Chapter 1029 - Something Strange

Against the Gods

Chapter 1029 - Something Strange

Yun Che swiftly moved through the darkness. Upon approaching the exit, however, he slowed down, using Hidden Flowing Lightning to rapidly retract his aura.

Various noises resonated over from afar, but the medicine garden area outside of the entrance did not seem to have any abnormalities. Upon deciding it was safe, Yun Che slowly and silently exited while maintaining Hidden Flowing Lightning. He carefully moved through the darkness until he confirmed that he was outside of the perception range of the profound beast guarding the medicine garden. Then, he abrupted accelerated and raced straight back towards Ice Maiden Palace.

The originally calm and silent Ice Wind Imperial Palace had already become noisy and clamorous as groups of figures flocked towards the treasury like large flocks of birds. The originally dark area around the treasury was now brightened by various profound lights… Someone had broken into the treasury. This was the only time it had ever happened in the tens of thousands of years long history of the Ice Wind Empire, and thus had caused the entire city to be shocked as over half of the peak practitioners within the palace went towards it.

Yun Che’s brows were tightly furrowed as he avoided the moving figures to the best of his abilities and slowly approached the boundaries of the imperial palace. He had not expected that taking away the Qilin horn would trigger the profound formation below it, but it was not enough to cause him to panic… what caused him to worry was Mu Hanyi’s corpse, which had disappeared.

As the lights of Ice Maiden Palace entered his sights, Yun Che’s footsteps abruptly slowed as he directly stopped in place and turned around to look in the direction of the treasury.

Not too long after, the sound of many hurried footsteps approached him from behind. The people leading the group were none other than Feng Huita and Feng Hange. As for the group following them, it consisted of twenty or so people. Although their numbers were small and they were all armorless, the aura of each person was incredibly thick and their eyes all seemed sharp enough to penetrate into one’s heart.

Upon seeing Yun Che, Feng Huita and Feng Hange quickly made to greet him as Feng Huita hurried shouted from far away, “Young Yun!”

Yun Che turned around as he asked, “Ice Wind Emperor, what is with this great commotion? Could it be that some enemy has broken in?”

Feng Huita walked closer, then slightly bent at the waist as he replied, “My imperial treasury is located over there. It is guarded extremely strictly, so I never thought that someone would actually try to break in. To have disturbed Young Yun’s sleep as well, this little king is truly ashamed. When this little king captures the intruder, they will have their body cut to thousands of pieces!”

“Royal Father!” Feng Hange anxiously interrupted, “As the thief was able to activate that profound formation, it means that they have already entered the treasury. For them to enter whilst avoiding the many layers of guards means that their skills are no small matter. It is still best if royal father doesn’t take any risks.”

“As of right now, a hundred thousand guards have already encircled the treasury area. Even if the thief grew wings, it would be hard for them to escape. Moreover, with all of the high level experts over there, this will definitely be able to apprehend the thief and bring them before you,” Feng Hange vowed.

Feng Huita thought for a while, then ordered, “Alright then, but you must be careful.”

“Elder Yan, I’ll be putting my royal father and Brother Yun in your care.”

“Rest assured, crown prince.” Behind Feng Huita, a sage like old man slowly nodded his head.

Finished speaking, Feng Hange took his group of men and swiftly moved towards the treasury.

“Young Yun, I’m afraid it may not be too safe here. Why don’t you let this little king accompany you back to the Ice Wind Main Hall?” Feng Huita said.

With the escort of Elder Yan, Yun Che followed Feng Huita back to the Ice Wind Main Hall. The front of the hall was already full of people, a large portion of which being guests who were staying in the various palaces that night. They had all been shocked silly and were afraid, and had been escorted there by their own guards.

There were three layers of experts surrounding the great palace, and another three layers within the palace itself. The defense was indeed without a hole.

Upon seeing Yun Che, Mu Xiaolan walked up and greeted him as she anxiously asked, “Yun Che, are… are you alright?”

“What could possibly happen to me?” Yun Che casually replied.

Situ Xiongyang also hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Ice Wind Emperor, this… what has happened? Could it be that enemies have intruded?”

“A thief has broken into my treasury and activated a profound formation.” Feng Huita frowned, “However, do not worry. There is no way the thief will escape. Only, the disturbances that they have wrought upon you all, I’m afraid that even if they are cut up into tens of thousands of pieces, it will not relieve you all of your anger!”

“...” Yun Che didn’t look away as he knew that it was impossible for Feng Huita to suspect that the person who had activated the profound formation within the treasury had entered and exited through a secret passage which was openable only with royal blood. It was impossible for Feng Huita to know that the thief had long since escaped.

Sounds of chaos constantly emanated over from the north without a break as the people in front of the palace conversed amongst themselves. All of the palace guards were extremely tense, as if they were about to face an enemy at any time. As time flowed on, Feng Huita would glance over and then send a sound transmission through the Sound Transmission Jade in his hand. He did this countless times, and with each time, an increasing amount of anxiety and doubt emerged between his brows.

