Chapter 1141 - Number One in the Eastern Region

Against the Gods

Chapter 1141 - Number One in the Eastern Region

“Brother, it seems like both you and I are fellow comrades, huh.” Xiao Mo turned around and looked at Yun Che with sparkling eyes. He appeared to be quite excited because of meeting a “fellow comrade.”

“Have you also come to fish in troubled waters?”

Fish in… troubled waters?

A big frown surfaced on Yun Che’s face… What does this person mean?

“Cough, cough,” Sensing that the other party must not have understood his words, Xiao Mo immediately rephrased his words. “I said do you also… not intend to enter the battlefield?”

“Not interested,” Yun Che replied in a very flat tone.

“Yes, yes, I truly get what you mean!” After ascertaining Yun Che’s profound strength, Xiao Mo’s eyes shone with light, and he nodded in deep understanding. “The both of us with such shitty cultivation levels would only be beaten black and blue if we were to enter the battlefield. Cultivating profound strength should be to strengthen the body and prolong our lifespan. Training the soul, tempering the mind, and life-and-death battles are all too meaningless. Rather than doing all that stuff, it’d be better to enjoy the scenery and sing a poem. Doesn’t that sound beautiful!?”

Yun Che, “…??”

“Ahahaha!” Xiao Mo laughed out loud. “I never thought that there would actually be someone here with even shittier profound strength than mine… Ehem, I mean, I didn’t think that I’d meet a fellow comrade, and it’s truly fateful for us to come across each other. Oh right! This humble one is named Xiao Mo. How should I call you, Brother?”

“Yun Che.” Vaguely sensing that this person likely had something wrong with his head, Yun Che’s reply was a bit cold.

“So it’s Brother Yun!” Xiao Mo came closer to Yun Che of his own accord, and sized him up. “Yun Che… Hmm, that’s a good name! Yun (cloud)—carefree and indifferent, Che (clear water)—limpid and glistening. Just saying these two words makes me feel purified in mind, and uncontrollably think of the lyrics of a marvelous poem…”

“~!@#¥%…” Yun Che felt his scalp going numb. He didn’t wait for the other party to begin singing the so called lyrics of a marvelous poem, and promptly said in a cold tone, “Since you want to cultivate profound strength only to strengthen your body and prolong your lifespan, and aren’t interested in training your soul, tempering your mind, or life-and-death battles, then just why have you come to participate in this Profound God Convention?”

It was clear that Yun Che didn’t believe the words Xiao Mo had spoken at all.

“Sigh, it’s actually a sorrowful story.” Xiao Mo let out a light sigh, before he said with a sad and bitter look, “Three years ago, I heard that this session of the Profound God Convention would be held inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl. As a result, a longing for the convention was evoked in my heart, thinking that I’d be able to benefit from the immortal aura of the legendary Heavenly Profound Treasure, and so I spent much effort to arrive here. Who would have thought that only our projections would be entering the Eternal Heaven Pearl…? Man, I’m so damn fucked now!”

“…” This reason was still somewhat believable.

“Brother Yun, could it be that you came with the same mindset as me?” Seeing Yun Che not uttering a word for a while, Xiao Mo asked quite hurriedly.

Yun Che shook his head, “I’m not interested in the Eternal Heaven Pearl. I’ve come here in order to make a trip to the Eternal Heaven Realm.”

“Oh, I totally agree! There’s still the Eternal Heaven Realm! That was exactly my thought too.” Xiao Mo at once nodded his head in full agreement. “Although we didn’t get inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl, we can still enter and stroll around in the Eternal Heaven Realm later. Our journey here will be in vain, after all. Rest of the things, like the Profound God Convention and the ranking of profound practitioners, are no different from trivial things. Instead of fighting with these guys all day and night for a month, I’d rather spend a month of seeking enlightenment in my sleep.”

“…” Yun Che gave Xiao Mo a deep glance. He had begun to feel that although this person was a bit frivolous, he didn’t seem to be speaking thoughtlessly or fabricating wild tales… It was as if he really thought what he said.

