Chapter 1193 - Profound Art Dominance

Against the Gods

Chapter 1193 - Profound Art Dominance

Lu Lengchuan’s profound energy had also climbed to the peak. The Skysplitter Spear let out an excited dragon’s roar, and the weapon was swept straight at Yun Che’s face.

Lu Lengchuan had once said that he would fight Yun Che with all his power. He was a man of his word.

The two cultivators didn’t speak or probe each other’s strength. The moment Honorable Qu Hui said the word “begin”, they immediately unleashed all of their profound energy and charged one another as if they were sworn enemies, even though they obviously hadn’t crossed each other’s path in the past.


Two kinds of power ran fiercely into each other. A yellow explosion pushed both combatants away, but they bounced back into the battle at the same time and clashed once more. Every time the burning Heaven Smiting Sword clashed against the Skysplitter Spear that was enveloped in dragon’s breath, it was like a thunderclap.

Yun Che’s power was absolutely oppressive and Lu Lengchuan’s ferocity was unrivaled. Every time the two powers ran into each other, it was as if a hurricane was coming or the ground was shattering.

Everything Yun Che touched became tinged by wildfire. The golden flames illuminated countless stunned faces.

“Yun Che… is… fighting Lu Lengchuan head on?”

Earlier, Yun Che’s feat of enduring Wu Guike’s attacks head on and sweeping him in just seven strikes had already shocked everyone. It was even praised as a miracle.

But Wu Guike was one man, and Lu Lengchuan another. Wu Guike was absolutely inferior to Lu Lengchuan, and while Yun Che’s attack might have stunned the entire Eastern Divine Region, no one thought he would be a worthy opponent for Lu Lengchuan.

However, Yun Che was meeting every single one of Lu Lengchuan’s attacks head on... Even scarier was the fact that he wasn’t falling behind at all!

Lu Lengchuan was a rank ten Divine Spirit cultivator! He was one of the famous Four God Children of the Eastern Region!

“Lu Lengchuan is obviously going all out.”

“It can’t be… was Yun Che hiding his strength even during the previous battle?”

“But he… he’s just in the eighth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm!”

“Doesn’t that mean… that Yun Che is actually at the level of the god children!? Heavens…”

The shock on everyone’s faces was only growing deeper and deeper as the fight went on. Every single cultivator from the young to the realm kings was shaking with emotion as the flames on the Conferred God Stage burned stronger and stronger.

“This boy never fails to give a pleasant surprise.” God Emperor Shitian narrowed his eyes intently at Yun Che and whispered to himself very, very quietly, “Eighth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, huh… Tsk tsk…”

“The intensity of his power and the amount of profound energy he possesses are clearly inferior to Lu Lengchuan’s,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said. “Even his sword is weaker than Lu Lengchuan’s Skysplitter Spear.”

Every God Emperor nodded in agreement of his assessment.

“Profound Art Dominance.” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor spoke up. “He is weaker than Lu Lengchuan in every aspect, but he’s on an equal footing with Lu Lengchuan because he’s using the Golden Crow flames… it truly deserves its title as one of the three strongest divine flames ever!”

“The Flame God Realm has never produced a Divine Master, and it has stayed a middle star realm for a very long time. It’s no wonder that some people have forgotten that the Vermillion Bird, Phoenix and Golden Crow were once the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts of ancient times! The fact that Huo Poyun’s strength far surpasses his peers was a proof of the Golden Crow’s power already, but this dominance is made even clearer on Yun Che. When this fight is over, the entire God Realm will certainly be reminded of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts.”

“This stalemate isn’t going to last for long.” The Dragon Monarch suddenly spoke up. “In fact, Yun Che is the one with the upper hand right now. His advantage is already starting to show.”

Fire was everywhere on the Conferred God Stage right now. Every time Yun Che swung his sword, large eruptions of golden flames would immediately follow. Moreover, the flames didn’t just dissipate immediately after they appeared. Instead, they continued to burn wildly until more than half of the Conferred God Stage was completely covered in flames. Conversely, the yellow stone dragon aura covering Lu Lengchuan’s body was very dim.

As the God Emperors had mentioned earlier, Lu Lengchuan was superior to Yun Che in terms of strength, aura and weapon might.

