Chapter 1155 - Finally Entering Eternal Heaven

Against the Gods

Chapter 1155 - Finally Entering Eternal Heaven

It was the Eastern Region’s Brahma Monarch Goddess—the sole daughter of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor—Qianye Ying’er!

She had directly passed through the restriction of the Eternal Heaven Realm and arrived outside the Conferred God Stage. Her gaze penetrated through the distant space as it fell on the stage. Obviously, she had come for this Profound God Convention, but she didn’t have the intention to enter the Conferred God Stage to watch the battle. Instead, she was planning to stay away from others and watch the competition from a distance.

At her side was an old person who seemed particularly aged. His height was no taller than around six feet and he had a crooked body. Furthermore, his whole body was dried-up like a corpse that had been exposed to sun in a desert. He was dressed in gray clothes that were clearly too baggy for his frame, and were so utterly worn-out that they only barely served their purpose.

The head of the old man was deeply lowered, making it impossible to look at his eyes. His aura appeared to be strangely turbid, and he didn’t budge an inch, as if his entire body was rigid. Even his tattered gray robe was completely still, and didn’t show any movement from the wind blowing past it.

There were two young girls standing straight behind him. They were dressed in similar silvery soft armor. The girl on the right had a dainty physique with exquisite curves, while the one on the left was very well-developed with her breasts pushing out her silvery armor, which was moving up and down as she breathed in and out.

The two girls had their beautiful necks bent forward, displaying a very respectful attitude. It seemed as if they didn’t dare to even look straight at the back of Qianye Ying’er, as if she was some sort of deity.

However, these two girls, who were acting so carefully and clearly only had identities of attendant maids, had such auras of the profound way emitting from them that they could absolutely strike terror in the hearts of countless realm kings who had entered the Conferred God Stage.

“Looks like some uninvited people have come to the convention as guests,” Qianye Ying’er said. Those alluring as nectar, tender and beautiful lips of hers spoke in an extremely indifferent, emotionless tone of voice.

“One is the Dragon Monarch, and another Cang Shitian from the Southern Region,” the crooked old man replied. His voice was such that it was incomparably hard to understand his words, making it hard to believe that it was a human being speaking.

Qianye Ying’er slightly raised her golden eyebrows, “Even the Dragon Monarch has come? It appears that he is also here because of that so called crack on the Wall of Primal Chaos.”

“Does Miss want to go over and greet them?” the crooked old man asked. His body remained still even when he was speaking… So much so that he didn’t seem to be speaking with his lips.

“No need.” Qianye Ying’er didn’t hesitate in the least. “There is only one person in this world, my royal father, who deserves my bow in greeting.”

“Uncle Gu, do you feel that it will be worthwhile to have made the trip here?”

“Miss has the blessing of heaven,” the old person called “Uncle Gu” answered in a hoarse voice.

“Considering the time, it should start at any moment now,” Qianye Ying’er mumbled, as her gaze was fixed on the Conferred God Stage. “Nine Profound Exquisite Body… No matter how well you conceal it, it’d be absolutely impossible to hide it from the eyes of Uncle Gu.”

Inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl, the second round of preliminaries of the Profound God Convention had finally come to an end. The Voice of Eternal Heaven resounded right on time:

“Young experts, the second round of preliminaries ends now. You all have already answered with your efforts the question of who are going to be those heaven chosen children.”

The battlefield became still at this moment. All the profound powers disappeared instantly without a trace, including those of the profound practitioners who were fighting hard until a moment ago. They couldn’t release the slightest bit of energy any longer, as if their profound veins had been emptied in a split second.

The results of the second round of preliminaries had been completely determined in this instant.

The battlefield had become quiet, and everyone was looking at the sky as they waited to learn their fates. Some were wild with joy, others calm and indifferent. There were also some who were wailing, or had even gone hysterical… Especially the state of those who were ranked close to the top thousand.

Although their ranks were just a little bit lower than the people placed among the top thousand, the difference in their fates was going to be worlds apart.

A person ranked thousandth, and another one thousand first… The former would get to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, and the latter had lost the opportunity to cultivate for three thousand years in the divine realm. Not even the phrase “world of difference” would be enough to describe their present situation.

