Chapter 1078 - Heavenly Mystery Realm

Against the Gods

Chapter 1078 - Heavenly Mystery Realm?

Darkya Realm, Darkya City.

Without a doubt, because he took away He Lin and had inflicted heavy injuries upon the middle-aged man in black, the Black Feather Merchant Guild and the forces behind it must have launched a manhunt after him. After careful consideration, Yun Che, after leaving wood spirits’ secret grounds, chose to return to Darkya City.

Now that he had obtained the Wood Spirit Orb, all that was left to refine the Universe Penta Jade Pellet was the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass

Being reputed as a well-known trading center in the lower star realms, Darkya City was naturally the most likely place Yun Che could obtain information or hints, which was why he decided to come back.

Of course, he did not choose to return directly. First, he changed his clothes, modified his appearance and even used his Hidden Flowing Lightning to repress his profound energy aura.

Darkya City was lively and bustling; nothing was unusual. Obviously, when it came to the matter of the royal wood spirit, even if the Black Feather Merchant Guild had launched a manhunt, it would proceed in total secrecy and they would not dare to announce it publicly. Yun Che was walking blatantly in the middle of the city and began making inquiries about the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass.

After Yun Che had wandered around for a while without going to the main merchant guild, a not-so-small street booth attracted his attention. The owner was an old man with a white moustache fluttering around. Although he was surrounded by people coming and going, he was calm and poised and had sagelike features.

Laid in front of him was a stall full of strange items; most of them were old and ancient, they were releasing a rather quaint aura.

An old man who had experienced many things most likely had extensive knowledge. Yun Che walked over and asked straightforwardly, “Senior, I was wondering if I could inquire about some news.”

The old man swept his eyes over him and asked lazily, “Looking at you, you should be an outsider, right? Just as a reminder, in our Darkya City, the price of information is not cheap. Please ask."

Yun Che asked, “This junior would like to know where can one purchase a Nine Star Buddha Jade in Darkya City.”

When Yun Che had finished speaking, he saw the old man’s gaze sweeping over him again, his face becoming unfriendly, “You little rascal, are you making fun of me?”

“...I have no such intentions.” Yun Che shook his head.

“Then you must be retarded!!” The old man’s voice suddenly grew louder. “An Empyrean Divine Jade needs to be bathed in the starlight of nine stars for at least ten thousand years before it can transform into a Nine Star Buddha Jade. Even within the upper star realms, it is considered to be an extremely priceless treasure. In all of the lower star realms, not many even know of its name. You’re actually looking for this kind of treasure in my Darkya City, how is this not making fun of me?”

Yun Che was stunned when he saw that the old man, who was originally poised and sagelike, had become like a squalling bitch…

“What about… the Immortal Emperor Grass? Does Darkya City have it?” Yun Che inquired again. Although there was not much hope, he did not expect the result to be this absolute.

“~!@#¥%... “ The old man’s moustache stood erect, “Out, out, out, out, out! Stop disturbing this old man’s business!”

Yun Che took out ten thousand purple profound stones, “Senior, I feel like your knowledge must be exceedingly extensive, could you please provide some guidance to this junior on the whereabouts of the Nine Star Buddha Jade or the Immortal Emperor Grass?”

Facing the sparkling purple profound stones, the old man’s demeanor suddenly calmed down. He quietly snatched away the purple profound stones, his face and eyes clear and free. He looked at Yun Che with a gaze full of praise, “Young master, at a first glance, this old man knew that you were a rich clan’s young master. Since you’re inquiring so sincerely, then it wouldn’t be bad for this old man to tell you a thing or two.”

Yun Che, “...”

“This Nine Star Buddha Jade, not to mention our lower star realm, is absolutely impossible to find even within the middle star realms. Its original form, the Empyrean Divine Jade, is an existence that can only be found in upper star realms. You looking for it in Darkya City is simply synonymous of being retar… Cough, it is not realistic. Even if you had really gone to an upper star realm, it would still be difficult.”

