Chapter 1117 - Poison Miasma in the Underground Palace

Against the Gods

Chapter 1117 - Poison Miasma in the Underground Palace

The depths of the underground palace were mindblowing. Despite pressing forward for a long time in the thick turbid air, the passageway was still as narrow as ever. Yun Che maintained his invisible state as he carefully followed behind the three men. He had no way of going past them. He felt uneasy, but he wasn’t anxious.

“Why aren’t we at the bottom yet? How deep is this place?”

“The turbid air is growing heavier and heavier… but the passageway is now level, we should find the exit soon.”

“Hold on… What is this smell?”

“It’s poison! Fall back!!”

The sounds coming from his front took a sudden turn. All three auras of the three great realm kings were then charging toward Yun Che. Startled, Yun Che stopped in his tracks. He kept his cool and didn’t retreat. Instead, he firmly held his ground and held his breath… Luckily, all the auras of the three realm kings also stopped, and stayed there. They didn’t sense him even though they were now currently nearer to him than before.

Poison? Yun Che slowly stepped backwards, raising his eyebrows.

In front of the three realm kings, within the thick and dark, turbid air was an additional layer of dark green. This dark green miasma was swirling around, blocking the exit of the passageway. It didn’t spread out as if it was locked within that area.

Mu Baimei, Emperor Nanlie, and Han Kuan all stood in front of the poisonous miasma. The expressions on their faces were dark. They quickly circulated their profound energies to expel the poison in them. After a period of time, their faces slowly regained their color.

“What a powerful poison! If we were just a bit slower, I’m afraid our journey would have ended here.” Han Kuan’s heart was pounding.

“It’s something left behind from the Primordial Era, after all.” Emperor Nanlie took half a step back. Countless years had past since the Era of the Gods so most of the poisonous miasma should have been dissipated, yet it was still something that mortals couldn’t handle.

“The turbid air here suppresses profound strength, meeting this kind of poison… I’m afraid we’re in a pinch.” Mu Baimei frowned.

“Want to just try charging straight through?” Han Kuan suddenly asked.

“If Sect Master Han is finding his life too long, you could give it a shot,” Emperor Nanlie said softly. “We don’t know how far this miasma cloud stretches. It could be a continuous stretch and go on for miles. I’m afraid that we could go in, and then never come back out.”

Yun Che stood still, listening to their conversation and understood that they had found the exit, but it led to a poisonous miasma zone. The miasma was especially terrifying, being able to cause a deep fear in these three great realm kings, hindering their journey.


An extremely loud explosion sounded from the front, shaking the underground palace, and at the same time a disappointed voice from Emperor Nanlie said, “It’s not working, we can’t just blast it away.”

“Such powerful poison… Only someone at the level of Divine Sovereign can pass through it unharmed. Is giving the Immortal Emperor Grass to someone in the middle star realms our only option?”

“Shall we try looking for other entrances?”

“Even if there are other entrances, we don’t have enough time. News has spread long ago. I estimate that in about six hours, there will be middle star realms, even upper star realms entering into the fray. We spent an entire day to break through the seal. If we try to look for another entrance, it’s equivalent to serving the Immortal Emperor Grass up on a silver platter to someone else!”

“Then shall we try using brute force and just charge through? There’s a possibility that the poisonous miasma isn’t as widespread as we fear it to be.”

“Very good. Then I shall invite Sect Master Han to take the lead. Although the Immortal Emperor Grass is great, gambling my life on it is something this king will never do.”

They were three great realm kings, individuals who were at the peak of their realms, but they were now stopped in their tracks thanks to the poisonous miasma. They felt as if the Immortal Emperor Grass was already very close, but they couldn’t even take half a step. Their mighty Divine King powers were helpless in front of this poison.

They weren’t willing to just turn around and leave and give up on the Immortal Emperor Grass. They had paid a great price to enter this underground palace, they were absolutely unwilling to just accept defeat.

Yun Che’s mind started making calculations, coming up with several possibilities. In a short while he decided to silently retreat, he retreated quite far from them and got rid of his invisible state. He slowly and carefully started walking ahead.

After dispelling his invisibility, even though there was the suppression from the turbid air, Yun Che’s presence was instantly dectected by the three realm kings. A powerful voice shot out, “Who goes there!?”

“Divine Soul Realm? So strange… Unless you want to die, quickly scram over here!”

All three strong suppressive auras locked onto Yun Che. Yun Che took in a deep breath and his footsteps grew quicker, he cut through each layer of turbid air and soon arrived in front of the three realm kings.

After looking at Yun Che the three of them cried in union, “It’s you?”

“How did you get in? Weren’t there guards?” Han Kuan growled. The ones guarding the entrance were the elders of their three star realms, he didn’t believe that a mere Divine Soul Realm Yun Che could forcefully enter.

Yun Che’s face was full of fear and unease. He hurriedly replied, “Junior found a fortuitous encounter, entered a spatial formation, and then I suddenly found myself here. I never would have expected it to be the underground palace that your majesties entered into… I didn’t intend to intrude.”

“Spatial formation?” All three realm kings had faces full of suspicion, but they couldn’t not believe it as forcing his way in through the entrance would have been impossible. Emperor Nanlie gave out a cold laugh, “This king recalls, your name is… Ling Yun, am I right? Entering a spatial formation by mistake? Heh, is that true?”

