Chapter 1242 - The Heavenly Law Trembles (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 1242 - The Heavenly Law Trembles (2)

The alarming and bizarre image of the dark clouds that had completely engulfed the skies of the Eastern Divine Region had also captured the attention of the Western and Southern Divine Regions, and countless gazes and intents were currently focused on the Eastern Divine Region.

But they would never have imagined that, beneath those dark clouds that had covered the entire Eastern Divine Region, a completely unprecedented and earthshaking lightning tribulation was currently pouring down from the sky.

An eight stage lightning tribulation… In the God Realm, where even a sixth stage lightning tribulation was legendary, these four words would only provoke absurd laughter and ridicule from anyone who heard it.

The notion was so absurd that no one had ever thought it existed. In fact, it was so absurd that no one had even tried to consider it before.

Yet, it had appeared, and it had appeared before their very eyes.

Under the eighth stage of tribulation lightning, the scarlet lightning, which linked the heavens and the earth like a chain, continued for no less than one hundred breaths before it finally began to slowly die down. But the sea of lightning on the Conferred God Stage continued to rage and toss in a frenzied manner, annihilating everything that was engulfed within it.

Even though the heavenly tribulation lightning was extremely terrifying, it would not harm any living creature unless someone chose to forcibly impede or interfere with it. As a result, all of the might of the tribulation lightning was focused within the perimeters of the Conferred God Stage, even though scarlet lightning was flashing all throughout the sky.

If not for this, it was likely that the entire Eternal Heaven God Realm would have dissolved into a sea of lightning by now.

Those who endured three stages were all hailed as remarkable geniuses. The ones who survived four stages would lord over a realm, the ones who withstood five stages were destined to become Divine Masters and the sixth stage was a legend that had appeared only once in history.

Eight stage lightning tribulation… There was no one who could comprehend what this entailed and there was no one who could imagine just how much talent and potential one had to have to cause the heavens to react with such fear and dread.

Even if one were to take all the talent and cultivation of the founders of the four king realms in the Eastern Divine Region and combine in it in the body of one person, it would still definitely not result in this…

Under the eight stage lightning tribulation, all of the outstanding geniuses within the history of the Eastern Divine Region who had shocked the world with both action and deed would all lose their luster, becoming equivalent to mere dust.

The red light which connected the heavens and the earth had faded, but the scarlet sea of lightning roiling about in the Conferred God Stage continued to toss and turn. The dreadful and extremely dense power of the lightning tribulation would not completely fade away even if another two hours passed.

But at this time, the blood red lightning region that hung in the sky had finally quieted down and had begun to slowly recede, just like the purple lightning region that had quickly disappeared previously.

But this time, it receded in an even more thorough fashion. Within a few short breaths, it had contracted to a tenth of its previous size and it still had not stopped shrinking… as it gradually approached the verge of complete dissolution.

The red light that had previously covered the world had also grown dimmer and dimmer following this. Finally, with a gentle whine, the lightning region completely disappeared and only boundless and vast black clouds continued to roil and toss in the blue dome of the heavens.

However the scarlet sea of lightning atop the Conferred God Stage continued to release a dense scarlet glow.

The disappearance of the lightning region should also have signaled the end of this world shocking lightning tribulation.

However, the black clouds continued to toss about in the sky and it did not look like they were going to disperse at all. The oppressive might brought about by the heavenly law which had engulfed the entire Eastern Divine Region remained firmly pressed upon everyone’s heart and soul.

“Finally… it’s over.”

Countless people muttered those words with their mouths or in their hearts. The lightning tribulation had finally ended, but the shock and horror it had evoked in their hearts would perhaps never fully dissipate.

From the moment that the first bolt of tribulation lightning fell from the sky to the recent moment that the lightning region had disappeared. Now that they thought about it, it all seemed like a dream.

“Eight stages of tribulation lightning. If I had not witnessed it myself, I would not be able to ever bring myself to believe such a thing.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor muttered to himself softly as he gazed up at the black clouds which covered the sky, “From today onwards, the entire God Realm will react dramatically to what has happened here today. This year’s Profound God Convention will also leave its mark forever in the annals of history. Furthermore, it might be a mark that never gets exceeded.”

“...” The Dragon Monarch’s gaze remained fixed upon the sea of lightning which engulfed the Conferred God Stage. It was only after a long period of time that he finally looked up and gazed towards the heavens…

After the lightning region had disappeared, the tossing and turning of those black clouds seemed to have calmed down a bit. However the aura in the air seemed to become even more oppressive.

