Chapter 1220 - Grand Final

Against the Gods

Chapter 1220 - Grand Final

“Ying’er,” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor looked at her and said, “You’ve been watching from afar for these few days, and haven’t come near. Why’d you suddenly come today?”

“Yun Che. I’ve taken a very great interest in him.” 

“Qianye Ying’er’s lips moved gently, replying without much emotion. Her snowy white neck, her wrists and every inch of her body that was exposed looked like flawless white jade. She was exuding a brilliant luster, and was beautiful beyond compare.

“So that’s how it is.” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor nodded without asking any further. Qianye Ying’er was absolutely clear about the consequences of her personally appearing but she still came. Obviously what she had toward Yun Che was more than just an average “interest”.

Atop the Conferred God Stage, Yun Che laid his eyes on Qianye Ying’er for quite a while, and with some difficulty was finally able to pull his eyes off her.

She’s the… Brahma Monarch Goddess...

Even without seeing her facial features, her elegance and radiance could shake one’s soul, causing even the sun, moon and stars to lose their color. She was befitting of the “Dragon Queen and Goddess” name. 

Suddenly at this moment he noticed that Luo Changsheng was undergoing a very obvious change, his entire aura and his energies were no longer calm. 

Every man would only want to pursue the peak in his life. Be it the peak of the profound way, the peak of strength or even the most beautiful woman. And the “Empress Dragon Sacred Goddess” represented the pinnacle of beauty throughout the Divine Realm.

The Dragon Queen was the Dragon Monarch’s wife and the Dragon Monarch was the number one expert of the God Realm. He was naturally a match for the Dragon Queen and the Dragon Queen was of the caliber to be a match for him.

But the Goddess...

If any man were to finally get so much as a kiss from her, that would incite waves of crazed envy across the God Realm.

Luo Changsheng was no exception.

But what kind of existence was the Brahma Monarch Goddess? Even someone like Luo Changsheng, with his status, would not dare dream of being able to receive a kiss of hers. Perhaps being able to get a glimpse of her beauty was a hopeless wish in one’s life time.


The Honorable Qu Hui’s voice rumbled like thunder bringing everyone’s attention back to the Conferred God Stage once more.

The moment Honorable Qu Hui’s voice sounded, Yun Che and Luo Changsheng explosively released their profound energy at the same time. 

Luo Changsheng’s long hair lifted as the space all around him became enveloped in violent winds and lightning crackled everywhere. His right hand held the Holy Lightning Sword, while his left held the Divine Wind Battleaxe. The atmosphere on the entire stage changed thanks to him.

Even before he made a move his entire posture and the air about him shook the hearts of everyone present. He exuded a deep threatening air. Luo Changsheng being bathed in hurricanes and lightning made him look like an overlord standing at the peak of all experts. A sense of inferiority crept in and started to grow in the hearts of all those who laid their eyes on him.


Luo Changsheng made his move. With the raging winds assisting him, Luo Changsheng’s speed reached an unbelievable level. The Holy Lightning Sword and Divine Wind Battleaxe left two glaring trails in the ground like brilliant scars. They were incredibly frightening, like the claws of a vicious devil able to take the lives of all living beings.

“Ahhhh!!” Several profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region shouted in shock. No one would have thought that Luo Changsheng would actually make such an aggressive attack right from the start. The power he displayed was absolutely frightening and far exceeded anything he displayed in his earlier battles… Facing Yun Che, he was absolutely not holding back. 

The raging winds and lightning changed the entire color of the sky… Would Yun Che be able to withstand his attack?

Right at the same moment, Yun Che immediately made his move. He had the Buddha Heart Divine Veins and when it came to explosive bursts of power, he would not fall short of anyone. His calm body erupted, the Heaven Smiting Sword burst into flames, and as he waved the sword, golden flames blanketed the sky, directly clashing with the wind and lightning from Luo Changsheng.


A deafening roar like explosions of a divine magnitude sounded. The entire stage was filled with scars and cracks, loose pieces that flew up almost immediately turned to dust thanks to the immense and violent energies that descended from the sky.

From the moment Honorable Qu Hui started the battle, there was no probing, no exchange of words or glares. Both of them unleashed all they had. Throughout history, the Conferred God Stage had been destroyed several times over, but in this battle between the two of them this was the first time ever that during the very first exchange, the Conferred God Stage was immediately shattered and ruined.

Lightning and thunder, raging winds, violent flames… The Conferred God Stage was struck with three types of raging powers. If it wasn’t for the protection shielding them, the spectator stands would probably have been buried among the three powers. Both of them were engaged in crazed combat. Their speed was as quick as light and every time they exchanged moves, a roar of thunder would sound. Just a few breaths of time had turned the stage into an absolute hell. Each and every part of the space on and around the stage was filled with frightening profound energy.

The entire audience seemed like they had been turned to stone. They had expected a colorful and eventful exchange but they never would have imagined, that right from the beginning, it would be this exciting.

“Luo Changsheng is frighteningly powerful! But… such a powerful Luo Changsheng… and Yun Che is actually not at a disadvantage?”

“Ssss…. So Yun Che held back when he was fighting Jun Xilei!”

“Of course, he could even block the Nameless Sword! This is Yun Che’s real ability. Against Luo Changsheng he’s not at a disadvantage! My goodness, this battle… perhaps… it’s even possible to say that he might be able to defeat Luo Changsheng!”

During Yun Che and Jun Xilei’s battle, at the start it was the “ambush” that drove Jun Xilei into a corner, and after that it was defending continuously against the Nameless Sword. Right now however, he was facing Luo Changsheng’s explosive power head on. Everyone realized that Yun Che’s abilities were actually on par with Luo Chanhsheng!

