Chapter 1152 - Crimson Crack (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 1152 - Crimson Crack (2)

The words of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor were world-shocking, without a shadow of a doubt.

“Outside the Primal Chaos… How is that possible?”

“Wasn’t it a dead world outside the Primal Chaos? There shouldn’t be any doubt that even the ancient devil gods must have died after being banished outside the Primal Chaos. So how could there be a thing that broke the wall of the Primal Chaos? No matter how you think about it, it’s certainly impossible!”

“Perhaps, the Wall of Primal Chaos collapsed on its own? That would be… even more impossible, right?”

“It’s truly inconceivable, and something beyond the understanding of us,” Mu Huanzhi said with eyes opened wide.

“…No matter how I process it in my mind, it still sounds like nonsense,” Huo Rulie said with a frown. But looking at his face, he really didn’t appear to truly mean what he had said… The four god emperors were all here, the Dragon Monarch had also come, and the two great god emperors of Eternal Heaven and Heavenly Brahma had personally mentioned it. Therefore, no matter how inconceivable it was, there was no way for it to be said in jest.

Even the elders of the God Realm were all listening to their words as if they were from the heavenly book, let alone those young profound practitioners who had come along with them.

“Hahahaha,” God Emperor Shitian laughed loudly in an unrestrained voice. “How could such a thing happen outside the Primal Chaos? Do you even believe what you have just told us yourselves?”

Dragon Monarch didn’t laugh or anything, and instead lowered his eyes as he pondered something. He said all of a sudden, “Brahma Heaven God Emperor, those words of yours are absolutely impossible if we were to think normally. However, considering that you said them publicly, could there be still some other reason?”

“I will talk about it,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said. “Everyone, do you remember that in some books and jade strips from the Primordial Era of Gods there is mention of the head of the four great Creation Gods, Mo E splitting open the Wall of Primal Chaos with the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword to banish all devil gods outside of it?”

Below the Conferred God Stage, a large number of people nodded their heads. It was an ancient legend which people from of a lot of star realms, and especially many of those from the upper star realms, were already aware of.

“Over these past years, I once again consulted a large number of ancient texts that were left behind from the Era of Gods, and finally ascertained the authenticity of this matter. The location of the Wall of Primal Chaos that was split open by Creation God Mo E with the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword… was right at the far-east of the Primal Chaos!”

The atmosphere of the place suddenly became stiff. Dragon Monarch said, “You mean…”

“It is perhaps not a coincidence, after all. There is a possibility… that the place of this crimson crack is precisely the location where the Wall of Primal Chaos was split open by Creation God Mo E with the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword in the ancient era!”

“The Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword is the highest level existence within the bounds of the Primal Chaos, and possesses the most extreme energy of all too. It could easily slaughter even great powerful beings like True Gods and True Devils. Furthermore, it even blew open the Wall of Primal Chaos with a single attack. The terrifying nature of its energy is definitely way beyond the limits of our comprehension.”

“Given its unimaginable might, isn’t it possible that after the Wall of Primal Chaos recovered from the damage of being blown open by the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword and closed once again? There still existed the remnant supreme divine power of the ancestral sword. As countless years passed, the divine power continuously damaged that place in the Wall of Primal Chaos, which has now resulted in the Wall of Primal Chaos eventually being unable to keep itself in the right state, and hence, the crack appeared on it.”

All the people held their breaths as they stared at each other without uttering a word.

A lot of people were aware of the Wall of Primal Chaos, but there was hardly anyone who had seen it with their own eyes, much less understood its existence. There was no one who expected that the Wall of Primal Chaos would become their topic of discussion today!

The Dragon Monarch pondered long, before saying, “This dragon will speak bluntly, although that doesn’t sound absolutely impossible, it… is indeed quite far-fetched.”

“Sigh… that is certainly true, but there is no other explanation besides it.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor shook his head while sighing. Such a matter had never happened in the entire history of the God Realm. Even god emperors like them, who were the highest level beings in the Primal Chaos, found it far beyond what they had known in their lives.

At the Conferred God Stage, an old person slowly stood up. It was actually the white and gray haired Sword Sovereign, Jun Wuming. Despite the fact that there were many experts of the Eastern Divine Region gathered at this place, he still had an extremely high authority to speak. “Respected god emperors, what consequences would we have to face if the crimson crack on the Wall of Primal Chaos continues to extend further?”

