Chapter 1176 - Hell and Heaven

Against the Gods

Chapter 1176 - Heaven and Hell

Yun Che didn’t feel any sort of odd feeling inside the Time Wheel Pearl.

“The Universe Penta Jade Pellet contains extremely strong energy that can dramatically increase the profound strength of the lower realms of the divine way. But taking such a medicine entails very high risk, and that’s why, the ‘Wood Spirit Orb’ is needed, to make the medicinal power become milder.”

As Mu Xuanyin waved her hands, several layers of thin, icy mist immediately appeared beside Yun Che. “The Wood Spirit Orb that you obtained was an extremely rare one that had all of its spirit aura preserved within it. But, the heart of ancient dragon is from a horned dragon of the Divine Master level, the Immortal Emperor Grass had its entire aura intact, and the Qilin horn contained extraordinarily dense cold aura. As a result, despite using a perfect Wood Spirit Orb, the medicinal power contained within this pellet is extremely violent, and you will definitely be unable to refine it on your own.”

“Even if I am present at your side for assistance, there is still a possibility of you losing control over the strong energy of the medicine. Therefore, you must make sure to be careful. Understood?”

“Disciple understands.” Yun Che nodded his head. He brought the Universe Penta Jade Pellet to his mouth with his hands, and carefully swallowed it as Mu Xuanyin watched.

A cool and refreshing aura entered his body, and then disappeared little by little. He was not able to feel any trace of it any longer. Yun Che closed his eyes, as he channeled the aura and prepared to refine the medicinal power. But, before his profound strength could come into contact with the Universe Penta Jade Pellet, his whole body shook all of a sudden.

In that instant, it seemed as if countless volcanoes and glaciers had erupted and burst apart, respectively triggering numerous mighty torrents to gush out crazily. Half of these mighty torrents were ice cold, and the other half were scorching hot. Even the smallest torrent among them contained energy far more fearsome than Yun Che could have expected.


In order to forcibly raise his profound strength, Yun Che had many times relied on his special physique and taking medicines with extremely fierce medicinal power. For example, when he was in the lower realms, he had used a Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet, when he first came to the Snow Song Realm, he had used a Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet. If one were to call their medicinal power as fierce as a very fast-flowing river, however…

Then the medicinal power unleashed by this Universe Penta Jade Pellet, would be comparable to a boundless sea that wanted to swallow the sky and cover the earth.

Yun Che had basically failed to guide the energy properly within his body, and his entire being seemed to have been swept into raging billows soaring into the sky. His body was completely drowned in endless pain, and each of his bones and cells were trembling crazily, as if they would burst at any moment…

As Yun Che felt utter shock in his heart, an ice cold and soft aura suddenly rushed forth to the surface of his body. Immediately, the incomparably violent torrents of medicinal power speedily grew milder in nature under the effect of the ice cold aura. Eventually, they actually became quite docile, and began to slowly flow within his entire body and meridians.

As the fearsome pain was rapidly eliminated, Yun Che was once again able to sense the existence of his body and profound veins. He instantly understood the source of this cold aura that had suppressed the medicinal power, and promptly focused his mind back on channeling the energy, while activating the Great Way of the Buddha at the same time.

Having experienced the fierceness of the medicinal power which was countless times stronger than he expected, Yun Che clearly realized the fearsome nature of the “Universe Penta Jade Pellet.” There was no way he would be slacking in the slightest now. He totally sealed off his senses as he slowly guided both his profound energy and the spirit energy of heaven and earth to refine the medicinal power, that had currently become docile, in an incomparably careful manner.

Inside the time wheel barrier, Mu Xuanyin watched the previously trembling body of Yun Che calming down, and get covered in beads of sweat from top to bottom. If he were to open his eyes at this time to look at his body, he would certainly be shocked… Because there were actually five different lights shining on the surface of his body. Red, blue, cyan, jade green, and white lights were moving disorderly about on his body, as they sometimes shone brightly, and at other times faintly.

Mu Xuanyin was sitting in front of Yun Che. She had her finger pointed ahead, as the multi-layered icy mist kept Yun Che enveloped within it all this time. Despite the fact that her cultivation had reached the summit of the God Realm, there was a serious look in her eyes.