“Those who could not make it into the top thousand on this battlefield, you will be sent away, and your real bodies will be sent to the outside of the Eternal Heaven Realm. Hopefully, this session of the Profound God Convention has helped your way of profound cultivation to have a bright future and unlimited possibilities.”

As white light descended from the sky and the Voice of Eternal Heaven sounded, the projections of all the profound practitioners who had failed to enter the top thousand also disappeared, without exception.

There were only a thousand participants left on the now calm battlefield of the second round. Yun Che was among these thousand people.

“Young geniuses, you have successfully proven yourselves with your true strength and will, and have become the ‘heaven chosen children’ of this Profound God Convention.” The Voice of Eternal Heaven raised a bit, as it grew even more ear-splitting and soul-shaking. “You have the qualifications to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. In that place, your life will be remolded, and you will also have the possibility of thoroughly changing your fate.”

“But before that, you should not forget that your fight has still not ended.”

“Next, your real bodies will be sent to the Conferred God Stage inside the Eternal Heaven God Realm. At that place, we will have an even crueler third elimination round, as well as…”

“The final Conferred God Battle!”

“Out of the thousand heaven chosen children, only thirty-two will have the qualifications to participate in the Conferred God Battle!”

“In the end, only four people will be able to obtain the conferred title of Godly One!”

Everyone was listening seriously, as if they were afraid of missing even a single word. It was only Yun Che who closed his eyes while letting out a long breath in relaxation…

“Finally… Finally…”

He was not the least bit concerned about the third elimination battle or the Conferred God Battle. The phrase “will be sent inside the Eternal Heaven God Realm,” was already enough as far as he was concerned.

The ups and downs that I went through during this period were truly quite tough to deal with… Though with such an incomparably powerful stepping stone as Wu Guike at my disposal, it didn’t really seem all that difficult to overcome them, huh?

He was very well aware of the situation he was going to face after being sent to the Conferred God Stage in the Eternal Heaven Realm. But, he was not at all worried about it, and instead was getting impatient.

“Youngsters who will be ruling the Divine Eastern Region in the future, go to the Conferred God Stage and continue your fight!”


As rays of light shone downwards, all the projections dissolved and disappeared little by little.

At the Conferred God Stage in the Eternal Heaven Realm, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor also stood up at this time. He said with a faint smile, “It seems that the final results are out now. Let us all welcome the thousand ‘heaven chosen children’ that have been personally selected by the Eternal Heaven Pearl.”

“Qu Hui, you will be in charge of this third round of preliminaries and the final Conferred God Battle. Make sure to be fair and strict!”

A middle aged man in black clothes got to his feet behind the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. He had a face that made others feel scared just by getting a glimpse of it. His brows were like cold swords, reaching right up to his temples, and his lips were thin and pursed tightly, giving off the impression that he had never smiled in his life. His facial features were distinct like a water chestnut, and every wrinkle on the skin of his face appeared as if it had been carved by a sword. His eyes were like that of a hungry hawk gliding in the sky, sharp and ice cold.

"Master, rest easy." Each and every word of his brief reply sounded as sharp as knife.

The moment he got up, the chatter in the Conferred God Stage area immediately grew a lot quieter. Countless realm king level individuals kept their mouths shut in extreme fear, and didn't dare to say a word for a long while.

"Honorable Qu Hui… will be the one in charge this time!?" taken aback, Yan Juehai said in a low voice.

"Honorable… Qu Hui?" a Phoenix Sect disciple muttered. Soon after, he suddenly thought of where he had heard this name, and cried in surprise, "It's him… Honorable Qu Hui, the adjudicator!"

"The overall leader of the adjudicators of the Eternal Heaven Realm. When it comes to fairness, strictness, and sensitivity to others' feelings, if he were to be called second in the Eastern Divine Region in those aspects, no one would dare to be called the first." Huo Rulie said in a low voice. "For such a person to be entrusted with the task of supervising the Conferred God Battle, it seems that the Eternal Heaven Realm truly considers this session of the Profound God Convention to be very important."

"That is natural. After all, it's related to the calamity that will likely break out in the future… They're not joking around here," Yan Juehai said.

The name of Honorable Qu Hui had absolutely no less reputation than the four great god emperors, because he was the overall leader of the adjudicators of the Eternal Heaven Realm.