“Eight stages of tribulation lightning… Ssss… Was this truly… brought about by Yun Che? It wasn’t some sort of… natural calamity?”

“That was too… far too terrifying. It was at least a million times more terrifying than the most terrifying nightmare I have had in my life. Eight stages of tribulation lightning… If someone were to survive that… what would that person become in the future?”

“That lightning tribulation was so terrifying that even our Sect Master would not be able to endure it, so how could Yun Che still be alive!?”

“Huuu….” Shui Qianheng slowly regulated his breathing but waves still tossed about turbulently in his heart. He cast a sideways gaze at Shui Meiyin but Shui Meiyin continued to blankly stare at the Conferred God Stage, her milk-white face completely dazed.

“Meiyin, you…”

“Big Brother Yun Che is still alive…” she softly whispered.

“What?” Shui Qianheng’s brows furrowed together and he had even turned his body around at the sound of those words.

“I can sense that Big Brother Yun is still alive, and… and…”

“And what?” Shui Qianheng impatiently asked.

“...” However Shui Meiyin did not respond. Instead she continued to stare dazedly at the Conferred God Stage as a light that was more shimmery and lustrous than the stars themselves shone in the depths of her eyes.

When she had engaged in a soul battle with Yun Che, she had been utterly crushed by Yun Che’s despicable actions. As she suffered from the backlash of this, her soul had been invaded by Yun Che and his soul imprint had been stamped into her soul.

Perhaps the sudden feelings of love and infatuation she had toward Yun Che were in large part because of what had happened during their soul battle. And this was something that she herself had noticed as well, or perhaps it would be better to say that she was extremely clear that this was the case. Moreover, her Divine Stainless Soul was so strong that wiping away the soul imprint Yun Che had left inside of her would be as easy as waving her hand, yet she had not chosen to do so.

Because she liked and very much enjoyed the feeling of suddenly pining for someone, she enjoyed feeling her heart fill up with joy just at the sight of him.

This was especially true when she witnessed him defeating Jun Xilei, defeating her own sister, and ultimately defeating Luo Changsheng… The feeling of elation and pride that filled her heart was something she was willing to sink in forever. She had never ever known that admiring a man, who was carved into the center of heart, could be such a delightful and satisfying thing.

And today, he had drawn a previously unheard of eight stage lightning tribulation to himself, causing the entire Eastern Divine Region to tremble because of him….

Yun Che’s soul imprint had influenced her, but her incomparably strong Divine Stainless Soul was able to use this soul imprint to sense Yun Che’s existence.

So if Yun Che ever lost his life, the soul imprint he had left in her soul would dissipate as well.

But at this very moment, Yun Che’s soul imprint still remained indelibly etched in the depths of her soul and not only was it not on the verge of dissipating, she actually had this vague feeling that Yun Che’s soul was getting unfathomably stronger… and it also seemed like there were still other wondrous and strange changes happening to Yun Che.

The pink and tender petals that made up Shui Meiyin’s lips were slightly parted as she was completely unable to comprehend what was happening to Yun Che’s body.


Boom boom boom boom————

At this moment a loud and continuous rumble boomed out of the sky which had been gradually calming down. Everyone present was just about to involuntarily lift their heads towards a sky when an earth-shaking thunderclap suddenly resounded in the sky.


This thunderclap seemed to have exploded simultaneously in the ears and the deepest parts of the souls of all those who were present. This caused their bodies to tremble violently as their faces lost all color… Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that all the higher realm kings, Star Gods, Moon Gods, their guardians, and even the god emperors themselves seemed to have been smashed by a heavenly hammer in that instant. Their bodies violently shook as expressions of shock and amazement appeared on their faces.





The lightning which had already died down suddenly began to shine crazily. With just a single glance upwards, one would be able to see countless bolts of lightning chaotically crackling about in those black clouds. Half of these lightning bolts were purple, half of them were scarlet, and there seemed to be an innumerable amount of lightning bolts wreaking havoc across the sky at any given moment. As the devastation spread, it was accompanied by extremely dense thunderclaps which shook the very heavens themselves.

The black clouds that covered the sky began to violently surge like boiling water, the violent movements resembling a feral beast which had escaped its bindings as they tossed and turned in the sky.