“As for the Immortal Emperor Grass, this kind of divine grass is said to appear only in primordial secret realms.”

“Primordial secret realms?” Yun Che raised his eyebrow.

The old man suddenly became suspicious, “Kid, you don’t even know about primordial secret realms? Don’t tell me… you’re from the lower realms?”

Yun Che glanced and could only admit, “Yes, this junior was indeed born in the lower realms, having arrived here not too long ago. This junior implores senior to elaborate further on these primordial secret realms.”

While speaking, Yun Che “tactfully” took out another ten thousand purple profound stones.

The old man accepted it with the speed of lightning, his face becoming tranquil and serene. “Since you were born in the lower realms, then it is not surprising. These so-called primordial secret realms are small independent worlds left from the ancient Era of Gods.”

With the old man’s explanation, Yun Che came, more or less, to an understanding.

“There are many primordial secret realms within the God Realm. Some are directly connected to the outside realms, allowing one to enter and exit freely. Some have their own independent laws restricting time, quantity of people, profound strength, and so on. In the God Realm, many inheritances and primordial treasures were discovered in secret realms. With the extinction of the gods, the source of power that sustained those worlds is gone, causing the collapse and the disappearance of a large number of primordial secret realms year after year. Although some realms still exist, the secrets and resources hidden within them have pretty much been plundered clean. Today, most of those secret realms are occupied by some powerful sects and are used as trial sites.”

Yun Che slowly nodded his head... The Heaven Basin Secret Realm in Blue Wind Nation’s Heavenly Sword Villa was in fact a primordial secret realm left by the Heretic God.

In our Darkya Realm, there are still two primordial secret realms remaining as of today, all of which belong to the Soul Sect.” The old man continued, without hiding anything, “When we talk about primordial secret realms, we can’t not talk about the God Realm of Absolute Beginning. That is even what the seventeen king realms that stand at the summit of the entire God Realm…”

He suddenly stopped in the middle of his sentence and then waved his hands. “Oh, I got side tracked. A kid like you won’t be able to understand something like the God Realm of Absolute Beginning even if given ten thousand more years. About that Immortal Emperor Grass… oh yes, about the Immortal Emperor Grass. Records of it point to different kinds of primordial secret realms, within the upper star realms and middle star realms. As for the lower star realms… Oh! It seems there has also been record of it in a lower star realm! Anyways, I haven’t personally heard of the Immortal Emperor Grass appearing outside of a primordial secret realm.”

Primordial secret realm…

The Immortal Emperor Grass would only appear in a primordial secret realm... This was undoubtedly some extremely unpleasant news.

Even if it only appeared in a higher plane or a truly sinister place, one could always try to find it. But a secret realm… There were countless secret realms within the God Realm, who knew which one would have an Immortal Emperor Grass? Moreover, ownership had already been claimed for all of the major secret realms—free entry was basically implausible. Even if one wanted to try to find a needle in a haystack, it was impossible.  

Seeing that Yun Che’s complexion had gone darker, the old man leaned forward and said mysteriously, “Kid, looking at you, it seems like you actually truly want to find those two treasures, huh? Seeing that you are so generous, I can give you some hints.”

Yun Che’s eyes flashed in delight, “Senior, please speak.”

“The Heavenly Mystery Realm!” The man’s gaze swept over him.

“The Heavenly Mystery Realm… heaven’s mystery?” Yun Che asked in a low voice.

“The Heavenly Mystery Realm is the smallest star realm within the Eastern Divine Region… Oh wait no, it is the smallest in the entire God Realm. If it was to be mapped, it would be as big as the Darkya City you are in now. However, it is…. truly a genuine upper star realm!”

Yun Che’s eyes flashed with a bright radiance… If its size was comparable to Darkya City, then the domain would only be a five hundred kilometers wide. It was actually at a level that would absolutely crush realms like the Snow Song Realm and the Flame God Realm?!

“Although the Heavenly Mystery Realm is small, not only is it an upper star realm, it also has a high status in the upper star realms. Even the four great king realms still have to be respectful to the Heavenly Mystery Realm. Their Great Realm Kings would often personally pay a visit to the Heavenly Mystery Realm.”