However, his stone dragon aura was instantly burned into nothingness every time it came into contact with Yun Che’s Golden Crow flames. Even a large portion of his profound energy was burned along with it. Worse, the burning sensation that was pressing against his body grew more and more intense with every breath drawn, causing him increasing levels of pain over time.


The sword and the spear clashed once more, and there was a terrific explosion of fire. Finally, the yellow stone dragon aura covering Lu Lengchuan’s body vanished completely.

Lu Lengchuan frowned deeply and regathered his breath, but Yun Che had already jumped into the air and slammed the increasingly hot Heaven Smiting Sword right down on him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Cries erupted from the spectator’s stand after Yun Che threw four consecutive strikes at Lu Lengchuan in a single breath. It was because Lu Lengchuan was forced to take a step backwards every time he blocked.

Yun Che’s eyes were ferocious. He flipped once in the air, summoned a ten meter long fire around the Heaven Smiting Sword and slashed downwards with even greater strength.

“Falling... Moon... Sinking... Star!!”


Everyone’s heart skipped a beat during the attack.

Lu Lengchuan threw everything he had behind the Skysplitter Spear and was barely able to hold out amidst the exploding fire. However, his right knee crumpled and he hit the floor in the next instant.

Lu Lengchuan clenched his teeth so hard he could’ve crushed them. His pupils were completely colored by shock.

He had never underestimated Yun Che, or he wouldn’t have used his full strength from the get go.

However, his lack of disdain was more akin to respect towards another powerful opponent. He didn’t actually believe that Yun Che could fight him on equal footing… after all, he was one of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region! He might be the weakest god child on the list, but he was invincible among the rest of his generation!

As the fire approached Lu Lengchuan, his protective profound energy was burned swiftly away. Suddenly, his eyebrows and the front part of his clothes began to burn as the stench of burning flesh lingered in the air.

Lu Lengchuan clenched his teeth in pain, but his pupils were bright with excitement.



Lu Lengchuan roared, and yellow light erupted from his body. The dragon’s roar knocked Yun Che forcefully away and gave Lu Lengchuan the opportunity to summon a yellow dragon around his spear and throw a straight thrust.


Lu Lengchuan missed, his attack hitting only an ice afterimage. However, he didn’t panic and summoned a dragon’s image behind himself.

Yun Che appeared behind Lu Lengchuan like a ghost and swung his burning sword downwards.


Lu Lengchuan’s dragon protection exploded, causing him to stagger and fall down from the sky. Yun Che himself was knocked far, far away.

Lu Lengchuan extinguished the Golden Crow flames on his body as quickly as he could, but before he could turn around a new wave of power was already approaching him like a tidal wave.

Yun Che didn’t give Lu Lengchuan or himself any opportunity to breathe. He hounded Lu Lengchuan like a leech or a shadow.

“Come at me!!”

Lu Lengchuan wasn’t afraid at all. On the contrary, he was boiling with passion. He roared again and caused the Skysplitter Spear to glow brightly with profound light.


The two powers clashed yet again, but this time Lu Lengchuan was in full defense mode. He allowed himself to be thrown far, far away by Yun Che’s strike and flew several thousand meters up into the sky. Then, he raised the glowing Skysplitter Spear above his head.

“Demon Dragon Seal!!”

There was a dragon’s roar, and the giant image of a dragon suddenly plunged towards the ground. Its head had grown to several hundred meters wide by the time it got close to Yun Che, and it opened its mouth in an attempt to swallow him whole. Blinding yellow light could be seen behind its mouth.

Yun Che’s instinct warned him of danger, and he backed away from the dragon in a burst of speed. However, the world before his eyes suddenly changed into a desolate and yellow desert. Yellow light danced across the sky like flying dragons, and they collapsed on top of his head ruthlessly as if they would bury him alive.

Yun Che’s eyes burned, and a single lotus of fire blossomed around him. He didn’t even bother to look at the dragon images. The brilliant flames of gold and red instantly became the center of the illusionary world and destroyed all the dragon images upon contact. Forget hurting Yun Che, they couldn’t even get close to him.

