Chapter 1148 - Eternal Heaven God Emperor alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Chapter 1148 - Eternal Heaven God Emperor

As the second round of preliminaries began, the calm in the Eternal Heaven Realm finally came to an end.

All the experts of the Eastern Divine Region, who were invited to watch the competition, left their residences as well, as they flew to the same place.

It was the center of the Eternal Heaven God Realm—Eternal Heaven City, where the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the “guardians” lived. It was known to everyone as the sacred ground among sacred grounds.

Towering fifteen thousand kilometers into the firmament, the Eternal Heaven Divine Tower was also located right at the center of Eternal Heaven City. Underneath it was the location of the holiest thing in the Eastern Divine Region—the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

Beside the Eternal Heaven Tower was a one hundred fifty kilometer wide “Conferred God Stage.” It was named so because those who could contend for championship on it, would absolutely have the qualifications to “be conferred the title of God.”

This “Conferred God Stage” had also been the final battlefield for the previous sessions of the Profound God Convention. In the convention this time too, thirty-two children who had earned “the conferred title of God,” would appear after the third round of preliminaries. Afterwards, the final “Conferred God Battle,” would take place on this Conferred God Stage.

There was an incomparably huge area around the Conferred God Stage, where seats were set up for the people that would be watching the battle. Though the seating area was huge, it always remained empty. Because not even one in a hundred million people of the Eastern Divine Region could have the honor of watching the battle from those seats.

On this day, the Conferred God Stage, that had been silent for a long time, welcomed the most bustling day in several hundred years.

A large number of figures flew over from different directions. The cultivation of every person was more astonishing than the last, but in this Eternal Heaven City, they had all restricted their profound auras, and were even flying at a particularly slow pace.

When they arrived at the seating area of the Conferred God Stage, these people landed carefully and took their seats. Of course, it was definitely not like they could enter just any seat that they wanted; the seating order was exceptionally strict. Every seat was projecting an eye-catching profound light. Imprinted within the profound lights were the names of different star realms, and the seats of the guests coming from the same realm were arranged at the same place. People from different star realms were not mixed together.

The seating arrangement of the star realms was further separated based on status—Upper Star Realm, Middle Star Realm, and Lower Star Realm.

Among the star realms that were invited to watch the competition at the Profound God Convention, the upper realms could bring along at most three thousand people, the middle star realms five hundred people, and the lower star realms a hundred people.

As for the king realms, they could naturally bring as many people as they wanted with them.

To the north were the seats of the upper star realms, to the south were the seats of the middle star realms, and to the west were the seats of the lower star realms.

To the east, was the place exclusive reserved for the four great king realms.

When all the profound practitioners arrived, they carefully avoided the seats on the eastern side. Let alone flying past them from the sky above, they didn’t even dare to get near that area.

It undoubtedly manifested the absolute power and deterrence of the king realms.

As more and more people flew over, the seats on the three sides were no longer as empty as before. The Eternal Heaven Realm had always been particularly “stingy” with the invitations. If the number of people that all the upper star realms could bring were to be added together, the total figure would not exceed 1.4 million.

The number of the middle star realms was several times that of the upper star realms, but their total people amounted to less than a million.

The lower star realms had the greatest numbers in the Eastern Divine Region, but they had the fewest number of people invited, which was only a few hundred thousand.

But there was no doubt that every person who could come here was the highest level individual in their respective star realms; a realm king or an overlord, someone with an honorable identity or otherwise extremely high standing.

However, these individuals who would look down on all in their respective star realms, were discreet in word and deed when they arrived at the Eternal Heaven Realm, and there were no signs of their imposing attitudes. The Conferred God Stage had become the venue for the gathering of experts, but there was complete silence. Until the king realms arrived, no one made any noise.

Quite a while had passed, and all the seats that were imprinted with profound light had been filled, each stating the name of the star realm it was assigned to. It was when all the big star realms had arrived that the place finally started to become a bit lively. They were greeting, probing, or flattering each other. Those who were hostile to each other, although they absolutely didn’t dare to start anything funny in this place, they still gave cold looks and ridiculed each other.

As the king realms hadn’t arrived yet, the upper star realms were naturally the highest existences among them. The people from upper star realms on the northern side were looking at the seating area on the southern and western sides. The lower star realms, as the bottom level existence in this place, were undoubtedly acting in the most careful of manners, but they didn’t feel any resentment or dissatisfaction towards the attitude of the star realms with higher status than them. Rather, they found it to be only natural and reasonable. This was a world where the strong were respected, so in front of the upper star realms and middle star realms, people like them who originated from the lower star realms could only be humble.

