Chapter 1165 - The Thirty-two Conferred God Candidates (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 1165 - The Thirty-two Conferred God Candidates (2)

Shui Meiyin’s rank within the group of profound practitioners was originally at the lower rungs. However, alongside her ascension, her ranking became higher and higher. As the guarding profound beasts and profound shadows grew stronger and stronger, causing the other profound practitioners to have a hard time, Shui Meiyin’s speed of progression was not much slower than her earlier pace and she gradually made a comeback.

In the end, she was the twenty-seventh person to exit the Eternal Heaven Tower.

Every one of the god emperors was moved and the entire Conferred God Stage broke into clamor. Shui Meiyin had entered the Conferred God Battle at the age of fifteen, making history.

If not for the “cancerous tumor” named Yun Che, she would’ve also broken the record for being the person with the lowest profound strength to have reached the Conferred God Battle.

Shui Meiyin walked out from the screen of light without the uncertain looks that the others had when they came out of a hard fought battle. Wearing a light smile, she gracefully landed at her older sister’s side like a butterfly. Upon seeing Yun Che, she was not the least surprised and shot him a sweet smile.

Yun Che, “...”

As time passed, more and more of the spots for the Conferred God Battle were being filled. The profound practitioners in the Eternal Heaven Tower seemed to have sensed something as their progression became all the more fierce.

“Haah!” Amidst a loud roar, the thirty-first person came out of the screen of light.

It was astonishingly Luo Changsheng’s older brother—Luo Changan.

Luo Changan’s cultivation was only at the sixth level of the Divine Spirit Realm. Entering the Conferred God Battle at that level should’ve been impossible, but he was, after all, born from the Holy Eaves Realm which possessed an extremely strong foundation. That, in addition to his powerful special profound arts allowed him to pass experts at the seventh and even eighth level of the Divine Spirit Realm to enter the Conferred God Battle.

It was at this time that the Voice of Eternal Heaven rang out in the Eternal Heaven Tower, stating that there was only one more spot for the Conferred God Battle.

The Voice of Eternal Heaven had no doubt just ruthlessly jabbed at the mental states of every profound practitioner, causing their progressions to become several times more intense. They no longer took care and were now fighting at every step.

The death count of many multiplied but there were also those who were strong that trod a blood-soaked journey upwards with their lives on the line.

In the end, yet more people had ascended to Floor 299. Six had practically ascended at the same time.

Floor 299 was unquestionably the most dangerous and challenging floor. There were too many profound beasts and profound shadows standing guard and the best, or perhaps the only, method to clear it was to defeat them one by one. The moment someone drew the attention of all the profound beasts and profound shadows, it could be said that unless they had the strength of one of the Eastern Divine Region’s God Children, they would destined for certain death under the group assault.

The six profound practitioners on Floor 299 were incredibly anxious, but they had no choice but to be cautious. After a long while, two of the six died a violent death and the pace of other four did not even reach half of their original, as they met all sorts of dangers.

It was at this time that a new figure approached. Yet another person had reached the entrance of Floor 299. He was soaked in blood from head to toe, even his face was plastered with blood paste, making it impossible to clearly discern his appearance. It was obvious that he had just undergone an incomparably bitter battle.

After reaching Floor 299, he didn’t bother to take a single breather as he directly pounced forward, charging ahead like a madman.

This action wrinkled the brows of many in the audience.

“This guy’s… courting death!”

“Even if you say that they have to put their lives on the line… isn’t this just dying in vain!?”

“Ah, youth, so easy to lose their heads and become impulsive.”

His action undoubtedly alerted all the profound beasts and profound shadows in the area. The beasts immediately sprang on him amidst their roars and the profound shadows swiftly swept over. Several tens of frightening auras simultaneously locked on to him. This was no different than spelling his doom to any one watching.

“Uuu…. uaaaaaaaaah!!

This scream was especially shrill and completely suppressed the roars of the profound beasts, giving the spectators on the Conferred God Stage a shock. Even Yun Che had turned in the direction of the shout’s origin.

A person whose hair, face, and entire body was completely soaked in blood pounced forward into the profound beast herd. After that, a streak of bloody light exploded outward, causing the entire image to be plastered in scarlet blood...

