Chapter 1237 - Light Extinguished

Against the Gods

Chapter 1237 - Light Extinguished


A fearful scream later, Luo Changsheng was sent flying several kilometers away before crashing heavily to the ground.

Yun Che gritted his teeth and chased after Luo Changsheng, swinging the Heaven Smiting Sword at his enemy once more… However, Luo Changsheng suddenly looked up from where he was and concentrated a bit of profound energy with both hands. Although his pupils were still shaking and dilating in fear, he managed to hold the profound energy between himself and the Heaven Smiting Sword.


A loud noise later, Luo Changsheng was sent flying into the distance yet again. He failed to gather even one tenth of the profound energy he had due to fear and panic, but it was still the power of a Divine King. As a result, Yun Che was knocked far, far away as well. It took him a while before he managed to force himself to a stop.

Yun Che looked up. He saw Luo Changsheng clutching his forehead with his right hand while climbing slowly to his feet. His entire body was shrouded in vicious currents, and a trail of blood slowly slid down the gaps between his fingers.

“...” Yun Che looked thunderstruck. Shock froze him where he stood until a very long time later.

Luo Changsheng removed his palm and stared at the bloodstain. Hands shaking violently, he abruptly looked up at Yun Che with terrifying eyes, “Yun Che… you dare bleed me… you dare wound my divine king body!”

“...” Yun Che didn’t react to his words at all. He felt like his heart and soul were being devoured by the abyss.

The Dragon Soul Domain had shattered Luo Changsheng’s mind and profound energy defense, and the blade had landed squarely on his head.

But all that did was leave an inconsequential wound!?

However, the wound had humiliated Luo Changsheng greatly, and the head wound wasn’t as ineffective as Yun Che had imagined it to be. Luo Changsheng’s vision spun when he got to his feet, and he nearly fell to the ground again.

He thought he could vent his hatred and anger however he liked after becoming a Divine King. He thought he could crush Yun Che on every front, that the nonsensical crimson flame, Manifest God, and dragon soul, could no longer threaten him.

However, it was a fact that Yun Che’s dragon soul had destroyed his mental defenses in an instant and allowed Yun Che to wound him. He had even revealed a flash of weakness just now.

Him, a Divine King!!

“Well done, Yun Che!” Luo Changsheng’s eyes were as dark as an evil spirit’s, “Very well done! Tell me, how should I reward someone like you!?!”

When a person who was already venting was humiliated again, the resulting mess was scary to say the least. Covered in storm, Luo Changsheng growled and charged towards Yun Che for the first time in this match. His aura was also not as mild as it was before.

“Watch out!” Mu Bingyun and the others felt their hearts clenching.

Yun Che didn’t move, but his pupils abruptly flashed azure.

The dragon roared again once more above the Conferred God Stage.


The second activation of the Dragon Soul Domain stunned everyone present. Even the Divine Sovereigns and Divine Masters who were obviously unaffected by it were looking surprised.

“He can activate it a second time?...” Dragon Monarch muttered to himself, his eyes on Yun Che changing a little again.

Activating the Dragon Soul Domain twice in such a short time cost him a tremendous amount of mental strength, but Yun Che couldn’t care less about it at this point... It was because it was his only choice left, even if it was a choice that left him with no escape.

Naturally, the second Dragon Soul Domain wasn’t as powerful as the first, but it was still enough to make Luo Changsheng tremble and fall into an abyss of fear. The Divine King profound energy he had just summoned crumbled away like tidewater, and Yun Che leaped into the air while bursting into a giant ball of fire.

Ten drops of phoenix blood...

Nine drops of golden crow blood...

All of the divine blood he had barely recovered in the Time Wheel Pearl, was burned yet again in this instant.

The power of the two great divine spirits overlapped one another and became a blazing sun so bright no one could open their eyes. But that wasn’t all. It was just the beginning.

The light of determination in his eyes trembled before turning into two burning dots.

Heretic God Fifth Gate… Hell Monarch!!


A terrifying profound light that was thicker than blood instantly exploded from Yun Che. At the same time, blood burst out of his body from a dozen or so places as if he was about to explode. His aura had become so powerful that it terrified anyone who felt it.

“It’s… it’s that technique from last time…” The spectator stands were noisy with exclamations.

The world before Yun Che was dyed completely red. The power he was using was too rampant, so rampant that it might tear his body into pieces in the next instant. Executing Dragon Soul Domain twice in a row had also pushed his mind to the brink of collapse.

He had forcefully activated the Dragon Soul Domain, forcefully burned his divine blood and forcefully activated Hell Monarch… Yun Che cut off his own chances of retreat. It was no longer possible to take even a step backwards now.

He did all this because it was the only hope he could think of...

Yun Che couldn’t see Luo Changsheng at all because his vision had turned completely red, but he still had a shred of willpower sticking to the latter. Raising the Heaven Smiting Sword and shouting like a crazed, wild beast, he slashed straight at Luo Changsheng.

Yun Che had already been in a pitiful state the last time he had activated Hell Monarch, so his body and soul had collapsed instantly. As a result, he completely lost control over the attack he had staked his life to execute and had only grazed his opponent.

