Chapter 1169 - Sudden Change

Against the Gods

Chapter 1169 - Sudden Change


Everyone was in an uproar when the four words “I concede” came from Yun Che’s mouth, be it the people present at the Conferred God Stage or those watching the competition from all over the Eastern Divine Region.

The Conferred God Battle was the most topnotch battle of profound way in the Eastern Divine Region. It was a feast for the eyes of all profound practitioners in the Eastern Divine Region, as well as the place for true geniuses to test and prove themselves… Therefore, the people who could enter the Conferred God Battle would give it their all, even if they had absolutely no chance of winning against their opponents.

No one had ever admitted defeat on their own without even fighting a battle.

Yun Che straightforwardly abandoning the battle was something that had not happened even once in the history of the Conferred God Battle. A short while after the uproar, people began to feel that it wasn’t so strange for Yun Che to make such a decision, when they thought of his profound strength and the “means” he used to enter the Conferred God Battle. There were even many people who were laughing up their sleeve.

“Hah, so this boy also has a sense of shame. I thought that he didn’t understand the concept of it at all.”

“After all, the Conferred God Battle is different from the previous competitions. Earlier, only we all could see them, but the whole Eastern Divine Region will be watching the Conferred God Battle. Rather than making a fool of himself, it would be better to simply abandon the battle.”

“Directly abandoning a fight of the Conferred God Battle… is no different from bringing shame to the profound way of the Eastern Divine Region! If the Western Divine Region and the Southern Divine Region come to know of this, they will be rolling on the floor laughing at us!”

“Most importantly, the Dragon Monarch from the Western Divine Region and God Emperor Cang Shitian from the Southern Divine Region are also present at this place… We have already been shamed before people from other divine regions.”

“Yun Che!” Honorable Qu Hui frowned as he said in a heavy voice. “This is the Conferred God Battle, not something trifling. How can you so easily abandon the battle!? Even if you’re certain to lose, fight with all you have got. At least, the competition will not lose its honor in that case!”

“I said, I concede!” Yun Che repeated himself, without the slightest change in his expression.

“Brother Yun…” Huo Poyun wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to put it into words. Considering his honor for the profound way, it was absolutely impossible for him to be able to do such a thing as directly abandon the battle.

“You trash!!” On the Conferred God Stage, Luo Changan was looking at Yun Che with narrowed eyes. Yesterday, he was rebuked by Honorable Qu Hui in front of everyone because of Yun Che, and hence, he was already extremely displeased with Yun Che. Yun Che directly abandoning the battle gave him a good chance to vent his frustration. “This daddy entered the Conferred God Battle after going through all sorts of hardships in order to temper himself, and not to waste his time with garbage like you! Hah, weren’t you acting quite imposingly yesterday? What was it again that you displayed inside the Eternal Heaven Tower…? Oh, invisibility, right!? Come here and let this daddy enrich his experience too!”

Yun Che, “…”

“Only the lowest kind of trash would surrender in such a way. If you’re still a man, get over here and have a fair and square fight with me. This daddy here will properly teach you exactly what is called true strength!”

“That’s enough!” Qu Hui let out a low shout. “It’s not allowed to humiliate your opponent without reason in the Conferred God Battle.”

Although he berated him, there was hardly any force in his voice. In fact, he added the three words “without reason” deliberately. He looked at Yun Che with widened eyes, “This honored one asks you for the last time…”

“I concede.” Before Honorable Qu Hui could voice his question, Yun Che repeated for the third time. His tone completely remained the same every time he repeated himself, as if he was not at all influenced by the uproar of all the people.

Honorable Qu Hui’s face turned a bit gloomy, as if he had been angered. Soon after, he snorted, “Since you’ve decided to do so, that will also save our time.”

“Yun Che has conceded, so he will fall into the Losers Group!”

“Luo Changan won without having to fight, and will enter the Conferred Gods Group!”

Following the announcement of Honorable Qu Hui, the result was determined. Even if Yun Che immediately regretted his decision, it was impossible to change the result now.

It was perhaps the first time in the history of the Conferred God Battle that someone won without having to fight their opponent.

Luo Changan curled his lip and leapt out of the Conferred God Stage. But when he was in midair, he suddenly stretched out his hand towards Yun Che and pointed downward with his little finger, with the corner of his mouth lifted in contempt, as if he was looking at an ant.

This action of his evoked the laughter of half of the people present at the place.

“…” Yun Che had his arms crossed, and there was not the slightest change on his face. However, a streak of cold light flashed in the depths of his eyes all of a sudden.

Mu Bingyun had the cultivation of the Divine Sovereign Realm, and was sitting beside Yun Che too. There was no way she wouldn’t sense the killing intent that had suddenly flashed across Yun Che’s body. She raised her brows sideways, “Yun Che!?”

