Chapter 1200 - A Warning Sign alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Chapter 1200 - A Warning Sign

Yun Che completely healed from his injuries and recovered his profound strength inside the Time Wheel Pearl. Afterwards, he immediately deactivated the time wheel barrier instead of choosing to cultivate inside it. It was almost impossible for him to raise his profound strength to the same level as Jun Xilei just by cultivating for a few months.

He had to make the best use of the seven Time Wheel Pearls in his possession before his fight against Jun Xilei. Otherwise, it would be waste of them.

The night passed by quietly as Yun Che adjusted his state to its peak. When he opened his eyes, it was bright outside.

His battle on this day had come so soon, and his opponent was… Shui Meiyin.

Perceiving the change in his aura, Mu Bingyun came over to his side, “The time for your battle is near. Let’s go.”

Yun Che got up and said as he thought of something, “Palace Master Bingyun, Brother Poyun’s condition still didn’t seem to be in a good condition yesterday, so I’ll go over to take a look at him. It would naturally be the best if I can get him over to the competition site to watch the battle.”

“…That’s all right.” Mu Bingyun nodded her head. She had already realized during this time period that Yun Che really considered Huo Poyun his friend, and was very concerned about him getting disheartened because of Jun Xilei.

Yun Che came over to the residence of the Flame God Realm, but he was not able to sense Huo Poyun’s aura.

“Oh… Senior Brother Poyun has already gone to the Conferred God Stage, along with Sect Master, quite a while ago,” a Golden Crow Sect disciple, who was staying behind in the residence, told him. There was a look of worship in his eyes as he informed Yun Che.

The look of worship in his eyes was absolutely much more intense than when facing Huo Poyun.

“I see.”

As Yun Che was about to leave, the Golden Crow Sect disciple called out, as he found it difficult to suppress his excitement, “S-sir… Yun Che, best of luck in your Conferred God Battle today!”

Yun Che soared into the sky as he made his way to the Conferred God Stage by himself. Huo Poyun had finally gone to the audience seating area today along with Huo Rulie, which made it seem as if he had come out of his depression. But Yun Che didn’t feel relaxed in the least, and he became even more worried instead.

Looking at the extremely passionate look in that Golden Crow Sect disciple’s eyes had made him think of something all of a sudden.

“Sigh.” Yun Che let out a light sigh. He talked to himself, “Seriously, these youngsters…”

He appeared to have forgotten that his current biological age was even lower than Huo Poyun’s.

As he drew closer to the Conferred God Stage area, a group of three flew over from another direction. Yun Che was immediately startled when he cast a sideways glance in their direction.

The one leading the group was actually none other than Shui Yingyue! The most eye-catching among the three people, that subconsciously made others look at her first, was an exquisite and petite girl of tender age who was dressed in black skirt.

It was his opponent on this day—Shui Meiyin!

The third person was a youth in blue. His face was fair and clear, and had delicate features, but he still looked heroic despite that.

“Huh?” When Yun Che saw the group of three, Shui Meiyin also caught sight of him. She moved her beautiful eyes in a circle before suddenly pulling her elder sister as she flew straight to Yun Che.

“Big Brother Yun Che!” Shui Meiyin’s fine eyebrows curved as she waved her little hand at Yun Che. “What a coincidence. We meet again.”

“Eh… ah, it is indeed quite a coincidence.” This heaven favored girl who was the focus of attention of the people throughout the world had surprisingly taken the initiative to come over and chat with him. Yun Che had no idea how to respond in such a situation.

Shui Meiyin slightly raised her face as her starry eyes twinkled, “Big Brother Yun Che, your performance was truly awesome in the fight with Brother Lengchuan yesterday! I worship you so much!”

“…” Yun Che was startled. He noticed that Shui Yingyue and the youth who were with Shui Meiyin were completely taken aback at her words, and even the expressions in their eyes seemed to have changed.

Seeing the clear look of disbelief on Yun Che’s face, Shui Meiyin pursed her tender lips, “I’m telling you the truth. Moreover, this is my first time sincerely worshiping someone. It’s because Big Brother Yun Che is truly so, so awesome… Oh, that’s right!”

Shui Meiyin moved a bit to the side, “This is my big sister. You must have seen her before.”

Shui Yingyue slightly nodded towards Yun Che. There was no doubt that the look in her eyes, while looking at Yun Che, was completely different from the first time she saw him.

“He is my Ninety-ninth Big Brother.” Shui Meiyin pointed to the youth. “Ninety-ninth Big Brother also participated in this session of the Profound God Convention, but was defeated in the third round of the preliminaries. He is so much worse than Big Brother Yun Che, and can’t be compared to even your little finger.”

The identity of the youth was naturally extraordinary for him to be able to travel with Shui Yingyue and Shui Meiyin. He could have acted proud in front of Yun Che given his identity as a son of the Glazed Light Realm King, but his noble and towering presence was instantly reduced to nothingness by the remark Shui Meiyin made. He said to Yun Che with an awkward expression, “Cough, this humble one is Shui Yinghen, the ninety-ninth son of my royal father. Watching little brother Yun’s battle yesterday, broadened the horizons of this humble one.”