But… did he truly cultivate to the Divine Tribulation Realm of the divine way, just to strengthen his body and prolong his lifespan?

Normally speaking, if a person didn’t have the intention to pursue the profound way, and was only relying on his talent, it was almost impossible to cultivate up to the Divine Tribulation Realm before turning sixty years old.

“Since we’re fellow comrades, who even have the same objective, how about we two stroll together in the Eternal Heaven Realm after this preliminary competition thing comes to an end? Oh, that’s right!”

As if he had suddenly thought of something, Xiao Mo’s eyes began to shine. “It is said that inside the Eternal Heaven Realm, there exist those big shots who have reached the supreme realm of Divine Master! Oh my god, Divine Master! Those are the rulers of heaven and earth. I heard that a Divine Master can casually destroy an entire continent. They are simply gods, man! Anyone who could see such a legendary big shot, would be able to die without any regrets. Don’t you think so!?”

Yun Che lifted the corner of his mouth: Divine Master… Not only have I seen one… I’ve also done one!

Forget it. He wouldn’t believe me even if I told him.

“Hmm, that’s certainly something to look forward to,” Yun Che answered.

He might have said “something to look forward to,” but no interest could be sensed in his tone. Xiao Mo wasn’t a fool either, so he let out an awkward laugh and said, “Oh, I almost forgot. As Brother Yun is from the God Realm, the rank of Divine Master must not be unfamiliar to you, and perhaps, you’ve even seen one.”

Since Yun Che could see the information of Xiao Mo, the latter could naturally do the same too. Before entering the battlefield, Yun Che had engraved the Snow Song Realm as his place of origin.

“No,” Yun Che shook his head. “I’m not really from the God Realm, and instead from a small planet that no one is aware of in a distant lower realm.

Hearing his words, light flashed through the eyes of Xiao Mo as he suddenly became excited. “Is that true? Me too, me too, man! I’m from a place called Earth, which is also a very small and distant planet. There’s absolutely not a single person in the God Realm who would have heard of it.”

The God Realm was the highest existence, below it were ordinary star realms and star regions, and even further below was where planets existed. It could be said that they were the most bottom level existence in the Primal Chaos, but their total number was incomparably enormous, which was in the trillions.

“…On a normal planet, it’s nearly impossible to even cultivate to the divine way. How did your profound strength get so high?” Yun Che asked.

“Well… you will probably not believe my words.” Surprisingly, Xiao Mo didn’t show any intention to hide the reason, and told Yun Che very generously, “The place where I was born didn’t have anything like ‘the profound way,’ and there were no profound practitioners, either. Even the average lifespan was very low, which was less than a hundred years.”

“However, when I was seven, I met an eccentric.” Xiao Mo raised his head, as a slightly complicated expression surfaced on his face. “He told me that he was my ancestor from thirty-five generations ago. He said that my skeleton was pure and outstanding, and that I’m an extraordinary genius who could be only seen once in a thousand years. Then, he forcibly poured a lot of cultivation methods of the profound way into my brain and left right after.”

Yun Che, “…?”

“Initially, I thought of him as a strange madman, but when I tried cultivation according to the methods he left behind, I felt myself becoming more powerful by the day. As a result, before I realized it, over thirty years had passed since I began to cultivate, and I reached my current level of cultivation.”

Yun Che’s expression severely changed, “You cultivated up to your current realm just by practicing the cultivation methods that man left behind, in the short span of thirty years… It seems like the person you met back then, was certainly someone extraordinary.”

“Thinking back to it now, that was undoubtedly an extraordinary person. Even his words that he was my ‘ancestor from thirty-five generations ago’ are very likely true too. Unfortunately, I was young and ignorant back then.” Xiao Mo sighed in regret. “He told me that his family name was Xiao, and called himself ‘Star Pursuing Sword Saint.’ But later when I arrived at the God Realm, I spent a long time asking around about him, and still have not heard of anyone with this name.”

Xiao Mo didn’t seem like much of a cautious person. He blabbered many things to Yun Che, whom he had just met for the first time.