In the end, he finally couldn’t take it any longer as he decisively said, “Quickly send someone to the thirteenth prince’s palace! If he isn’t in his palace, then send people looking for him. Upon finding him, let him immediately come over and see me.”

The brows of Elder Yan, who was always right behind Feng Huita, furrowed as he said, “With the thirteenth prince’s temperament, he would definitely be the first person to react if something like this were to happen, yet he has yet to appear tonight. Moreover, he cannot even be contacted by sound transmission… it is indeed strange.”

“...” Feng Huita didn’t respond, but his expression became extremely solemn at this point.

At this point, a creeping suspicion emerged in Mu Xiaolan’s heart. During this entire time, she had been stealing glances at Yun Che, and at this time, she realized that ever since Yun Che had arrived, his brows had been furrowed as if locked. Moreover, the look in his eyes was also abnormal and unfocused. Thus, Mu Xiaolan reached out with her hand and waved it in front of Yun Che’s eyes. “Hm? what’s wrong with you?”

Yun Che slightly leaned to the side as he responded, “It’s nothing. I’m only thinking about a strange matter.”

“A strange matter?”

It was at this time that the atmosphere in front of them became chaotic as tens of figures with incredibly disturbed and abnormal auras quickly approached.

“R-royal Father!!”

Feng Hange jumped over through the sky and then immediately kneeled in front of Feng Huita. Although dark, it was clear that his face had turned completely pale as if he had just become incredibly sickly. Looking more carefully, one would see that his entire body was shivering. As for the tens of experts who had come with him, their faces were all clearly covered in extreme panic.

Feng Huita’s heart sunk as he shouted, “What’s happened? Could it be that the thief has escaped?”

“Royal Father…” Feng Hange’s voice abruptly cowered as he half-cryingly said, “The hal… the halidom has been stolen, and the thief is nowhere to be found. Moreover… moreover…”

“What… what?” As the profound formation had been activated, it was clear that the Qilin horn had been taken. Thus, Feng Huita had already prepared himself for this news. However, it was a great shock for him to hear that the thief had disappeared without a trace, meaning that they were unable to capture them. He took a step forward and grabbed Feng Hange’s shoulder, his pupils expanding to their maximum as he asked, “What else is there?!”

“...” Feng Hange’s expression twisted in grief as he finally forced several painful words out of his throat, “In the medicine garden… in the medicine garden, we discovered… a corpse… it was…”

“It was Hanyi…”

As Feng Hange said his teary words, the expressions of everyone present dramatically changed as if they had all been struck by a thunderbolt from the sky. Yun Che was no exception as he fiercely turned his head around…

Mu Hanyi’s corpse…

Medicine garden!?

How could this have happened?

Feng Huita’s entire body trembled, his feet staggering as he abruptly let out a strange scream and began to grab at Feng Hange like a madman, his fingers nearly penetrating into Feng Hange’s flesh. “What did you say? What did you just say!?”

The group of people divided as an old practitioner carrying a silent, auraless body walked forward and then carefully placed it on the ground.


This body which was completely devoid of vitality and aura caused the entire great hall to become dazed.

Although the body had become twisted out of shape and the face was completely lacking any humanity, it was still enough to clearly distinguish that this corpse was none other than the thirteenth prince of the Ice Wind Empire, the person who used to be the number one of the young generation of the Snow Song Realm—Mu Hanyi!

“AHHH—S-senior Brother Hanyi!” Mu Xiaolan’s hands covered her lips as a long cry escaped her mouth. Her pupils intensely trembled as she could not believe her eyes.

“Ah… ah…” Feng Huita’s face instantly became white as a sheet, as if he had been struck by heavenly lightning. His mouth opened and his lips quivered as an incredibly hoarse scream escaped his throat. Afterwards, he trembled as he landed heavily onto his knees before Mu Hanyi’s corpse.

“Your majesty!” Elder Yan hurriedly walked forward, but did not attempt to pick Feng Huita up, his face full of confusion. This was because he knew that Mu Hanyi was not only the son Feng Huita was most proud of, but also the biggest source of pride in Feng Huita’s life. Towards Feng Huita, the sudden death of Mu Hanyi was without a doubt a heaven breaking earth shattering occurrence.

“Royal Father, the secret passage… the secret passage was opened. The thief must have… must have taken Hanyi and entered and exited the treasury through the secret passage… then, after using Hanyi, they… they…” As Feng Hange spoke, he fiercely grit his teeth to try and stop the tears pouring down his face.

All of the nearby members of the imperial family were weeping while the invited guests all sighed while observing what occurred. With Mu Hanyi’s fame within the Snow Song Realm, his sudden death was absolutely not only a great matter for the Ice Wind Empire, but also one which would stir the entire Snow Song Realm.

After all, Mu Hanyi wasn’t just simply an Ice Wind Prince, he was also the number one disciple of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect! Just who would have the courage to dare and kill the number one disciple of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect?!