“Don’t worry, I’m still not foolish enough to act impulsively because of such a trivial thing.” Yun Che actually responded with a faint smile.

“…It seems that the one you’re waiting for hasn’t arrived yet,” Mu Bingyun said in a low tone of voice. The king realms were connected with special spatial profound formations. There was no reason for them not to be activated during the Profound God Convention. Furthermore, with the great power of a star god, it would be easy to travel through space. If Jasmine wanted to come to the Eternal Heaven Realm… she should be already here by now.

Yun Che’s gaze quickly swept over the seating area of the Star God Realm, before instantly withdrawing. He sighed in his heart, as he said in a low voice, “All of those few people around the Star God Emperor… are star gods, right?”

“Correct.” Mu Bingyun slightly nodded her head. “In the previous sessions of the Profound God Convention, at most only one Star God would personally come here. It is because of the ‘major event,’ that as many as five Star Gods, including the Star God Emperor, have come together to attend this convention.”

“To the right of the Star God Emperor, is the Heavenly Origin Star God, Tumi, who is the royal tutor of the Star God Realm… Rumor has it that he is also the one who taught the Heavenly Slaughter Star God during her childhood days.”

Yun Che, “…”

“Behind them, the one in the pink dress is the Heavenly Demon Star God, Rose, the one in the black dress is the Heavenly Strength Star God, Shenhu, and the one in the green dress is the Heavenly Poison Star God…”

“Moonflower,” Yun Che said in a low tone.

“Oh? You have heard of her?”

“…She saw me four years ago,” Yun Che replied in a low voice.

“What?” Mu Bingyun revealed surprise on her face. Four years ago… At the time, Yun Che hadn’t even arrived at the God Realm.

“You can rest easy,” Yun Che said without the slightest worry. “Although my name and appearance are similar, she won’t think of me as the same ‘Yun Che’ who was killed by her four years ago. My aura is completely different from back then. Moreover, a Star God would absolutely not believe that they couldn’t kill an ordinary person of the lower realm.”

“…” Mu Bingyun frowned at his words. Listening to what Yun Che said, she had already vaguely guessed the thing that had happened in the past.

“Actually… I suddenly thought of something…”

“Wei Hen and Li Jianming of Thunderclap Realm will be facing each other in Battle 3 of the first round of Conferred God Battle!”

Yun Che didn’t say anything further. He quickly raised his head, as he looked to the Conferred God Stage.

Wei Hen… Just what exactly… is this person planning to do here?

On the Conferred God Stage, the two people who were matched up against one another, had already taken their positions. Wei Hen’s face was completely unfamiliar to all the people, and his pale white hair was particularly eye-catching. He was firmly standing in place with a stiff expression, as his eyes stared directly at Li Jianming in front of him.

Li Jianming had been frowning for a while, because his body was repeatedly feeling a chilly sensation.

Furthermore, it was the kind of faint chilliness that directly permeated the bone marrow.

This man “Wei Hen” before his eyes had profound strength two small realms weaker than him, and there was no reason for him to lose. But for some reason, he couldn’t get himself calmed down, and his heart kept beating crazily. Especially, those eyes of his opponent staring fixedly at him, were practically the most fearsome eyes he had seen in his life. They made his heart indescribably palpitate in fright… and also had quite an intense look in them.

Who is… this person?

Why does it seem that he has a bitter and deep-seated hatred for me?

He was sure that he hadn’t met this person before, because he didn’t remember anyone with such ghastly white hair. However, he did get an indistinct feeling that he might have come across the other party somewhere earlier, but was completely unable to recall the place and time when it happened.


As Honorable Qu Hui ordered, Wei Hen instantly took out his weapon. His weapon was a dagger with its blade in the weird shape of a snake’s mouth.

Being two small realms lower than the other party, normally speaking, was such a huge difference that it was not possible to make up for it with other means. But having learned a lesson from the mistakes of the profound practitioner in the previous battle, Li Jianming naturally didn’t take him lightly or become careless. He held his azure long sword horizontally in front of him, as lightning appeared on the blade of the sword and made thundering sounds, “Please grant me guidance!”

Wei Hen launched his attack all of a sudden. He was standing still just a moment ago, but the instant he moved, he was fast as lightning. The snake-shaped dagger gleamed coldly, as it directly targeted the throat of Li Jianming.

Li Jianming lowered his brows. He pointed the tip of his sword ahead, as lightning accumulated wildly over there in no time. Dozens of streaks of lightning slashed through the area in the front horizontally, and forced Wei Hen back amidst the sound of several explosions.

