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Against the Gods

Chapter 1098 - Merciless Extermination

A streak of fire light soared into the sky, however in the Black Soul Mountain Range below, the path formed by blood grew longer and longer across the mountain. Trapped in a desperate situation, Yun Che had no idea how much time had passed or how many people he had killed. He didn’t even know whether his current injuries were light or severe. His whole mind was focused on quickly making his way out of the encirclement and protecting the girl in his arm, whom he hated extremely. He didn’t need to determine his targets as he brandished the sword in his right hand. Every time he swung it downward, it would result in his enemies dying the night sky with their blood.

It was at this time that two auras, which abruptly increased the pressure on his body, approached him from the side at an extremely fast speed.

“Ling Yun… get ready to die!!”

Two black soul spears with ferocious lightning entwined around them easily tore open the power of Yun Che’s heavy sword. Like two soul-chasing black snakes, they pounced over to Yun Che from both sides.

They were two great vice hall masters of the Soul Sect… with profound strength at the middle stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm!

Their profound auras were not inferior to Lei Kuangfeng’s at all!

Yun Che turned around with lightning speed. He activated the Rumbling Heaven state, causing his profound aura to explosively increase and faced their attacks with his sword.

“Die!” Seeing Yun Che turn around to actually confront their attacks head-on, the gazes of the two vice hall masters instantly became several times more ruthless. As if the lightning entwined around their black soul spears had come alive all of a sudden, it leapt high into the air, unbridled.


They ripped apart space like a thunderbolt suddenly crashing down from the sky. But when the lightning exploded, the only things there were the fragments of a false image.

In an instant, Moon Splitting Cascade temporarily retained his figure and aura at his previous location, causing the attacks of the two vice hall masters to fail in hitting his real body at the same time. While they were caught unprepared for a moment, Yun Che’s heavy sword ruthlessly smashed down.


The sound of a thunderclap resounded throughout the place as the two great vice hall masters fell headfirst from the sky… But almost at the same time, two more powerful energies arrived at the place while making a loud sound in their wake… Dressed in clothes that were different from the ordinary disciples, the incoming duo were actually vice hall masters of the sect as well!

Yun Che spun around to accumulate enough force before he unleashed the boundless power of his sword.


When the Heaven Smiting Sword collided with the two black soul spears, it produced a loud metallic sound like the firmament being split apart.

Although Yun Che was in his most powerful state, it was definitely impossible for him to have a head-on clash with two vice hall masters of the Soul Sect even if he was using the sword with both hands. So naturally, it was all the more impossible for him to have a decent fight with them when the force and might of the sword had greatly lessened due to him using only one hand. The Heaven Smiting Sword was shaken away as Yun Che’s arms ruptured. Like a meteor falling down from the sky, his body was firmly smashed onto the pitch-black Black Soul Mountain Range.


The ground split apart and several mountains in the vicinity shook intensely.

As Yun Che’s body fell heavily on the ground, all the disciples of the Soul Sect around immediately locked their auras in his direction. Within a moment, several thousand profound auras erupted simultaneously, as they all came charging at him.

There was a dozens of meters deep pit smashed into the ground. Blood was oozing out of the corner of Yun Che’s mouth but he had an incomparably cold and sober look in his eyes and immediately perceived several thousand auras approaching him. If he were to be showered upon by such a fearsome concentrated attack, he would die for sure even if he had ten lives to spare.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!”

He didn’t have the time to see whether Little Jasmine was hurt or not. Flames ignited on his body, as a loud and clear phoenix cry resonated across the sky above the Black Soul Mountain Range.

In the midst of the phoenix cry, a streak of fire light soared into the sky, reaching as high as several thousand kilometers in an instant. All the disciples of the Soul Sect that were close to it were blown away by the enormous might and the unparalleled terrifying force of the flame storm produced by it on the way.


Under the effects of the energies of several thousand disciples, Yun Che’s previous location had turned into a purgatory of destruction in a split second.

“Wh… What?” The absolutely domineering coercion of the phoenix frightened the few vice hall masters so badly that they retreated in a flurry. As for Yun Che, he had fled faraway with no intention to stay at the place any longer, while leaving a trail of light behind him.

“Quickly chase him!” a vice hall master roared.

“Rest at ease, he won’t be able to run away,” another vice hall master said without any worry.

“Brother-in-law, your blood is flowing out.” Little Jasmine stretched out her hand to poke Yun Che’s chest. Several streaks of blood were flowing down from there. In the beginning there were only a few of them but then their number increased by more than ten… as more and more streaks of blood surfaced on his chest. However, since her body was protected by his body and profound strength, Little Jasmine didn’t have the slightest injury on her.