It was also the question that everyone was most concerned about.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor replied, “Although we can’t say for sure, if the situation continues as it is, it is likely that that the Wall of Primal Chaos will collapse. If it were to happen in such an unusual manner, it’s quite possible that it wouldn’t be able to repair itself any longer, which would mean…”

The voice of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor paused for a bit, and became particularly heavy, “According to the ancient records, the world outside the Primal Chaos is one with endless calamities. If the Wall of Primal Chaos were to collapse, and a gap appears in it, the energy of those calamities will gush into our world. As a result, the star realms that are comparatively nearer to it will definitely be hit by the calamities, and if it continues for a longer period, the balance of climates and elements would likely be broken, which would lead to extremely ghastly, unthinkable consequences.

“After all, that energy of calamities has annihilated even mighty existences like True Gods.”

A deep frightened look surfaced on the faces of all the experts of the Eastern Divine Region.

The Glazed Light Realm King said, “If it’s truly as you say… then around what time will this horrible calamity break out?”

“No one knows,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor answered. “The three masters from the Heavenly Mystery Realm weren’t able to find out about it, either. Perhaps, we are only worrying over nothing, and the crimson crack on the Wall of Primal Chaos will disappear on its own at some point in time. It is possible as well that it will take a very long time, several hundred thousand or million years, for it to truly collapse. But, at the same time, there is also the possibility that it will happen after several thousand or hundred years…”

“In a few years… or even tomorrow!”

“No one can really predict the time, just like how it is impossible for anyone to know the reason behind the appearance of the crimson crack on the Wall of Primal Chaos. Everything we have said is nothing more than our conjecture.”

“So you mean to say that this special session of the Profound God Convention is to make preparations for the calamity that we might be facing in the future?” the Dragon Monarch asked. Hearing all the things so far, he had already understood the whole story and the reason for the many unusual movements of the Eternal Heaven God Realm.

“Correct.” The tone of voice of Eternal Heaven God Emperor grew incomparably serious. “Although everything we talked about is just a guess and assumption, and the so called calamity may never happen, once it truly breaks out, it would definitely be catastrophic for the Eastern Divine Region without sufficient preparations in place.”

“These three masters from the Heavenly Mystery Realm risked their lives and exchanged a large part of their life spans in exchange for the information, so how could it be treated lightly? Furthermore, since the time the three masters pried into the mystery of heaven, they have constantly felt uneasy, all day and night for around twenty years. It’s absolutely not a good omen, and we must prepare ourselves for the worst.”

“Over these years, the Brahma Monarch, Star God, Moon God, as well as my Eternal Heaven Realm, have all been preparing for the calamity. We are stocking up as many profound crystals and profound stones with spatial energy, so as to fix the Wall of Primal Chaos when it collapses… But, that wall is something that even the True Gods were unable to destroy. Therefore, the amount of spatial energy needed to fix it will certainly be incomparably enormous. There is no way that the preparations of a year or two would be enough for the purpose. It would require several hundred years, or even several thousand years…”

“So, if the calamity were to break out during this time period, then we can only have a large number of experts block the gap in turns with their powerful energies, until we have enough spatial energy to fix the wall, or discover some other solution. This session of the Profound God Convention was held with this in mind.”

“Making all the people with a mature cultivation in the profound way enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm to cultivate would not be able to make a big difference in their cultivations after three thousand years. But if it is those young profound practitioners with extremely high talent and unlimited future, we will definitely get to see their cultivations soaring in the time period of three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.”

“The thousand young profound practitioners who will be sent inside the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm after this Profound God Convention, will all become an extremely huge energy, that will quite likely save the Eastern Divine Region, if the calamity were to truly break out some day in the future.”

At this point in time, Eternal Heaven God Emperor and others had already completely said whatever was needed or they wanted to. All that remained was for the rulers and experts of the Eastern Divine Region that were present at the Conferred God Stage to digest the information and explanations they heard, and accept them.

“If it all turns out to be a needless worry in the end, that would still mean the addition of a thousand peerless experts to the Eastern Divine Region. There are many gains but not a single harm in following this plan.” Eternal Heaven God Emperor smiled faintly.

Silence reigned on the entire Conferred God Stage, as people showed different reactions to his words: stunned, staring blankly, spacing out, heart beating wildly, disapproval.

It has been rumored many years ago that for this session of the Profound God Convention to be held all of a sudden, there had to be some relation with a calamity that was likely to happen, which was discovered by the Heavenly Mystery Realm. However, these rumors were in bits and pieces, and their source was unknown as well. There were extremely few people who treated it as the truth. Who would’ve thought that not only was the rumor true, the reality of it was far beyond their knowledge and imaginations.