”Since the star realm is called Heavenly Mystery Realm… Is it true... that the inhabitants, can actually break through the mysteries of the heavens?” Yun Che asked in surprise.

“Hehehe,” The old man smiled, “It is rumored so but how am I qualified to know about matters concerning that plane? However, the Heavenly Mystery Realm is an unrestricted star realm, anyone can go there. As long as you have enough profound stones, you can purchase any information there…. For example, where can one find the Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass.”

Yun Che’s gaze moved slightly.

“However, the price of the information in the Heavenly Mystery Realm is much more expensive than you can imagine. As long as you can afford it, the quality will definitely not disappoint you. As to how you can acquire the Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass after obtaining the information, it will entirely depend on you. It will be much more difficult than simply purchasing a piece of information.”

“How can I get to the Heavenly Mystery Realm?” Yun Che asked without any hesitation.

“Simple!” The old man replied, “There is a dimensional station in the west of the city and as long as enough profound stones are provided, it can grant access to the dimensional formations of more than sixty star realms. First, you would need to go to the Frigid Origin Realm and from the dimensional station in the Frigid Origin Realm, head to the Starsun Realm and from the Starsun Realm, head to the Myriad Holy Light Realm... and after these seventeen transfers, you will then be able to get to a star realm named the Divine Sea Realm. In the city in the center of the realm, you will be able to find a dimensional station that can reach the Heavenly Mystery Realm. However, the cost of these transfers is not cheap and ordinary people cannot afford such travel, even if they spend everything they have.”

Yun Che, “~!@#¥%…”

Although it involved seventeen unfamiliar star realms, Yun Che remembered them all.

“Senior, thank you for your guidance.”

Having found his goal, Yun Che headed straight west.

The Heavenly Mystery Realm, an unrestricted upper star realm. He did not know whether the remaining one hundred million purple profound stones he had on him was enough to afford the information on the Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass.

Yun Che traveled for a long time, inquiring during the entire way and finally arrived at the dimensional station in the west of the city. As he approached, he noticed that a large number of people were coming from that direction, their faces bleak.

His heart jumped and quickly stopped someone, “Brother, did something happen at the dimensional station?”

“If you want to go to the dimensional station, then you should turn around." The man said, looking depressed. “It seems like the dimensional station was sealed several hours ago and no one can enter. Also…” He lowered his voice. “It was guarded by a large group of people from the Soul Sect and anyone who approached the dimensional station would get scrutinized right away.”

“Oh, I see. Thanks for telling me,” Yun Che replied as his heart sank.

The Black Feather Merchant Guild certainly did not stay idle regarding last night’s matter. The purpose behind sealing the dimensional station was to prevent him from escaping the Darkya Realm.

After all, the Black Feather Merchant Guild knew that he came from another star realm.

Could it be..  they were planning to search for him within the entire Darkya Realm? Although it was for a royal wood spirit, wasn’t it a bit too extreme?

Soul Sect, full name being Black Soul Divine Sect, was the ruling sect of the Darkya Realm. By now, it could be confirmed that they were the power behind the Black Feather Merchant Guild and were an existence that Yun Che absolutely could not offend.

Yun Che turned around right away… The dimensional station could not remain shut permanently. He could only stay in Darkya City and wait until the day the dimensional station was unsealed.

Yun Che no longer inquired about the Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass. He started wandering around the city, buying trinkets that caught his attention. A few hours later, he had spent quite a few profound stones.

When noon arrived, Yun Che was wondering whether or not he should find a temporary place to stay. Suddenly, he felt a strong aura nearby, his eyes shifted and saw a man, dressed in black, walk toward a shop not far away. Whenever he went, pedestrians scurried away, reverence on their faces.  

As he turned around, a tattoo of a black snake quickly flashed on his left arm… which was the same tattoo that was on the body of the middle-aged man in black he had crippled.

Someone from the Soul Sect!?

