Chapter 1185 - Illusory Black Butterfly

Against the Gods

Chapter 1185 - Illusory Black Butterfly

Mu Bingyun’s words left Yun Che silent for a long while.

“Yun Che,” Mu Bingyun said all of a sudden. “Last night, I communicated with your master. She told me that your objective has changed, and you have returned to the Eternal Heaven Realm in order to win the Conferred God Battle. Could it be that you want to place first in the Conferred God Battle?”

“…” Yun Che nodded his head.

“Then how confident are you in attaining your objective?” Mu Bingyun asked while sighing in her heart.

“Yesterday, I was still a bit confident about it. However, today…” Yun Che closed his eyes, as he said in a helpless tone. “Frankly speaking, I don’t think that I stand any chance. I didn’t underestimate these Conferred God Candidates, but I did completely misestimate the strength of the ‘Four God Children of the Eastern Region.’”

Mu Bingyun,” …”

“Luo Changsheng… even if his true strength was limited to what we saw just now, it is still impossible for me to be his opponent. It is almost hopeless for me to even win against Lu Lengchuan who has just suffered defeat at his hands.”

Yun Che’s voice was very calm, and the fact was indeed as he said. He was frightened by Jun Xilei’s sword attack that had instantly defeated Huo Poyun, but the fight between Luo Changsheng and Lu Lengchuan just now had thoroughly annihilated his all confidence and hope.

“Palace Master Bingyun, how strong are Jun Xilei and Shui Yingyue compared to Lu Lengchuan?” Yun Che asked.

“Far stronger.” Mu Bingyun gave him a brief and straightforward reply.

“…” Yun Che didn’t say another word. He lowered his brows as he seemed to be thinking something.

“Haha, as expected of ‘Young Master Changsheng’ of your Eastern Divine Region. Although we didn’t get to see him using earth attribute profound strength, just being able to use wind and lightning simultaneously with such ease is already an amazing feat,” the Dragon Monarch said. “His strength will likely exceed the level of the ‘Divine Spirit Realm’ when he uses his full strength.”

“There may be a comparatively smaller number of people who have such outstanding talent that they could cultivate more than one kind profound strength, but it is not like such people are rare. However, those who can use more than one kind of profound strength simultaneously are the rarest of the rare. To be able to cultivate as well as use three kinds of profound strength like Luo Changsheng… In the last hundred thousand years, only one person other than him has been able to do so in my Eastern Divine Region.” The Eternal Heaven Emperor nodded with a faint smile. “Not only is inherent variant physique needed to accomplish such a thing, extremely great aptitude and comprehension ability is required as well. Even this old man doesn’t dare estimate the heights he will reach in the future.”

“You have Luo Changsheng among the males, and Shui Meiyin among the females. Considering the talent of these two, your Eastern Divine Region will be ushering in an era of prominence,” the Dragon Monarch said smilingly.

“No, no, no. Your Highness, you are forgetting someone.” God Emperor Shitian said all of a sudden. Contrary to all other people who had their attention fixed on Luo Changsheng and were marveling at his strength, his gaze had been sweeping over Yun Che for the most part. He said in an unhurried voice, “The Primal Chaos is such a vast place and trillions upon trillions living creatures exist within it, so it is not rare for a monster to appear. But… a monster that can crush a profound practitioner of the last midstage of the Divine Spirit Realm with a cultivation of the Divine Tribulation Realm, tsk, tsk, let alone in a hundred thousand years, only he alone has pulled off such a thing in the million years long history of your Eastern Divine Region, right? Oh… No, I’m wrong! I remember this boy saying that he is from the lower realms, so he would not be considered a person from your Eastern Divine Region, huh.”

The expression of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor turned stiff, but the Dragon Monarch faintly smiled in response. His smile contained unfathomable mysteriousness.

“Now we will have the third battle of this round. Shui Meiyin of the Glazed Light Realm versus Meng Duanxi of the Flying Star Realm!”

Yun Che raised his head while lost in thoughts, and his attention once again returned to the Conferred God Stage.

This was a battle that Yun Che was extremely concerned about too… He wanted to see for himself how Shui Meiyin, who was only at the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm, was able to advance through the competition until now, and even managed to stay in the Conferred Gods Group.

Shui Meiyin was still dressed in the familiar long skirt that was dark as night, and there was an exceedingly cute butterfly-shaped sash tied around her extremely delicate and slender waist. She was standing on the Conferred God Stage, but her existence was incompatible with the atmosphere of the stage. Especially, her slightly tilted beautiful neck, faintly visible dimples and her beautiful smile which looked sweet and lovely. Moreover, she was also subconsciously emitting such a bewitching aura that should not belong to someone of her age. She didn’t show the slightest sign of the nervousness that one should feel before a battle… and there were even many youngsters who were staring at her foolishly.

On the other hand, Meng Duanxi, who had absolute superiority with respect to profound strength, had a serious look on his face. As soon as he got on the stage, a sword light flashed in front of him on his side, and under the influence of his surging profound aura, the blade of his sword slowly fluctuated like a stream of water, as astonishing force was generated from it.

