Chapter 1124 - “Weak Point”

Against the Gods

Chapter 1124 - “Weak Point”

An independent secret realm crumbling usually would not affect the external world, but the damage and crumbling of the Illusory Sea Ancient Realm was too grievous. Its disintegration immediately caused an unimaginably berserk spatial turbulence.. Massive spatial tears, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, swallowed the entire Illusory Sea Island in one breath.

The disciples of the three star realms that were guarding Illusory Sea Island didn’t have any time to respond and were swallowed whole into the dimensional tear, disappearing alongside Illusory Sea Island.

The once calm and quiet sea had countless hurricanes and tidal waves coursing across it, as the wildly fluctuating spatial tears swallowed Illusory Sea Island.

News of the Immortal Emperor Grass being on the Illusory Sea Island had long since been spread and at this moment, a large number of strong powers from neighboring star realms were at all four corners of the sea; some were even members of middle star realms.

The hurricanes and tidal waves gave everyone a shock but before they could even send out their spirit sense to investigate, their faces recoiled in horror. Their initially speeding bodies suddenly stopping dead in their tracks, not daring to go one step further.

This was because in this world before them, an immense and frightening pressure was roiling about, wild and unchecked. Daring to come here meant that they were existences at the top of their respective realms but they felt as if they were rendered down to being mere ants in front of this wave of power. Fear penetrated every part of them, all the way to their souls, leaving them trembling.

They didn’t dare to move forward, nor did they dare to retreat.

“This… this… what power is this?” an old expert in the Divine King Realm said trembling.

“Don’t tell me… some… some Divine Master has arrived?”

This thought flashed across everyone’s minds, leaving them pale as sheets and feeling a thousand times more afraid than before.

Divine Master… the very pinnacle of the divine way, the existence closest to a god in all of the Primal Chaos. The God Realm’s countless experts had all heard the legends of the Divine Masters, but being able to see one in the flesh was something they might not see in their entire lives, let alone feel the suppression and might of one personally.

And this time, the aura and force they felt was terrifying. It exceeded anything they had ever known about the profound way. It was as if the very heavens were submerged by this terrifying power and in front of this power, even if they were to spend all the time in the next half of their lives training, they would still fall short in every possible way compared to this power. The words “Divine Master” currently appeared in each and every one of their hearts.

The spatial tears mended itself. Illusory Sea Island had completely vanished, not leaving a single grain of sand behind. The raging hurricanes and furious tidal waves also started to gradually die down.

After that, the suppression and pressure that each of those experts felt in their hearts and souls suddenly disappeared.

Everyone in the vicinity felt their bodies relax, as if thousands of mountains pressing down on them had been lifted, but the shock in their eyes had not reduced one bit. They all turned around and started to withdraw to where they came from at their fastest speeds, not one of them daring to go forward even half a step.

Above the vanished Illusory Sea Island, Mu Xuanyin and Little Jasmine were standing and staring at each other on opposite sides. The sea around them was churning but the sea that was directly beneath their feet was as flat as a mirror, without a single ripple.

Profound energy was still being released by the duo but they both curbed the profound lights being emitted and no longer continued to exchange blows. After short period of silence, Mu Xuanyin coldly spoke, “Princess Caizhi, youngest daughter of the Star God Realm King, born with a weak body and the most ordinary out of all the sons and daughters of the Star God Realm King. You were given the cold treatment especially since your mother died young, but five years ago you perfectly assimilated the power of the Heavenly Wolf Star God and were rumored to be the one in the history of the Star God Realm to achieve a perfect assimilation.”

“I never would have realized that I would one day get to exchange blows with the Heavenly Wolf Star God!”

The blood colored wolf eyes on top of the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword closed and following a flash of blue light, the sword disappeared from Little Jasmine’s hands.

