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Against the Gods

Chapter 1135 - Eternal Heaven God Realm

Jun Wuming was flying in the lead while Jun Xilei followed behind him. He had remained silent since he left the place where the dimensional profound formation was set up, and Jun Xilei had also kept her head lowered all this time, without uttering a word.

There was an unprecedented atmosphere between them.

The two of them were moving at a moderate pace and, at some point in time, they had left the bounds of the Snow Song Realm.

It was at this time that Jun Wuming stopped in his tracks. His white beard was blowing in the wind as his gaze was completely fixed forward.

Jun Xilei came to a halt behind him. She didn’t ask or say anything, and continued to simply keep her lips tightly shut as she had done all along.

She might not be able to rid herself of the feeling of such disgrace and falling so low for the rest of her life. Moreover, the reason she had to experience it was due to someone close at hand.

She didn’t believe that it was to temper the “heart of sword” or anything…

“Sigh.” Jun Wuming heaved a very light sigh. “Besides the Snow Song Realm, the Cyan Flame Realm is the nearest star realm with a teleportation formation which we have visited before. Although it is located at a remote place, we’ll be able to make it in time for the Profound God Convention.”

Jun Xilei, “…”

“Cough… Cough cough…”

The moment Jun Wuming finished his words, his body trembled all of a sudden as he coughed lightly. Soon after, his coughing became intense causing his voice to grow heavy.

“Cough… Cough cough… Cough…”

Afterwards, he actually started to feel pain while coughing.

Jun Xilei was surprised in her heart. She promptly came over beside Jun Wuming, “Master, what… what’s wrong?”


Jun Wuming’s body finally seemed to have calmed down after painfully coughing for a brief moment. He also slowly lowered his hand with which he had covered his mouth…

To her surprise, Jun Xilei actually caught sight of a few traces of blood in his palm.

She was so shocked that her beautiful face turned pale, and she couldn’t say a word for a while.

“Just now, Master was preparing to use his sword energy to intimidate Mu Xuanyin, but… before it could be unleashed, she had instantly sealed it within my body. No matter how hard Master tried to force it out, it was all to no avail. Instead, the sword aura injured Master’s body.”

Jun Wuming was speaking in a very flat tone, but each and every word of his was no less than a thunderbolt from the clear skies to Jun Xilei.

What was the Sword Sovereign’s sword energy? He had reached the ultimate level of the God Realm, and possessed such an extremely mighty sword energy that there was no one who could compared to him in the Primal Chaos Dimension. It was simply unbelievable that… the sword energy of such a person would be sealed within his body, with no means to unleash it.

“How… How is that possible?” Jun Xilei blurted out in shock.

“It’s the reason behind my decision back there.” Jun Wuming closed his eyes.

“Isn’t… Isn’t it only because Master didn’t use all his power that she was able to instantly suppress Master’s sword energy? She is merely the Realm King of a middle star realm. How can… How can she be mentioned in the same breath as Master?” Jun Xilei asked in an urgent voice.

“If that was truly the case, why would Master yield to her to this extent?” Jun Wuming said with a sigh. If he were to turn around at this time, Jun Xilei would be able to see the trace of fear on his face. “Snow Song Realm King Mu Xuanyin, she… gave me the terrifying feeling that it was impossible to win against her.”

There were only a handful of people in the entire Eastern Divine Region that could make Jun Wuming say the word “terrifying.”

“…” Jun Xilei was thoroughly dumbfounded. She stayed that way for a long while before speaking dazedly, “That should be… a misperception. Perhaps… she employed some kind of trick to put up a false appearance.”

“Haha.” Jun Wuming laughed at her words. “Master has lived for fifty thousand years, and is familiar with so many methods that could trick one’s eyes, show a fake appearance, or give off a deceptive impression. There is no doubt that the feeling she gave off could not be false.”

Listening to these words directly from Jun Wuming, Jun Xilei finally understood the reason for him putting up with the attitude and demands of Mu Xuanyin to this extent… Although she had thought of such a possibility earlier, it had only existed in her mind for a moment before she overruled it. Even now that she had heard Jun Wuming personally say such words, she still found it unbelievable and difficult to accept.

“Master, you once told me that in the entire Eastern Divine Region, including the king realms, there could be no more than ten people you’d have no way to win against. Don’t tell me that… she has already reached such a realm? I mean… isn’t she clearly the Realm King of a trivial middle star realm!?”

