Chapter 1086 - Busybody

Against the Gods

Chapter 1086 - Busybody

Without any hint or warning, this sound just materialized out of the blue, as if it came out from a spatial crack. Both black robed Soul Sect members were shocked and hurriedly turned around. They saw Yun Che standing just two feet away, staring at them without any expression on his face.

“Since you’ve served yourself up on a silver platter, I guess you’re a hopeless fool,” exclaimed the great senior brother who was frantically running away.

After sensing Yun Che’s profound strength, the second Soul Sect member’s fear soon disappeared, “Right. It’s your granddaddy from the Soul Sect. Did you want to come hug granddaddy’s thigh… arggh!”


It was a muffled bang but even though muffled, the sound exploded straight through one’s soul.

Yun Che flashed like a ghostly shadow in front of the two of them and struck each of their chests with his hands. He released his profound energy instantaneously and thereafter immediately retracted it before bringing both arms back to his sides. He turned around and within a few seconds, disappeared from their sight.

The duo’s eyes protruded outwards. As Yun Che vanished, the both of them dropped like two lifeless wooden planks. No sounds, no convulsions. There was only blood that poured from all their orifices thanks to their already completely disintegrated internal organs.

Gu Xiaolian’s eyes were wide open, dazedly looking on, unable to fathom what had happened. Far off, among the escapees, the two of them had also stopped for a moment. They were as stiff as stone statues and their faces were like wax sheets, as if someone had stolen their souls.

Yun Che continued heading east. After some distance, he rose into the air and started speeding up as he approached the middle of the mountain range.

Just now, the actions of the two Soul Sect members were obviously clear. This added to that was the immense fear that the three Jade Sword Sect members showed was enough to see what kind of sect the Soul Sect was.

Be it in the God Realm or the lower realms, as absolute powers, one must not only have enough strength and influence, it was more important that they have the hearts of the people as well. The Four Great Sacred Grounds of the Profound Sky Continent for example, the word “sacred ground” was a beautification meant to imprint worship in the hearts of people and even the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect; the absolute power of the Snow Song Realm, would never bully or repress the innocents.

But the Soul Sect did otherwise.

The reaction of the three members of the Jade Sword Sect was quite telling of the Soul Sect’s vicious and malevolent standing in the Darkya Realm. They did not even dare to retaliate one bit, showing the might of the Soul Sect. Since the Soul Sect had a backer in the Divine Martial Realm, coupled with controlling the Black Feather Merchant Guild, they had a hold on the secrets of most of the large sects. The other large sects had no say in anything and even if they wanted to get angry for any reason they couldn’t, let alone take any action.

Yun Che gradually sped up. His game plan against the Soul Sect was more or less shaping up. At this point in time, he spotted a small colorful figure glistening in the corner of his eye. His gaze started following downward after the object and after hesitating for quite a while, he finally started slowing down as well.

It was a little girl that looked like she had just started stepping into adolescence.

She looked to be around twelve or thirteen years of age. If anyone had seen her, they would have never believed their eyes. She looked like an immaculate jade carving. Her eyebrows were perfectly shaped crescents, her eyes shone like the stars, her lips were luscious, and every inch of her resembled that of a stunning jade statue.

Her build was small and she wore a colorful skirt. The seven colors on her skirt clashed with the gray and dark setting of this realm. As the mountain winds blew across, her skirt revealed a pair of white jade-like thighs. Her snowy white feet were fitted compactly into a pair of seven colored glass-like shoes. The shoes were so colorful and beautiful Yun Che didn’t know what material they were made from.

Her profound aura was that of the Emperor Profound Realm. Considering her age, this was already quite an achievement. However, in this extremely dangerous realm, her profound strength could be considered to be so low it was pitiful. Furthermore, she was alone. It didn’t seem like she had anyone accompanying her.

At first glance it wasn’t clear what she was doing here, but she didn’t look the least bit frightened. Those beautiful crescent eyebrows were gently arched and the way she pursed her lips made her look both cute and playful. She was so beautiful that it’d be difficult for anyone to take their eyes off her.