Medicines that could forcibly raise profound strength, even if only by a small realm, were extremely difficult to find. Moreover, they entailed a very big risk. The Universe Penta Jade Pellet… as Mu Xuanyin herself had said back then, was able to raise the cultivation of Yun Che directly up to the Divine Tribulation Realm when he was only at the Divine Origin Realm—The effect of the pellet was simply too absurd!

So, it was not difficult to imagine the great medicinal power such a medicine contained and the risk of using it to increase profound strength.

Besides, the “heart of an ancient dragon” was from a Divine Master horned dragon that had lived for tens of thousands of years. The “Qilin horn” was from a qilin from ancient times, the “Wood Spirit Orb” was a perfect one that was almost impossible to come across, and the “Immortal Emperor Grass” had also not lost the slightest bit of its spirit energy under the effect of the Sky Poison Pearl.

The result of utilizing such materials was also evident. The medicinal power of this “Universe Penta Jade Pellet” was so strong that its potency greatly surpassed the descriptions in all the records about it that Mu Xuanyin knew of.

Even Mu Xuanyin was unable to predict… the medicinal power and risk of such a medicine.

She had to assist Yun Che in suppressing the medicinal power of the Universe Penta Jade Pellet, but her power was way too enormous for Yun Che, too. A slight bit of carelessness or losing control over the medicinal power could very well hurt Yun Che severely, or Yun Che might get directly injured by her power… Compared to Yun Che, who could now calmly refine the medicinal power, she could even less afford to relax.

If it wasn’t for Mu Xuanyin helping him by his side, Yun Che would have certainly died after taking such a medicine, even if he had the power of the Rage God and the body of Dragon God… There absolutely could not have been any other outcome.

Therefore, although Yun Che had begun to put in effort to look for the materials to refine “Universe Penta Jade Pellet” on his own after fleeing from the Flame God Realm back then, it didn’t matter whether he could successfully refine it. Even if he had truly succeeded, and then forcibly swallowed it down… it would have been no different than courting death.

Time slowly passed by inside the time wheel barrier.

One day… Two days… Five days… Seven days…

The Universe Penta Jade Pellet continued to release its medicinal power, which was refined gradually by Yun Che. The five colors had begun to circulate on the surface of Yun Che’s body.

The only thing Mu Xuanyin could do was to help him suppress the medicinal power, otherwise he had to refine it by himself. During these days, the medicinal power would go out of control once every few hours, causing Yun Che’s body to tremble and feel unbearable pain. However, it would then get suppressed by Mu Xuanyin’s power very quickly, so he was able to resume the refining process without any accidents.

Although Yun Che had sealed his external senses and focused all his mental perception on refining the medicinal power, he could still clearly feel his profound strength increasing at a fast rate, and as a result, it was also becoming easier for him to refine the medicinal power.

His state of his mind had also become completely calm and stable, and he was no longer overwhelmed with shock and worry like he had been in the very beginning.

But, as the surface layer of the Universe Penta Jade Pellet got slowly refined, his profound strength… finally started to come into contact with its core.


After the long calm, without warning, sky-shrouding, monstrous waves burst out of the surface of the sea, on which great waves had only emerged occasionally so far.


As if his soul had been pierced by ten thousand knives, Yun Che let out a painful groan. In this instant, it seemed as if ten million huge beasts from the abyss were roaring within his body. Every drop of his blood, every one of his meridians, and each of his cells were thoroughly filled with an extremely violent energy. Yun Che desperately attempted to use his profound energy to guide the medicinal power that had gone wild all of a sudden, but it was like an ant trying to shake a tree.

Blue light flashed through Mu Xuanyin’s pupils as she sensed the sudden eruption of the medicinal power inside Yun Che’s body. Despite the fact that he was enveloped within the icy mist… the medicinal power only remained suppressed for a few seconds, before it got itself free from suppression due to its tyrannical nature, and wreaked havoc within his body.

“This is…”

The medicinal power of this Universe Penta Jade Pellet was certainly extremely strong at its core. Mu Xuanyin was already prepared to deal with it, but even she had not imagined that it would be so tyrannical.

Mu Xuanyin lowered her brows, as she turned over her jade-like wrist and began to use her palm instead of finger to control the medicinal power. An even deeper blue light enveloped Yun Che… which immediately made Yun Che’s face start to look better. But, such a situation only lasted for less than seven minutes, and then the look of pain on his face grew deeper and deeper again.

Very soon, Yun Che’s face became deathly pale, resembling a sheet of paper, and his whole body was heavily drenched in perspiration.