“If not for the fact that I was cultivating the profound way, I would’ve never known that there was actually such an enormous world outside, and that the profound way is the fundamental key to this enormous world. Especially in the God Realm, your standing is determined by the profound strength you possess.” Xiao Mo shook his head. “Actually, I’m not really fond of such a societal structure. Therefore, when this Profound God Convention ends, and I’m done strolling in the Eternal Heaven Realm, I should go back to my birthplace, Earth. I guess I won’t be leaving it ever again.”

“Even if it’s insignificant, it is still the place where you come from, hence irreplaceable,” Yun Che said, quite emotionally moved. Being away from the Blue Pole Star these years, he would also think of it, day and night.

“That is natural. In addition, although we don’t practice profound way in the world of my birth, earth, we have a very high level of science and technology there, which would absolutely be far beyond your imagination.”

“Science and technology?”

With a proud face, Xiao Mo continued to speak further, “For example, you require one of those really expensive Profound Imagery Stone to trace an image, but on our Earth, a little pinhole camera can do the same thing. Moreover, there’s absolutely no need to worry about it being discovered due to the overflow of profound aura.”

“Reportedly, during this session of the Profound God Convention, a thing called ‘a star tablet’ will transmit the information of the competition to every big star realm. But on our earth, it is very easy to watch a live broadcast from any part of the world. It’s a hundred times more convenient over there. Also, we don’t need any Sound Transmission Jades to communicate with others. A cell phone will… Uhh, well yeah, cell phones have signal restriction and need to be charged at all times, so a Sound Transmission Jade is certainly better.”

“…” Quietly listening to him, Yun Che said in his heart: What the f*ck is this dude talking about? Does he truly have a screw loose?

Seeing Yun Che showing no reaction at all, Xiao Mo rolled his eyes and said helplessly, “I already knew that you wouldn’t believe me. Why don’t you tell me about the planet where you were born?”

“It is only a very ordinary star realm. At least, there no such thing as the ‘science and technology’ that you mentioned, so there is no point in talking about it,” Yun Che said in refusal. Having received a reminder from Mu Xuanyin, although he felt no embarrassment to be from the lower realm, he would definitely not mention the name “Blue Pole Star” ever again.

As the two people conversed with each other with contrasting attitudes--one indifferent, the other enthusiastic, the battlefield outside the main city became all the more heated. The roars and tragic howls of all kinds of profound beasts could be heard from far, far away, one after another. Those sounds were causing the space to shake continuously, without stopping for even a split second.

Inside the main city, streaks of white light descended from the sky. They were all the profound practitioners who had met a violent death, and were sent to the main city to revive. After reviving, most of these people let out crazy roars, but they didn’t dare to stay in the main city for even a bit, and once again crazily rushed out into the battlefield with gritted teeth.

Because if they were to stay in the main city area, they would face the loss of soul orbs at a fast rate.

With the passage of time, more and more streaks of white light were sent to the main city. In less than a day’s time, the white light had twinkled at least ten thousand times.

This was just the first day of the competition, which should undoubtedly be the most “moderate” one. Considering the dreadfulness of the competition on the very first day, it was difficult to imagine how tragic it would become later.

On the other hand, Yun Che and Xiao Mo clearly became two idlers that should not have existed in this brutal world.

Xiao Mo swiped his palm as he willed something in his mind. Immediately, a screen of light appeared before him. On the screen of light was shown detailed text, which was actually a list.

The first name on the list was naturally the most eye-catching.

Luo Changsheng—Origin: Holy Eaves Realm, Soul Orb: 21600, Rank in Battle Zone: 1, Overall Rank: 1.

“What the f*ck!? Over twenty thousand soul orbs?!” Xiao Mo let out an exaggerated scream. “Not even a day has gone by, man. As expected of Luo Changsheng… he is indeed number one!”

“Luo Changsheng…” Yun Che looked fixedly at the name for a while. About this person with the overall first rank, he remembered Mu Bingyun mentioning his name when she mentioned the “Four God Children of the Eastern Region.”

“I remember him. He is one of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region.”

“No, no, no! Not one of them, but the strongest among them!” Xiao Mo corrected him with a heavy tone.

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