“Feixue and others should have already gone back to the Snow Song Realm,” in the seating area for the Snow Song Realm, Mu Huanzhi said nonchalantly. It seemed that he wasn’t really in a bad mood. Feixue’s rank was still close to the top five hundred thousand by the end of the first round of preliminary competition, which was far, far better than his expectations. He was naturally extremely glad.

“I’m afraid that… Yun Che might have stayed behind,” Mu Bingyun said worriedly.

“Hmm? For what reason?” Mu Huanzhi frowned.

“He had always hoped to enter the Eternal Heaven God Realm and take a look around the place. It was also the main objective behind him participating in the Profound God Convention. Who would have thought that once you’re eliminated, you’ll be immediately expelled out? He should be quite unwilling to leave like this.” Mu Bingyun replied. It was already too late to regret not choosing to bring him inside the Eternal Heaven Realm as an invited audience member.

“There is nothing we can do about it. No one would dare disobey the rules of the Eternal Heaven God Realm,” Mu Huanzhi said. Then, he said with a puzzled look. “You’ve been so restless with anxiety because of this matter?”

Mu Bingyun shook her head, and didn’t say anything.

She firmly believed that given Yun Che’s nature he absolutely wouldn’t be willing to give up so easily. She was anxious that he might take some unwise and impulsive action.

"I hope that he can accept this outcome for the time being. There will always be some way to fulfill his wish…" Mu Bingyun sighed in her heart.

Yun Che’s rank had soared rapidly when he killed Wu Guike at the last moment. But a month ago, he had zero soul orbs to his name, which clearly meant that he hadn’t even stepped onto the battlefield. Therefore, Mu Bingyun and the rest naturally hadn’t checked for his ranking in the competition again, and hence, believed that he had already been eliminated.

“Quite a bit of time has passed since the start of the second round of preliminaries. I expect that this battle is going to be extremely fierce as participants will be competing to be one of those thousand ‘heaven chosen children,’” Mu Huanzhi said. “It’s a pity that we don’t have any star tablets here and won’t be able to see the situation on the battlefield.”

“Haha, I’d say that it no longer has any anything to do with us,” Mu Tanzhi replied smilingly, with a slight sense of self-ridicule

“Sect Master Huo, the sound transmission from the Eternal Heaven Realm mentioned that we’ll be discussing a major event related to the future of the Eastern Divine Region. Have you heard of something about it?” Mu Huanzhi asked Huo Rulie, who was present and not that far away.

The seating area of Snow Song and the Flame God Realms were adjacent to each other, but unlike the mild atmosphere in the area of the former, the two great sect masters, elders and the disciples following them all had rosy complexions and an unusual shine in their eyes. Even Yan Juehai, who had the greatest control over his emotions among them, was grinning from ear to ear.

As for Huo Rulie, his mouth was opened very wide in a smile and didn’t close even once. If a passerby were to see him at this time, they wouldn’t believe that he was actually a sect master of a middle star realm, even if they were beaten to death. It would be surprising if they didn’t consider him someone with mental disorder.

He completely missed Mu Huanzhi’s question too, as he continued to grin like a fool. When his gaze came into contact with those from the upper star realms, not only did he not avert his gaze, but he even faced them with an upright and unafraid attitude—This daddy’s disciple entered the top hundred ranking of the whole Eastern Divine Region in the preliminary competition! He held on and beat at least eighty percent of you upper star realms! Why would this daddy still be fearful of you!?

Yan Juehai glanced at Huo Rulie, before answering with a smile in his place, “We haven’t gotten any information, either. However, we should find out soon.”

Mu Huanzhi nodded, as he said with his one hand cupped in the other, “I offer my congratulations once again.”

This session of the Profound God Convention was different from the previous ones. As a result of all kinds of unusual movements by the Eternal Heaven God Realm, as well as the rumors that had started to spread around a very long time ago, the people present at this place had a faint guess of the “major event” that the Eternal Heaven Realm had mentioned.

A long while passed before three human figures appeared on the horizon all of a sudden, who were flying over to the Conferred God Stage. As they drew closer, they elicited several low shouts.

“It’s the three elders from the Heavenly Mystery Realm!”

The three people were quite old and had white hair and beards, and they were clad in a identical jade-colored, long robes.

These three old people were very renowned existences of the Eastern Divine Region, whose words carried the greatest weight in the Heavenly Mystery Realm.

Mo Yu, Mo Wen, Mo Zhi.

“Heavenly Mystery Realm is finally here, but it looks as if… only three people have come?” Mu Tanzhi said.