“…” Jun Wuming didn’t say anything, but his silence was naturally an indication of his acknowledgement.

“Even if… Even if she’s truly so powerful, when it comes to seniority and reputation in the Eastern Divine Region, she is still far, far inferior to Master. Back then, when this disciple visited the Eternal Heaven God Realm with Master, even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was extremely courteous to you. How could she, the Realm King of a middle star realm, actually dare to… offend and insult Master in such a manner!?”

The voice of Jun Xilei carried hatred, but Jun Wuming responded with a slow shake of his head. “Lei’er, you need to understand something. In this world, your dignity will forever rely on your strength. The place of birth or seniority of a person is of no substance in the face of absolute strength. Do you truly think it’s because of my seniority that Master is so respected and worshiped by the masses? If not for the heights that I have reached in cultivation of the profound way and achievements in sword mastery, even if my seniority was ten times higher than the other party, they wouldn’t even want to look at me with seriousness.”

“No one was wrong in the matter that happened today, neither you nor anyone else,” Jun Wuming said in a helpless tone. “If the one we were dealing with was just an ordinary middle star realm, let alone affronting the inhabitants, you could even trample them. They wouldn’t resent you in the slightest, and instead would be extremely terrified and see you off respectfully. But, since the cultivation level of Mu Xuanyin has reached beyond Master, affronting them turned out to be a big mistake as a result.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you were born earlier or later, you’ll be respected regardless if you become a true achiever. It’s all right to look down upon the weak, but offending the strong will result in suffering such consequences… This is also the reason for countless living creatures in the world pursuing a higher and higher profound way in their lifetimes.”

It wasn’t the first time that Jun Xilei was listening to such words, but they shook her heart a hundred times stronger than in the past. However, she was still unable to accept the outcome as she said in a low voice, “It’s impossible for this disciple to have such a high outlook like Master. I’m still… unwilling to accept what happened.”

The thing she truly couldn’t accept wasn’t the slap that she had gotten from Mu Xuanyin. Rather… it was the fact that she had to kneel in front of a weakling, which she considered an inerasable and unimaginably great insult to her.

“Haha, Mu Xuanyin is certainly an unusual one. She is possibly the only person under the heavens to have such an extreme nature, despite already reaching such a supreme realm.”

“Having lived so long, I have already sensed that my lifespan is nearing its limit. On the other hand, she is still so young, and hasn’t even lived for as long as two fifths Master’s age. Hence, she possesses infinite possibilities. Since I do not have much time left, I am bound to remain beneath her to the end.” Speaking to this point, instead of sighing in regret, a faint smile surfaced on his face. “But there’s one point on which she would be far inferior to me.”

“Lei’er, that is none other than you.”

Jun Wuming dotingly and contently looked at his sole successor that he had spent half of his lifetime and energy to search for. “Master is inferior to her, but be it bloodline, cultivation method, or the limits set by destiny, her successor will never be able to be comparable to my successor. Therefore, I do not regret anything.”

“Master has no way to seek repayment for the insult you suffered today, but in the future, when the era that belongs to you arrives, even if Mu Xuanyin were to have thousands upon thousands of successors at the time, she would still have no other choice but to kneel under your sword… So, what need is there for you to feel vexed about now?”

Thinking back to the group from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, their “most elite” disciples were only in the Divine Tribulation Realm, and especially, that direct disciple called “Yun Che,” who was just at the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, gave Jun Xilei a heavy sense of relief in her heart. It was as if it brought some sort of equilibrium within her. She said sincerely, “Rest easy, Master. This disciple absolutely won’t bring disgrace to the name of the ‘Sword Sovereign’s successor’ in this life. There will come a day when disciple will return the insult that we’ve suffered today by the thousands!”

“Haha, I’m afraid that when you reach that level, it’ll be time for you to replace Master as the ‘Sword Sovereign.’ Whatever happened today and those people will seem so extremely insignificant to you at that time that you will not even care about them,” Jun Wuming said with a faint smile.

“Seven hundred years ago, although the cultivation level of Mu Xuanyin was astonishing, it was far inferior to mine. It’s absolutely impossible for her to have reached her current realm in the short period of a few hundred years by ordinary means. The reason she isn’t going to the Eternal Heaven God Realm is certainly because she doesn’t want to draw the attention of others,” Jun Wuming said while pondering.