The following scene filled the audience with shock.

The blood colored figure’s profound energy wildly surged, without leaving a sliver of it for defense. The oddly shaped, seven inch long shortblade in his hand accurately severed the lifelines of one profound beast after another as his own body also received consecutive heavy blows… causing him to resemble a boulder being nailed to death. However, he was not willing to fall.


The right side of his chest and his right leg were simultaneously pierced through by two icicles.

His left arm was being ruthlessly locked in place by two tyrannical waves of power… Instead of freeing himself from it, he welcomed the profound beast before him with a thrust of his blade.

Amidst a palpitating sound that resembled the tearing of silk, his left arm was torn down and off, causing a spray of bloody rain. At the same instant, the light of a blood soaked blade ruthlessly ran through three profound beasts...

He didn’t scream, nor did he bother to look at the shoulder which was missing an arm and spurting out blood. Like a madman that had crawled out of a blood pool from hell, he charged toward the remaining profound beasts and profound shadows.

On the Conferred God Stage, even those exceptional experts who had gone through many trials in life were moved.

“This boy… who is he? Why do I not have any impression of him?”

“I don’t know, hsss… to actually display such ruthlessness at such a young age, how frightening.”

“I am certain that he was not born from an upper star realm.”


Under the gazes of the audience’s shock, the last profound beast by his side fell amidst a sorrowful cry.


He heavily kneeled, then used his utmost effort to crawl on the floor.

Though he now lacked a left arm, there was also no place on his body that was intact. The ghastly sight of his blood made many question whether or not all the blood in his body had been bled dry.

He crawled toward the entrance of the Eternal Heaven Tower’s Floor 300, every movement and rise of his remaining arm especially difficult and immensely painful.

Yun Che furrowed his brows, his expression changing… Slaughtering through Divine Spirit profound beasts to the point where he was unable to even stand in the next moment. Yun Che was not able to imagine what kind of battles the guy had gone through...

From him, he found a faint shadow of himself.

Finally, the crawling man reached the entrance of Floor 300 and then yet again crawled onto the profound formation with a horrifyingly long trail of blood behind him.


A human figure walked out of the Conferred God Stage’s screen of light. Upon his exit, he drew the gazes of everyone present.

It was a medium built man. Since he was able to enter the Profound God Convention, he was naturally not too old, yet his face looked as though he had gone through many of life’s challenges. What was most striking was his white hair… Different from a typical whiteness, it looked like the white a dying elder would possess.

Profound strength aura… sixth level of the Divine Spirit Realm.

Surpassing experts with greater cultivation than himself, he had seized the last remaining qualification which would allow him to participate in the Conferred God Battle. He ought to have been mad with joy but his face was still incomparably stiff and indifferent. Let alone joy, not even a bit of emotion could be felt from his person.

After walking out of the screen of light, he said not a word, nor did he bother to look at anyone else. His cold and indifferent eyes resembled an emotionless lone wolf.

“This person is really scary, he’s simply the same as a madman. He ought to have gone through some hardships… eh? Brother Yun?” After Huo Poyun said that, he discovered that Yun Che seemed to have been in a daze and didn’t react to him at all.

This person… Yun Che’s mind suddenly rippled. This white haired man’s expression deeply stirred Yun Che’s heart. It was because he saw his former self—when he was back in the Azure Cloud Continent, when he had lost his master, and then lost Ling’er.

He had no attachment to anything in this word, only boundless hatred.

This person had definitely undergone true hell… but why would he come here to participate in the Profound God Convention? And so desperately want to enter the Conferred God Battle?

Wait… this aura is…?

Yun Che’s expression suddenly changed as he sunk into silence… Could it be that it was just my misconception?

When the white haired man walked out of the screen of light, the other projections on the Conferred God Stage had all scattered at the same time. The profound light that enveloped the “heaven chosen children” slowly dispersed. The “heaven chosen children” that had not passed through to participate in the Conferred God Battle all regained consciousness, saddened.