She pranced around this dangerous world, skipping step by step as she went, not a care in the world. She looked like she was enjoying the scenery. Her eye-catching colorful skirt fluttered in the wind, like a lovely butterfly fluttering in the air.

Her smile was extremely cute but it held a mysterious, bewitching charm within its depths.

Yun Che’s gaze trailed after the girl for a long time before suddenly regaining his clarity and moving his eyes off her.

A girl at such a young age could incite such a strong reaction within him. This in itself was a terrifying thing. Wave after wave surged within Yun Che’s heart… He would never have thought that there would be someone else besides Jasmine that would be able to give him such a feeling. Who would have thought that this world would have an existence similar Jasmine, similar to when he first met her, another girl who would have such an impact on his soul.

Furthermore, this girl was younger than when he had first met Jasmine.

Emperor Profound Realm strength… she had no one accompanying her… How did she even get to this place? All alone, if she met with any profound beasts she’d be in definite danger… Worse, if she met any humans, they’d be far more dangerous than any profound beast could be.

Thinking of all this, Yun Che shook his head. He’d decided to stop wasting time pondering about this girl and continue flying straight ahead… only, at this time, he felt a large burst of profound aura coming from near the girl’s position.

A strong burst of someone in the early stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm!

It was a stocky middle aged man. He had a cold demeanor and he had a somewhat suffocating aura. When Yun Che saw him, he couldn’t help but look again towards that little girl. He frowned, starting to feel a little concerned. In such a lawless and evil land, should a normal man meet a lonesome and powerless young girl that was as beautiful as that… What would happen next was pretty obvious.

Before dealing with the Soul Sect he probably shouldn’t be a busybody… Yun Che thought to himself. He turned away and starting flying eastwards once more.

In the Darkya Realm, being able to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm would mean that he was an important personage and this middle aged man looked like it. When he saw the girl in the colorful skirt, he reacted completely as Yun Che had expected.

His eyes were transfixed and he stopped breathing for a moment. He felt as if he were in a dream. In all his thousand years of life he had never seen such a beautiful existence.

Perhaps the girl didn’t know how toppling her beauty was. She seemed to be unaware of all the possible dangers and immediately walked towards the middle aged man. Her bright and shiny eyes held some doubt. “Uncle, why are you looking at me this way? Have we met before?”

Her voice held a tinge of childlikeness but what her voice contained was more that of an ethereal goddess speaking. Her voice seemed to excite the very depths of this man’s soul. His gaze was completely fixed on her and his body had started to heat up to a point where he had nearly lost control.

With his level of cultivation and position, he already had countless wives and concubines, each of them spectacular. With his prior experiences, he shouldn’t be so enamored with someone of the opposite sex. Furthermore, she was merely a child. However, she was causing every fiber of his being to burn with passion...

He had never felt so impulsive in his entire life. He had an urge to forcefully rush forward and take her away, hide her and “play” with her incessantly... She was like a bright and shining star that had fallen into an ordinary, lifeless world. Even if he had to die a thousand deaths to obtain her, it’d have been worth it.

Although he wasn’t thinking very clearly, this middle aged man was still careful enough to sweep the area with his spirit sense. He confirmed that this girl was indeed alone. He gulped down a mouthful of saliva and started walking toward her, revealing a warm smile. “Little miss, why are you here alone? This is a very dangerous place, how about uncle here protects you?” 

Seeing how he looked now, the little girl started to step backwards, replying in an alarmed voice “But… Uncle looks… looks more like a bad guy.”

The middle aged man’s face twitched and transformed from wearing a warm smile to that of an evil and degenerate expression. He reached out with both hands trying to grab her with all ten fingers. “I wasn’t a bad person before but today, I’ll be a bad guy just this one time!”

This dazzling temptation before him had destroyed any righteousness he had held in his heart. He burned with lust as his voice trailed off. He pounced on her like a hungry wolf.

