Chapter 1105 - Adding Fuel to the Fire

Against the Gods

Chapter 1105 - Adding Fuel to the Fire

When Lei Qianfeng and the rest returned to the Soul Sect, his six sons’ complexions had basically returned to normal already. Although they had lost a bit of vitality, they looked fine for the most part. They were expected to recover after a period of recuperation.

The oppressive cloud that had hung above Soul Sect for the longest time finally loosened up a lot. Lei Qianfeng felt a lot more relaxed but for some reason he couldn’t shake the vague feeling that something was wrong, even though he couldn’t figure out what was nagging him. He didn’t have the time to consider his instinct carefully, however. Right now, his first priority was of course to refine the divine pellet he got from Poison Saint Blackheart!

No cultivation bottlenecks until Divine Sovereign Realm and three thousand years of immunity to poison. A medicine with either of these effects alone likely didn’t exist in the Divine Martial Realm, much less one that could cure his erectile dysfunction. Although he had spent an astronomical sum of five billion profound stones to purchase this pellet, he didn’t feel sorry in the least. In fact, he felt as if he was blessed by the heavens themselves.

“This king shall be refining this divine pellet with all his might for a while. Continue the investigation of Ling Yun. No one is to disturb this king unless something big happens.”

Lei Qianfeng began concentrating on refining this divine pellet after he laid down the instruction.

The refinement of a pellet was a long and risky process and a high level pellet even more so. That was why he needed a quiet and safe environment to refine this pellet. Although Lei Qianfeng had consumed the high level pellet right before Poison Saint Blackheart’s eyes, he didn’t dare to refine it before he returned to the sect.

His surroundings were quiet. Calming his breathing and his excitement, Lei Qianfeng started circulating his profound energy carefully and gathering it around the Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet. At first, he was going to probe the pill carefully and direct its energy with his profound energy but to his complete surprise the supposedly high level pellet of vast amounts of substances actually shattered completely upon traction. An incredibly refined energy swiftly spread throughout his body and made him feel as comfortable as taking a bath in a cool spring.

However, the soothing feeling only lasted for a few breaths’ time before it vanished entirely. Then, Lei Qianfeng’s face twisted as he abruptly opened his eyes.

Using the profound energy he used as as the pulling power, a terrifying aura instantly spread throughout his whole body, like a volcano that had suddenly erupted and spat countless terrifying giant flame devils out of its mouth at once.

Moreover, he was distinctly familiar with this aura. It was none other than the terrifying poison that had plagued his seven sons!

The intensity of this poison was hundred of times stronger than the poison in all seven of his sons put together. Worse, it had erupted inside his own body!

Let Qianfeng let out an angry roar and caused the whole inner sanctum to collapse. However, his furious discharge of profound energy actually caused the horned dragon poison inside his body to burst open like a flood. Lei Qianfeng’s face twisted again as he hastily steadied his aura, withdrew all of his profound energy and suppressed the poison that was exploding inside his own body.

“Sect Master!”

The huge commotion immediately attracted everyone’s attention. When Lei Tiangang and Lei Qiandu walked closer and saw the unnatural colors on Lei Qianfeng’s face, they immediately sensed an extremely high concentration of poison from inside their sect master’s body. They immediately exclaimed with shock, “What’s going on sect master?!”

“It’s Ling Yun… that Poison Saint Blackheart… is Ling Yun! Argh…”

He was just speaking and leaking his aura slightly but the terrible poison had immediately caused havoc inside his body. It was only when the poison was erupting in his own body that he realized just how deadly it was. He immediately concentrated all of his mind and energy together but he couldn’t stop every muscle in his body from writhing madly. His complexion occasionally turned white or red and cold sweat poured down his body like rain, even as it quickly evaporated into scorching steam.

“That pellet… contains that terrible poison!?”

How could Lei Tiangang and Lei Qiandu not realize what Lei Qianfeng meant when they saw his tormented expression?

Ling Yun had poisoned Lei Guangmo to death and poisoned the rest of Lei Qianfeng’s sons as well. Given no other choice, he was forced to find the Poison Saint Blackheart that just “happened” to appear in Darkya Realm… As it turned out, Ling Yun’s target wasn’t Lei Qianfeng’s sons at all. He was actually targeting Lei Qianfeng himself!

