Chapter 1191 - A Strike for Dignity alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Chapter 1191 - A Strike for Dignity

As the sword light and the lightning dragon collided against each other in the air, the daylight was smashed to pieces. A black mark, that appeared like a bolt of lightning, burst apart in the midst of the remaining light and disappeared in the next instant.

“Spatial… crack!?”

“The clash between two profound practitioners of the Divine Spirit Realm, who are still so young that their age hasn’t exceeded thirty, actually caused a spatial crack to appear!”

Yun Che heard countless sighs of astonishment, and he himself also felt intensely shaken in his heart. When he was in the Profound Sky Continent, he could casually make the space quiver and break, and even cave in. But the law forming the space of the God Realm, was of a far greater level than that of the lower realms. Even if Yun Che were to launch an all-out attack in his most powerful state, let alone cracking the space, he could not even cause the slightest ripple in the space.


Amidst the shattered profound light, two sword beams fiercely clashed with each other while maintaining a great distance between them. In the blink of an eye, they had already collided against each other several hundred times. Whenever the two of them came into contact, it would produce a sudden flash of profound light; sometimes making eardrum-ripping sound, other times a rumbling sound like that of the thunderclap from the Ninth Heaven.

“Since Luo Changsheng unleashed his full strength, his strength has become unbelievably tyrannical. But Jun Xilei… is actually still able to contend with him!” Mu Huanzhi had a deep look of surprise on his face.

“No… She is just barely holding on,” Mu Bingyun said. “Jun Xilei will be completely suppressed before long.”

Not long after Mu Bingyun finished her words, a streak of lightning blew up all of a sudden and its light filled the sky while swallowing all the sword images. Jun Xilei let out a light groan as she forcefully fell down from amidst the purple light.

“This… Looks like the victor has been decided,” Mu Huanzhi said.

Jun Xilei was falling downward like a meteor. When her body was about to touch the ground, it suddenly spun lightly and shot up in a magnificent arc. The rays of light darkened all of a sudden and all sorts of sounds gradually disappeared too. The “Undistracted Sword Domain” was opened up once again as it immediately extended to engulf Luo Changsheng within it.

“This woman is truly extraordinary to be able to so quickly enter the state of sword and heart unification in such a situation.” A look of surprise appeared in Luo Guxie’s eyes as she sighed lightly.

In the sword domain, thousands upon thousands of stars appeared all of a sudden and the sword energy grew menacing. However, the Undistracted Sword Domain failed to surround Luo Changsheng this time. A deep purple lightning domain rapidly formed in the area around Luo Changsheng, and as if a purple star had burst abruptly, it instantly extended across an area of fifty kilometers, forcefully pushing away Jun Xilei’s Undistracted Sword Domain.

In the midst of the lightning domain, the image of a giant wolf could be vaguely seen letting out a long howl to the sky

A big frown emerged on Jun Xilei’s face, and the look in her eyes grew serious again. Thousands upon thousands of stars twinkled in the sword domain, as countless sword beams poured down heavily, like meteors tearing through the air on their way to the stage below.

The two powerful domains remained in deadlock for a short period. Their energies erupted at the same time, and two enormous whirlpools appeared on the Conferred God Stage in an instant. One sword had heavenly lightning entwined around it, and another had terrifying sword beams shooting from it. The heavens and earth seemed to have been cut up suddenly, as sword light shone on one side, and a purple glow filled the sky on the other.

The deadlock didn’t continue for long. Following a soul-shaking wolf’s howl, the purple lightning domain suddenly expanded by greatly as it firmly suppressed the sword domain. Once this suppression force came into existence, it advanced with an unstoppable momentum. The gradual expansion of the lightning domain caused the sword domain to shrink little by little.

Originally, the two domains were only countering each other with equal power, but Jun Xilei’s sword domain had now shrunk to less than twenty kilometers in just ten odd breaths’ time. On the other hand, Luo Changsheng’s lightning domain had already occupied seventy percent of the Conferred God Stage.

Jun Xilei’s figure could also been seen retreating. She slowly raised her beautiful neck as unusual light burst in her blank eyes once again.


A sword image emerged behind her before expanding at a very fast rate. The sword might emitting from Jun Xulie increased crazily as well, with every expansion of the sword image.

Luo Changsheng had a dark face, as if his body was pressed down by an extremely big mountain. The lightning domain shrank at an extremely fast speed due to the enormous suppression.