After putting away the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword, the air around Little Jasmine immediately changed, her eyes regaining their liveliness. With regards to Mu Xuanyin accurately guessing her identity and name, she wasn’t the least bit startled. Her lips fluttered and she folded both her hands against her chest muttering, “You’re not only blessed to exchange blows with this princess, you weren’t even defeated. You must be really pleased to death in your heart.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“But… but!!” Little Jasmine’s voice suddenly grew louder, both her round eyes were staring straight at Mu Xuanyin, “You... Why are you so powerful? A-a-are you really just the realm king of a middle star realm? This princess has seen all the realm kings of the upper star realms but I can count those that are just powerful as you with both sets of fingers.

“And the information about you states with certainty that you’re a rank four Divine Master. Why are you… so strong? Even if everyone else in your star realm are little cats and dogs, just based on you alone, you have the qualifications to make your realm an upper star realm. Why is the Snow Song Realm still a middle star realm? Have you been hiding your strength all along?

“If anyone knew that the Snow Song Realm had such a powerful individual, even my royal father would jump in fright. The entire Eastern Divine Region would all be surprised and the upper star realms would definitely have one more realm joining them.”

“None of your business!” Mu Xuanyin gave her a cold gaze and put away her Snow Princess Sword. She pointed at Little Jasmine… disregarding the fact that the other party was the Princess Caizhi thousands of realms would have to bow to. “Answer my question from before! Why are you stealthily following him!?”

Princess Caizhi tilted her head, “Hmph, no way! I’m happily following him, you can’t keep me from it! Ha! You have some gall, you know this princess’s identity and yet you’re so disrespectful, aren’t you afraid of angering me!?”

Mu Xuanyin stared at her coldly, “Unless… You know about his relationship with your sister?”

Mu Xuanyin decided to test her with this question, causing Princess Caizhi’s eyebrows to jump. Her expression did a hundred eighty degree turn, “You… How do you know?”

“Of course!” Mu Xuanyin frowned, “With regards to him… What else do you know!?”

Princess Caizhi opened her mouth wide and then started to rattle on, “I know his name is Yun Che. He comes from a very distant lower realm. He came to the God Realm to look for my big sister and I even know he came here to look for the Immortal Emperor Grass so that he can see her again.”

Every word Princess Caizi spoke caused Mu Xuanyin’s eyes to grow colder and colder, “How do you know about all of this!? He would never tell these matters to anyone else!”

“Then how do you know!?”

“I’m his master!” Mu Xuanyin coldly stated. “I know everything that has to do with him.”


The Snow Princess Sword released an icy radiance, enshrouding Princess Caizhi within its brilliance. “Now it’s time for you to answer my question. He would definitely not tell you all this of his own volition, what method did you use to find out… and what other weak points does he have!?”

Weak point?

Looking at Mu Xuanyin’s serious expression and feeling the cold intent from her sword light, Princess Caizhi finally understood why. Her expression relaxed at once and she laughed, “You really care alot about him, huh.”

“I’m his master, of course I care about him!”

“Then why were you so fierce to him just now and you even…”

“Answer my question!” Mu Xuanyin’s tone grew even frostier.

“Hehe, alright.” Princess Caizhi’s alertness and tenseness had all disappeared. She giggled, “It seems like you’re really very concerned about him, and the fact that he willingly told you about big sister means that he definitely trusts you.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

Princess Caizhi continued, “Actually, it isn’t some weak point, just a little coincidence, that’s all.”


“Was it about half a year ago? This princess sneaked out to play and met a bad uncle. This princess initially wanted to mess with that bad uncle but he suddenly rushed over and helped this princess scare away that bad uncle.” Princess Caizhi lifted and wiggled her nose, “When he scared that bad uncle away, he used the first move of the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome, you know.”

“...” Mu Xuanyin tightened her gaze on her.

“That sword had form and power but no substance, he even mixed in some flame energy. Others couldn’t tell but this princess is the Heavenly Star Wolf God, and I’m the most, most, mostest familiar with the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome. After big brother died, those who are able to display the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome is basically this princess alone, but big sister told me that there is one more person in the entire world. Not only does he not need to borrow the Heavenly Star God Wolf’s power and bloodline, he actually successfully cultivated the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome, though it’s only the first sword style.”

