Chapter 1121 - When Immortals Fight, Mortals Suffer

Against the Gods

Chapter 1121 - When Immortals Fight, Mortals Suffer

The woman in the snow dress slowly turned around. She looked as though she had been carved from ice. Her appearance which was as beautiful as a fairy once again appeared in front of Yun Che, only her expression was one which could plunge anyone into the depths of an icy hell. Her lips slowly uttered the following bone chilling words, “You still dare to call me master!?”

If there was anyone in this world who could make Yun Che completely leave his arrogance and pride at the door, it could only be Mu Xuanyin. He slowly kneeled down and lowered his head, not daring to meet that cold gaze of hers which could freeze an entire world. “This disciple owes Master… a debt as big as a mountain… This disciple is unable to even repay a thread of it… and yet I committed the most heinous of mistakes… This disciple… is unable to face Master…”

“Committing a heinous crime and then leaving, is this something I’ve taught you!?” Extreme coldness, anger, and disappointment filled her eyes. Mu Xuanyin’s voice started to calm down but there was an added drilling quality to it, “I never thought that you would be a spineless coward who wouldn’t assume your responsibilities. You’re not fit to be my, Mu Xuanyin’s, disciple at all!”

Yun Che was unable to retort, and he didn’t dare to debate half a sentence of what she said. Slowly, he started to raise his head and his gaze met hers. He softly replied, “During this period where I left Master, this disciple has always had Master’s injury in mind. Today, disciple can finally rest at ease after seeing that Master is safe and sound. This disciple knows the immense gravity of his sins. I will wholeheartedly accept whatever punishment comes my way.”

“...” Mu Xuanyin remained expressionless. She slowly raised her jadelike arm and pressed her palm against Yun Che’s forehead. “You’ve completely disappointed me… This is unforgivable!”


A soft sound rang out, as if an ice crystal had shattered. The world in front of Yun Che’s eyes started to fall away, from grayish white scenery to that of comatose darkness. His body slowly fell lifelessly to the ground. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

In the cold and silent frosty environment, Mu Xuanyin slowly turned around and swept her eyes across the Mu Baimei trio.

Ever since Mu Xuanyin appeared, Mu Baimei, Emperor Nanlie, and Han Kuan had all remained motionless. It wasn’t that they were standing there; they felt as if some inexplicably horrifying chilling frost had nailed their souls to the spot, making them unable to move, and also not dare to move.

This was the one and only time that they had ever felt such a suppression. The name “Mu Xuanyin” almost made their souls fly out in fright.

The earth and sky losing their color and grandeur didn’t leave them in awe. It instead left them in extreme terror. That pair of eyes, which was now looking directly in theirs, made them feel as if their souls had plunged into the depths of an icy cold abyss.

“Song… Snow Song… Realm King….” amonst the three, the one with the highest profound strength was Mu Baimei who had struggled to even speak. His voice sounded as if a venomous snake had bitten his throat, “Con… Congratulations… Master and disciple… Meeting once more… we… we… we won’t disturb you or get in your way… fare… farewell…”

Mu Baimei’s consciousness was in a somewhat incoherent state. Even he himself wasn’t clear about what he said or for how long he spoke. He only wished to leave, but even though he used all his might, he was unable to move even one step, and it only seemed that his body was growing weaker and weaker.


A chill wind cut through the deathly silence with a whooshing sound, turning the Mu Baimei trio into three ice sculptures and then shattering them without a sound, sending the crystal like ice dust flying through the air.

In the blink of an eye, three great Divine Kings, without any cries or struggle and without any bit of hesitation or pity on Mu Xuanyin’s part, three Realm Kings were turned into nothing amidst the icy frost. It was as if she had merely rubbed away three small mounds of sand.

She raised her jadelike arm, with her snowy looking sleeve fluttering in the wind. A blue light landed from the skies revealing an enormous Frost Dragon. Mu Xuanyin threw Yun Che into the mouth of the huge Frost Dragon coldly saying, “Go.”

The enormous Frost Dragon let out a low roar and started to fly, soon disappearing from sight, no one knew what its destination was.