“This is… Dual Sword Domain!” the experts of the way of sword cried out unconsciously in surprise.

The sword image enlarged to a size of fifty kilometers in no time. Like a heavenly sacred sword standing proud in the midst of the sky and earth, it thoroughly suppressed Luo Changsheng’s domain which held absolute superiority in an incomparably domineering manner.

Luo Changsheng had to take a few steps back. At this time, a big hole was torn open in the lightning domain all of a sudden, and a large number of sword beams made their way in through it, piercing through several layers of lightning in their way while heading straight to Luo Changsheng.

Luo Changsheng didn’t panic in the slightest and causally stretched out his hand. Immediately, a semi-circular barrier appeared in front of him. When the sword beams bumped into the barrier, all of them were disintegrated without coming into contact with Luo Changsheng’s body.

Luo Changsheng lightly moved his lips, as an incomparably deep purple light flickered in the depths of his eyes. Afterwards, he let out an extremely loud shout…

It appeared as if tribulation lightning had suddenly blown up on his body, and the resulting purple light had blotted out the sky.

The extremely suppressed lightning domain shone with a very bright purple light and forcibly shook away Jun Xilei’s Dual Sword Domain. In the next instant, the sword domain was deformed. As if a deity had descended to the world, a fifty kilometer tall lightning wolf let out a long howl as it stood proudly and loftily in the sky. It then immediately pounced towards Jun Xilei. When the huge mouth of the wolf opened, Jun Xilei’s sword domain was completely swallowed by it.


The images of the sword and wolf collapsed at the same time, and a crack more than three meters long was suddenly opened up on the extremely tough and tenacious Conferred God Stage… The sound of the crack opening up exceeded even that of the heavenly lightning bursting in the sky.

Jun Xilei flew far, far away amidst the scattering light. Even after she had landed heavily on the ground, the remaining force of impact still caused her to retreat dozens of steps. Her face was pale, and her body was wobbly, but she forced herself to stand still nonetheless.

Luo Changsheng slowly landed on the ground in front of her. Although the young man was breathing heavily, no new wounds had been inflicted on his body.

Jun Xilei frowned deeply and raised Misty Light once more, but her face suddenly turned white as blood uncontrollably spilled out of her mouth. The young woman collapsed on her knees and trembled from head to toe, unable to climb back to her feet for a very long time.

It was clear who was the victor of the match.

The young woman hadn’t even reached her fifties yet, but her sword mastery stunned every Eastern Divine Region sword profound cultivator that was given the chance to witness this battle. No one would question her title as the number one sword cultivator of the young generation in the Eastern Divine Region after today. In fact, someone could claim that she would become the number one sword cultivator of the Eastern Divine Region in the future and no one would dispute it.

The only reason she lost was because her opponent was Luo Changsheng. There were countless proud sons and daughters of heaven in the entire Eastern Divine Region, but Luo Changsheng was the only person who could defeat her.

“Lei’er, let us stop here.” Jun Wuming’s calm voice came from afar. He had predicted this outcome a while ago.

Jun Xilei respected Jun Wuming deeply, and she had never gone against his orders. However, his voice spurred her to stand up slowly and power up Misty Light once more.

“I… won’t…”

Jun Xilei suddenly took to the air. She had obviously suffered severe internal injuries from the previous clash, regardless, her sword will instantly shrouded the sky. A single blade intent fell away from Misty Light like a meteor, but it suddenly split into ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand…

“Comet Sword Formation!?” Luo Guxie’s eyebrows abruptly furrowed as he exclaimed in an obvious tone of disbelief.

Lightning ran along Luo Changsheng’s Holy Lightning Sword as the young man faced the attack with a calm look on his face. However, his instincts suddenly flared up with danger when the ten thousand swords approached, causing him to move away immediately in a burst of speed. He employed all of his profound energy and threw Holy Lightning Sword at the incoming sword lights. The sword seemingly transformed into a three kilometer long giant sword as countless wind blades and lightning bolts blossomed into view in the blink of an eye.

After a loud noise erupted as the Comet Sword Formation clashed against the giant sword of wind and lightning, profound light enveloped the Conferred God Stage as if a disaster had descended upon it.

