Chapter 1212 - Forcefully Breaking the Sword Domain

Against the Gods

Chapter 1212 - Forcefully Breaking the Sword Domain

It all turned out as Yun Che had expected.

He didn’t make any attempt to dodge or defend, but made use of that exact same moment to unleash “Rumbling Heaven”... although his sword wielding speed was slower than Jun Xilei’s, he had the Buddha Heart Divine Veins that Mu Xuanyin had personally given him. Along with his gathered profound energy, the explosive speed far exceeded that of Jun Xilei. That vermillion blade of light was far less eye catching than Jun Xilei’s brilliant white sword beam but its power was vastly stronger. 

When Jun Xilei’s sword beam pierced through the vermillion sword light, its strength was reduced by at least seventy percent. Jun Xilei would never have expected Yun Che to make an explosive move at the same moment as her, and a move that was far stronger and more intense than hers. That very moment she made her move was also her moment of vulnerability. She was thoroughly caught defenseless and thus suffered heavy injuries.

And all Yun Che suffered was just a bloody hole in his body, not even his bones were pierced.

“Ah.” Jun Wuming was shocked for moment before sighing. It was obvious that Jun Xilei hadn’t listened to him one bit. She was unable to control the amount of hatred she felt for Yun Che… and Yun Che had made use of that hatred against her, heavily wounding her.

“This kid is forever giving us pleasant surprises. Heh.” Cang Shitian chuckled.

“Merely raising one small level at the Divine Tribulation Realm and his profound strength has gone up by leaps and bounds. He’s completely different from before!” the Star God Emperor spoke in surprise. “Even his sword is very different from before.”

“Not just very different from before, it is clearly heavens apart.” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor squinted. “It is quite obviously the same sword, but its power has risen by more than ten times! Frankly speaking, it has already far surpassed Jun Xilei’s Misty Light.”

“Within just a few days… his very person, even his sword, they all seem to have undergone a complete metamorphosis… How in the world did he do it!?”

Every god emperor’s gaze was locked onto Yun Che, they were speechless for quite a while. Once again, these existences that stood at the very peak of the God Realm, were rendered speechless by a junior who wasn’t even thirty years old.

“Brother Yun… His level of profound strength… has it really only risen by one small level?” Huo Poyun murmured in disbelief.

“Poyun,” Huo Rulie let out a deep breath, “what little Yun has done is to help vent on your behalf.”

“...I know.” Huo Poyun gently nodded.

“Sect Master Huo, where did Yun Che go to these few days and what did he do?” Mu Bingyun asked, her usually frosty demeanor giving way to one of shock and surprise.

Huo Rulie slowly shook his head, “I never would have thought that he would actually… make it this far. This kid… He’s definitely the biggest little monster the entire Eastern Divine Realm has ever seen! This entire battle, perhaps… perhaps… he might even possibly win this battle!”

“No, it’s not a matter of being possible, it’s a matter of most likely!” Yan Juehai shouted, all worked up. “That sword of Yun Che’s just now has already far exceeded what it has done before. The injuries Jun Xilei has suffered aren’t light. Even if she gathers all her remaining strength to battle Yun Che, she’s already at a grave disadvantage.”

“He must not be careless,” Mu Bingyun said. “Although she’s suffered a huge injury she’s still the successor of the Sword Sovereign!”

Jun Xilei started to slowly stand up on the Conferred God Stage. Her face was an unnatural shade of white. The blood at the side of her lips and across her white dress were a shocking sight. As she gathered more sword light around her, a frightening and smothering sword pressure that started to suffocate several spectators gathered around her.

The entire spectator stands grew silent. All the profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region held their breaths as their hearts pounded madly.

Could… Yun Che… win?

Ten breaths ago, such a notion was simply absurd. At this moment however, it now surged within the hearts of everyone present.

Being the Sword Sovereign’s successor, Jun Xilei wasn’t a fool. The moment she stood up, she realized that Yun Che had used that moment of her mental state to deal a counter blow. From the very beginning, feigning weakness in front of her sword intent was clearly a trick of his, giving her the confidence she needed to make her move.

Yun Che’s bearing had also undergone a heaven surmounting change. The strength of his sword made her feel massively suppressed… She understood more than anyone else that although she was caught unawares, leaving an opening in her defenses, she probably wouldn’t be any better off since he was able make her to suffer injuries to such a degree in a single strike, even if she wasn’t caught off guard and could muster her all to defend.

And that strike had dealt such damage even after passing through and weakening most of her sword beam!

