Chapter 1233 - The Final Battle

Against the Gods

Chapter 1233 - The Final Battle

“Yun Che… Why… do you never look after yourself.”

A trembling voice complained beside his ear, ephemeral, a sad voice coming from far beyond the skies.

Jas… mine...


As if struck by lightning Yun Che sat straight up. Pain in his body surged forth like violent waves but he ignored them, his gaze complicated and looking all around. “Jasmine, that was Jasmine’s voice…” 

“Jasmine, where are you? Where are you now?”

The door opened and a snowish white shadow appeared in front of him somewhat mysteriously, “Yun Che, you’re awake.”

“Palace Master Bingyun,” Yun Che’s breathing was a mess and somewhat flustered, “I… I heard her voice, did she come? She definitely came!”

Looking at Yun Che, Mu Bingyun couldn’t help but let out a sigh and gently replied, “You just woke up, it was probably just a dream.”

His heart slowly calmed down. His fuzzy memories slowly started to all come back to him. He felt a splitting headache. How he defeated Luo Changsheng in the end was still all blurry to him.

Was it just a dream…? Yes, it was just a dream... 

Taking in a deep breath Yun Che calmed himself down and started to observe his body’s condition. He hurriedly asked, “Palace Master Bingyun, how long have I been asleep for?”

“Don’t worry, it’s only been two days. You still have ten more hours until your next battle with Luo Changsheng,” Mu Bingyun comforted him.

“Looks like I’ll have to waste another Time Wheel Pearl.” Yun Che calmed himself down. After checking himself out just now he found that all his meridians had already healed and joined back up. His internal and external injuries had stabilized and he had recovered about half his vitality and profound energy. Despite his incredible powers of recovery, owing to the severe nature of injuries he had sustained, it was actually impossible for him to make such a fast recovery within this short time frame.

“No,” Mu Bingyun shook her head, “what healed you was a drop of the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning.”

“Divine Water of Absolute Beginning? What is that?” Yun Che asked, stunned.

“The Divine Water of Absolute Beginning is divine water that has been touched by primordial energy. Records call it the “Water of Origin”. At the moment it only exists in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning,” Mu Bingyun patiently explained.

Yun Che’s heart jumped. He was infinitely clear that anything which contained the word “primordial” was at the highest level that the Primal Chaos had to offer, in fact it could be described as supreme amongst all divine treasures.

“Since it is referred to as ‘divine water’ and only exists in the God Realm, I’m guessing this must be pretty rare.”

“Yes, it is extremely rare.” Mu Bingyun continued, “The God Realm of Absolute Beginning is filled with ancient wild beasts, it is an extremely dangerous place. The Divine Water of Absolute Beginning has an extremely rich draw to such beasts thanks to its spiritual energy. Therefore wherever the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning can be found, there will be ancient beasts. Even if a Divine Master wished to have it, they would have to put their lives on the line.

“Following the changes of the Primal Chaos, the primordial aura of the God Realm of Absolute Beginning also became turbid while the amount of Divine Water of Absolute Beginning lessened. Several powerful Divine Masters tried entering the God Realm of Absolute Beginning hundreds of times and still didn’t find even half a drop after having wasted thousands of years.”

“No matter how heavy the injuries, bones and meridians shattered, even if internal organs are torn apart, as long as there’s one breath left in you, just one drop of the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning is enough to help you make a full recovery within a short period of time. It can even completely recover lost blood essence. If used as a tonic, it can temper one’s body to be like refined steel and cause one’s soul to become as thick as an impregnable fortress. When you fought with Luo Changsheng, you must have felt that his physique was extraordinary. That was because his body had undergone tempering with the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning… and it should be an extremely large volume too.”

Mu Bingyun’s words caused Yun Che to freeze. “Our Snow Song Realm actually has such…”

“No,” Mu Bingyun shook her head. “Your master indeed found one drop of Divine Water of Absolute Beginning many years ago and has already used it to temper her soul. The drop of Divine water of Absolute Beginning that was used to heal you was bestowed by someone else.”

“...Who?” Yun Che asked, finding the circumstance unbelievable.