“Begin!” Honorable Qu Hui raised his brows.

“Big Brother, I ask for guidance.” Shui Meiyin turned over her hand, and a blue flickering light extended to both sides of her hand. Immediately, a thin and long aqua blue silhouette appeared in her hand.

“Spear…?” Yun Che uttered in a low voice.

The spear was as bright and limpid as crystal, and emitting a dreamy, blue colored glow, like that of an ocean. The body of the spear was extremely thin, and was no more than roughly half an inch thick at a glance. Hence, it could be completely held up by the small and exquisite hand of Shui Meiyin with ease. But, the spear was extraordinarily long, more than three meters in length—It was longer than even the Sky Splitting Spear of Lu Lengchuan!

The scene of Shui Meiyin, who was barely one and a half meters tall, holding such a long thing in her hand had quite a visual impact.

“The inheritance of the Glazed Light Realm is from a Divine Beast called ‘Glazed Light Butterfly’ that belonged to the Ancient Era. It is said that this spear has been made from a strand of the Glazed Light Butterfly’s wing, and it has a special name called ‘Illusory Mental Butterfly Language.’ As a wisp of the true soul of the Glazed Light Butterfly is contained within it, no one has been able to use the true strength of this spear until now. But… it actually took the initiative to recognize Shui Meiyin as its owner.”

“…I ask for guidance too.” Meng Duanxi nodded his head. Confronting such an opponent, although his mind was in an extremely stable state, he still acted a bit unnaturally.


Despite the fact that his cultivation was eight small realms higher than his opponent, it was Meng Duanxi who made the first move. In this battle, or to be exact, in any battle, it was a great taboo to take your opponent lightly. A fierce wind whistled through the Conferred God Stage, and the wind generated by his sword aura instantly sealed off all the escape routes around Shui Meiyin, like a heavy rain that had suddenly begun to pour down.

Unlike Yun Che, he had personally witnessed how Shui Meiyin was able to win against her opponents in the previous two battles. Therefore, he had started to launch quick and powerful attacks from the get-go. He wanted to immediately suppress Shui Meiyin with his absolute superiority of profound strength… and even defeat her if possible.

This was also the most appropriate strategy against someone like Shui Meiyin, as her profound strength cultivation was indeed her weakest point. If she were to face her opponent head-on, she would immediately get beaten by Meng Duanxi.

Shui Meiyin looked a bit tense as a slight flurried expression appeared on her face. A blue light flashed on her body, after which she was found flying up in the air gracefully. The “Illusory Mental Butterfly Language” also moved about following her petite body and swung forward in front of her, forming a small-sized profound formation that was shining with dreamy, blue light.


As the storm generated by Meng Duanxi’s sword aura blew across the sky and swept down, it left countless black marks in its wake. But the figure of Shui Meiyin, the target of the attack, gradually disappeared in the midst of the storm.

In the sky behind Meng Duanxi, Shui Meiyin’s figure appeared like a spirit butterfly. There was a profound formation shining with blue light at her back like the one from earlier.

“What a movement skill!” Yun Che couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. She had moved from one place to another instantly as if she had teleported, but the skill she had executed was even faster than tearing open space to teleport… and had an illusory aspect to it too.

Apparently, even the profound strength of the Divine Spirit Realm was far from sufficient to tear open the space of the God Realm.

“It’s the Illusory Butterfly Dance!” Mu Bingyun explained. “Similar to the Moon Splitting Cascade of our Snow Song Realm, it is a movement skill that is extremely difficult to practice successfully.”

Her voice paused for a bit, before she added, “At the least, Shui Yingyue has not been successful in perfecting it yet.”

Yun Che, “…”

Meng Duanxi turned around in an instant, and at the same time, Shui Meiyin walked in the sky as she lightly waved her thin spear. A wisp of faint blue light spilled down, after which it instantly transformed into an enormous water curtain as it came falling onto Meng Duanxi.

The force emitting from the water curtain was not that bad, but it didn’t make Meng Duanxi feel the slightest pressure… After all, the water attribute attacks were publicly recognized to have the least offensive power. Besides, it was an attack from a little girl whose profound strength was inferior to him by eight realms.

Meng Duanxi didn’t even give her attack a proper look, as he tore the water curtain into two halves with a casual swing of his sword. Shui Meiyin continued to lightly move around in midair. As the “Illusory Mental Butterfly Language” swung again and again, blue wisps of light intersected each other and generated water curtains one after another. When the many water curtains overlapped on one another as they fell over Meng Duanxi, the power of the attack possessed an earth-shattering force.

Although the water curtains posed no threat to him, and he wouldn’t be injured even if they all were to hit his body, it would be a serious obstruction to his line of sight and aura. Moreover, the many layers of the water curtain overlapped together had already made it impossible for him to see anything in his surroundings as they got closer and closer to him.