“…So it’s the ninety-ninth young master of the Glazed Light Realm. I’m very pleased to meet you.” Yun Che returned the greeting, as he sighed with emotion in his heart. If it was before the Profound God Convention, how was it possible for a proud person of the Glazed Light Realm, a peak level upper star realm, to even spare a glance at a person from a middle star realm? But now, not only did a son of the Glazed Light Realm King take the initiative to talk to him, but he even called himself “this humble one”…

He had an impression of Shui Yinghen. He vaguely remembered that he was one of the thousand heaven chosen children, but was not able to pass the third round inside the Eternal Heaven Tower, and consequently, was unable to enter the Conferred God Battle.

Considering how Shui Meiyin roasted him without any mercy just now, it appeared to be quite a disgrace to this ninety-ninth young master of the Glazed Light Realm.

“Big Brother Yun Che, your opponent today is me, so you need to be careful.” Shui Meiyin’s eyebrows curved as she revealed a sweet and lovely smile. She didn’t seem as if she was facing an opponent in the least.

“Same goes for you,” Yun Che replied.

“However,” the girl slightly moved her starry eyes, as she said smilingly, “it doesn’t look like you are completely unworried about losing to me.”

“No.” Yun Che shook his head. “I have never underestimated my opponent, and it is even more so in your case.”

Shui Meiyin blinked her eyes. She wore a serious face, as she pointed her nose and lips up a bit and said in a certain tone, “But… do you really think so in your heart?”

“…” Shui Meiyin’s eyes looked pure like crystals, however, they had the same depth to them as a dark night. It seemed as if she could directly see through a person’s soul.

Yun Che was definitely not taking Shui Meiyin lightly, but as he was extremely confident in his mental power, he had never thought of the possibility of him losing to Shui Meiyin, not even subconsciously. After winning the battle against Lu Lengchuan the previous day, he had spent the whole night racking his brain to come up with a way to win against Jun Xilei. He almost didn’t bother thinking about how he was going to fight his battle with Shui Meiyin.

Looking at Shui Meiyin’s pitch-black eyes and hearing the surety in her tone, he suddenly grew wary of her in the depths of his heart for the first time… Furthermore, it was an extremely strong feeling of wariness.

“Haha,” Shui Meiyin lightly laughed at this time all of a sudden. Her laughter sounded quite lovely. “I may be younger in age and such a cute girl, but you might find it even more difficult to deal with me than Big Brother Lengchuan. Big Brother needs to be extremely careful.”

“All right,” Shui Yingyue pulled Shui Meiyin by the hand and slightly glanced at Yun Che. “The time for the battle to start is near, so let’s be on our way.”

“Mn!” Shui Meiyin pulled her elder sister’s hand. “Big Brother Yun Che, we’ll meet again in a bit

The pair of sisters slowly flew away, one dressed in black, the other blue. As the sleeves of their robes fluttered in the wind, they appeared like two butterflies dancing in the air, which was quite a delightful sight to say the least.

Shui Yinghen’s figure, however, came to a stop in the sky. He suddenly turned around and told Yun Che in a low voice, with a stern expression on his face, “Hey! I must warn you not to think that you will be able to defeat my little sister just because you defeated Lu Lengchuan. My little sister… is a monstrous girl that is several thousand times more capable and fearsome than what she has shown or you can imagine. You barely managed to keep your life to get that brilliant victory yesterday, so try not to be thoroughly destroyed today!”

“…” Yun Che was slightly stunned. He said while nodding, “I thank the ninety-ninth young master for the warning.”

“It’s good if you understand!” Having finished his words, he surprisingly drew a bit closer instead of leaving. He also lowered his voice a lot, “Well… you see, I warned you out of kindness, so shouldn’t you, you know… cough, repay me for it? During your fight with Lu Lengchuan yesterday… how did you pull off that ‘God Manifestation’?”

Yun Che, “…”

“It isn’t the true ‘God Manifestation,’ right? Royal father told me that it is only after reaching the Divine Master Realm that one is able to use it to its utmost ability. Why did someone such as you, who is just at the Divine Tribulation Realm, succeed in doing it…? Is there some trick to it? Is it difficult to learn?”

“Ninety-ninth Big Brother! Hurry… up!”

Shui Meiyin’s voice was heard from far, far away. Shui Yingyue promptly turned his head around, as if he had heard an imperial edict, and after a moment of hesitation, immediately flew in the direction of the voice. At the same time, he didn’t forget to leave a few words for Yun Che, “Later… Let’s talk about it again later!”

When Yun Che arrived at the Conferred God Stage, he immediately caught sight of Huo Poyun. Huo Poyun also saw him coming over and stood up to welcome him.