When Lei Tiangang and Lei Qianfeng looked at each other, they could see deep fear and shock in each other’s eyes. That Poison Saint Blackheart was actually Ling Yun!? Despite witnessing with their own eyes that Lei Qianfeng was being tormented by the deadly poison, they couldn’t find it in themselves to believe this for a very, very long time… his bizarre and unpredictable air, his imposing aura, his unbearable appearance, his terrifying ability to cure a poison with a casual flick of the hand, his strangely intimidating behavior and conduct and his disgustingly black heart...

They couldn’t think of any flaws in his disguise. They couldn’t see any flaws in his disguise.

Even that Scarlet Immortal Spirit Pellet was purchased by Lei Qianfeng and Xiao Qingtong of their own volition.

And now Poison Saint Blackheart turned out to be a disguised Ling Yun!?

They would rather believe that Poison Saint Blackheart was real but he was unfortunately an accomplice of Ling Yun’s!

A while later, Lei Qianfeng’s complexion finally recovered a little. While holding his breath, he said slowly and softly, “I should… be able to suppress… this poison… Qiandu… you will protect me… for several days…”

Lei Qiandu and Lei Tiangang relaxed some when they heard this and Lei Tiangang swiftly waved a hand for everyone to clear out. Judging by Lei Qianfeng’s appearance, the detoxification process would be arduous even if he successfully flushed the poison from his body. Moreover, Lei Qianfeng absolutely mustn’t move his profound energy carelessly or even grow too emotional during this time.

“Sect Master, that despicable Ling Yun had to cure the six young masters first in order to entrap you but he’ll never imagine that your profound energy is so powerful that even this deadly poison cannot harm you. So although you’ve fallen for his trap, this outcome is actually a good thing. That’s why you don’t have to feel angry. Just focus on dispelling the poison and in a few days Ling Yun is likely the one who’ll throw up blood in anger once you’re safe!”

“Tiangang is right!” Lei Qiandu also consoled him before waving, “Tiangang, the sect master will absolutely be safe with me by his side, so I leave the outside matters to you. You absolutely must protect the young masters from assassination.”

Lei Tiangang nodded and started to leave the place.

It was at this moment impossibly insolent laughter cut through the air.

“Hahahahahaha!!” The laughter had come from a faraway direction at least several hundred kilometers away from this place but it was so loud that it rumbled like thunder. “Lei Qianfeng, I am your Senior Poison Saint and your Granddaddy Ling Yun! I believe that you must have received the great gift I sent you, haven’t you!”

Wanton, disdainful taunting. The voice was empowered by all of Yun Che’s profound energy, so it spread throughout every corner of Soul Sect despite coming from several hundred kilometers away.

“Ling… Yun!” Lei Tiangang and Lei Qiandu abruptly jumped up to their feet. Lei Qianfeng swayed for an instant as his complexion turned slightly pale.

“Tiangang, find where that voice is coming from and capture that bastard yourself!” Lei Qiandu roared.

Lei Tiangang was already flying towards the west before he finished his sentence.

“Lei Qianfeng, the great realm king of Darkya Realm, eh? And here I thought you were almighty or something but in the end you’re nothing but that a foolish pig! You are a retard who was fooled by a nameless junior like me into spending six billion profound stones to buy a poison for yourself… that’s a total steal am I right? Hahahahahaha…”

“Hmm!” Lei Qianfeng trembled all over as his eyebrows bulged visibly above his eyes. His face instantly turned so distorted that it could be mistaken for an evil spirit’s.

“Sect Master, he’s obviously trying to enrage you! Seal off your hearing now and don’t fall for his trap!” Lei Qiandu hurriedly advised.

“Oh right, there’s one thing I forgot to remind you about.” It seemed that Ling Yun had detected Lei Tiangang’s approach, so although his voice grew more and more distant the ridicule in his tone only grew stronger. “The antidotes your six sons ate have the exact same ingredients as yours. So have fun enjoying this great gift you spent six billion to trade for, hahahahahaha!”