“Isn’t it all because of you?!” Yun Che gritted his teeth. “If I die here today, I’ll have you accompany me in bed as my servant girl in your next life to repay the debt!!”

“Aahh?” How many times do you want me to repeat myself? I’m your sister-in-law. As my brother-in-law, it’s only natural for you to save me. It’s something you should definitely do!”

“…” A mouthful of blood gushed into Yun Che’s mouth. It was hard to tell whether it happened due to blood clotting in his internal organs or because of being angered by Little Jasmine. She was still in the mood to contradict him in such a situation!

Even if it was moronic and masochistic to help you out, you should at least feel somewhat grateful in your heart, dammit!!

The number of the disciples surging from all directions grew higher and higher. No matter which direction, the entire sky was tightly packed with black figures. Even if the land below was littered with corpses, the huge net of disciples surrounding him became increasingly denser. Consequently, Yun Che didn’t get the opportunity to catch his breath even for a second.

It was at this time that Yun Che’s brows rose all of a sudden… He sensed four auras behind which were drawing nearer at a speed that was far greater than his own. As they got closer and closer, the four incomparably heavy auras firmly locked onto him.

“Seventh Hall Master, Eleventh Hall Master, Thirty-fourth Hall Master, Thirty-fifth Hall Master… four hall masters!” The excited shouts of the Soul Sect disciples could be heard from the surrounding area.

The few vice hall masters on Yun Che’s tail also slowed down at the same time. Now that four hall masters of the Black Soul Divine Sect were closing on him, there was no way out left for Yun Che any longer.

“Ling Yun! You’d better surrender yourself to us!”

Loud roars resounded, containing the terrifying coercion of the four. The blood in Yun Che’s whole body was shaken intensely by them.

“Don’t hold back. Sect Master has said that we don’t need him alive. Just kill him on the spot!”

“He killed so many disciples of my hall. I hate him so much that I even dream of killing him with my own hands… Let’s attack together!!”

The four hall masters of the Soul Sect were at the late stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm, who had transcendent standing in the Darkya Realm, made their move at the same time. The enormous energies of the four gathered into a sky blotting storm
which blew straight ahead toward Yun Che.

Yun Che wasn’t able to rival any one of the four, so them combining their power undoubtedly produced such vast energy that it would be like an abysmal nightmare to Yun Che. Before the combined energy could get closer to him, its enormous pressure and the blast generated as it drew nearer made Yun Che totter uncontrollably in the sky.

Yun Che didn’t turn around and firmly gritted his teeth. He put the Heaven Smiting Sword away while tightly holding the girl in his arms and activated “Rumbling Heaven.” Then, he also put up the Heretic God barrier to its greatest extent.

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!!”


Like huge waves of an ocean hitting a small boat away, the Heretic God barrier completely shattered into pieces the moment after it was formed. Yun Che’s entire body shook intensely and he fell down heavily onto the ground once again… But his condition during the fall this time was several times more grievous than before. As he fell from the sky, a very long trail of blood mist appeared in his wake, which didn’t show any signs of dispersing for quite a long period of time.

Yun Che’s body firmly smashed onto the summit of a mountain peak, causing the mountain to break down from the middle as broken stones filled the whole sky. However, the force of his fall didn’t lessen in the least and he continued to roll several thousand meters away. Amidst the sounds of the ground splitting apart, his body dug out a thousand meter or so long gully before finally coming to a halt.

After a momentary silence, the disciples in the surrounding area immediately let out cheers at the same time. High above in the sky, the hall master on the right said with a sneer, “That was a tad too easy a death for someone like you who not only killed so many disciples of my Soul Sect but also made the whole sect suffer such disgrace and humiliation.”

“At least now we can report a satisfactory result to Sect Master. Otherwise, no one knows what he would do if his anger doesn’t disappear.”

“Wait a minute!” the hall master in the middle said with an abrupt change in his expression. “I can still… sense his aura! He hasn’t died yet!”

Only when the spirit senses of the four great hall masters swept over the location of Yun Che did they suddenly realize that Yun Che’s aura was actually still present there.

Although it was a lot weaker than before, it could still be considered strong. It was absolutely different from the aura of a person who was dead or on the brink of death.

“How… how is this possible?” The four great hall masters blurted out in fright simultaneously. It was already somewhat inconceivable for his body to not have been annihilated after being hit by the combined power of four people at the late stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm. So how was it possible for him to be still alive?