Yun Che lifted the Heaven Smiting Sword and summoned a pillar of fire that was several hundred meters long. The moment the flames took form, he swung his sword downwards in the style of “Golden Annihilation”.


A golden crack instantly appeared around the desolate, yellow world. Then, the entire illusion shuddered and collapsed.

In the air, Lu Lengchuan shuddered all over at the sight. After sealing Yun Che into the Demon Dragon Seal, he tried to gather energy to form the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier. He thought he would have enough time to form one layer at least, but in reality Yun Che had broken through the Demon Dragon Seal in just two breaths!

It was almost as if he was breaking through rotten rood!

“The title of the strongest divine flame… is well deserved!”

Lu Lengchuan muttered to himself.

The battle had gone completely against his expectations. By now, he was starting to realize that it was only a matter of time before he was fully suppressed by Yun Che. If he couldn’t conjure the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier in time, defeat… was practically a certainty.

Lu Lengchuan ultimately had a far greater profound energy reserve than Yun Che. Although Yun Che’s successful breakthrough had resulted in a minor profound energy backfire, he was able to gather the profound energy necessary to unleash yet another “Dragon Demon Seal”. A new dragon image dropped towards Yun Che yet again.

Yun Che wasn’t falling for the same trick twice. Not only did he choose to stand his ground, he charged straight toward the dragon image and flung a “Golden Annihilation” at it. The golden light penetrated the dragon image entirely.


Cut in half, the Demon Dragon Seal exploded into a cloud of yellow light before it came anywhere close to Yun Che.

“W… what?” This outcome stunned the spectators so much they could faint.

Lu Lengchuan’s profound energy and profound weapon were clearly superior to his opponent’s, and yet Yun Che was the one who was slowly but surely gaining the upper hand...

One of the reasons the Shrouding Sky Realm was able to become one of the strongest upper star realm in existence was thanks to their powerful dragonstone ability.

However, the dragonstone ability they were proud of was completely defeated by the golden crow flames!

If this was the outcome when Lu Lengchuan had the stronger profound energy and better profound weapon, then… didn’t that mean that Lu Lengchuan would be thrashed like a small fry if they were at equal strength!

“No need to panic.” Shrouding Sky Realm King remained calm, however. “Defense is the dragonstone ability’s greatest trait, not offense. It’s only natural that its destructive power is incomparable to the golden crow flame’s.”

“Right now, they’re almost at equal strength. If Lengchuan can conjure even one layer of barrier, it’ll be nearly impossible for him to lose this fight… there’s no reason he can’t find an opportunity to do so.”

Yun Che kept his attention fixed on Lu Lengchuan after he tore the second Demon Dragon Seal apart. He flew straight into the air towards his opponent at high speed, but Lu Lengchuan was also backing away at his highest possible speed. Swinging the Skysplitter Spear, he conjured a five kilometer desert that was formed in front of him and threw it straight towards Yun Che.

Yun Che’s brow creased slightly, but he didn’t slow down. He charged straight towards the desert like a burning meteor.


The ten kilometer wide desert was instantly cut in half by the Heaven Smiting Sword, causing the spectators to let out yet another exclamation of surprise. This time though, a frown suddenly appeared on Yun Che’s face.

The desert Lu Lengchuan conjured looked incredibly intimidating. It was clearly made using an incredibly high level law of earth. However, his attack had cut through it way too easily.

“Oh no…” Mu Bingyun suddenly turned pale.

The decapitated desert didn’t lose its power. On the contrary, it suddenly joined back together and devoured Yun Che completely.

The ten kilometer long desert continued to float in midair. Yun Che’s presence had completely vanished.

Lu Lengchuan fell towards the ground while yellow light erupted continuously from his body. The frowning young man was clearly creating the first layer of the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier.

“Is that… Shrouding Sky Realm’s “A World In Sand”!?” Mu Huanzhi exclaimed.

“Yun Che has no idea how to break through ‘A World In Sand’! It’s highly unlikely that he’ll be able to escape it in a short time. Worse, if Lu Lengchuan successfully forms even a single layer of Glowing Dragon Sacred Barrier, then there’s no way he’ll be able to beat Lu Lengchuan!” Huo Rulie said heavily.

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