The wanton, wild laughter turned distant and vanished very soon after. Then, a panicked voice entered the inner sanctum, “Sect Master, it’s terrible!”

A soul sect disciple was anxiously flying in their direction. Although his person was still very far away, his voice had reached them first. “All six young masters have suddenly succumbed to the poison! The sect mistress is…”

“Get out, now!” Lei Qiandu’s complexion changed sharply. He let out a loud roar, swung his arms and sent that Soul Sect disciple flying away with a heavy thud. There was no telling if the latter was still alive after the strike.

“Sect Master, you mustn’t think of anything at this point. You mustn’t allow your anger to overcome you!” Lei Qiandu did his best to console Lei Qianfeng but he himself was feeling as cold as ice. A moment earlier he had thought that Ling Yun had cured all six of Lei Qianfeng’s sons to bait them into a trap but he never imagined that...

Lei Qianfeng closed his eyes tightly while trembling all over. His facial muscles were spasming rapidly and his skin color had turned completely red. The deadly poison that he barely managed to suppress was now running all over his body in a nearly unstoppable fashion because he had lost control over his fury and hate and by the time Lei Qiandu’s voice reached him a trail of scarlet black blood was already dripping down from the corner of his mouth.

Yun Che had learned about the horned dragon’s poison since the day he had first encountered Mu Bingyun. Today, he could say that he knew it quite well.

He could only inject a very small amount of poison into the pellet to avoid detection, so Yun Che didn’t think that it was enough to poison Lei Qianfeng to death… but that was only if Lei Qianfeng had suppressed, quelled, and dispeled the poison after it turned active.

Otherwise, if the horned dragon poison seeped deep enough into his body, then Lei Qianfeng was dead no matter how powerful he was.

Despite being at Divine Sovereign Realm, Mu Bingyun failed to force out the horned dragon’s poison from her body in time because she was severely injured when she was poisoned. Although her Divine Sovereign level physique had preserved her life temporarily, the horned dragon poison had seeped into her life vein and soul. Even after she had regained her strength and obtained the combined power of Mu Xuanyin and the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, they were still unable to save her.

So how could a mere Divine King Lei Qianfeng possibly resist the horned dragon poison!?

Every word Yun Che said cut at Lei Qianfeng’s heart and soul. His final sentence even induced so much fury that his heart’s blood literally flowed backwards; a condition that he wasn’t able to quell even after several full hours had passed. A day later, not only did he fail to suppress the deadly poison, it even grew stronger and stronger.

The next day, when Lei Qianfeng finally calmed down a little and felt slightly more stable, Yun Che’s thunderous, full powered voice rang again from the south.

“Lei Qianfeng! Your Granddaddy Ling Yun is here! I thought you wanted to cut my corpse into ten thousand pieces, so I’m delivering myself to you right now. Come on over, or I’m calling you my grandson!”

“Ah pooh! What am I talking about, taking in a stupid pig like you as my grandson would only humiliate me. I guess you’re not just a stupid pig but also a cowardly ostrich! Oh! Let me tell you some good news that you’re probably not aware of. All six of your sons are already dead and now a bunch of people are dealing with the funeral arrangements. Not only did you kill your sons with your own hands, you didn’t even move an inch from your butt to attend their funerals! What a pitiful and tragic dad you are!”

“...” Lei Qianfeng swayed. After a long period of calmness, his body began to shake intensely once more. The aura around him grew more and more chaotic.

“Sect Master, seal off your hearing… you absolutely mustn’t fall for his trap!” Lei Qiandu said in shock and terror.

Lei Qianfeng neither opened his eyes nor uttered a word. However, both sides of his mouth began bleeding and his body didn’t stop trembling after a whole hour had passed.

The third day.

“Lei Qianfeng, you’re the Darkya Realm King but you are a scourge upon its denizens, have massacred countless innocent lives and exterminated so many families that the numbers are literally uncountable! You’ve committed so much evil that even the heavens have heard of it and you are hated by both man and god! You’re not only a shame to the Darkya Realm, you’re even a shame to your own ancestors! Not only will I announce to all of Darkya Realm your scandalous acts, I’ll even make sure to inform the Eternal Heaven Realm so that you’ll be disdained by all living beings! If you still have a bit of shame inside you then take your own life right now! You are a shame on the human race itself!”

