Chapter 1114 - News of the Immortal Emperor Grass

Against the Gods

Chapter 1114 - News of the Immortal Emperor Grass

Yun Che’s injuries had stabilized, his complexion looking much better. Then, he suddenly recalled an item and retrieved the mysterious gray colored rock he had obtained from Lei Qianfeng from the Sky Poison Pearl. “Miss Ruyan, I obtained this item from Lei Qianfeng’s corpse, it shouldn’t be any ordinary profound stone. Are you able to recognize what it is?”

Taking her first glance at the grayish white stone in Yun Che’s hands, Ji Ruyan’s eyebrows jumped, as if she didn’t dare to believe her first guess. She carefully took it from Yun Che’s palm. After a while she lifted her head and exclaimed in surprise, “A Void Illusion Stone!”

Ji Ruyan’s knowledge was broad and vast. She had come into contact with countless rare treasures of the world, yet she had such a strong reaction. Yun Che followed up with a question, “What is a Void Illusion Stone? What’s its use?”

Ji Ruyan lifted both hands up, the shock on her face had yet to vanish. “Just based on its level, a Void Illusion Stone is considered far better and of a much higher grade than a Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade. It is much more scarce. Furthermore, the Void Illusion Stone is a non-renewable resource, once you use one, the entire Primal Chaos will forever be short one stone.”

Shock splashed across Yun Che’s face… even rarer and of a much higher grade than the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade!?

“With regards to the Void Illusion Stone, there are two different records and rumors. One says that it is created from the World Piercer, one of the Heavenly Profound Treasures. The other says that the World Piercer was born from a gigantic Void Illusion Origin Stone. Once it came out, that Void Illusion Origin Stone shattered into numerous pieces, scattering countless pieces of Void Illusion Stones across the Primal Chaos. No matter which rumor was true, one thing was certain… It possessed spatial power at the level of the World Piercer—even though it was a one time use.”

The World Piercer was a treasure that ranked among the top six of the Heavenly Profound Treasures. It had the strongest ability compared to all other treasures with regard to spatial powers.

“With a Void Illusion Stone on you, if you meet any life threatening situations, you can shatter it. You can use the subsequent spatial energy released to teleportto another space,” Ji Ruyan continued.

“About this… It seems like any ordinary spatial profound stone or teleporting formation could perform the same function as well.” Yun Che said, a little unconvinced.

“Of course it’s different.” Ji Ruyan shook her head. “Ordinary teleportation consumes too much energy. The greater the distance, the greater the burden, more time will be needed, and there’s the risk of running into life threatening spatial storms as well. The Void Illusion Stone has no limit to its teleportation distance and can instantaneously teleport the user anywhere within the Primal Chaos, no matter how far the location is. Even if it’s teleporting from the extreme north of the Primal Chaos to the extreme south, it’d be done within an instant.”

“Ordinary teleportation will always leave traces behind. Against strong opponents, they can easily track one down spatial traces. The Void Illusion Stone doesn’t have this problem. It doesn’t leave any trace behind, and even if someone was extremely skilled in the laws of space, they still would not be able to track you down.”

After she finished she raised an eyebrow mumbling to herself, “Strange, why would Lei Qianfeng carry a Void Illusion Stone on him… and why didn’t he use it before he died?”

“Does that mean having it on oneself is like gaining an additional life?” Yun Che asked.

“Of course, this is recognized in the God Realm as the strongest life saving treasure.” Ji Ruyan laughed, “If you one day find yourself forced into a dead end by a figure like a Realm King, you can always easily escape. Congratulations, sir, for obtaining such a godly item. Looks like someone up there is watching over you.”

“Hmph.” Far up in the sky, Little Jasmine rubbed her nose, letting out a little snort.

“The only downside is that the teleportation cannot be controlled. No one can predict where it will send you to. Spatial power at the World Piercer level is simply not something an ordinary person can control.

After taking back the Void Illusion Stone, Yun Che felt an additional sense of security. This inconspicuous rock he took from Lei Qianfeng’s body turned out to be such a mighty life saving treasure.