“Very good.” In front of the group of heaven chosen children, Honorable Qu Hui slowly nodded. “The thirty-two people with the qualifications to enter the Conferred God Battle has already been determined. To those who did not make it, you have also proven your strengths, so do not be discouraged. After leaving the Conferred God Stage, you may enter the spectating area and sit in the seats of your respective star realms to watch the battles.”

Honorable Qu Hui swept his gaze over, then said gently, “Since the results have come out, the Conferred God Battle will officially begin tomorrow. I will now proceed to announce the names of those who have passed the Eternal Heaven Tower trial and have gained the qualifications to participate in the Conferred God Battle. You may all use this to carefully get familiar with who your upcoming opponents are!”

With a wave of Honorable Qu Hui’s hand, a special screen of light appeared behind him. Beneath the screen of light was a light blue profound formation that released a soft light.

“This is the Eternal Heaven Pearl’s adjudication profound formation. This is where the schedule for the Conferred God Stage is set up, and it also decides the final verdict. When this honored one calls your name, please stand on top of this profound formation. Young experts who have obtained the qualifications to enter the Conferred God Battle, this is the special privilege bestowed to you all.”

Special privilege?

Anticipation lit up the eyes of those who had passed the Eternal Heaven Tower trial once those words were said.

Honorable Qu Hui’s gaze swept over yet again as he began to read the names aloud. “Thirty-second place, Wei Hen, using one hundred thirty-eight hours.”

When his voice fell, the white haired man who had reached Floor 300 last slowly walked forward. His footsteps were particularly heavy and each step seemed to pulsate. His cold face and expression appeared as though they would never melt.

When he stood atop the adjudication profound formation, his name instantly appeared in the screen of light behind him.

Wei Hen—Origin: Not imprinted. Lifespan: 52, Cultivation: Sixth level of the Divine Spirit Realm.

Wei Hen.... Yun Che stored this name in his mind. This person did not imprint his place of birth, and it was also obvious that even his name was fake. He was a complete enigma.

Wait… this feeling… Yun Che’s pupils slightly contracted.

No! It wasn’t my misconception earlier, this person… his profound energy...

Honorable Qu Hui glanced at Wei Hen. The adjudication profound formation didn’t make any abnormal reactions so he didn’t question any further. He continued:

“Thirty-first place, Lu Changan, using one hundred and thirty-eight hours.”

Wei Hen and Lu Changan were the only people there that were at the sixth level of the Divine Spirit Realm. The two of them bypassed those with cultivation at the seventh and eighth level of the Divine Spirit Realm to enter the Conferred God Battle.

“Thirtieth place…”

“Twenty-ninth place…”


“Twenty-seventh place, Shui Meiyin...”


“Twenty-fifth place, Huo Poyun…”


“Sixteenth place, Wu Guike...”


“Fifth place, Lu Lengchuan, using eighty-two hours.”

As Honorable Qu Hui announced the rankings, the “heaven chosen children” faintly felt that something wasn't right. When he announced Lu Lengchuan’s ranking, that was when everyone finally realized where the wrongness took place...

This name doesn’t seem right!

This was especially true for the ones who placed in front. Even Luo Changsheng brows faintly twitched before he glanced at Yun Che with a pensive gaze.

“Fourth place, Shui Yingyue, using seventy-eight hours.”

“Third place, Jun Xilei, using seventy-eight hours.”

“Second place… Luo Changsheng, using seventy-two hours.”

The spectators knew what had happened but how could these “heaven chosen children” know what came about? Even if they were given ten thousand brains, they would never think that anyone would treat the hellish three hundred floors as if nothing was in sight.

Once they heard that Lu Lengchuan was unexpectedly in fifth place, then Shui Yingyue and Jun Xilei were in fourth and third, they were already staring at one another, speechless. Once they heard that Lu Changsheng was actually in second place, they were completely dumbstruck.

What was going on? Who had surpassed Lu Changsheng’s ranking? The names of all of the Eastern Divine Region’s famed God Children had obviously been read aloud already too.

“First place…” Honorable Qu Hui’s voice slightly paused, as though he didn’t want to say this name. “Yun Che, using fifty-four hours.”


In that instant, at least nine hundred chins smashed onto the floor.

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