Over all these years of him leading the adjudicators, he had punished numerous experts and star realms practicing the profound way. Once irrefutable proof of their evildoing was obtained, no matter who it was, or the place or star realm they came from, all would be given extremely severe punishment, without any kind of leniency or tolerance.

His name "Qu Hui," precisely carried the meaning of getting rid of the filth of the Eastern Region.

Qu Hui was actually not his real name. Rather, it was what he had decided to change his original name to after becoming the leader of adjudicators. It was clear how firmly determined he was to carry out his role.

He was revered by countless profound practitioners of the thousands of star realms. Those who carried the burden of sins, would tremble just by hearing his name, regardless of their standing in the Eastern Region.

The Eternal Heaven God Realm having unrivalled prestige in the Eastern Divine Region had a lot to do with the adjudicators, and their leader, Qu Hui.

Why was the first Profound Imagery Stone in Yun Che’s possession was able to make Wu Guike endure humiliation and obediently give in to his demand…? Not to slaughter the wood spirits was one of the important rules in the Eastern Divine Region. Once the contents of that Profound Imagery Stone became public and the adjudicators came to know about it, even if the Divine Martial Realm was an extremely strong upper star realm, it would still absolutely found itself in serious trouble—Perhaps, considering the current situation of the wood spirits who were still being hunted secretly, they might get quite severely punished as an example to others.

As a while light shone, a huge spatial profound formation suddenly appeared at the center of the Conferred God Stage. Following the rotation of the profound formation, a thousand auras belonging to young experts made their appearance at the same time.

When the white light dispersed, the thousand “heaven chosen children,” who had emerged victorious after fierce and hard fights, all appeared in front of the audience.

Immediately, the Conferred God Stage became noisy, as most of the audience stood up uncontrollably. Since the second round of preliminaries started, they were participating in the discussion of the major event, and had no way to know the situation of the competition through the star tablets. In other words, they were the last ones to know the results of the second round. It was at this moment that they truly came to know whether any of their sons, daughters, or disciples became one of the “heaven chosen children.”

Very soon, loud laughs and wails resounded together, across the Conferred God Stage. A large number of elders found it difficult to suppress their excitement seeing their later generation on the Conferred God Stage, and laughed aloud in joy.

“Hahahaha!” Huo Rulie had immediately locked onto the aura of Huo Poyun. Although he was absolutely confident in his heart about his disciple becoming one of the top thousand, seeing it happening with his own eyes still excited him and his face flushed red. His blood was boiling as he let out a loud roar without a care in the world, “My good Yun’er, well done! Truly well done! You’re the pride of my Golden Crow Sect as well as of the entire Flame God Realm, hahahaha!”

While laughing loudly, Huo Rulie didn’t realize that two streams of hot tears were running down his face. He was overjoyed to such a extent because the success of Huo Poyun wasn’t only a matter of his ranking in the competition and the glory of such an amazing achievement. It would even change the standing of the Golden Crow Sect and the Flame God Realm, as well as the future of the entire realm.

Moreover, this person was his own disciple.

Having obtained such a disciple, he could even die without any regrets. Everything he had paid and done for Huo Poyun was really, really worth it.

“Sect Master Huo, Sect Master Yan, you have my congratulations. It seems that the heavens have truly shown care for your Flame God Realm this time.”

Mu Huanzhi said to Huo Rulie and Yan Juehai. Although he was sincerely congratulating them, he was feeling quite a bit of jealousy in his heart. Just when he finished his words, his gaze fixed in a direction all of a sudden. Soon after, his old eyes widened greatly as if he was stabbed with a pin. It appeared like he had suddenly seen the most unbelievable scene in the world.

Among the thousand heaven chosen children, at the most difficult place to notice in the midst of the thousand people, he caught sight of a person who absolutely shouldn’t have appeared over there.

“Yun… Eh…? Th-th-th-th…” Mu Huanzhi opened his mouth wide, but couldn’t call out that name, no matter how hard he tried. He blinked his eyes over and over again a few times, however, he still didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing at this moment.

“Yun Che!?” Mu Bingyun got to her feet immediately. There was a deeply stunned expression on her snow white face. She found his appearance here no less unbelievable than Mu Huanzhi.

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