“Glazed Light Realm.”

“...” Yun Che was shocked, his gaze a little conflicted.

“You should be able to guess who. Aside from her, there’s no one else who could or would.” Mu Bingyun looked at him, “Perhaps it was on her all along or perhaps she stole it from the Glazed Light Realm King. She got the ninety-ninth prince to stealthily send it over. With regards to the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning, it won’t take long for the Glazed Light Realm King to realize… At that point he’ll probably fly into a rage… forget it. Your injuries haven’t completely recovered, now’s not the time to worry about such things.”

Yun Che pressed his hand on his forehead, his emotions topsy turvy.

That little girl… Was she really serious about…

It’s the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning! I can’t possibly take out anything in return for such a great favor… Do I really have to use my “body” as compensation?

Furthermore, based on my powers of recovery, as long as I throw myself into the Time Wheel Pearl I’ll be able to recover completely on my own…

Mu Bingyun then placed two Time Wheel Pearls in front of Yun Che, “These are two extra pearls provided by the Eternal Heaven Realm. There’s still twenty hours left in them, they should be enough for you to make a complete recovery.”

“Mn!” Yun Che shrugged off all unnecessary thoughts and every hesitation he had, giving a firm look of resolve as he received both pearls. 

Mu Bingyun still had several questions she wanted to ask Yun Che but held back. She quietly left, allowing Yun Che to recover through meditation.

Very soon, she felt Yun Che activating the Time Wheel Pearls. She waved her hand and created an isolated space around the living quarters, shielding Yun Che from any possible external disturbance. She walked a few steps forward and glanced to the side gently saying, “Big sister, I know you’ve come.”

When her voice slowly trailed off into the air, a spatial distortion occurred. Like fine ripples across the air, a light blue figure stepped through. Her disposition was ice cold, like a figure of jade, but still astoundingly beautiful. Her tall breasts seemed to desire to break out as her snowy garments fluttered in the wind, incomparably cold and beautiful.

It was indeed Mu Xuanyin.

Seeing Mu Xuanyin, Mu Bingyun felt her heart relax. A sense of security rose within her, “Big sister, you’re indeed still worried about his injuries and have personally come.”

“No,” Mu Xuanyin matter of factly shook her head. “Yun Che’s powers of recovery far exceed your imagination. No matter how heavy they are, as long as he has sufficient time, he’ll make a complete recovery. I was just worried that there might have been other accidents that occurred.”

Mu Bingyun, “...”

“Since he’s fine and there’s nothing for me to be worried about, I suppose there’s no need for me to stay.” Mu Xuanyin turned around to leave.

“You’re leaving now?” Mu Bingyun looked on in surprise.

“I entered in forcefully, if I stay too long the Eternal Heaven Realm will be able to sense it.” Mu Xuanyin continued, “There’s no need to tell Yun Che that I came. Since it’s come to this, I’ll allow him to be obstinate just one last time. I’ll deal with any fallout or consequence! But after this… if he still doesn’t listen, I’ll make sure to break both his legs!”

There was a cold fury within her voice. After she finished speaking, she floated into the air, ready to leave.

“Sis,” Mu Bingyun however called out loudly to stop her. She tried to lift up her snowy white hand, but… it stayed firmly in place, not bringing out the Sound Butterfly Blade. 

“Yes?” Mu Xuanyin turned around.

Mu Bingyun gently closed her fist and brought her hand back, shaking her head, “Nothing, this is after all the Eternal Heaven Realm. Big sister must be absolutely careful. As for Yun Che… You don’t have to be worried about him, I will look after him.”

“...” Mu Xuanyin’s brows lightly pressed against each other, but she didn’t question any further. She gradually rose into the air and disappeared as spatial ripples spread out once more.

Being able to freely come and go without being detected within the Eternal Heaven Realm was not an ordinary occurrence. In fact, one could count on their fingers the number of people who could do this.

Not long after Mu Xuanyin had left, a reddish figure in the distant clouds flashed near. 

Today, all of the Eternal Heaven Realm, in fact all of the entire Eastern Divine Region, was filled with a strange kind of atmosphere.