Mu Xuanyin stood there for a while, not moving. As the enormous Frost Dragon’s aura became more distant, she suddenly turned around, channeling a frost beam which exploded toward a portion of space, “Come out!”

Crack crack crack!

That portion of space froze within a second and actually shattered. Thousands of flowers and grasses were completely decimated. A sudden patch of empty white land appeared within that little world.

And within that patch of white a small little girl, wearing a colorful dress, slowly strode out as she cheerful giggled, “Big sister, you’re actually so pretty, but so fierce at the same time.”

If Yun Che was still here and lucid, his jaw would immediately drop. This colorfully dressed girl… was actually Little Jasmine!

All the ice cold suppression was gathered on Little Jasmine’s body. This little girl, whom Yun Che knew to only be in the Emperor Profound Realm, actually caused Mu Xuanyin to take her seriously. Mu Xuanyin had a very grave expression on her face which Yun Che had never seen before. “Who are you and why are you secretly following him!?”

Little Jasmine raised her lips. In front of Mu Xuanyin’s power, she still didn’t give in, “This question should actually be first asked by me. Who are you, and why are you sneakily following him!?”

“I am his master.” Mu Xuanyin replied coldly, “You should have heard everything clearly just now.”

“Hmph, you were so fierce and scolded him, you even knocked him out. How could there be a master like you?” Little Jasmine folded her arms, clearly discontent with the answer.

“This is between us, master and disciple. It has nothing to do with you!”

“What, nothing to do! He’s my…” as she was speaking halfway, Little Jasmine stopped and pointed at Mu Xuanyin’s right hand. “That Void Illusion Stone was given to him by me. For what reason are you snatching it away!? Either return it to me or return it to him!”

Lifting the Void Illusion Stone up, Mu Xuanyin had a quizzical look in her eyes “You gave this to him? Why would you give him such an item? Who are you, how well do you know him, and what are you scheming?”

She was already suspicious about why Yun Che would have such a divine item like the Void Illusion Stone on him. This was something he would never be able to get with his current abilities.

“Ah, he’s my savior. Is repaying him wrong? I just wanted to give it to him, what’s that got to do with you!?”

“Savior?” Mu Xuanyin’s gaze deepened. The figure of an ice phoenix started to appear behind her as an icy white sword also appeared her hand. “Since you won’t be honest and tell me the truth, don’t blame me for this!”

The sword was thin and long, it wasn’t even an inch thick. It didn’t gleam, but it seemed like it was made of snow.

Before that increasingly explosive cold energy and the world that was quickly turning completely white, she still had a coquettish smile plastered on her face as she held both hands behind her back, “I’m afraid big sister will be unable to.”


The Ice Phoenix gave out a long cry and the Snow Princess Sword flashed, gathering the entire world’s brilliance within a single ray of light, instantaneously upturning the entire environment of this little independent world.

Thousands of kilometers all around had been enveloped in a blizzard!

Amidst the icy snow, the image of an Ice Phoenix started to rise into the sky, bringing along a world capsizing force, flying like a torrent of water toward the colorfully dressed girl.

“Wah, so pretty.”

This capsizing force from the Ice Phoenix was enough to kill a Divine King instantly. Little Jasmine’s first response was to have a light flash in both her eyes. After a slight exhale, her entire figure disappeared far away.

However as she dodged, the Snow Princess Sword cut through space, shooting directly toward the little girl. That Ice Phoenix image also changed its trajectory, once again locking onto Little Jasmine’s location.

“Heh, since it’s like this, big sister should play with me and make me happy, okay?” Little Jasmine giggled again, both her eyes releasing a bright blue brilliance. Though her voice sounded weak, it pierced through the ice phoenix’s mighty cry.


Space violently trembled and the blizzard suddenly intensified. If one reached out, they would not be able to see their five fingers. Everything in this world, from the trees to the grass, flowers, birds, mountains, and the great plains were uprooted. In but a moment, the sky seemed like it was covered in a misty curtain of snow.

This was a sight that few people had ever seen in the God Realm.