“…” As her icy brows grew more and more tightly knitted, Mu Xuanyin turned over her jade-like wrist once again. Her fingers were glittering and translucent like ice jade under the illumination of the blue light that was gradually becoming denser, but the blue light accumulated in between her fingers stayed still in midair, and didn’t move to envelope Yun Che.

The fierceness of the medicinal power at the core of the Universe Penta Jade Pellet had completely surpassed her expectations. If she had known things would turn out this way, she might not have chosen to let him take it at this time.

It was absolutely impossible for Yun Che to endure such medicinal power.

Although she could instantly suppress it even if its fierceness was a hundred times greater… she was incomparably clear that Yun Che was unable to endure the energy required to suppress it, either. He would be severely injured even before the medicinal power got suppressed.

However, if it was not suppressed…

As if countless vicious beasts from the abyss had freed themselves from confinement, Yun Che looked to be in more and more pain, and his body was twitching continuously. Almost every bit of the skin over his whole body was twitching rapidly too.

Mu Xuanyin’s palm was on Yun Che’s chest… Time quickly passed by, and her fingers began to shiver faintly little by little, but the icy light gathered on her hand had still not come down to envelope him.

“Ug… ah… aaahh…”

Yun Che was letting out painful groans, despite the fact that he had sealed his senses. It was actually his soul lamenting. The five different lights moving about on the surface of his body had now become so dense that they were almost dazzling. As these lights glimmered in a disordered manner, Yun Che’s body would sometimes swell, and other times shrink all of a sudden… and the “crackling” sound of his bone joints colliding could be heard as well.

If he didn’t have the Dragon God marrow, at least half of his skeleton would have been broken by this time.

Even if it seemed as if he had fallen into the abyss where he could only feel despair, the painful expression on Yun Che’s face also proved his will to be refusing to fall apart.

Mu Xuanyin’s breathing grew hurried gradually, the up and down movement of her protruding chest became more and more intense. Seeing the extremely painful look on Yun Che’s face and his body that could get destroyed at any moment, a chaotic look had surfaced in her eyes… which slowly turned into that of struggle.

“Ug… aaah…”

A scarlet streak of blood flowed down the corner of Yun Che’s mouth.

The scarlet mark of blood on his face routed the look of struggle in Mu Xuanyin’s pupils. It was as if her soul had been pricked with a red needle.

Her palm which had remained on his chest for a long time, finally dropped slowly at this time.


At this time, Yun Che was like a small boat that had been engulfed by the raging billows of a vast ocean. The more he struggled, the more deathly pale he looked. He exhausted all his willpower to somehow persevere until the aura of the medicinal power was suppressed, but no matter how long he waited, things didn’t turn out as he wished.

“Mas…ter…” His soul was continuously shouting in pain, as he felt himself getting closer and closer to the abyss. However, he still hadn’t obtained the power he had been yearning for.

When his energy, willpower, and body were all on the verge of falling apart, an ice cold aura came into contact with him all of a sudden…

This cold aura was completely different from the one that had suppressed the medicinal power earlier. Furthermore, it wasn’t something external, and instead had appeared within his body suddenly… As he had sealed off his senses, it was not possible for him to sense the exact location of its origin in his body, but there was no doubt that it was certainly gushing out from inside his body.

Although the cold aura was not really all that strong, it was extremely pure, and contained an extremely high level mysterious aura… It was not possible to tell the identity of the aura, but it still gave Yun Che a vaguely familiar feeling.

This… is…

The pure aura spread throughout Yun Che’s body very quickly, and allowed his tottering soul to finally see the light. Under the influence of the cold aura, these auras generated by the medicinal power that were berserk like wild beasts, calmed down in the short period of a few breathes.

Not only that, the cold aura actually fused with Yun Che’s profound energy on its own, and began to refine the medicinal power. It was as if the instant that cold energy surged within Yun Che’s body, the medicinal power of the Universe Penta Jade Pellet had started to become his own.

Following the constant surge of the cold aura, the feeling of pain that fully occupied Yun Che’s mind also disappeared completely. He was feeling an indescribable feeling of extreme relaxation instead. It was as if he was soaking in cool, refreshing and pure lake water, and as his whole body had come into contact with the gentle flow of water, it made even his soul shudder in pleasure and comfort.

Finally, all the medicinal power totally stopped moving around, as if it was frozen, allowing Yun Che to refine it bit by bit.

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