Furthermore he now had the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade with him as well as two Profound Imagery Stones which gave him huge leverage over the Divine Martial Realm… Lei Qianfeng had been an evildoer of countless heinous deeds, but after his death… he was literally Yun Che’s guardian angel!

“Any news with regards to the Immortal Emperor Grass?” Yun Che asked.

Ji Ruyan shook her head, “My father has exerted his best effort. Born from the Black Feather Merchant Guild which honors both promises and benefaction, he will never forget the grace and favor you’ve given us and even constantly laments about how to repay you. Whatever request you have, my father will definitely do his best. In fact he wants to find it before you do. Please rest at ease, I believe that we will have some results within a year.”

Yun Che nodded in gratitude. “Thank you for your help.”

Ji Ruyan softly smiled and shook her head. She looked at Yun Che with her beautiful eyes and suddenly but softly asked, “May I ask if I have the luck to know Sir Ling Yun’s real name?”

Her gaze was as clear as water, as soft as the clouds. She had nothing but the sincerest of intentions.

“Yun… Che.” Without much consideration, Yun Che slowly replied.

He had initially kept his real name a secret since he was worried that news would travel to the Snow Song Realm. While in the Darkya Realm, he had already built up enough trust between Ruyan and himself. As such, he didn’t feel the need to keep his real name from her.

Her lips softly pressed together, and her beautiful eyes shone with brilliance. She gently replied, “Ruyan will remember these two words for the rest of my life…”


Just as Ji Ruyan finished speaking, a sharp and shrill voice of a young girl shot down from above, surprising both of them. Little Jasmine landed and slid beside Yun Che, “Brother-in-law, what are you doing? Why are you injured again?”

“...” Ji Ruyan’s mouth was agape. She looked at this cute little fairytale like princess in a colorful dress, “Sir, she called you… brother-in-law?”

Little Jasmine seemed to only just notice her presence and turned in her direction, suspiciously eyeing her, “Eh? Brother-in-law, who is this aunty?”

Before Yun Che or Ji Ruyan could react, Little Jasmine suddenly shouted in a shrill voice, “AHH!! Brother-in-law, you… you… you’re actually fooling around behind big sister’s back! How could you do this!? Big sister has always treated you so well, she’s loved you to the point of suffering so many injustices, but not only do you not care about her, you’re actually cuddling up to another woman! You’re so cruel! Wuu… Big sister’s so pitiful…”

“Little Sister,” Once Little Jasmine appeared, Ji Ruyan had begun to feel a slight hostility from her, “Sir and I are actually not…”

“Brother-in-law!” Little Jasmine didn’t care about whatever she was going to say and continued berating Yun Che in a loud manner, “How can you answer to big sister for this!? And not only is this woman older than big sister, she’s uglier than big sister… and… and… she’s not as gentle as big sister! Except for the fact that her chest is slightly bigger, how can she ever compare to big sister!? Y-y-you… actually… I’m going home to tell big sister. She’ll ignore you forever.”

“...” Ji Ruyan stood up, her mouth curled into a faint smile, “Sir, looks like you have some household matters to attend to. Ruyan will depart first. When I have the information, I will contact you immediately.”

Amidst the constant blubbering scoldings coming from Little Jasmine, Ji Ruyan flew away.

Yun Che reached out and covered Little Jasmine’s machine-gun like mouth, “Alright, that’s enough. Stop your acting.”

Slap! Little Jasmine used her palm to hit his arm away and her face was a picture of fury. She huffed and puffed, “Who’s acting! Spit it out now! What is the relationship between you and that woman? Was it you who seduced her or her who seduced you!?”

“We don’t have this ridiculous kind of relationship you’re thinking about…”

“Rubbish! Then why were you both seated so close together, and your conversation so lively, hmph!”

Yun Che rolled his eyes, “Fine, fine, fine. Just treat it as me messing around with her then, but what’s it got to do with you?”

