Chapter 1088 - Words as Sharp as a Knife

Against the Gods

Chapter 1088 - Words as Sharp as a Knife

The ice boat flew through the sky, as it left the bounds of the Black Soul Mountain Range, before landing at a safe area seven or eight kilometers away.

“Alright, it looks very safe here.” Yun Che melted the ice boat and let out a long sigh of relief.

“Brother-in-law, where will we be going next to play?” Little Jasmine raised her head to look at him. Her delicate and soft appearance, as well as the expression in her eyes, gave off the impression that she was facing her real brother-in-law.

“Oh.” Yun Che pointed at her with his finger, “You can go there or over there or even over there. So long as you don’t enter Black Soul Mountain again, you can play anywhere you want. Or you can return the same way you came. I’ll be leaving first.”

“Aaaaaa! You’re not allowed to go!”

Even before Yun Che could turn around, the little hand of the girl had firmly grabbed onto the corner of his robe. She said angrily, “Are you going to abandon me again? Don’t tell me that you forgot about being my brother-in-law? A brother-in-law should protect his sister-in-law… No, it must be done! So you must closely follow after me at all times. You absolutely can’t run away on your own! Otherwise… you’ll be the most unforgivable person in the world!”

Yun Che mustered enough patience, before saying earnestly, “Little miss, I’ll repeat myself. I’m not your brother-in-law, so don’t just label me whatever you wish!”

“But but!” Little Jasmine spread open her hand, as her extended fingers she began to once again demonstrate the mystical calculation process to him, “Jasmine is your wife and Jasmine is my big sister. In that case, you’re my brother-in-law and I’m your sister-in-law… Hmm! That’s how it is, perfectly correct!”

“...The thing is, you and Jasmine aren’t sisters in the first place!” Yun Che shouted loudly.

“She is Jasmine and I’m Little Jasmine, moreover, we’re both girls. So Jasmine naturally is Little Jasmine’s big sister and Little Jasmine naturally is Jasmine’s younger sister! The matter is so clear and yet you want to contradict me!? Hey? Don’t tell me that your wife is a boy?”

“...It’s not gender issue!” Yun Che had just calmed down his emotions but they abruptly grew agitated again due to her carelessly uttered words. “Little miss, do remember that I’m your savior. You shouldn’t be acting so mischievously and willfully, got it?”

“Oooh? Brother-in-law is praising my cuteness? So annoying. As the cutest girl in the world, I won’t feel any happiness even if brother-in-law praises me, hehehe.” Little Jasmine covered her face with her hands, as she said with some shyness.

“~!@#¥%…” Yun Che felt a mouthful of blood gush out of his throat, which he swallowed back forcibly… Calm down, calm down, calm down!! I am a super almighty being who possesses a MAX level mouth-cannon skill. Duke Huai and all his guards and family members in the duke residence were so dejected and ashamed by my curses back then that they even wanted to commit suicide. How could it be difficult to deal with a little girl!?

His face swiftly returned to normal, as he suddenly bent down and looked fixedly at Little Jasmine. His face almost came into contact with her soft and tender face and his slightly narrowed eyes radiated very dangerous rays. “Okay, fine. Sister-in-law, right? Since you’re so certain that I’m your brother-in-law, then have you heard about it…? Half of a sister-in-law’s butt belongs to her brother-in-law, you know.”

“...” Little Jasmine blinked her starry eyes. Then, they widened all of a sudden, as she let out a screech in a frighteningly high voice.

“Ah!! You, you, you… scoundrel! Pervert! Lecher! Someone quickly come! There’s a great pervert here who wants to take advantage of his sister-in-law! Save me—wuuu…”

Yun Che moved forward like lightning as he put his palm on her lips, causing the latter part of her scream turn into whimper. Although he couldn’t see anyone around, the screech of the little girl was simply too shockingly loud, which could easily reach as far as dozens of meters away. If someone were to get drawn over by it, even jumping into the Yellow River wouldn’t wash away the dirt on him.

Hah… Wait a moment? What river is called Yellow River? Why did I feel like saying this name?

Furthermore, why do her curse words… sound so similar to Jasmine’s?

“Don’t shout! I was only joking with you… Fine, alright, I was wrong. I apologize to you, okay?”

Seeing Yun Che admitting his mistake and terrified, the little girl finally stopped struggling so much but still continued to look at him angrily, with her wide-opened eyes.

The instant Yun Che removed his hand, Little Jasmine at once took two steps back vigilantly. Her face had turned slightly red as she said fuming with anger, “Do you truly admit your mistake?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I was in the wrong.” Yun Che stretched out his hand and placed it on his head… What kind of sin did I commit to suffer like this?

“Hmph!” Little Jasmine pouted her lips and raised the tip of her nose, “Considering that you’re my brother-in-law, I’ll be magnanimous and forgive you this time… But don’t expect me to do it ever again! I warn you, even though I’m only seventeen years old… Ah no, I mean, even though I’m a thirteen years old loli, it’s not at all easy to bully me however you want, hmph!”

“...” Yun Che raised his head, “You are… seven… teen… years old!?”

“What’re you talking about?!” Little Jasmine’s brows bent downwards. “I’m clearly such a small and cute thirteen year old loli. How is it possible for me to be that old? Have brother-in-law’s ears gone bad?”

“...You slipped it out yourself,” Yun Che said.

Little Jasmine brought her hand over her ear, “Brother-in-law, what did you say? The wind was too loud, so I didn’t hear your words!”

“...No matter how old you are, I don’t have the time to play with you!” Yun Che’s was on the verge of erupting. He said fiercely, “Little loli, do you know why I have come to this place? It’s to kill people. Do you truly want to go with me?!”