Furthermore, Yun Che didn’t take advantage of the situation to deliver a follow up blow but instead stood his ground, not moving an inch. It was as clear as day to her; this was without a doubt a form of ridicule and contempt.

She thought of the warning that Jun Wuming had given her… the current Yun Che was completely different from the Yun Che from three days ago.

Jun Xilei’s breathing started to get flustered. The Misty Light Sword shook, but as time passed the blade stopped trembling and her breathing began to calm down. Even the hatred within her eyes had disappeared and in its place was a sea of calm.

At the very end, Jun Xilei’s pupils completely vanished.

At the same time, all signs of light instantly dimmed, covering the entire Conferred God Stage in darkness. A vast starry sky then suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The starry sky seemed to encompass and swallow everything, leaving Jun Xilei in all her glowing splendor. It seemed like all the stars were floating and revolving around her, making her look as if she was a moon goddess. Floating in midair, her blood stained dress only served to add to the image of sacredness she was currently showing. 

“Undistracted Sword Domain… Yun Che, watch out!” Mu Bingyun called out.

A chilling wave of suppression swept all around. Even outside of the sword domain, the eyes of countless young profound practitioners were all wide and shaking.

“That surprising sword slash Yun Che released just now did not only heavily injure Jun Xilei physically, it had also pierced her dignity. However, the Undistracted Sword Domain required a state where the heart and sword were one, one had to first enter into a state of utter calm. She had suffered blows on both fronts but was able to recover and execute the Undistracted Sword Domain within a few breaths… This is extremely impressive,” an elder of the Glazed Light Realm sighed. 

“If she couldn’t do this at the least, how else could she be chosen by Jun Wuming as his successor.” Shui Qianheng continued, “but executing the Undistracted Sword Domain after barely getting up means that she knows she has not much time left to battle as her injuries aren’t light.”

“Jun Xilei has already been injured. Her breathing is very obviously growing weaker, but… even Luo Changsheng couldn’t deal with her Undistracted Sword Domain easily. Furthermore, Luo Changsheng’s teacher is Fairy Guxie so he already knows how to deal with the Undistracted Sword Domain. As for Yun Che.. He… Can he really……”

“He can! He definitely can!” Shui Meiyin shouted with all her might.

“Hmph! Jun Xilei was able to leave two deep cavities in Luo Changsheng’s body even in her heavily injured state. Just based on that, I wouldn’t be surprised if she manages to easily turn Yun Che’s body into a beehive, hmph!” Shui Qianheng retorted ungraciously. 

Within the sword domain, Yun Che seemed like an insignificant existence in front of those myriad stars. Like a grain of sand that could be easily swept away, as if he were but a mere speck of dust. His gaze tightened and turned serious. He gripped the Heaven Smiting Sword and steadily moved forward.

Jun Xilei’s movements began to exhibit a change.

Almost immediately, a blinding explosion occurred. Countless stars turned into sword beams, shooting toward Yun Che.

Within the Undistracted Sword Domain, every object could become a sword and every sword had a soul that would arrive at their mark. They could only be blocked and not dodged.

Golden flames started to burn around Yun Che and the entire Heaven Smiting Sword was then also covered in the flames. The surrounding sword beams and sword energy around him was immense as they rained down upon him, but he ignored everything and slashed out with all his might.

A loud boom sounded. Within a thirty meter radius of Yun Che were bright golden flames that exploded outwards, interrupting the sword auras. Any sword beams that came into contact of that distance were immediately destroyed and turned into specks of fleeting light. However, these specks of light formed into more sword beams and continued their bombardment, aiming to pierce Yun Che.

These innumerable sword beams were sufficient to turn Yun Che into a pile of fine dust.


Yun Che struck out a second time. A renewed sword beam drew near and was once again destroyed... and this time, its destruction was more absolute.

After Hong’er had forcefully eaten the Golden Crow Sacred Sword, both the Heaven Smiting Sword’s weight and power underwent an overwhelming upgrade. The seven months Yun Che spent in the God Burying Inferno Prison, aside from assimilating the Phoenix God’s blood and training in its profound arts, a larger portion of his time was spent learning how to control and wield the new and improved Heaven Smiting Sword. 

After a full six months, he had finally barely managed to accomplish this… and only did so when he pushed his “Rumbling Heaven” state to its limits. Otherwise, he was completely unable to wield the sword in his Purgatory state, let alone his normal state.

It was also during this process that Yun Che’s profound strength had been tempered to become incomparably solid.

With the reborn Heaven Smiting Sword, Yun Che being able to use it also meant him being reborn as well.

Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom————

Within the Undistracted Sword Domain, every speck of dust, every pocket of air could be turned into a sharp sword. Once one was caught within the domain, that meant suffering a hell of ten thousand swords. At this moment however, a bright fire was burning at the center of the sword domain. Regardless of how bright or mighty these blades of sword light were, they still crumbled before Yun Che’s might.

The spectator stands were rendered speechless. The mighty sounds of sword beams piercing through the air and exploding drowned out everything. Before the gazes of everyone present, an uncountable number of sword beams had rained down. Just any one among them had a terrifying aura that could suffocate any of the young practitioners there...

But even so, none of them could hurt Yun Che in the slightest. They couldn’t even get near him.

“Yun Che is actually… able to block them?”

“Not only that… It seems that not even a hair of his has been harmed thus far. If it were me, I’d have died ten thousand times over… Hssss,” said a young profound practitioner as he sucked in a breath of cold air.

“That’s… the Undistracted Sword Domain! Even Luo Changsheng was injured by it.”

“Does this mean that… Yun Che actually has a chance of defeating Jun Xilei?”

Boom! Boom! Booom——

Every time Yun Che swung his sword, an intense and eye catching blazing light would fire up all around him on the Conferred God Stage. The audience looked on in shock as the shockwaves thundered out.

Both Jun Xilei and Yun Che were using swords. Jun Xilei’s mastery was at the limits of absolute sharpness, being able to pierce through everything while Yun Che’s sword was one of absolute domination. Both techniques were sword based but were two very different domains.

In the seats of the Shrouding Sky Realm, Lu Lengchuan who had purposely came to watch the battle was standing up. Although usually steady and calm, he currently had a crazed look in his eyes and his breathing was flustered.

When he had battled Yun Che, he was dripping with happiness and excitement. When he had admitted defeat, he had done it of his own accord, and he had absolutely no regrets. But just when he thought he had seen the limits of Yun Che’s ability, just by improving by one small realm, Yun Che had turned into a completely different person. He was definitely not the same Yun Che he had battled previously.

Furthermore, every sword move he executed contained a sword strength that made it hard for him to breathe. He could clearly feel that any one of Yun Che’s sword strikes was something that he would not be able to defend against.

It was just three short days… Even if he had the Time Wheel Pearl and the addition of the pearls he had given Yun Che, he would have at most had just a few months to prepare.

“Looks like that match was destined to be the only time when I was ever fit to be his opponent,” Lu Lengchuan muttered to himself.

He was the son of the Shrouding Sky Realm King. His identity was lofty and glorious. Yun Che, however, was born from the lower realms. His master was only someone from a middle realm and yet right now in Lu Lengchuan’s eyes, Yun Che was standing in a position which he could only look up to… In fact, the distance between them would only grow further and further.

“I’m afraid that none of the god emperors will be able to predict what the future holds for this child.” Shrouding Sky Realm King Lu Zhou sighed, “If he manages to defeat Jun Xilei in this battle… I’m afraid all four king realms will fight over the chance to recruit him.”

“Royal father, will Brother Yun… Will he really win?” Lu Lengchuan whispered. “Though he is able to block all of the attacks from the Undistracted Sword Domain, he is still sealed in a deadlock and unable to leave. The moment he he leaves an opening, he will…”

“No,” Lu Zhou shook his head, “Did you forget? Yun Che… still has his Manifest Gods!”


Just as Lu Zhou’s words landed, the brilliant flames on the Conferred God Stage exploded. Scattered flames and broken sword beams shot in all four directions. At the same time, a phoenix cry sounded in the air. A golden image flew through the air, then flew through the countless layers of sword beams, heavily smashing into the body of Jun Xilei who was standing in the center of her sword domain.

A golden inferno enveloped her entire body.

Jun Xilei’s entire body shook. Her Undistracted Sword Domain trembled violently. All the sword beams had disappeared, leaving only Yun Che standing in the middle of flames that reached over three hundred meters.

“Yellow Springs Ashes!!”


Like the core of a sun exploding outwards, cracks started to fissure all around the entire Undistracted Sword Domain. The Golden Crow Manifest God’s attack exploded at the same time “Yellow Springs Ashes” mercilessly blasted away Jun Xilei who was at the core of the domain.


Jun Xilei’s eyes returned to normal. Her entire body was set alight as she was sent flying like a leaf in a hurricane. The Undistracted Sword Domain had collapsed entirely and all the stars within it had extinguished at the same time. Amidst the destructive sight, Yun Che’s figure could be seen holding a glowing vermillion sword as he flew straight down like a falling star, heading straight for Jun Xilei.

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