Yun Che noticed that after that man in black had entered the store, it took a while for him to come out. After he left the store, he quickly walked away.

Yun Che raised his eyebrow and after a brief hesitation, entered the store.

He was met with a rich, full-bodied aroma—it was actually a spice shop and it reeked of all kinds of odor and fragrances being mixed together.

What was peculiar about this scene was that the owner of this spice shop was a wretched-looking, middle-aged man.

Although Yun Che was modest, his clothes and his body language demonstrated an air of extravagance. The shop owner’s eyes swept over him, smiling instantly and inquired politely, “Young master, our little store has over six hundred kinds of spices and grasses. Something ought to catch your eye. Please take your time, no need to hurry.”

Yun Che leaned forward and lowered his voice, “What did the previous guest purchase?”

As he was speaking, he flashed five thousand purple profound stones in front of the store owner.

The store owner’s eyebrows fiercely jumped, not only did he not accept the profound stones but fear started to show on his face instead, “Young master, you… must be someone from a major merchant guild or a big sect, right? Haah, please do not make it difficult for this little one. If this little one were to sell the Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense to someone else and the Soul Sect were to know about this, I would not be able to keep my life.

“Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense?” Yun Che creased his brows, “What is that?”

“Huh? You don’t know?” Seeing that Yun Che’s didn’t look like he was lying, the shop owner was surprised.

“I truly don’t know. I’m also not someone from a major merchant guild or a large sect, I am only an ordinary foreign traveler.” Yun Che answered. “I just noticed that the person who was here previous had an extraordinary aura about him, so I figured that the thing he purchased must be amazing as well. That’s why I came in here to find out, out of curiosity.”

“Oh, I see. Hmmm… You certainly don’t look like you’re from Darkya Realm.” The store owner looked at him in a new light, believing him. At the same time, the fear in his face disappeared and with the speed of lightning, he reached out and pocketed the five thousand purple profound stones. “I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you. This Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense, I cannot and dare not to sell it to anyone else outside of the Soul Sect.”

“This Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense that you’re talking about, what exactly is it?” Yun Che asked. He didn’t know why, but he felt a strong feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

“Of course it is something not simple at all.” Pride was displayed on the owner’s face, “The materials it needs are very expensive and in the entire Darkya Realm, currently, I’m the only one who can prepare it. The Soul Sect will bring over the materials regularly and take the Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense back in ten days. Although the Soul Sect forbad me to sell it to anyone else, it can also be said that my little shop has also obtained the protection of the Soul Sect, no?”

“What does a Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense do exactly?” Yun Che tightened his eyebrows as he asked.

“Of course it is used for tracking,” the shop owner replied. “This Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense is colorless and odorless and absolutely no one will be able to notice it. However, there is a mysterious animal called the ‘Red-tailed Mink’ that is highly sensitive to this odor.”

“Thus, the Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense is put on precious treasures or on the bodies of prisoners or mysterious beasts. In case they get lost, run away or get kidnapped, they can be tracked immediately with the 'Red-tailed Mink', guaranteeing that absolutely nothing…”

“What did you say… What did you just say??”

The shop owner’s voice did not fall before his whole body was suddenly picked up by his neck. He had cultivation at the Sovereign Profound Realm but under Yun Che’s hands, he could not put up an ounce of resistance. His wide eyes showed signs of deep confusion and fear. “You… What are you doing…”

Yun Che’s aura was completely chaotic; chills ran down his back. The arm he used to hold the shop owner was shaking violently and his pupils dilated and contracted intermittently. “This Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing Incense… How long does it last? How far can it be tracked…. Will it exceed one thousand kilometers or not?!”

“Young master... Let’s talk…”

“Answer my questions!!” Yun Che roared.

The shop owner’s mouth opened wide and said painfully, “The name... Ten Thousand Mile Soul Chasing... was not... given for fun… Forget… one thousand kilometers… It takes at least… four days and four nights… before it dissipates...”


The shop owner was cruelly thrown to the floor—it was not known whether he was still alive or not. Yun Che leaped into the sky and rushed south like a madman.

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