Jun Xilei’s sword formation was unnaturally powerful despite her injuries, but Luo Changsheng’s full power was just more terrifying. The ten thousand swords were continuously crushed to pieces by Luo Changsheng’s giant sword of wind and lightning, and in just a few breaths’ time, about seventy percent of the sword formation was annihilated in the clash. Meanwhile, Luo Changsheng’s wind and lightning power hadn’t even dropped below fifty percent yet.

Jun Xilei’s sword arm trembled slightly as pain rose to her face. Although she was supporting the sword formation with her full strength, she could feel that it was gradually but surely falling apart.

Suddenly, she withdrew her power from the sword formation. She didn’t try to block or avoid the giant sword either. A beam of light suddenly cut through space itself and flew towards Luo Changsheng.

The beam of light was incredibly glaring, like a light that suddenly flashed through one’s mind. Even time seemed to slow down because of its presence… this wasn’t the first time they had seen this attack.

Huo Poyun had lost instantly because of this sword beam.

Luo Changsheng obviously didn’t expect Jun Xilei to do such a thing. He had injected all of his strength into the giant sword, and the sword beam was so fast that he wasn’t able to withdraw all of his strength in time. He waved his arm and created a shoddy round barrier before him.


The beam of light dissipated, but his father’s growl abruptly entered his ears. “Changsheng watch out!”

When the young man looked up, a total of seven sword beams were already flying towards him…


Jun Xilei was fully struck by the giant sword and sent flying back like a rag doll. Her white clothes were drenched in blood.


Luo Changsheng’s barrier was destroyed after it had endured two attacks, and the young man managed to spin around just in time to avoid another three sword beams. However, there was nothing he could do about the final two attacks…

Blood sprayed through the air as the two sword beams penetrated Luo Changsheng’s right ribs one after another. Two fist-sized holes appeared in his body as a result.

Luo Changsheng’s stumbled backwards unsteadily, but he gritted his teeth and immediately annihilated or locked up the sword energy that had entered his body from the wound. Then, he charged forward and threw a gust of wind straight at the falling Jun Xilei.

Jun Xilei hadn’t reserved any power for protection because she wanted to wound Luo Changsheng by force. Moreover, she was fully struck by the giant sword of wind and lightning and could barely stand on her two feet. Naturally, she had absolutely no way of cancelling out Luo Changsheng’s profound wind and was instantly tossed outside the Conferred God Stage.

A person instantly vanished from the spectator’s stand and caught Jun Xilei in midair. After he landed safely outside the Conferred God Stage, he quickly sealed her wounds using his profound energy.

“Jun Xilei has left the bounds of the Conferred God Stage and lost the match! She will enter the Losers Group and fight in the fifth round of tomorrow’s loser bracket match!”

“Luo Changsheng wins! He will enter the finals of the winner bracket!”

Honorable Qu Hui declared the result at first notice.

No one was surprised that Luo Changsheng had won the match. However, no one had imagined that the battle would be as intense as it was.

Everyone had high hopes for the battle between the two strongest God Children. However, both Luo Changsheng and Jun Xilei’s true strength far exceeded their expectations and had surprised them again and again.

The short period of silence was suddenly broken by thunderous claps and loud cheers.

Luo Changsheng slowly walked to the edge of the God Conferred Stage while covering his right ribs with his left hand. Blood poured out between his fingers like water, but he didn’t show any sign of pain on his face. He asked Jun Wuming, “Senior Jun, is Miss Jun… alright?”

Jun Wuming looked up and shot him a deep glance. “She’s fine… I should thank you for holding back.”

Anxious, Luo Changsheng immediately saluted Jun Wuming despite his injuries. “You’re exaggerating, Senior Jun.”

A hand rose to the air and pushed Jun Wuming away. Jun Xilei was very badly injured both inside and outside, and she had practically no profound energy left. However, she stood up stubbornly and glared at Luo Changsheng just as fiercely and coldly as before. “Wipe… that smugness… one day… I’ll… cough… cough cough…”

Blood poured down Jun Xilei’s lips, and her face kept turning paler and paler. But even then, she refused to let Jun Wuming support her and left the place step by step on her own two feet. As Luo Changsheng stared at Jun Xilei’s back, an unconscious smile sprung to his lips. His eyes glowed with unprecedented radiance as he muttered half-consciously, “What an amazing woman.”

“She endured all those injuries just to put two holes in Luo Changsheng. That woman is seriously…” Yun Che hid a couple of gasps as he recalled Jun Xilei’s hatred of him.

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