“Ah!! Help… Save me!!!”

The Black Soul Mountain Range was filled with the sharp cries of the little girl.


Just as the middle aged man’s body lunged forward, he suddenly rammed into an invisible wall of air. An extremely strong force threw him back, causing him to fall miserably. At a glance, standing behind the little girl was an expressionless young man.

“Scram! The further the better.” Yun Che’s right hand stretched out his right palm aiming at the middle aged man’s chest.

What the heck… Why am I unable to deal with this hand!!

“You… Who are you?” The middle aged man’s face darkened at the appearance of Yun Che.

Yun Che didn’t reply to him directly and spoke with scorn, “With your cultivation, you should be someone great in the Darkya Realm. Yet now you’re trying to bully a little girl who’s not more than a dozen years of age. If this news were to spread, I’m afraid your reputation would be completely wrecked. Move your ass and leave!”

Yun Che’s words caused the man’s pupils to shrink. His face revealed some shock but it was immediately replaced with a venomous look. He laughed coldly, “Young man, well said… but if you die here, how will news of this ever spread?”

He released his profound strength and a strong wave of killing intent was locked onto Yun Che. “Brat, you don’t know your limits, die!!”

Yun Che’s face turned serious. The man was rushing toward him and he immediately retrieved the Heaven Smiting Sword, holding it in his hand. The opponent was someone in the Divine Tribulation Realm. Although he was in the early stage, Yun Che would have difficulty dealing with the threat if he didn’t use the Heaven Smiting Sword. Furthermore, the little girl was too close to them. With her Emperor Profound Realm strength, she’d definitely die from the undulations of their clash. He had to end this battle as soon as possible.

The heavy sword struck out, creating a giant force that defied common sense, which caused the middle aged man’s expression to change. He had only attacked with a portion of his profound strength.


A thunderous roar erupted. The ground beneath both men’s feet shattered, their forces unceasingly pushing against each other. The middle aged man was extremely shocked that someone in the early stage of the Divine Soul Realm could block a frontal attack from him. “You…. You actually…”

“Rumbling Heaven!!”

Yun Che’s strength immediately soared causing more alarm to the middle aged man. The man let out a despairing scream as he was sent flying like trees being torn apart by a hurricane.

Yun Che turned and the Heaven Smiting Sword was set aflame as the cries of both the phoenix and heavenly wolf ravaged the air.

“Phoenix Heavenly Wolf Slash!!”


The flaming wolf silhouette pierced through the air, landing mercilessly on the middle aged man’s body.

“Ah… ah…. Ahhhhhhhhh…”

Miserable screams were yelled out. His entire flame-covered body was sent flying more than ten kilometers away. His flying, flaming figure frightened countless profound beasts as they roared at the sight. It was unknown whether he was now dead or alive.

His Star God's Broken Shadow and Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome came from Jasmine. He didn’t dare to use the Star God's Broken Shadow in the God Realm, so of course he couldn’t use the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome either. However, his amalgamation of the Phoenix flames and the Heavenly Wolf Slash which was now the “Phoenix Heavenly Wolf Slash” wasn’t counted as a forbidden move.

Yun Che breathed a sigh of relief and put away the Heaven Smiting Sword. He turned around and saw the girl bounding toward him. Both her eyes were like miniature snowy stars, gleaming at him. Her eyes and crescent shaped brows caused the smile on her face to look extremely cute. “Wow! Big brother is so powerful. Thank you for saving me. I was nearly scared to death just now!”

“...” Yun Che blinked and slowly lowered his head, “But little sister, looking at you, it seems that you weren’t the least bit scared, eh?”

“No way.” The little girl rubbed her nose and then reached out both hands tugging at her cheeks, laughing. “However, I’m such a cute little loli. Even if I’m afraid, I shouldn’t show it, otherwise, I won’t be cute anymore.”



Li… !!??

Where the hell did this little girl learn this word from!?

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