The fourth day.

“Congratulations, Lei Qianfeng. Another one of your sons has died today. Do you know how happy the entire Darkya Realm is after I did all I could to spread this news throughout the world? Not only are your sons as stupid as you are, their ugly looks are practically a mirror of yours. It was only a matter of time before they’d be struck by heavenly thunder even if I didn’t scrub those filth from the surface of the Darkya Realm. As for you? The only fate you deserve it to die sonless!”

The fifth day...

The sixth day...

Ever since Lei Qianfeng was poisoned, Yun Che would appear around Soul Sect regularly every day. However, he never appeared at the same direction or distance and he was always able to avoid the Soul Sect’s watchers perfectly. Sometimes he would appear once or twice, sometimes he would appear three or four times. Every time he appeared he would send his voice trembling through the air before vanishing in barely a few breaths’ time. Soul Sect couldn’t even find his shadow, despite their efforts to hunt him down and they screamed in frustration and failure every time.

Yun Che had also fed all six of Lei Qianfeng’s sons with extreme malice; he had purposely injected different dosages of horned dragon poison into each of the six antidotes. Therefore, Lei Qianfeng’s sons died at different times even though their poison had activated in unison.

The outcome was as clear as day… His six sons died to the horned dragon’s poison in orderly succession. Every day or two one of his sons would die and they never died on the same day.

On the tenth day, his last son ultimately succumbed to the poison.

“Lei Qianfeng, your Granddaddy Ling Yun is back!”

As usual, the “daily” broadcast of Yun Che’s voice resounded throughout the entire Soul Sect like a nightmare. “First, I would like to congratulate you for finally being sonless. Hehehe, tsk tsk, you truly are the greatest ostrich ever to exist in the history of Darkya Realm. Your sons have died one after another at my hands until you’re literally sonless but not only did you not come out and fight me to your death, you did not even let out a fart throughout this whole week. I must say that I am absolutely impressed, hahahahaha.”

“Oh right, the entire Darkya Realm now knows that you’re a pitifully impotent and sonless worm. Seriously, what a pitiful man you are. But your wives are even more pitiable than you are;. To think that they’ll have to live in abstinence with trash like you for the rest of their lives, how pitiable… Oh no no no, that’s not right. Maybe your wives have already cuckolded you tens or hundreds of times starting a long time ago. It’s only natural for them to act this way, considering that their husband is impotent, hahahaha…”

What he said was humiliating words that no man could possibly endure. They resounded throughout Soul Sect clearly and stupefied everyone within.

If Lei Qianfeng could‘ve kept his calm, he could’ve completely forced out the small amount of deadly poison in his body in just five to six days. But literally ten days had passed by already and not only had Lei Qianfeng failed to force out the poison but his condition was even growing worse.

His complexion was as red as blood and his entire body looked like burned iron. He shuddered as heavy pants went in and out of his mouth and nostrils. He abruptly opened his eyes and flew to the sky amidst Yun Che’s mad laughter. The underground palace he had spent ten days in “seclusion” in, abruptly crumbled as a voice filled with infinite hatred and pain tore through the sky of Soul Sect like the roar of a despairing beast.

“Ling… Yun! I will tear you… into… a million… uarghh…”


As he lost control of both his anger and his profound energy, the deadly poison within his body instantly broke free and went on a rampage. Lei Qianfeng’s liver and spleen shattered as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Then, his eyes turned dark as he collapsed fiercely from the sky.

“Sect Master!!”

Lei Qiandu hastily charged out and caught Lei Qianfeng in his hands. However, he nearly tossed him away the instant his arms touched Lei Qianfeng.

Right now Lei Qianfeng’s eyes were completely bloodshot. Although they were wide open, the sect master was completely unconscious. His body was burning like fire and the aura of the poison darting all across his body was stronger than even his profound energy.

Far away to the north of Soul Sect, Yun Che slowly vanished into thin air. He muttered softly, “Almost there… two or three more times and he should drop into hell!”

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