“Ah… Ah… Ah…”

Huo Poyun’s eyes were wide open, as if he were watching something that defied all reason. He could not help but make those exclamations.

“That… that… is that really… Brother Yun?”

Not only Huo Poyun, the Snow Song Realm, the Flame God Realm, even Huo Rulie, Yan Juehai, and Mu Huanzhi, all of them sat up straight, eyes opened wide, not even paying attention to Huo Poyun’s question.

“No wonder… No wonder Yingyue admitted defeat.” In the spectator stands where the Glazed Light Realm was, Shui Yingheng gave a violent “gulp”.

Shui Yingyue, “...”

“Ying’er,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor matter of factly asked, “Luo Changsheng versus Yun Che, who among the two will win?”

Qianye Ying’er’s eyes didn’t move but her mouth curled in mockery, “Luo Changsheng? Is he worth mentioning in the same sentence as Yun Che!?”

“Oh?” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor gave her a sideways glance.

“Luo Changsheng’s profound strength has reached the peak of the Divine Spirit Realm, he’s half a step into the Divine King Realm,” Qianye Ying’er coldly stated, “but it seems that everyone has forgotten that Yun Che’s profound strength is only in the Divine Tribulation Realm.”

“Just based on this, Luo Changsheng isn’t even worthy to carry Yun Che’s shoes, let alone worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as him.”

“Heh heh,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor chuckle. “Beneath the king realms, there is actually someone that had managed to catch your eye. That’s rare.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s sentence seemed straightforward but it held great hidden meaning behind it. 

“...That’ll have to depend on him,” Qianye Ying’er replied matter of factly. “He had better not let me down.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor laughed once more and didn’t probe further… After all, he knew his daughter all too well.

Boom! Boom! Bang!!

It was as if two fearsome savage beasts were tearing each other apart in a life and death battle on the Conferred God Stage. Eruptions of calamitous force fields occured at every instant.

Luo Changsheng had the power of the storm on his side so his speed far exceeded Yun Che’s. His figure appeared and disappeared like lightning. Although Yun Che’s speed seemed a little inferior, activating Moon Splitting Cascade with the huge Heaven Smiting Sword in his hand, every strike of his contained an annihilating domain of its own, completely extinguishing any form of power Luo Changsheng unleashed against him.

“World Traversal Zone!”

A brilliant green light flashed from Luo Changsheng’s position and the entire stage erupted with even more violent winds. A large domain was opened in just one short breath, stretching fifty kilometers. Luo Changsheng’s speed increased explosively while the winds enveloped Yun Che. Yun Che’s speed fell and even his body was clearly being constrained by the winds.


Within that short opening, the Holy Lightning Sword broke through the Heaven Smiting Sword’s destruction domain. A bolt of lightning shot out, looking like a lightning snake leaping out of an abyss, heading straight for Yun Che’s heart.

Yun Che inclined as he took a sudden step back, but with this step he launched himself backwards more than three hundred meters before he managed to keep steady. He swept himself one round in a circular arc and with a brilliant flash of blue light ,he froze the lightning and shattered it. He struck out once more with his sword causing frost and snow to cover the sky, releasing a vast blizzard-filled domain.

“Frozen End Domain!” the crowd from the Snow Song Realm subconsciously muttered in low voices.

Luo Changsheng released his “World Traversal Zone” relatively fast but Yun Che’s releasing of the “Frozen End Domain” was even faster by a step, causing a look of surprise to flash across Luo Changsheng’s face.

Both domains they unleashed were of the control type. One was a storm domain advantageous to Luo Changsheng that constrained Yun Che, the other an icy hell advantageous to Yun Che that repressed Luo Changsheng. Under the exchange of both domains, the stage once again underwent a large change. A violent hailstorm unfurled and the two combatants once again began battling under their respective suppressions, the explosions from their colliding powers were still world-shaking.

“Strange,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor frowned, “Luo Changsheng has undergone the tempering of the 【Divine Water of Absolute Beginning】, his body and meridians are far beyond any normal persons’ and are thus able to unleash a domain so quickly, but Yun Che… was actually a hair’s breadth faster than him?” 

Qianye Ying’er, “...”

Boom… Boom…Riiip!

The icy windstorm grew all the more devastating. Even if a mountain were to fall atop the Confered God Stage at this moment, it would instantly become dust. Two figures interlocked, crossed over, then separated far from each other. While awaiting their next clash, the two at gathered their power to the utmost. 

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!”

“Heaven Crippling Sword!”

At the heart of the Conferred God Stage, a tricolor vortex of power suddenly burst outward.

The entire world immediately silenced and an world-shaking explosion erupted right after.


Two figures flew backwards in opposite directions. The ongoing ice storm split apart as though it were cut in two by a sharp knife, creating two equal and opposing mirror pieces.

As the energy on stage rapidly diminished, Yun Che and Luo Changsheng’s figures gradually became visible. They stood ten kilometers apart and no longer made any further moves. It was as though they had mutually agreed on that previously.

Luo Changsheng’s white clothes were dusty and his hair was slightly messy. He was covered in little bits of ice, but his gaze was still as calm as before.

He was completely unharmed.

Yun Che’s face, neck, hands, and back, even his snowy white garments all held traces of cuts and battle scars. However, these kinds of injuries were only superficial at best. To any profound practitioner, they were considered nothing. At the position of his heart was a tiny trace of blood, which all the more wasn’t considered anything to him.

“This warm up should just about be over,” Luo Changsheng indifferently said. “Release your Manifest God.”

This sentence shocked countless profound practitioners, causing their jaws to almost drop to the ground.

“Warm… Warm up?” Huo Poyun leaned forward, craning his neck, as he nearly bit his tongue. “That was just a… warm up!?”

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