“...” Feng Huita began to tremble so harshly that it became startling. It was as if he had entered the coldest hell in the world. Elder Yan could only grip Feng Huita’s shoulders as he helplessly tried to comfort him, “Your majesty, please do not grieve too much right now. This old one will definitely find the thief so that you can take vengeance for the thirteenth prince.”

Feng Huita abruptly slowly raised his head at this moment as he quietly said, “Elder Yan, could you go and check Hanyi? Can you determine just what killed him?”

Feng Huita’s voice was astonishingly calm. Elder Yan slightly nodded as he stuck out his palm and placed it onto Mu Hanyi’s chest… only, upon touching Mu Hanyi’s chest, his palm quickly retracted like lighting as an expression of shock covered his face.

Everyone’s gazes abruptly landed on Elder Yan while Yun Che’s brows became even more furrowed… just what kind of reaction was this?

“Speak!” Feng Huita eyes were dark as he spoke a single, hate filled word which caused chills to emerge in everyone’s hearts.

The person called “Elder Yan” had already been within the Ice Wind Imperial Palace for thousands of years, and was the number one expert within the palace. No one within the entire Ice Wind Empire was his opponent. However, his face was currently full of shock and fear. It was clear that he didn’t dare speak as his mouth opened and closed several times. Only, in the end, did he speak with great difficulty, “The thirteenth prince was killed by an extremely strong cold energy. Considering how strong the cold energy remaining on his body is, the level used must have been extremely high. However, this would require an extremely high level of cold energy. The only… the only…”

Elder Yan did not continue speaking, but his gaze quickly shifted through the crowd and landed on Yun Che.

Although he had not finished speaking, everyone in the courtyard simultaneously understood what he wanted to say at that instant…

All profound practitioners within the Snow Song Realm cultivated ice related profound arts, but the highest ranking one was undeniably the—Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon!

Mu Hanyi… had been killed by the power of the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon!

“~!@#¥%...” Yun Che’s mind went blank. Mu Hanyi had clearly died due to the toxicity of the horned dragon’s breath. Moreover, he had been sure to go and remove any traces of the poison afterwards… so how could it be due to the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon?!

Moreover, within the entire imperial palace, the only two people who could use the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon were the two Ice Phoenix disciples—Mu Xiaolan and Yun Che!

However, both of them were extremely lacking in terms of power when compared to Mu Hanyi. It was impossible for them to have killed Mu Hanyi.

“This… this… it can’t be…” Feng Hange was stunned in place, as was everyone else.

It was at this time that Feng Huita slowly stood up and turned to look at Yun Che, his eyes muddy. He spoke in a suffocatingly calm voice, “My Hanyi is smarter and more cautious than anyone else here. Moreover, this is his home, how could he have silently been kidnapped so easily?”

Yun Che, “...”

“As for the matter of the secret passage, it is impossible for outsiders to know of it, so why would they take a member of the imperial family? The only possibility for the secret passage being open is that Hanyi opened it himself and brought someone in. His reason, perhaps it was just to bring that person in to look at the halidom. Nonetheless, in this entire palace, there is only one person who could make Hanyi be willing to do so… Young Yun, what this little king is saying makes sense, right?”

In the end, Feng Huita was emperor of an nation. Thus, even after the enormous loss of one of his sons, his mind was still terrifyingly clear and awake.

The moment his words left his mouth, the entire great hall instantly turned silent as if time had become frozen. The meaning within his words were so clear that even a fool could understand it. Immediately, everyone froze, not daring to make the slightest noise. As for the guests, they all held their breaths as they slowly and quietly tried to withdraw.

“Does the Ice Wind Emperor believe that I killed Mu Hanyi?” Yun Che’s expression abruptly turned cold.

“This little king doesn’t dare.” Feng Huita let out a sad laugh, one which was incredibly tragic, as he moved his gaze onto a girl with a pale expression. “Jin’er, you have been waiting on Young Yun within the Ice Maiden Palace this entire night. Tell me, did Young Yun… sleep well tonight?”

Feng Hanjin’s slender body shrank back as she lowered her head and then said in a voice trembling with fear, “S-sir Yun he… just an hour ago, he… was already not in the Ice Maiden Palace…”

Feng Hanjin’s words caused everyone’s hearts to tighten even further.

An hour ago… what occurred at this time, was just too delicate.

Mu Hanyi was the number one Ice Phoenix disciple whereas Yun Che was the recently accepted direct disciple of the Great Realm King…

In the end, this matter was just too large. It was nearly impossible for them to imagine the significance of this matter, and what the end would be.

“Ha, haha,” Feng Huita laughed again. This time, his laughter was even sadder than before, “Are the guards of Ice Maiden Palace here?”

Fifteen people with thick auras walked forward. Each of their expressions were filled with shock, terror, and anxiety.

“You all were ordered to protect Young Yun at all times. Did you all do as ordered?”

All fifteen of the guards simultaneously shuddered and then knelt down as they said in panic, “An hour ago, Sir Yun said he wished to go out to relax, and ordered us for us to not accompany him. We… we… we didn’t dare not… Your majesty, please forgive us!”

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