The two people fought for a brief while. Wei Hen was unusually fierce and vicious, and every time he made a thrust with his dagger, a streak of cold light would directly target the vital spots of his opponent. It was totally as if he wanted to just brutally kill Li Jianming. Given the significant superiority of profound strength he had over the other party, Li Jianming was dealing with the attacks in a composed manner. His sword was dancing in the air as it continuously thundered, and his profound energy was like great waves, perfectly defending him against all the attacks of Wei Hen, before easily counter-suppressing him.

At the eastern seating area, the Dragon Monarch knitted his brows all of a sudden, “It is strange. The remaining lifespan of this human… is possibly less than ten years!”

“Looking at him, he doesn’t give off the feeling of an old person, either.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor also nodded his head. “The damage to his lifespan is extremely strange. It actually seems as if…”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor suddenly thought of something. His voice paused abruptly as he lowered his brows. At the same time, a wisp of unusual profound energy flashed across the Conferred God Stage. Although it only happened for an instant, it made the Dragon Monarch and all the great god emperors change the expressions on their faces.

“This is!?”


Wei Hen flipped on the ground in the midst of being constantly bombarded with attacks, and the snake-shaped dagger slipped off his hand and flew away. He kneeled paralyzed on the ground, with his head deeply lowered as he gasped for breath. His hands, that were pressed against the ground, were trembling abnormally.

Li Jianming slowly walked forward, as he withdrew his sword. He said in a refined and courteous manner, “You are not my opponent. Now that you have lost your weapon, I’d advise you to admit defeat.”

“He… Hehehehehe…”

Wei Hen began to laugh, in an incomparably gloomy voice, as his whole body shuddered in an abnormal way. Especially, his chest was moving up and down intensely, as if something would explode out of him at any time. Finally, he slowly raised his head. His eyes were actually emitting faintly chilly black light, making it seem that he had suddenly awakened the eyes of a devil.

In this instant, all the experts on the Conferred God Stage were startled. Following, their expressions changed suddenly.

Mu Bingyun, Mu Huanzhi, Huo Rulie, Yan Juehai, and others stood up immediately, as if they had been struck with lightning, “This… This is…”

Li Jianming suddenly felt a chilly sensation as the pair of pitch black eyes gazed at him. It was as if he had at once fallen into a freezing cold hell. As if his pupils were stabbed with pins, they shrunk dramatically in a split second, and the blurry world before his eyes darkened rapidly… Beside his ear, he could hear the voice of his father roaring himself hoarse, “Jianming… Quickly retreat!!!”

He suddenly came to himself upon hearing the roar of his father, but a black figure had already pounced over to him. With its four limbs and its entire body, it firmly kept him locked in place, as dense black light, coming from some unknown place, rapidly spread around using his body as the medium.

“You… You… Ah… Wuaaahh!!” As if countless ice cold, poisonous thorns were stabbed into his body and soul, Li Jianming let out a loud cry of anguish.

“Li Jianming…” He heard a hoarse croon, like that of a devil. “Do you still remember… the Kui Clan… that was exterminated by you thirteen years ago!!?”

“You… You are… Uhaaaahh…” Every one of Li Jianming’s miserable screams were more horrifying than the previous one. Under the effect of the black aura, his body was speedily corroding from inside out… He struggled with every ounce of strength left within him, breaking the bones of Wei Hen, as well as piercing through his chest in the process. However, Wei Hen didn’t relax his hold on him in the slightest.

“Da… Darkness profound energy!!”

“He is a devil!!!!”

“Qu Hui!!”

Everyone at the Conferred God Stage was taken aback. Honorable Qu Hui, who was closest to the two participants, had a great change in his expression. He pierced through the barrier like a huge hawk, as he headed straight to his target.

“To take revenge for exterminating my clan… and to pay you back for humiliating my wife and killing my child… Even if I have to lose all of my lifespan, or reincarnate into a devil… I’ll still make sure to drag you down to hell!! Aaaaahh!!”

His voice was sad and shrill like that of a ghost, and each of his words contained endless hatred.

“I’ll be waiting for you… in hell!!”


The energy of Honorable Qu Hui was just about to sweep down when Wei Hen’s body exploded all of a sudden, and black blood covered the whole sky as it sprayed out. Li Jianming, who was miserably screaming in fear, immediately exploded into two parts. His miserable screams also turned into sobs of despair… and then, they completely faded away.


The Thunderclap Realm King rushed to the Conferred God Stage, but could only helplessly watch the body of Li Jianming get blown apart. The two parts of his remaining corpse flew very far off into the distance, and by the time they fell onto the ground, they were already burned black. Furthermore, they rapidly corroded while making a “sizzling” sound.

The fearsome scene made countless experts present tremble with fright.

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