“Brother Poyun, you have finally come. It seems that you have definitely thought through a lot of things,” Yun Che said with a faint smile.

However, Huo Poyun shook his head in response, and let out a bitter laugh, “If I speak the truth, it would only sound like a joke to Brother Yun. Yesterday, I also once believed that I had broken free from the obstacles set up by my inner demons, but…”

“Sigh.” Huo Poyun let out a light sigh, as a perplexed look surfaced in his eyes. “I clearly know that I’m under the influence of a heart demon, but I’m still utterly incapable of getting rid of it. I clearly know that I should not be thinking so pessimistically, but I’m still unable to change my way of thinking… It is only after arriving at the Eternal Heaven Realm that I discovered I’m actually a useless person.”

“Hahaha,” Yun Che unexpectedly laughed at his words. “Brother Poyun, do you still remember my words? Don’t treat your inner demon as a bad thing. On the contrary, this is something one must experience in their life. Once you pass through this phase, you will be able to have a brand-new perspective of heaven and earth.”

“Mn!” Huo Poyun nodded heavily. “I won’t let myself continue to be in such a disgraceful state. Brother Yun, you will be able to enter the ranks of the top four after winning your battle today! You will be able to become part of the ‘Four Conferred God Children!’ I remember the Voice of Eternal Heaven saying that the top four contestants will be given special rewards by the four great king realms. Therefore… you have to do your best. You must emerge victorious.”

“Of course!”

It was the sixth round of the Losers Group that was to be held this day, and a total of two battles would be fought. Following the announcement by Honorable Qu Hui, the Conferred God Battles for this day began quickly.

In the first battle, it was a face-off between Jun Xilei and Meng Duanxi. Nothing suspenseful or unexpected happened during this battle, and Jun Xilei easily won after only using six sword attacks.

“Meng Duanxi has lost, and his journey in the Conferred God Battle will stop here. Jun Xilei has won, and she will be participating in the seventh round of the Losers Group three days from now!”

“Now we will now have the second battle of the sixth round of the Losers Group, Shui Meiyin of the Glazed Light Realm versus Yun Che of the Snow Song Realm!”

As soon as Honorable Qu Hui made the announcement, the gazes of everyone present, including the great god emperors, star gods, moon gods, and guardians, focused on Yun Che right away… This scene alone was enough to manifest the enormous influence Yun Che possessed after his battle the previous day,

Mu Bingyun spoke five words of warning, “You must be extremely careful.”

“Brother Yun, I suggest you suppress her with your profound strength as soon as possible, once the battle starts, so that she doesn’t get the chance to execute her mental attacks,” Huo Poyun said in a low voice.

Yun Che slightly nodded his head. He flew up into the air and landed on the Conferred God Stage, facing Shui Meiyin who was standing quite far away. Vermillion rays of light flashed, after which the Heaven Smiting Sword appeared in his hand, though he hadn’t moved his profound energy yet.

Compared to the serious look in his eyes, and him preparing himself for the battle, Shui Meiyin had both of her hands behind her back. Her delicate fingers were still dexterously fiddling with the butterfly-shaped knot that was tied around her slim waist. There was a faint, beautiful smile on her face that made others feel no tension or deterrence at all.

The audience seating area was particularly quiet, as everyone looked at the stage with bated breath.

It was because no one dared to predict the outcome of this face-off.

There was no doubt that Yun Che had great strength, and it could be said that the whole Eastern Divine Region was stunned by his performance in the battle the previous day.

Shui Meiyin,however, was an extremely special existence.

Her profound strength was only at the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm. Although it was an absolutely world-shaking cultivation for someone of her age, it was undoubtedly at the bottom level among the participants of the Conferred God Battle. She had not faced a single defeat so far in the Conferred God Battle, except for the one time when she took the initiative to admit defeat in her battle against Shui Yingyue!

Moreover, she was able to win each of her battles quite easily.

At the same time, she had never used her profound strength to fight until now, and instead relied entirely on her extremely high level movement skill, and her incomparably extraordinary mental power.

Besides, the two of them had the lowest profound strengths among the thirty-two Conferred God Candidates, and even the thousand heaven chosen children.

One was at the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm, the other at the eighth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm.

Despite having such low cultivations, these two had surprisingly trampled on all their opponents in the late stage of Divine Spirit Realm, and they were now going to fight for a position among the final four of the competition. There was no doubt that it was a great, miraculous spectacle to see such people facing each other at this stage in the history of the Conferred God Battle.

As Yun Che was staring fixedly at her, Shui Meiyin tilted her head to the side. Her charming eyes narrowed into the shape of crescent moons, as a very soft and light soul voice transmitted inside his mind,“Big Brother Yun Che, be careful.”


The moment Honorable Qu Hui’s voice resounded like a thunderclap, Yun Che rushed ahead, while unleashing all of his profound energy, like an arrow that had just left the bowstring…

He had the same plan as Huo Poyun—to suppress her with his absolutely superiority in energy, and give her no chance to make use of her mental power!

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