A weird crack on the Wall of Primal Chaos, a strange crimson light coming from it, a fearsome guess, and a frightening calamity… It was if a terrifying nightmare had barged into their tranquil world.

The entire place remained quiet for a long while, and the four great god emperors didn’t say a word again. It was at this time that Jun Wuming let out a very long sigh, and broke the silence, “Even though everything is uncertain for now, if the Eastern Divine Region is truly in danger, we all will naturally go all out to protect it.”

“We were facing such an anomaly and were still totally oblivious to it, causing the Eternal Heaven God Emperor to exhaust his thoughts and ingenuity for the sake of the Eastern Divine Region. Not only have the preparations been underway since a long time ago, this time even something as important as the power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl has been decided to be used up… Wuming can only express his great admiration for all the Eternal Heaven God Emperor has done.” Having finished his words, Jun Wuming bowed to the other party with sincerity.

These words of Jun Wuming’s resonated with every person of the Eastern Divine Region. All of them stood up from their seats and deeply bowed towards Eternal Heaven God Emperor.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor got up as he raised his hand and sighed, “My Eternal Heaven is a king realm of the Eastern Divine Region. I only did what was expected of us. If that day truly comes, the safety of the Eastern Divine Region would still depend on you all.”

“Haha, that goes without saying. If the Eastern Divine Region is in danger, my Holy Eaves Realm will do all in our capability, without taking even a step backward.”

The moment Eternal Heaven God Emperor finished his words, a middle aged man, with his black beard reaching down to his abdomen, spoke in a solemn tone… It was actually the Holy Eaves Realm King, the biological father of Luo Changsheng.

“When the time comes, the Glazed Light Realm will completely follow the arrangement of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor.” Sitting in the seat adjacent to the Holy Eaves Realm, a very good-looking man said in an indifferent tone. Similar to the Holy Eaves Realm King, there was no one who wouldn’t know of his great name, either—the Glazed Light Realm King.

“Shrouding Sky Realm will certainly do everything possible,” the Shrouding Sky Realm King roared as well.

“We will certainly give it our all!”

Since the three most powerful upper star realms had expressed their stance on the matter without the slightest hesitation, the other star realms naturally followed right after them.

“Good…” Eternal Heaven God Emperor said in an excited voice. Despite being the ruler of a king realm, he gave a deep bow to all. “Representing Eternal Heaven, I shall first thank everyone for their cooperation.”

Having remained silent for a long time, Dragon Monarch stood up at this time. He said with a solemn expression, “This matter is quite odd, so this dragon will also pay special attention to it. I might personally make a trip to the edge of the Primal Chaos. If something worrying truly happens in the future, my Dragon God Realm will not look on with folded arms, either.”

There was quite clearly another nuance to the words of Dragon Monarch… Only if something worrying happens would the Dragon God Realm not look on with folded arms. That meant that no assistance would be provided before the calamity actually happened; for example, donating spatial profound crystals. Everything was only a guess, after all—Moreover, it was a barely believable guess in the opinion of Dragon Monarch.

However, to have Dragon Monarch say such words was already a pleasant surprise for Eternal Heaven God Emperor. He bowed in thanks, “Now that we have got such a promise from Dragon Monarch, Eternal Heaven will be a hundred times more at ease.”

“God Emperor Shitian, what is your opinion?” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor asked.

God Emperor Shitian replied with an indistinct smile, “How could I dare to arbitrarily make a decision on something so great? Besides… if these words were spoken by someone else, I’d not have believed a single thing, but since the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself spoke about it, I don’t have any choice but to believe it as true. However, I only believe in the thing about the location of the crack, and don’t acknowledge your so called guess at all. The Wall of Primal Chaos cracked open on its own? Haha, I’ve never heard of a joke as absurd as this.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor let out a faint laugh, “It is certainly true that it’s nothing more than a baseless and guessed assumption. I also hope that everything is as god emperor said. But, since the matter is related to the safety of the Eastern Divine Region, we have to take preventive measures, even if the odds of the calamity happening are just one in ten thousand or even a hundred million.”

While speaking, the divine eyes of Eternal Heaven God Emperor were looking far into the distance, to the east. There was a clear sign of deep worry in the depths of his eyes.

There was a fact that he had hadn’t mentioned. The ones constantly feeling uneasy were not only the three elders of Heavenly Mystery Realm, but also… the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

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