alright, everything which needs to be said has been said. You can peacefully go die now.” Mu Hanyi’s five fingers slowly opened as his facial features became extremely twisted, “Don’t feel anxious, I won’t let you die too horribly. Otherwise, you may not look perfect enough for my plans after you die!”

Mu Hanyi’s words hadn’t fallen as he abruptly shot forward, his five fingers with blue light flickering between them aimed straight for Yun Che’s throat.

The power of a middle stage Divine Tribulation Realm cultivator, one which surpassed Yun Che by a full two and a half realms, was undoubtedly enough to kill him, even if it were to just barely hit him.

As Yun Che watched Mu Hanyi approach, he felt the cold aura of death. However, a glint of light abruptly flashed through his eyes as they became incredibly dark and cold.

Star God’s Broken Shadow!


Mu Hanyi’s palm and fingers instantly tore through Yun Che’s afterimage and heavily collided with the barrier. The barrier slightly trembled from the blue light, but showed absolutely no signs of collapsing. In fact, not a single crack appeared on top.

Having never considered that Yun Che would be able to dodge his attack, Mu Hanyi became clearly dazed for a moment. It was at this moment that a dark blue image of a dragon flashed within the barrier, followed by a heaven shocking earth shattering roar which caused the entire area to tremble.


Dragon God Domain!!

The Dragon God Domain. It was a terrifying domain which was Yun Che’s only method to suppress enemies who were three or more great realms higher than him. Forget Divine Tribulation Realm cultivators, even Divine Spirit Realm profound cultivators would not be able to completely resist it.

An unmatched power which originated from the Dragon God’s true soul caused Mu Hanyi to feel as if his soul had been hit by a heavy hammer. His vision suddenly turned white as an unprecedented sense of weakness and fear quickly emerged in his heart…

And at this moment, Yun Che charged forward like a bolt of lighting, his left hand reaching out as a green glow flashed out from the Sky Poison Pearl in his palm. A seemingly cottony and fibrous, yet also liquid, red dot flew out from the Sky Poison Pearl and onto Mu Hanyi’s face. As soon as the red dot collided with Mu Hanyi, it immediately entered through his skin and seven orifices in a frenzy, as if it had suddenly gained consciousness. In the blink of an eye, it had already disappeared.

Removing the Dragon God Domain, Yun Che flipped backwards and then landed on the other side of the barrier. As he landed, his body slightly swayed as his vision became blurry—In order to ensure success, he had unreservedly used his soul energy. Although the Dragon God Domain had only been sustained for several breaths, it had consumed a great amount of his soul energy.

However, a dark, indifferent smile was present on his face.

Both of Mu Hanyi’s pupils quickly contracted in fear and shock. He had just turned around when he suddenly fell to his knees, expressions of extreme pain and panic abruptly emerging on his face. Then, his entire body collapsed onto the ground as he began to wildly roll around and convulse. He began to scream, his voice hoarse and shrill as he continuously cried out as if he were bearing the greatest pains in the world.

“Ah… ah… ah ah… you… you… what have… you done… ah ah…”

“It’s the horned dragon’s breath,” Yun Che coldly responded.

“...Uuugh!” These two ice cold words caused Mu Hanyi’s pupils to suddenly expand several times larger as traces of scarlet blood abruptly spread across the whites of his eyes. Everyone in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect knew that what had nearly caused Mu Bingyun to lose her life was the horned dragon’s breath. Its toxicity was so terrifying that even a Divine Sovereign Realm powerhouse like Mu Bingyun had nearly died. How could it be something that Mu Hanyi could endure?

“It… it’s not possible… you’re lying to me… YOU’RE LYING!!!”

As if countless demons were rampaging through Mu Hanyi’s soul, he felt extreme pain and fear. He let out another hoarse roar and then pounced towards Yun Che, but right when he tried to circulate his profound energy, the toxicity of the horned dragon’s breath abruptly flared and became more intense. As if he had suddenly been shot in the heart, he fell to the ground whilst miserably roaring. His entire body contracted as he rolled on the ground in extreme pain.

His originally white skin quickly became a dull red as the aura of profound energy and vitality on his body rapidly dispersed from his body like running water.

The horrific toxicity of horned dragon’s breath was being clearly demonstrated in front of Yun Che’s eyes.

Under the immense toxicity of the horned dragon’s breath, a profound cultivator of the Divine Tribulation Realm who had once been the number one amongst the peers of his generation in the Snow Song Realm, had been reduced to a completely powerless state as if he were a helpless larvae.

“It seems like the situation did not develop as you had expected.”

Yun Che calmly and slowly walked over, his eyes indifferent and devoid of a trace of mercy as he said, “Mu Hanyi, I must confess that you acted quite well. I only ever felt regret and self-depreciation from you, and never once felt any hatred and unacceptance towards me. Especially on the road to the Ice Wind Empire, when you ‘bared your heart and soul to me’, there were several moments when I nearly believed that you were broadminded and able to calmly accept everything.”

“Your ability to hide your emotions is perfect and unmatched. Even I cannot achieve it.”

“However, regardless of how perfectly you behaved, there’s no way that I would be innocent and naive to believe that you held no hate towards me. It’s even more unlikely that I would be foolish enough to come to such an isolated place by myself without guards when invited by someone who hates me so.”

Yun Che stopped in front of Mu Hanyi and bent down slightly as he mockingly said, “It seems that the impatient person was not me, but you.”

“In your next life, you would do well to remember one thing. Do not be too impatient when doing things. You should use your brain a bit more!”

The words with which Mu Hanyi had used to mock Yun Che earlier had been delivered back to him in full.

“You… ah… ah…” Mu Hanyi’s eyes had become bloodshot to the point of seemingly exploding. His struggles had also become increasingly fainter and weaker. He was in such great pain that he couldn’t even say anything anymore.

“This place is indeed incredibly perfect for killing someone, regardless of it is you kill me or me killing you.” Yun Che coldly said, “Mu Hanyi, you truly picked a perfect place to use as your grave. Otherwise, I would have had to use more of my brain and energy just to find an opportunity and reason to get rid of you, a snake which could bite me at any moment!”

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