Within that snowy curtain, besides an icy blue light darting around, there was an additional white sword beam. Little Jasmine’s small figure was dashing around and constantly teleporting through the blizzard. Her hands would move as if they were dancing, a white sword beam streaking out with every action, destroying the sword images and cold lights Mu Xuanyin sent her way.





The sound of the two forces meeting each other seemed light, but the explosiveness in the sky was that of Divine Masters. It filled the entire small world, causing the icy mist in this world to never settle. Every time there was an explosive burst of energy, it would be accompanied by an explosive shattering of space within a large radius.

Both figures flashed and teleported every moment through tens of kilometers. Spatial tears and gullies covered both the air and large plains. Before the spatial tears could mend, even more scars would tear madly throughout the area.

Boom boom….

Boom boom boom——

Mu Xuanyin’s figure slowly turned, completely freezing the surrounding five hundred kilometers, with Little Jasmine sealed right at the center of this icy world. However, not even a breath later, the entire space exploded, tens of thousands of sword beams flew out and then gathered, combining into one sword beam, shooting directly towards Mu Xuanyin.


The white sword shadow clashed against the Princess Snow Sword. The sound from the clash of swords caused the skies to crumble and spider web like fissures started to spread out on the large plains below them.

The explosion from the clash was now no longer restricted to a five hundred kilometer radius. Under both their terrifying and heaven annihilating strengths, this peaceful and quiet, million year old, little world had finally started to crumble...

The Illusory Sea Ancient Realm had members of the three large star worlds roaming throughout it, particularly members of the three ruling sects. Though they were carefully going about it, they were greatly excited deep inside.

In the heart of the ancient realm, several Divine Spirit Elders were guarding the entrance of the underground palace. No one knew what was going on below.

Furthermore, they didn’t know that the three great realm kings had already died.


Without any prior warning, a thunderous roar that seemed to have come from the Ninth Heaven exploded forth.

The central area of the Illusory Sea Ancient Realm suddenly exploded. Within an entire area of five hundred kilometers… every living being, even the Divine Spirit experts of the three star worlds and countless smaller profound beasts, were instantly turned to dust.

They didn’t know how they died, they didn’t even realize they had died.

Those that were luckier were sent flying and rolling on the ground, scared out of their wits.

Sand and dust filled the air. Two figures flew high up into the sky, both figures emanating an incomparable pressure that suppressed everything below them, causing every living creature to tremble in silence.

Mu Xuanyin’s snowy garments were devoid of dust. The Princess Snow Sword in her hand was a reflection of the ice cold gleam of her beautiful eyes.

A little world that had been good and stable for at least a million years, which had also birthed the Immortal Emperor Grass, had now been utterly decimated by both their powers. Little Jasmine’s face was flushed red, yet she still exuded boisterousness, “I’ve heard before that there’s a middle star realm called the Snow Song Realm and its Realm King is so powerful that she can be compared to several Realm Kings of the upper star realms. At first I was a little dismissive, but it seems like not only is it true, you’re even stronger than what the rumors boast.”

“Take out your weapon,” Mu Xuanyin coldly said. “Or else you won’t have another chance.”

“No way.” Little Jasmine put her hands behind her neck, “Even though you’re really strong, you’re still not qualified to make me go all out.”

Her crescentlike brows slightly lowered, and her cherry colored lips coldly moved, “If it were half a year ago, I would actually not be your match. Unfortunately…”


A light breeze blew past.

But within this brief moment, the temperature of this originally bone piercing cold world suddenly plummeted at a terrifying rate. It was as though this world had crazily dropped several million layers below the surface of the earth, into an icy hell.

Mu Xuanyin’s pupils slowly vanished from within her beautiful eyes, replaced by a icy blue radiance. Her hair rose in the air, almost becoming snow white. With a light wave of her arm, the Ice Phoenix above her slowly unfolded a pair of ice crystal wings.

“Ehhh…?” Little Jasmine tilted her head, her lips opening. Her eyes widened as her lips formed a large “O” shape. “Eeeeeeeh!!??”

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