An invisible aura, which grew more and more terrifying and oppressive with each passing moment, seemed to cover the entire Eastern Divine Region.

“This… What is happening?”

“Oh, what’s happening now… AHHH!!?”




Countless lightning bolts shook the sky at every instance, as the crazily flashing lightning webbed the entire sky like a dense spiderweb. The black clouds began to slowly sink amidst their violent tossing, as if they were carrying the sky with them as they collapsed towards the earth… Furthermore, it was at this moment that the very space around them started to faintly tremble.

“This… just what exactly… is….” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor raised his head to to sky. He could very clearly sense that space itself had started to shudder and tremble. But what was a million times more terrifying than this was that an oppressive might, which caused his heart and soul to shake with shock and fear, was descending from the heavens… and it was getting closer and closer, heavier and heavier.

An oppressive might that would cause even a god emperor to shake in a fear...

The Heavenly Mystery Three Elders, who had remained prostrated on the floor all this time suddenly shot up as if they were struck by lightning. Three ancient faces had gone completely white from extreme shock and fear, and the pupils in their eyes were so wide that they looked close to rupturing.

“The heavenly law… is trembling…”

“How could such… a thing happen…”

As the people who were most able to sense the power of the heavenly law, at this moment, they were actually able to feel terror and fear emanating from it!

It was just as if mere mortals were facing an ancient devil god, they would shake with fear as they lost all rationality, they would not hesitate to forever perish from this world…

The power of the heavenly law, which monitored and maintained the laws and order that governed the mortal world, which no one could defy, which everyone feared, were actually trembling fear at this very moment... 

This was something that they would not ever be able to believe or accept even if they destroyed all of the knowledge in their heads.



Amidst the aura and sounds which seemed to signal the end of days, the sky suddenly ruptured open and a beam of lustrous white light shone down from the crack as it shot toward the Conferred God Stage and landed in the area where Yun Che was supposed to be.

Even though this beam of white light seemed very gentle and was not glaring to the eyes at all, it had blanketed the entire world in deathly white the very instant it had appeared. The area which was illuminated by the white light gradually began to increase and slowly formed a luminous pale white region amidst the roiling black clouds. Streaks of white lightning flashed within it as it quickly began to grow denser and denser.

Astonishingly enough, this was a white lightning region!

The moment this incomparably bizarre and wondrous white lightning region formed, all of the expressions of the Divine Sovereigns and Divine Masters present greatly changed. Moreover, most of the people who were below the level of Divine Sovereign shook uncontrollably as sweat drenched their bodies like rain.

Because following the appearance of this white lightning region, an oppressive might that originated from the heavenly law had appeared. It was an oppressive might that was so huge that it exceeded their imagination and all of their knowledge. It was an oppressive might that was so overbearing that it far exceeded their endurance by countless times.

Underneath this oppressive might that had originated from the heavenly law itself, these divine profound practitioners felt their bodies go limp and soft as their very souls trembled and shuddered. It was as if they were tiny bugs facing the boundless sky, as they could barely resist the urge to prostrate themselves in worship.

A lightning region… A pale white lightning region!

In the middle of that lightning region, amidst the dense lightning, a white figure seemed to be weaving through it. As that white figure slowly grew clearer and clearer… the audience could, to their astonishment, make out that it was a white lightning dragon.

Extreme reverence, extreme terror, and extreme shock… It felt as if their souls were being directly wrenched from their bodies, but even their souls, which were shocked to the point where everything felt fleeting, also noticed an extremely terrifying reality.

The lightning tribulation had not stopped...

That bizarre pale white lightning region was clearly… the ninth stage of tribulation lightning!!

“Qu Hui… Withdraw!” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor roared.

Honorable Qu Hui had always been the closest person to the Conferred God Stage and even when the scarlet lightning sword fell from the sky, he had not moved an inch. Furthermore, with his formidable cultivation, that scarlet lightning sword would indeed pose no harm to him.

But the lightning region that was congealing contained an absolute heavenly might which caused the souls of all the Divine Masters and even the god emperors to tremble!

After the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had let out that ferocious roar, Honorable Qu Hui did not hesitate to make a quick escape, but his pupils continued to tremble uncontrollably.

In the center of the Conferred God Stage, Yun Che slowly raised his head within the sea of scarlet lightning as the white lightning dragon that swam within the pale white lightning region reflected in his eyes.

A voice that came out of nowhere informed him that this was the incarnation of the heavenly law itself.

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