“Lei’er, don’t speak about the matter that happened today with anyone else. Especially, the things related to Mu Xuanyin. It’s only because she intended to leave some face for master that she didn’t make a fool out of him in front of everyone. However, it could also be considered a kind of warning.”

“Understood, disciple will keep that in mind.”

As they entered the teleportation profound formation, they traveled through vast space, after which their vision brightened all of a sudden. A brand new world had gradually appeared before their eyes.

When the space before his eyes changed, Yun Che felt his heartbeats hasten uncontrollably. After three years, he had finally… truly, really taken a step closer to Jasmine. Furthermore, it was a very, very big step.

That red clothed silhouette which eternally appeared in his dreams had never grown faint within his memories and soul, not even for a single moment.

But the world before his eyes had dumbfounded him, as well as all the disciples from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

It was completely different from all their imaginations. The world before their eyes was pale in color and seemed spacious and empty. They couldn’t see the grandeur or prestige of a king realm, and there wasn’t even a ground to be seen.

Their surroundings were white and spacious, with no end in sight. Even under their feet was… actually a flat screen of light.

There were even rays of light slowly moving inside the screen of light.

However, there were no unusual expressions on the faces of Mu Bingyun, Mu Huanzhi, and the rest. Mu Huanzhi turned around, “This is an outside world that the Eternal Heaven God Realm has temporarily opened for the Profound God Convention this time. Even though this isn’t the real Eternal Heaven God Realm, this place is very close to it.”

“Follow closely behind me. This isn’t the Snow Song Realm, no one is allowed to wander away by themselves,” Mu Huanzhi said in a solemn tone.

Behind him, Huo Rulie also flew out with Huo Poyun, and walked along with the group from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

The name Eternal Heaven God Realm alone made people feel an enormous sense of oppression. All the disciples of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect that had arrived here were the topmost existences among the young generation of the Snow Song Realm who could go wherever they wanted in their own realm. But once they got here, a feeling of being a lowly existence was elicited in their hearts, even before they could step into the real Eternal Heaven God Realm. With almost every step forward, the feeling grew stronger and stronger.

Not only the disciples, the auras of all the distinguished elders and palace masters were also clearly experiencing restraint in this place.

Above the endless screen of light that served as the ground, they could also vaguely see the silhouettes of other profound practitioners. Some were moving in a big group, others only had a few people walking together, and there were even those who were all alone.

“The Eternal Heaven God Realm was the last one to be ranked as a king realm among the four king realms of the Eastern Divine Region,” Mu Bingyun told Yun Che in a low tone. “It was originally an upper star realm, but around six hundred thousand years ago, an ancestor with an extremely special physique appeared in the Eternal Heaven God Realm. In the legends from the ancient times, it was said to be a heaven-bestowed physique that received the protection of the heavens, and later it was proved that what was said about the physique was truly more than just a legend.”

“That ancestor who had the heaven-bestowed physique stumbled upon the Eternal Heaven Pearl and even became its owner. Afterwards, the entire star realm received the blessing of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, and its name was changed to ‘Eternal Heaven Realm.’ Thenceforth, the might of the realm soared rapidly. Not only was it ranked as a king realm, its overall strength also surpassed that of the Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm. Eventually, it even became the most respected king realm in the Eastern Divine Region.”

“When the Eternal Heaven Ancestor passed away, the Eternal Heaven Pearl still continued to protect the Eternal Heaven God Realm day and night. There are even some absurd rumors that go around frequently, saying that the Eternal Heaven Ancestor from six hundred thousand years ago hasn’t passed away yet, and is assisting the Eternal Heaven Pearl in maintaining its power until now instead. They say the ancestor is hidden within the Eternal Heaven Pearl, which why it has been protecting the Eternal Heaven God Realm all this time.”

“Hahahaha,” Listening to Mu Bingyun’s explanation, Mu Huanzhi, who was at her side, began to laugh. “It’s just some casual, fabricated nonsense of some idlers. Only those from the dragon race could have a lifespan of several hundred thousand years. There is no way a human could live for so long.”

“Great Elder is right.” Yun Che responded in agreement, but Mu Bingyun’s words “in the legends from the ancient times, it was said to be a heaven-bestowed physique that received the protection of the heavens” made him suddenly think of a person…

But the thought only flashed through his mind for an instant, and he didn’t think any further about it.

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