This time, Yun Che was faring much, much better. At the very least, he hadn’t lost control completely despite his collapsing body. Pouring every ounce of power and willpower into his final hope, he slashed at Luo Changsheng and watched both his arms bursting like there was dynamite in them. All of his arm veins broke due to the impact.

Luo Changsheng was shaking uncontrollably in fear, but there was still a trace of clarity in his shock filled eyes. He raised his arms defensively and summoned a flash of yellow profound light at the last second...


The bloody sword beam instantly knocked away Luo Changsheng’s arms and profound energy and slammed into his body. It was as if a star itself had exploded, as hundreds of meters of solid ground was shattered by the resulting explosion. The blood colored profound tornado on the Conferred God Stage refused to fade for a very, very long time.


A bloodcurdling scream pierced through the noise, and it sounded so terrible that no one could believe that it came from a mighty Divine King. Like a leaf being flung about by a hurricane, Luo Changsheng was thrown at least tens of meters into the distance while spilling blood like the rain.

“Changsheng!!” Luo Guxie lost control and exclaimed in shock.

“Changsheng…” Luo Shangchen had also gotten to his feet, clearly shaken by what he saw.

The spectator stands were in turmoil as countless eyeballs and jaws hit the floor… they simply couldn’t believe what was happening before them, no matter how many times they rubbed their own eyes.

It had been a completely one-sided battle...

Luo Changsheng had blocked Yun Che’s full power with one hand...

Luo Changsheng had become a powerful Divine King...

At his level, Yun Che should’ve been hard pressed to even scratch a real Divine King!


It was already stunning that Yun Che was able to wound Luo Changsheng in the hand after suppressing him with the Dragon Soul Domain, and now… the Divine King Luo Changsheng had literally been sent flying, and raining blood, by his final attack...

“This is impossible…” As a Divine Master and the person who was most familiar with Luo Changsheng’s strength, Luo Guxie couldn’t believe what was happening before her eyes.

It was natural. The Heretic God’s power was from a Creation God whose level exceeded even the True Gods, so how could it possibly be comprehended by mere mortals?

Unfortunately, Yun Che himself was just a mere mortal.

Yun Che’s head was in complete chaos after he fired off the attack of his will and life.


The Heaven Smiting Sword fell from his hands and hit the ground loudly.

He himself had fallen on his back.

Countless blood streams were pouring out of his body. A shocking amount of blood quickly pooled around him in the blink of an eye.

“What on earth is that power? To think that it’s powerful enough to hurt… a Divine King,” Yan Juehai said absentmindedly.

“Yun Che…” Mu Bingyun stood up and whispered in her own world. That slash might’ve been absolutely deadly, but she knew all too well what the cost of the attack was.

She watched as he collapsed to the ground, and he was losing his aura at a rapid pace. She watched as the blood pool beneath him grew bigger and bigger...

It was an attack that Yun Che had committed everything to, just for that one sliver of hope...


The Conferred God Stage was too big, so the attack ultimately failed to send Luo Changsheng straight out of bounds. Luo Changsheng flew through the air for a very, very long time before he hit the floor hard, rolled a dozen times, and finally came to a complete stop.

“...” Honorable Qu Hui frowned once but said nothing.

Please be unconscious… you have to be unconscious! Mu Bingyun’s eyebrows were completely pressed together as she shouted inside her head with all her might.

However, her heart sank after just a few breaths...

Luo Changsheng pushed off the ground with his arms and got up to his feet… all the while shrouded by absolute anger and killing intent. 

A long, deep ravine of flesh marred the center of his chest. The wound went so deep that his ribs and sternum were visible for all to see. His chest was drenched in a terrifying amount of blood.

Luo Changsheng’s face twitched uncontrollably in pain, but what really consumed him was an unprecedented amount of humiliation and anger that nearly devoured all of his sanity. His expression and his eyes were shockingly savage, and he looked like a crazed animal that was about to devour an entire person alive.

His wounds might look scary, but his aura hadn’t actually weakened too much. He was still a Divine King, and the all consuming rage and sense of humiliation actually made him scarier than before.

“Sigh,” Mu Bingyun closed her eyes quietly, “It’s over…”

“It’s over…”

At a distant cloud outside the Conferred God Stage, a delicate, red figure whispered the same thing.

The fact that Luo Changsheng had managed to stand despite the attack meant that Yun Che’s final hope was completely extinguished.

Coming in first on the Conferred God Stage was now an absolute impossibility.

She should be happy with this, and yet she only felt a painful pressure coursing through her whole body for some reason.

I am the one who told him to take first place… I’m the one who forced him to leave in despair… why did it turn out like this?

He lost. I can turn him away as promised. But… can he really return home the way he is now?

At the time, he would’ve been forgotten quickly even though a lot of people had paid attention to him in the beginning.

But now, his light was already too bright. To achieve victory, he had risked exposing many of the secrets he hid… there was no doubt that he had attracted the attention of everyone at the peak.

This isn’t the conclusion I wanted… Jasmine closed her eyes and murmured bitterly in her mind.

Yun Che was grievously wounded. It was almost impossible to find an intact spot on his body. His aura had also grown so weak that even standing up might be an impossibility for him. Luo Changsheng might be wounded quite seriously himself, but he was faring far, far better than Yun Che, not to mention that his aura was as powerful as ever.

The fight had reached its conclusion. There was no longer a speck of possibility left where Yun Che could win.

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