The thing that frightened them even more was that the figure dyed completely in blood at the end of the gully, was actually slowly standing up on its feet.

The four great hall masters gazed at each other. At this moment, not only did they see shock in the eyes of others, there was also fear within them.

Just what sort of… a monster was he!?

The aura of his profound strength was obviously only at the second level of the Divine Soul Realm, so how could he be so fearsome? They were unable to understand the reason behind it even with the experience and knowledge of all their lives.

“He’s severely injured at the moment. We should finish him off without any delay! No matter what… no matter what, we can’t let him stay alive!!”

Repeating the three words “no matter what” twice, clearly manifested the fear in their hearts. The four great hall masters flew down at the same time. Even though Yun Che was seriously injured right now and couldn’t be much of a threat, the killing auras of the four hall masters had in fact grown far stronger than earlier.

“Brother-in-law, they’re coming again! Quickly run away!” Little Jasmine shouted beside Yun Che’s ear… He had injuries all over his body and it also felt extremely heavy to him. On the other hand, Little Jasmine still seemed safe and sound.

Yun Che didn’t need her to warn him. He already had clearly sensed the four enormous oppressive auras approaching him once again. Yun Che stood straight but didn’t attempt to flee from them with all his might any longer. Blood was unceasingly trickling from the corner of his mouth as he stood in place. There was no look of pain on his face, only the ferociousness of an evil spirit.

He had faced a whole sect by himself more than once in the past.

At the age of nineteen, he had confronted one of the four great sects in Blue Wind Nation, the Burning Heaven Clan. With his own power, he had then exterminated the clan. Although he did experience some difficulty, there was no doubt that he did have the power to face a sect on his own.

Later, he again confronted the Divine Phoenix Sect by himself. He already had Extreme Mirage Lightning and the Primordial Profound Ark at the time. Even though it wasn’t possible for him to have a direct clash with the Divine Phoenix Sect, his speed was faster than anyone in the sect and he was strong enough to be confident that he absolutely wouldn’t get into danger… Eventually though, he relied on his power to force the Divine Phoenix Sect into a hopeless situation.

But this time it was completely different from the previous two.

Against the Burning Heaven Clan, he had the strength to exterminate it; against the Divine Phoenix Sect, he had the ability to escape unscathed. But in face of the Black Soul Divine Sect… a ruling sect of a star realm in the God Realm, his existence was quite insignificant. It was absolutely impossible for him to face the sect head-on or to escape unscathed in any situation. Therefore, the only thing he could do was to carry out assassinations secretly, with the help of Moon Splitting Cascade.

This time he took the initiative to reveal himself and had to bear the consequences as a result, which wasn’t unexpected at all.

Seeing that Yun Che wasn’t fleeing and instead standing still after getting up, the four great hall masters thought that he had resigned himself to his fate and had prepared to surrender to them. But despite that, the four of them didn’t curb their profound auras in the slightest. They wanted to take his life with all their force, aiming to directly annihilate his body into ashes if possible.

“Ling Yun… die!!”

However, Yun Che suddenly turned around at this time. A huge image of a dark blue dragon emerged above his head, after which it burst apart in the air as a dragon roar resounded throughout the sky.

It was the first time Yun Che had extended the range of the Dragon Soul Domain so far in his life. The surrounding area within fifty kilometers was caged in the sky-shaking roar of the dragon.

The chaotic Black Soul Mountain Range suddenly became incomparably silent and the disciples of the Soul Sect revealed deep fear. The ones in the sky lost the color in their eyes and then, they fell down onto the ground, one by one. The four great hall masters who were approaching Yun Che felt their entire bodies stiffen in place. Their pupils lost focus as an expression of intense fear surfaced on their faces too.

It was at this time that Yun Che’s body finally jumped high into the sky. While speedily escaping from the place, scarlet-gold flames gathered on him at a terrifyingly fast rate and burned all over his body. It expanded in the twinkling of an eye and as if a golden sun had appeared in the night sky, emitted blazing light which one couldn’t look directly at.


The golden sun mercilessly exploded, causing all the disciples of the Soul Sect, who had just gotten themselves free from the Dragon Soul Domain, to be swept into the Golden Crow purgatory.

The whole surrounding area within one hundred and fifty kilometers had thoroughly transformed into a golden sea of flames in the short time of just over ten breaths, seemingly submerged into the purgatory of the Yellow Springs all of a sudden. Burning across the entire place, however, were the most terrifying and cruel Golden Crow’s divine flames.

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