He thought that she would absolutely be frightened. But, the moment she heard him, Little Jasmine’s eyes started to shine with excitement, “To kill people? Great, that’s really great! I want to go, I want to go!”

“...I won’t be killing ordinary people.” Yun Che pointed his finger ahead. “The Black Soul Divine Sect is right beyond this Black Soul Mountain! You do know the Black Soul Divine Sect, right?”

“Black dumpling pyramid…?” The little girl tilted her head sideways. She asked doubtfully, “Is it a yummy dumpling?”

Pftt… Yun Che almost vomited blood. He roared, “I’m talking about the Black Soul Divine Sect! The most powerful, most cruel and most fearsome sect in the Darkya Realm! The people over there are ten thousand times more frightening than those bad guys and profound beasts that you came across before! Especially, when they see little girls like you. They immediately strip them naked and then… eh, eat them up! Got it!?”

“Ah! Bad people like that exist? So detestable!” Little Jasmine was immediately filled with indignation when she heard Yun Che’s words. She tightened her little fists as she said, “Brother-in-law, I’ll definitely go along with you and watch you beat down all those bad people. I’ll also do my best to cheer brother-in-law on!”

“~!@#¥%…” Yun Che suddenly felt the impulse to knock himself out with a slap. “Are you… not afraid of being caught and then getting eaten by them after they strip you naked!?”

“Of course, not!” Let alone feeling afraid, Little Jasmine said with her delicate face brimming with a smile. “Because brother-in-law will be protecting me.”

“Hahaha,” Yun Che laughed dryly, “Black Soul Divine Sect is the most dangerous place in the Darkya Realm. That whole sect is filled with even more powerful people than me. The moment I step into it, I won't be able to ensure my own safety, and won't know whether I'll manage to come out alive. So, there naturally will be no time to spare on protecting you! If you insist on following me, then be prepared to die over there."

Little Jasmine slightly opened her lips, seemingly frightened at what she heard. But soon after, she knitted her brows all of a sudden and said furiously, “What’s wrong with you?! As the brother-in-law, you can’t even protect your sister-in-law? You, you… how can you be so useless!?”

Yun Che, “…”

She moved her pitch-black eyes in a circular motion and suddenly thought of a “critical” issue. She asked immediately, “Since you’re doing dangerous things, why is Big Sister Jasmine not with you? I may be young but even I know that a husband and wife should work together with one heart and share happiness and sorrows. Why are you here without Big Sister Jasmine?”

“Ah! I got it! It’s definitely because you’re too useless and unable to protect Big Sister Jasmine that she isn’t together with you.”


The words said by Little Jasmine “unconsciously,” pierced into Yun Che’s heart just like a knife.

“When I grow up and look for a man, I’ll at the very least want him to be able to protect me. He won’t let me bullied by anyone. I absolutely, absolutely don’t want to find a useless person like brother-in-law. If I were Big Sister Jasmine, I’d just leave you far, far away, so as to never see your face again, hmph, hmph!”


The second knife pierced through his heart.

Looking at the stiff and unsightly expression on Yun Che’s face, Little Jasmine’s eyes glowed with more and more excitement, “Hey? Could it be that I guessed right? Wow! I’m really so wise… However, if that’s truly the case, Big Sister Jasmine is so pitiful. Brother-in-law is not only useless, he even wants to abandon his sister-in-law. What an irresponsible person! If Big Sister Jasmine meets danger or gets bullied, brother-in-law will surely not give any care to it and helping her out is further out of the question. She can only silently endure it and might even get constantly bullied to death… Uuu, Big Sister Jasmine is so pitiful.”


The third knife…

Her words were as sharp as a knife, hitting right where it hurt.

Yun Che stretched out his hand as he put it on his chest that was dripping with blood. He said in a trembling voice, “I… have something to do, so I’ll be going on ahead… You play on your own…”

With that, he didn’t dare to wait for Little Jasmine’s response and flew straight up into the sky. He fled far away in such a manner as if he was running for his life.

“Waaah! Come back! You can’t leave!!”

“You can’t abandon me… You actually dared to abandon your sister-in-law without a care… I’ll tell on you to Big Sister Jasmine… I really will tell Big Sister Jasmine about this…”



Little Jasmine’s screams got more and more distant. Afterwards… it finally became peaceful.

“Phew—” Yun Che let out an incomparably long breath, before pressing his palm against his face.

I was actually forced to the brink of breakdown by a little girl… It’s the shame of a lifetime!!

Was that little girl sent by heaven to intentionally torture me!?


Returning to the Black Soul Mountain Range, Yun Che travelled at a lot faster speed this time. However, he didn’t forget to observe and remember the mountain terrain below. Very soon, he had covered five hundred kilometers and the private mountain region that belonged to the Black Soul Divine Sect appeared right ahead of him.

Yun Che slowed his pace, as he descended from the sky and walked forward unhurriedly. The withered grass underneath his feet didn’t make a sound, despite him walking on it.

When he stepped into the eastern mountain region, his figure rapidly grew faint, until it disappeared completely.

In his hand was a small and exquisite butterfly-shaped short blade.

The Sound Butterfly Blade!

“Soul Sect… it’s time for you to repay the debt!” He muttered as his gaze turned gloomy and cold. The expression reflecting in his eyes was no less chilly than the bone-piercing cold gleam of the Sound Butterfly Blade.

The most fearsome enemy in the word was one that couldn’t be seen.

The first big gift he wanted to send the Black Soul Divine Sect was a soundless fear!

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