That was because today was the very last of the Conferred God Battles.

Yun Che and Luo Changsheng’s first battle sent waves quaking through the entire Eastern Divine Region. Not only were the hearts of young profound practitioners stirred but those of the older generation were fired up as well.

Yun Che took the victory in their first battle but today was the second and no one could predict the result. The first battle was brutal and drawn out, both parties used every ability at their disposal and it could be said that luck was the deciding factor to that battle. With such a conclusion the second battle would definitely be much more exciting and brilliant than the first.

Perhaps it might be even more brutal than the first battle. After all, this was the final battle.

Outside of the Eternal Heaven Realm, gambling centers related to the Conferred God Battle were all closed. Perhaps it was because the various star realms were too focused on watching this battle, they weren’t in the mood to gamble, or perhaps they felt that, as fellow profound practitioners, it would blaspheme the two world shaking God Children if they were to bet on their match.

“Today’s result will be hard to predict, but personally I wish to see Yun Che win.”

Shui Yingyue sighed, a row of people following behind Shui Qianheng, flying towards the Conferred God Stage area.

“We can’t be sure.” Shui Qianheng snorted softly, “Both of them suffered equally bad injuries but behind Luo Changsheng is the Holy Eaves Realm so he’ll naturally be fine. As for that boy Yun Che, whether he can make a full recovery is unknown.”

Shui Yingyue frowned, then turned to look at Shui Meiyin who was now all smiles. She asked her suspiciously, “Meiyin, Yun Che was so heavily injured that day and you were so worried all day, why are you completely fine right now?”

Shui Yinghen’s body tensed up, his neck taught. He silently took a step back.

“Of course I’m not worried!” Shui Meiyin giggled. “My Big Brother Yun Che is so powerful, how can those mere injuries pose a threat to him!?”

Shui Yingyue, “...”

“What Big Brother Yun Che? You’ve said that so many times, you’re not to repeat that one more time,” Shui Qianheng interrupted.

“Alright daddy.” Shui Meiyin pouted and stuck out her tongue.

Arriving at the Conferred God Stage, Shui Qianheng swept around the area with a glance. “Oh? Looks like he’s actually thoroughly recovered.”

When Shui Qianheng first arrived, he immediately set his gaze upon Yun Che who was sitting at the most prominent area where the Snow Song Realm was seated. Yun Che was a picture of calm, his eyes and spirit brilliant and his aura stable, without any signs of weakness. Shui Qianheng murmured, “Since he’s completely recovered, I guess we have another show to watch today.”

He looked towards the right and realized that Luo Changsheng had yet to arrive. Several gazes kept looking eastward as well, waiting for the other main character of the day to appear.

“Yun Che, in today’s repeat battle with Luo Changsheng, what do you think your chances of winning are?” Mu Bingyun softly asked.

Yun Che’s gazed focused and seriously replied, “In the first battle, I completely underestimated Luo Changsheng’s prowess and thus held back a little. When battling Luo Changsheng this time, my thought process and tactics must be absolutely clear. Right now my ability to recover is faster than before and I’ve grown more familiar with my ability to combine both the Golden Crow and Phoenix flames.”

“So in this battle, I believe that my chances of winning are slightly better than Luo Changsheng’s. Since I’ve defeated him once, I can definitely defeat him a second time!”

Yun Che didn’t sound like he was blustering and he seemed to be absolutely sure of himself. Mu Bingyun nodded her head, “That’s great.”

After she finished speaking she turned her eyes to the east, “Luo Changsheng has arrived… Oh?”

Mu Bingyun’s eyebrows twitched fiercely as she revealed her puzzlement. Her gaze then turned serious and shock was apparent in her eyes.

Not just Mu Bingyun, but Mu Huanzhi, Huo Rulie, and several others all looked shocked and held surprise in their eyes, as if they saw something frighteningly impossible.

“Palace Master Bingyun, what happened?” Yun Che frowned and asked.

Mu Bingyun continued looking eastward, her voice and demeanor turning more agitated, “This… is this Luo Changsheng’s aura?” 

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