“There was… such a thing!?” the Snow Princess Sword was slowly lowered and the aura around Mu Xuanyin was slowly withdrawn. She didn’t know that Yun Che’s body held another secret, the legacy of the Heavenly Wolf Star God… To be able to forcibly cultivate the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome without having the strength nor the bloodline of the Heavenly Wolf Star God, even if it was only the first sword style, only Yun Che who had the profound veins of the Heretic God could do such a thing.

She definitely believed that Yun Che would never tell anyone else about his relationship with Jasmine, because once it spread to the Star God Realm, the consequences would be severe. Therefore, she had to know whether there were any weak points on his body that allowed Princess Caizhi to focus her attention on him… So it was actually because of such a strange coincidence.

To save the Heavenly Wolf Star God… He had actually used Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome…

“At first I couldn’t confirm that he was the person big sister talked about, so this princess continued to follow him and eventually found out that he really fit the bill. Not long after, this princess knew that he definitely was that man that big sister talked about.”

“In order to look for big sister, he ran here to the God Realm. This princess was actually a little moved by his actions and so I decided to follow behind him to protect him, to prevent him from dying before he could even meet big sister. But he actually has such a powerful master like you. It seems like this princess no longer needs to worry about him dying… I can then go back and accompany big sister.”

“What else did your big sister say about him? Besides you, has she told anyone else?” Mu Xuanyin continued with her line of questioning.

“Big sister said a whole whole lot. Way way waaay more than what you can imagine. But she only told me and only me.” Princess Caizhi smiled, “I have royal father and a lot of uncles, big brothers, and big sisters, but big sister is my one and only kin. And to big sister, I’m her one and only kin as well.”

She laughed a shallow laugh, and there was a trace of awkwardness behind that laugh. Mu Xuanyin actually managed to grasp a some loneliness within that laugh.

“Big sister often suddenly goes into a daze. She would time and again speak of matters related to him. Big sister is willing to give me everything, with the only exception of that red dress, which she would often hug. She doesn’t even let me touch it!”

“As long as it has to do with him, big sister will become someone completely different. I’ve always wanted to know what kind of man he was that could incite such a large change in my big sister. Big sister even said that in this life and this universe, she would no longer be able to meet him but I know that if she does manage to see him again, she will definitely be very happy. Even though she’s…”

As for what she wanted to continue saying, Princess Caizhi suddenly stopped herself and didn’t continue.

Mu Xuanyin had retracted her entire profound aura. Her gaze returned to its normal calm and only some complex emotions ran deep within. “Have you told your sister about his arrival in the God Realm?”

“Of course not!” Princess Caizhi replied without hesitation, “You had better not tell anyone else either!”

“I don’t need you to remind me!” Mu Xuanyin huffed in a cold voice, the caution and suspicion in her heart finally dispelled. She didn’t tarry nor did she continue speaking. She immediately turned around and flew off. Her heart, however, held a deep shock.

Princess Caizhi… based on the rumors, she had successfully received the inheritance of the Heavenly Wolf Star God five years ago and became the new Heavenly Wolf Star God. Within the short span of five years, her powers should be in the early stages, yet the ability she had displayed was so strong. If another five years.... ten years… hundred years… once she finished assimilating all the strength of the Heavenly Wolf, to what degree would her strength raise? This was simply unfathomable.

Rumor had it that she might become the strongest Star God in all of the Star God Realm… it seemed to not just be empty talk.

“Ah… wait!”

A colorful figure suddenly appeared in front of Mu Xuanyin. It was Princess Caizhi who appeared and was standing in her way, “Big sister, this princess sincerely answered all your questions, but could you also sincerely answer one of my questions?”

“...What question?”

“Um…” Princess Caizhi suddenly stiffened, her face became a little shy and a slight shade of red tinged her face. She seemed to be at a loss for words. She looked at Mu Xuanyin’s tattered and torn snow robe and then looked at her own flat chest area. Then, she finally raised her courage and asked, “How… How do I… When I grow up, how do I become as voluptuous and curvy as you, both back and front?”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

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