Mu Baimei lifted his hand, “It could be possible. This secret realm has countless secrets about it. For example this underground palace’s sealing formation was only just discovered by us yesterday. Ling Yun, since you entered by accident, please go back to the entrance. When you head out, report this king’s name, no one will make things difficult for you.”

“Make yourself scarce.” Emperor Nanlie couldn’t be bothered to give him another glance.

Yun Che didn’t leave as they had expected, in fact he started to speak, “Your majesties, as this junior was walking here I accidentally heard that there was a poisonous miasma blocking your way, making it impossible to enter the underground palace. Are you referring to this green fog of poisonous miasma?”

Mu Baimei looked at him, “That’s right, but this doesn’t have anything to do with you, just leave quickly.”

“If it’s because of this poisonous miasma, this junior has a solution to dissipate it.” Yun Che continued.

This sentence of his caused all three realm kings to look at each other, Emperor Nanlie broke out into a big laugh, “We can count on you? Hahahaha!”

Mu Baimei shook his head and replied sincerely, “Little brother, having said this, perhaps you have great accomplishments in the poison arts, but this is not any ordinary poison, if not it would not have stopped us three.”

“Then… May junior make a bet with your majesties?”

“Oh?” Mu Baimei lifted his eyebrows, revealing a smile that wasn’t a smile, it was more of interest.

Yun Che lifted his hand and pointed towards the slow swirling greenish miasma, “If junior can dissipate this miasma and help your majesties enter the underground palace, then I would request that you allow me to follow you into the underground palace in search of the Immortal Emperor Grass. What do you think?”

He had the Sky Poison Pearl on him, passing through this poisonous miasma zone or dissipating it was easy as turning over his palm.

The three realm kings had no other choice, now that they were stopped by the poisonous miasma this was without a doubt an extremely good opportunity for Yun Che. The only thing was that although he wasn’t afraid of the miasma, accompanying all three great realm kings in charging in would without question be seeking death. He thought of this similar idea of appearing before them, making them relax their guard and then using the excuse of scouting out the poisonous miasma to disappear within and then explore the underground palace by himself… but to do this, he had to be very detailed and precise. As long as his aura left the poisonous miasma, their senses would detect it, and if any of them made a move, he would definitely die.

They were three great realm kings after all, not some run of the mill fools.

Finally, he chose this plan of “winning together”, although it would raise their suspicions, it would not incite any killing intent.

“Hahahaha!” Emperor Nanlie looked at him, laughing madly, scorn and ridicule filled his eyes, “Just a little Divine Soul Realm junior and you’re dreaming of joining up with us to search for the Immortal Emperor Grass? Old Man Mu, this benefactor of yours is not only ignorant and arrogant, he’s also a greedy toad. Hahaha.”

Han Kuan snorted coldly, his face also showed that he didn’t believe what Yun Che had said.

“Old Fox Nanlie, some words shouldn’t be said too soon.” Mu Baimei softly sighed, he turned to Yun Che with a very serious face, and asked him sincerely, “Ling Yun, this poisonous miasma is incomparably strong, trying to dissipate it is no small feat. If you can really do it, it would be doing a really big favour to all of us. Of course you would have the qualifications to enter into the underground palace with us. If this king doesn’t object to it, neither of them will have any objections either.”

“Hmph, what if he can’t do it?” Emperor Nanlie scoffed once more.

“If he can’t, then so what?” Mu Baimei sniped at him, “If he can do it, it’s equivalent to the heavens helping us. Even if he can’t, you won’t even lose a strand of hair. Old fox, you’re really getting more muddled as you grow older.”

Emperor Nanlie lowered both his eyebrows and beamed. “Old Man Mu is really Old Man Mu indeed, kekeke.”

This sentence of his seemed to hold some other meaning within but he didn’t carry on.

Yun Che revealed an expression of gratefulness, “I thank your majesties for allowing me this opportunity. Seniors, I will definitely not disappoint you. However… Should junior succeed and we enter together, if I were to be the one to find the Immortal Emperor Grass…”

“Hehe, then it’ll belong to you of course.” Yun Che didn’t expect that before he had finished speaking, Mu Baimei had laughed and gave his consent. “Before we entered into the underground palace the three of us had an agreement that if any of us found the Immortal Emperor Grass, it’ll belong to that person and that we’re not to try and snatch it. If you’re really able to dissipate this poisonous miasma and allow us to enter the underground palace, you’ll of course be included in the agreement. After all, this king isn’t one that goes back on his word and these two are also not shameless villains.”

“Looks like Old Man Mu really believes in this kid’s ability to remove the poisonous miasma. Well this king will then have the opportunity to see an eye-opening feat.” Emperor Nanlie laughed coldly, still not believing Yun Che’s words.

“Great… Junior does not dare suspect your majesties.” Yun Che nodded and then without a further word, walked past them and stood in front of the poisonous miasma. He slowly lifted his left arm, his left hand held a shining piece of profound stone that emitted bright jade green light.

The profound stone was half the size of a fist. The green light pulsed and the energy emitted wasn’t strong but was pure. Emperor Nanlie snorted, “Just based on this? Hehehe, this is simply a huge jo...”

But his sneering voice suddenly stopped.

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