Despite facing such a situation, Meng Duanxi didn’t change his expression. He flew up into the air and slashed horizontally with his sword. Following a series of tearing sounds, ten-odd water curtains were torn apart at the same time, and water spilled around like torrential rain. But there were still many more layers of water curtain above him as far as he could see, with no trace of Shui Meiyin’s figure.

“????” Meng Duanxi raised his brows. Suddenly, he soared into the sky at an even faster speed as his sword pierced through the air in his way. After a series of explosions, he clearly felt that his sword had pierced dozens of water curtains at the least. Just as he had expected, these dozens of water curtains burst apart with a loud bang, and spilled down into the surroundings in the form of even denser torrential rain.

But, even when all these water curtains exploded, there were still more layers of water curtain overlapped on each other in the sky above him, and he could still not see Shui Meiyin’s figure… Even her aura had disappeared at some point in time… She had so thoroughly disappeared that he couldn’t sense her existence at all.

Meng Duanxi was greatly alarmed in his heart… What is going on here? How come there is no end to these water curtains? At least fifty layers of water curtains would be required in order to cut off her aura to such an extent. How did she manage to… do such a thing in an instant?

As Meng Duanxi was feeling apprehensive, his gaze shifted downward. He was immediately shocked by what he saw.

The area around him below had actually turned into a vast body of water!

He couldn’t see Shui Meiyin, the Conferred God Stage, or the audience seating area. Waves of water were rolling about under his feet and dozens of layers of water curtains were present above him in the sky.

He just realized suddenly that he had been unknowingly trapped inside a domain of heavenly water.

After being surprised at his current situation, Meng Duanxi quickly calmed down. A faint, confident smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth, as he talked to himself, “I have long heard that the Glazed Light Realm had such a divine art of controlling heavenly water that it is considered unrivalled under heaven… However, the one using it right now is someone with the low profound strength of the first level of Divine Spirit Realm. As such, although the domain is powerful, it is impossible to truly keep me trapped inside it!”

He let out a low shout as his profound aura surged again, and the sword in his hand immediately turned into an over three meter long astral form. His figure flashed as he rushed to the water area ahead, and just a swing of his sword released nine streaks of sword light.


Immediately, the water area crazily burst apart as if lightning had caused the water in the surrounding area to gush fiercely like raging billows. Huge waves surged one after another furiously, but were then completely annihilated in an instant. Meng Duanxi’s lips revealed a faint smile, but the expression on his face became stiff at once… It was because there was another water area present after the one he had destroyed, and his sword attack had been unable to cut open the heavenly water domain, either.

It was at this time that the heavenly water domain finally unleashed its full might. Ten thousand waves surged forward instantly, and swept over Meng Duanxi like countless angry flying dragons.

Meng Duanxi let out a snort. His sword flew in a semi-circular motion like a rainbow and exterminated the sea dragon-like raging bellows before they could get close to him. Imperceptible to him, a pleasant sensation of rebuking angrily at an ocean surged within his heart. He loudly shouted and charged ahead to face the incoming waves similar to a flood dragon. He slashed at the raging billows again and again, making the ocean retreat continuously.

Very soon, he felt the heavenly water domain begin to tremble. He focused his mind even more, as he started to strike the waves and the water body around him with increasingly greater power in order to completely tear the heavenly water domain into shreds.

The trembling of the world around him grew more and more intense, and it was evident that the “Heavenly Water Domain” was on the verge of collapse… A few moments later, all the water curtains and billowing waves finally dispersed, and then, in the short period of an instant… they disappeared without a trace.

The place in front of Meng Duanxi’s eyes suddenly became clear, as he heard the deafening voice of Honorable Qu Hui.

“Meng Duanxi has left the Conferred God Stage, and consequently, fallen into the Losers Group. He will be participating in the fourth round of the Losers Group tomorrow.”

“Shui Meiyin has won! She will be entering the third round of the Conferred Gods Group.”

Meng Duanxi was standing in place with a blank expression. He remained in a daze for a long while before he slowly turned around.

He was presently high in the sky, and it was the vast audience seating area under his feet. He was already one hundred and fifty kilometers away from the Conferred God Stage area, which was quite a distance from the place where he was supposed to be.

There was no sword held in his hand… as it was actually lying quietly at the center of the Conferred God Stage. Not that far away from his beloved sword, Shui Meiyin was standing gracefully with a faint, sweet smile on her face.

Meng Duanxi was in a completely dazed state, as if he was still trapped inside the illusion and unable to wake up any time soon.


Author's Note:

I feel like it's necessary for me to reiterate this again: The measurements used in the novel all follow the ancient standard. One feet (chi) is around 0.231 meters, which is around 23 centimeters, and ten feet is 2.3 meters. A height of around 8 feet here is 1.8 meters in modern times. The 9 feet Lu Lengchuan is 2 meters tall!

Shui Meiyin's height is barely 1.5 meters, but her weapon is 2.3 meters long. Mn, very harmonious.

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