“Haha, all of the three elders of Heavenly Mystery Realm have arrived. Is there any need for more?” Mu Huanzhi said with a smile.

The three elders of the Heavenly Mystery Realm flew over to the sky above the Conferred Stage, and gave a slight nod to everyone in greeting. Afterwards, all the people looked on in surprise as they landed in the seating area on the eastern side.

“The seating area on the eastern side? They actually intend to sit over there? This…” The experts from all the star realms stared at each other, shocked and befuddled.

Heavenly Mystery Realm might have a special standing among the upper star realms, and in particular, the three elders of the Heavenly Mystery Realm were quite revered, even by the realm kings of the four great king realms, but the eastern side of the seating area had always been reserved for the king realms. Not once had the Eternal Heaven Realm made an exception. It was really too surprising for them to be allowed to take seats in the eastern seating area.

“It seems that the 'major event' this time is certainly related to the Heavenly Mystery Realm, huh,” Yan Juehai said. He was lost in thoughts, as he recalled the rumor from several years ago whose authenticity was hard to ascertain.

It was at this time that Huo Rulie said suddenly, “Earlier, I heard by chance that because of violating the teachings of their ancestor and peeping too much into the mysteries of heaven, the three elders of the Heavenly Mystery Realm suffered a heavy loss to their lifespans as punishment from heaven, and the three of them have merely less than a hundred years left to live.”

“Before I thought of it as a baseless rumor, but looking at their conditions now…” Perceiving the clearly abnormal aura of life force from the three elders of the Heavenly Mystery Realm from far, far away, Huo Rulie slowly nodded his head. “It appears to be true.”

After arriving, all three elders sat down quietly with closed eyes, and didn’t utter a word, which made them look like withered trees.

An hour passed by, and then the wind blowing across the Conferred God Stage came to a sudden halt.

The clouds that were carefreely drifting in the sky also became still in this moment, after which they slowly rippled like waves. A dull and moderate field of aura, that felt like a soft breeze brushing past the body, slowly approached from the distance, little by little.

In a twinkling, the whole Conferred God Stage became silent. It was as if all the voices were engulfed into some space crack. In the next instant, all the people of the many star realms on each side of the seating area stood up at the same time. Those young profound practitioners who were still in a daze were also quickly pulled up by their seniors.

“Haha, this old man has come late, and made everyone wait so long.”

Amidst the swirling cloud and mist, the figure of an old person suddenly emerged out of the blue. He was in quite simple and plain gray clothes, and looked kind and amiable. There was a faint, breezy smile on his face, as he gradually descended from the sky.

It was this very old person, who seemed particularly ordinary and gentle, whose arrival made all the overlords of the Eastern Divine Region look up to him with shining eyes, and bend their bodies as they greeted together.

“We pay respect to the Eternal Heaven God Emperor!”

They cried in incomparable unison. No profound strength had been used, but it still immediately shook the firmament. The young profound practitioners who had followed behind their seniors to here were so shaken that their hearts thumped loudly in fright and their souls trembled.


He is the Eternal Heaven God Emperor? One of the four realm kings of the great king realms, and the highest ruler of the Eternal Heaven God Realm!?

They had been looking forward to this day for a long time now, but when this myth truly appeared before their eyes, they felt an extremely strong sense of unreality… For a while, they found it hard to believe that they were personally seeing this individual, who only existed in myth.

There were a thousand people following closely behind the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. The aura field around these thousand people was so vigorous that even the realm kings of the upper star realms didn’t dare to look straight at them.

It was because they were the “guardians” and “adjudicators” of the Eternal Heaven God Realm.

Adjudicators were the existences that punished those people or star realms who committed greatly heinous sins.

As for the guardians, although their number was far smaller than the adjudicators, their standing in the Eternal Heaven God Realm and the Eastern Divine Region was equivalent to the Star Gods of the Star God Realm and Moon Gods of the Moon God Realm. Any one of them was a terrifying expert that even the realm kings of the upper star realms would have to bow their heads to. Besides the Eternal Heaven Pearl, they were the strongest power, as well as the most important cornerstone, of the Eternal Heaven God Realm.

“Everyone has come from afar and has also waited for a whole month. It must have been very tough. Please take your seats, there is no need for such civility.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor lightly landed at the main seat of the eastern seating area. He had a faint smile as he raised his hand in greeting. There was not the slightest sign of overbearingness in his attitude or words, and his pupils, which showed age within them from the beginning, were also deep and limpid, like pools of clear water.

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All the divine emperors have been changed to god emperors.