“How can it not have anything to do with me!?” Little Jasmine’s voice rose an octave, “You’re my brother-in-law, you already have my big sister, how can you go mess around with another woman!?”

“Hahaha…” Yun Che burst out laughing, “Little girl, even if you’re so committed to your role that you’ve lost all sense of reality, you should still be clear about one thing. I’ve told you before, Jasmine isn’t my wife, she’s my master!”

“Eh?” Little Jasmine was stunned, she blinked a few times and her voice grew weaker, “Is… Is that so? Why am I unable to remember that? Ah, who cares! I’ve already started calling you brother-in-law, so you’re not allowed to get close to any other woman… not allowed to get close!!”

“...” Yun Che stepped forward, slowly bringing himself close to Little Jasmine’s face, “Being able to find me every time you want to… I won’t ask about that. But why do I feel more inclined to think that you have some specific designs for getting close to me… Who are you really?”

Under Yun Che’s intense glare, Little Jasmine felt a little flustered, but her gaze still didn’t dodge his. It was as if two bright stars were reflecting back into his eyes. “I’m obviously your most beautiful and lovable little sister-in-law! As my brother-in-law, you should obediently listen to my words. Don’t get too close to that woman from now on… In fact, don’t get close to any other woman, if not… hmph!”

She gave him an intense and threatening glare as a warning. Then, she turned around and left without turning back.

“...” Looking in the direction Little Jasmine left toward, Yun Che started to frown as he started to go into deep thought.

Thinking back to when he’d first met Little Jasmine, it seemed as if it was a complete coincidence, that it was an innocuous chance meeting. However later on, everything surrounding Little Jasmine started to become strange.

“Who in the world is she?” Yun Che once again thought to himself.

Yun Che’s period of cultivation and breakthrough into the divine way was very short. Not long after, Mu Xuanyin’s Icy Phoenix vital yin energy had allowed him to step directly into the Divine Soul Realm from the Diving Origin Realm. His sudden spurt, coupled with the fact that there was no one to guide him, resulted in his current understanding of the divine way being extremely shallow.

After training for two months in Black Soul Mountain, his profound strength had yet to make any progress. Yun Che finally recognized this fact, so he ceased his training and started to sense and ponder the profundities of the laws surrounding the Divine Soul Realm.

If Jasmine or Mu Xuanyin were by his side, with their guidance and his innate talent of understanding, he would very soon be able to break through bottlenecks. Even if he didn’t have help from any external objects or treasures, his profound strength would improve by leaps and bounds, far surpassing other ordinary profound experts. By himself however... He wasn’t even stable in the Divine Origin Realm, so wanting to pass through the Divine Soul Realm without help was a very difficult task. His profound strength was unique, and his body held several secrets that couldn’t be made known to outsiders, so he refrained from seeking help from other experts. As a result, his knowledge and understanding of the divine way was so shallow that it made his progress extremely slow.

Before he knew it, Yun Che had already spent five months in Black Soul Mountain.

His profound strength was still in the second level of the Divine Soul Realm. He hadn’t made even the slightest bit of progress.


Opening his eyes, Yun Che heaved a heavy sigh, “Training in the divine way is so difficult. When I was still in the Snow Song Realm I didn’t feel it was so, but now that I’ve left Master… sigh…”

Munch crunch crunch! Munch crunch crunch!

A sword with a strong divine aura was being bitten to pieces by Hong’er, like it was a piece of thin and soft ice being crunched into bits. Hong’er was happily munching away while speaking with her mouth full at the same time, “Master, why not go back? It’s so white over there, Hong’er really loved it.”

“If I go back Master would kill me. If I die, you will eventually die of starvation.” Recalling the events that took place on the Primordial Profound Ark, and Mu Xuanyin’s delirious state and cries, he took in a deep breath and wiped his forehead. “Looks like we only have the Immortal Emperor Grass to look for now.”

Intense fluciations of profound energy suddenly came from Yun Che’s Sound Transmission Jade. He quickly picked it up.

“Sir, there’s news of the Immortal Emperor Grass!”

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